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Everything I Wished For...Will Never Come True

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It feels as though nobody is reading the sequal. Pssh. I'm losing my flame. *cries* bahahaha here you go. Chapter 3

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Chapter 3- Everything I Wished For...Will Never Come True

Maddie was putting Kati to sleep when she saw somebody else walk into the room, turning slightly she saw Patrick closing the door, hand behind his back. He smiled and Maddie looked away and back to her baby.
Tell him

"Madds?" Maddie's heart leapt. She missed that.

"Mo-Patrick," she answered and heard him shuffle behind her and felt him look over her shoulder, lightly placing his hands on her waist.

"It's ok...I'm sorry," Maddie closed her eyes briefly and took a deep breath before placing Kati in her crib.

"Patrick there is nothing to be sorry about," she whispered turning around and leaning against the crib. Patrick pursed his lips together and shook his head.

"This sort of thing shouldn't of happened," Maddie bit her lip.

So Kati is an accident?

Patrick took a breath, in realizing what he just said.

"What I mean should have called...we could have helped," Maddie shook her head.

"I was ashamed Patrick...18 and pregnant is not flattering, especially to people who didn't want to get me a father had the hardest time keeping me from jumping off a bridge," Patrick took Maddie's hands in his own and she didn't respond to the gesture.

"But...we love you Maddie," he paused as Maddie flickered her gaze from Kati to Patrick. "I love you," Maddie shook her head and turned around, looking down at her sleeping baby.

"It's a little late for that, don't you think?" Patrick gulped and raised a hand to touch her shoulder but drew back and sighed, closing his eyes.

She was never really in love with me...

Maddie bit her lip and held back the tears as se heard Patrick leave the room. She looked down at her baby and let some tears fall.

"Kati, I fear as though you may never know your father,"


Joe and Andy were the babysitters for today and decided to take Kati out to the local park and other places while Pete had a heart to heart with Maddie. Patrick was off somewhere, which was disclosed to the rest of the group.

"Maddie...this is crazy," Maddie looked away and sighed. Pete sat down next to her and looked at her intently. "Why did you lie?" he asked in a whisper. Maddie bit her lip on the verge of tears and shook her head.

"Because 'It's yours Patrick, sorry I was a bitch and kept her away' didn't sound so good," she muttered and Pete pulled her in for a hug.

"The more you drag this out, the worse it's going to get, you know..." Maddie sniffled and sighed.

"Pete, I just don't know if it's best...I've been doing fine for the past two years, you know," Pete sighed and shrugged.

"Alright then...but I'm just saying, be careful...Patrick's fragile," Maddie looked at her brother with a blank expression.
But so am I


"It is just me, or does Kati look strangely like our dear friend Patrick?" Andy asked as him and Joe stood at the swing set pushing Kati in a baby swing. Joe bit his lip.

"Maddie won't tell Patrick," Andy jumped slightly.

"Kati is Patrick's kid?" Joe smirked.

"Well, yeah," he paused to push the swing again. "But Patrick is being a dumb ass emo right now because he still thinks Maddie doesn't love him," Andy shook his head.

"I know...I just find it weird, you know...Patrick has a kid and doesn't even know it," Joe looked down at Kati for a brief moment.

"It's even sadder with the fact that if Maddie didn't love Patrick she would have gotten an abortion," he shook his head as he pushed again. "He needs to open his freaking eyes," Andy nodded, agreeing.

"Should we intervene?" Joe shook his head rapidly.

"I don't know if that would be a good idea," taking one last glance down at Kati Joe picked her up and watched her smile. "Maddie would be heartbroken," Andy nodded grabbing the stroller.

"But what about Kati?" they both got their answer.

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