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Chapter hashtag 19

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My heart pounded faster as his hands roamed down my chest to my waistline. His fingers were cool, but soft as they explored.

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A/N: Welcome readers to the part of the update that the majority of you probably skip over where I apologize for taking so long to update and beg for rates and reviews. Seriously though guys please do R&R, because I love all the feedback I feel so much more motivated to write when I get them :) Thanks to anyone who's sticking this story out. I feel like the end is nigh, but no spoilers.


“AHHHHHH!” The ear piercing scream made us all jump. Not that I blame Jo, in her defense us showing up in the dark pouring rain carrying a seemingly lifeless body probably was a bit surprising, to say the least.

“Jo, look our friend was really badly injured and we’ve just had to carry him all this way. Can you help him?”

“Gerard?” She asked leaning in closer.

“Yes, Yes. Please, Jo he’s having trouble breathing.”

“Right, of course”. She stepped away from the door, “Come on in, I’ll get the others”.

Mikey, Frank, and I shuffled inside, Ray balanced in all arms. In the light he looked even worse. His bruises were clearly defined as sickly mixtures of blue, purple, and green. His cuts were also deeper than I had originally thought. Aimee and Bay came in shortly and rushed us through a back door. The room we sped walked into was average-sized bedroom decorated with dozens of photographs everywhere. We set Ray down on the room’s only bed when Jo came back in with a first-aid kit.

“Oh God, “She mumbled, “Is there any part of him that’s not inured?” She turned towards the other girls, “Can you two go check the kitchen for more icepacks?”

“Of course” The pulled their eyes away from Ray’s mangled body and hurried out of the room.

“Okay” Jo said looked overwhelmed down at Ray”.

“Is there something we can do to help?” Frank asked.

“Um, you might raise his head up a bit more with the pillows", she said. Frank listened to her orders.

“How long has he been like this?” She asked.

“Um, I’m not sure”. Mikey said, “ I found him like that…probably a half hour at least”.

“Okay” she bent over him, “What was him name again?”

“Ray” I told her.

“Alright, Ray” She said peeling his eyelids open, “Let’s see if you’re awake in there”. She took a small flashlight out of her kit and flashed it in front of his eyes, “I’m checking for brain damage”. She explained to us.

“Well he already had that” Mikey muttered.

Frank smacked his shoulder, “No making fun when he’s unconscious”.

“I really need to see what all I’m working with”, Jo instructed us, “Could you help me with his clothes?”

We worked his shirt, shoes, and jeans off. She fished different supplies out of the case and started to work on his face. She washed out his the long cut with a clear liquid and a small cloth. Aimee and Bay came back in with handfuls of icepacks and frozen foods.

“We ran out of actual icepacks, but we have some frozen peas and carrots, and um etcetera”. Bay said.

“That’s fine” Jo told them, “Could you put them on his chest over his rib there and up and down his legs.” She was putting some ointment on his fat lip. As Bay and Aimee did as they were instructed Jo took out a needle and some thread.

“The cut on his cheek is really deep so I’m going to stich it up, so uh anyone with needle issues should probably head out”.

“That’s my cue” I said, “We can stay with him in shifts every few hours or so?”

“Sure” Mikey said, “I’ll take the first one.”

“I’ll come with you Gee”. Frank said. We left the room and I fished the key out of my pocket. We walked up the stairs to our room in silence besides the sounds of our shoes squeaking on the floor. I fit the key into the lock of B12 and opened the door. The main room we walked into was just a little smaller than the one Ray was in. Half the room was a small kitchen/dining room. The other half had two small armchairs tucked next to a coffee table with a phone on the wall behind them. On the opposite wall there were two doors that led into bedrooms that didn’t hold much more besides the beds.

“It’s nice here”. Frank said as we walked back into the living room.

“Really?” I sat down in the right chair, “I’d think you’d think it was, I don’t know…plain”.

Frank curled up into the left armchair and shrugged, “It is, I guess, but it’s still nice. Plus I think it’s great what Jo, Aimee, and Bay are doing.”

I stretched my legs onto the coffee table, “Man I just wish I’d know about this place before. No offense, but it’d be nice to stay somewhere I didn’t have to duck out of the next morning”.

“You saying you wish you never met me?” Frank teased.

I rolled my eyes suppressing my smile, “That’s it.” I said.

“You chose to leave that soon, “He reminded me, “You didn’t have to”.

“Well I thought about coming down for breakfast, but I smelled waffles and I’m more of a pancakes kind of guy”.

“Gerard, I’m serious”. He said rotating his body to lo at me more head-on, “Why’d you leave so quickly?”

I thought about why I had really left. I knew from the start he was Mistaken, and left to try to protect him. Obviously, I did a great job considering how little danger we’d been going through. I mused over telling him so, but was afraid he’d get offended somehow, “I can’t stay in one place too long” I told him, which was true.

“But you got that CD for Mikey and then bailed before you could give it to him in person”.

I let out a heavy sigh, “I just didn’t want you to get into any trouble, okay?”

Frank looked down to try to hide the scarlet blush I could see creeping up his ears. When he looked back up his face was still flushed a slight pink, “You could have at least told me that you were leaving. We, I, worried about you”.

I stood up and cleared the few steps between out too seats. I sat down on the table in front of Frank, “You don’t need to worry about me. I’m used to being on my own”.

Frank leaned closer to my and intertwined his fingers with mine. I was smiling before he even spoke, “Maybe”. He told me in almost a whisper, “It’s time you forget about being on your own and start…interacting with others.

“Is that so?” I asked him leading him out of his chair and standing above me a leg on either side of my knees.

“Absolutely” he leaned down and locked his lips with mine slowly pushing me flat down on the coffee table. My heart was beating rapidly against his chest by then. I ran my fingers through Frank’s short hair and I could feel his boy shake with pleasure as the kissing became more intense. Frank’s lips traveled down my neck nibbling an biting delicately. My attempt to say his name just comes out as warm gasps. We rose up from the table at the same time as if we were one being. He wraped his arms possessively around me, and one hand came meandering up to cradle the back of my neck. Our lips were smashing together again and we don’t even pull away as we paced into one of the bedrooms. When we fell onto the bed I was pressed ontop of Frank’s body this time. I suddenly can felt cool fingers sliding up under my shirt. We broke apart just long enough for my shirt and then Frank’s to be pulled off and tossed carelessly to the floor. By then I could feel Frank through my jeans and I had no doubt he could feel me as we continued to kiss and rub against each other. I hardly even registered when Frank had flipped our positions placing himself on top again. My heart pounded faster as his hands roamed down my chest to my waistline. His fingers were cool, but soft as they explored. A few sneaked down my jeans sending shivers down my spine. Then at the sound of my zipper coming undone my body stiffened and I was in a dark alleyway and Danny was cooing into my ear. It’s not a big deal bitch he told me. Then I could feel the handcuffs and I could smell the musty jail cell.

“Don’t” I whispered desperate to be unpinned and to get away from his sinister smirk.

“Gee?” It was Frank’s voice. I blinked and I was back. He was looking at me with concern.

“This just…iisn’t a good idea” I said sitting myself up and leaning against the head rest.

“If you’re worried about me” Frank ventured, “I know this is a big step, but I think I’m ready, so you don’t—.”

“No, it’s not you. It’s just…” I hesitated. It’s not you it’s me didn’t seem like an appropriate response, even if it was the truth, “No, okay?”

Frank starred at me looking like I had just slapped him across the face, “Okay”. He finally spoke.

“It’s nothing you did”. I tried to explain and took ahold of his hands. He pulled them free and slid off the bed. He threw his shirt back on and started walking out the door.


“I’m going to try to call my folks, they’re probably worried.”

“Yeah sure” I said nodding and getting up as well. I pulled my shirt over my head and followed him out. When I stepped out he had just gotten on the phone.

“Hey, Mom. It’s me, Frank.”

“I’m okay really.”

“No, not exactly, but I will be home soon”.

I spoke up, “I’m just going to relieve Mikey of his shift.” He just slightly glanced in my direction as acknowledgment to hearing me.

“Yes, soon. I promise.” He continued into the phone.

“See you soon. Love you”.

“Yes, tell Dad I love him too”.

“Okay. Bu-bye. Love you.”

“Goodbye”. He hung up the phone and turned to look at me.

“Frankie?” I thought I’d try once again.

He gave me a confused look, “Weren't you going to go change shifts with Mikey?”

I gave a feeble, please-take-this-as-part-of-an-apology, smile, “Right. Thanks.” As I walked out and closed the door behind me.
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