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My Past Mistake

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Chapter 4- My Past Mistake

Maddie started to cry as soon as Joe had told her what exactly her daughter had said at the park. She ran upstairs in a fit and the entire house including the returning Patrick was concerned.

"What happened?" he asked coming into the room where Joe was holding Kati.

"Kati had her first word," a solemn expression appeared on Patrick's face and he understood.

"Daddy, huh?" he asked quietly and Pete nodded.

"I'm gonna go," Patrick shook his head.

"I'll go," Joe looked at him and Patrick bit his lip. "I need to talk to guys...go out for lunch or something,"

Pete understood and grabbed the stroller from behind the couch. Patrick watched for a minute before starting up the stairs. Lightly pressing her door open he slid in and closed it behind him.

"Madds?" Maddie's breath hitched and she buried her head in her pillow more.

"Go away," she mumbled and Patrick shook his head and walked over, sitting down next to her lying down body as it shook with tears. Biting his lip, he placed one hand on her back and rubbed it as she cried.

"Just...just please...go away," she whispered and Patrick shook his head though she could not see.

"I'm not going anywhere until you tell me what's wrong," Maddie calmed down slightly and turned over sitting up slightly and wiping the rest of her tears away.

"My own daughter may never know who her dad is," Patrick raised an eyebrow as she sniffed once more and let out shaky breaths.

"Why do you say that?" he asked and Maddie bit her lip.

"Because he doesn't even know it's his," she whispered and looked away. Patrick cupped her face and brought it back up, pushing some of her hair away.

"But...I...I thought he left when you were visible," Maddie fought back tears as she shook her head.

"He left before I even was a one night stand," she mumbled and Patrick did the first thing that came to mind, he wrapped his arms around her and brought her close, rocking her from side to side.

"Madds...who would do that to you?" Maddie's heart broke just a little bit more.


Upon pulling apart, Patrick held onto her as she rubbed at her eyes and watched her intently. When her hands left and she opened her eyes she bit her lip slightly as she stared back.

"Maddie," Patrick whispered and she realized just what was going on. But she let it slide.

Once Patrick's lips covered her own she forgot all about her troubles and thought back to what it used to be like before she was a parent and before they were famous. He lied her back down and climbed over her making the kiss more passionate. He broke away for a moment and watched her as she licked her lips lightly and held onto his shoulders.

"I want this Patrick," she said softly and he nodded, also in a trance.

"So do I,"


When Maddie woke up she gasped slightly at the feel of heated flesh against her. Closing her eyes, visions from the previous hours flooded back and she shook her head as she sat up and covered herself with a blanket. For a minute she held back tears and watched as Patrick stirred awake. Taking a breath he opened his eyes and took in his surroundings.

"Holy shit," he muttered and Maddie looked away. "Maddie...we didn't, did we?" Maddie bit her lip and nodded.

"We...we did," Patrick shot up and slipped on his boxers.

"Maddie...I'm so sorry," he paused and let it slip. "It was a really stupid mistake," he widened his eyes almost immediately and shook his head. "What I mean is..." Maddie shook her head and pointed to her door.

"Get out," she whispered. Patrick took a step towards where she sat on the bed.

"Madds," she shook her head again and slowly let the tears start to fall.

"Just go Patrick," she said again and he gathered his clothing before walking out and closing the door. As soon as Maddie heard the click, she put her head in her hands and continued to cry.

Patrick will never know
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