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Chapter hashtag 18

by Hostile_Halo 2 reviews was covered in bruises...gruesome cut running down his cheek to his chin...eye was black...his lip split...a few cuts...his ankle...broken...

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A/N: Is a month a long enough wait? I'm so fucking sorry for taking so long guys. I hope you all are still interested in reading this. I hate to report that there's another cliff hanger. So don't hate me too much. Please oh please rate and/or review! Love and thanks you guys.


I tumbled the rest of the way out of the window landing on my knees. Mikey was already on his feet and offered me a hand right as Gerard fell out and landed on top of me. He shoved himself up then hauled me to my feet. I had only just stood up when we started running again. I could faintly hear the guards shouting from inside the building. I felt terrible for Ray and only hoped he had managed to get out, but I knew it would be suicide to go back. We continued to run until the shouting and steps of our pursuers were just echoes. I slowed down to a stop as Mikey and Gerard did the same. We stood for a few seconds to catch our breath. I took in my surroundings as I tried to breathe normally. There were warehouses surrounding us, most of which looked abandoned. In the far distance to my left were some shabby apartment buildings. I had no idea what time it was. The moon wasn’t out so it was pitch dark. I could feel Gerard and Mikey’s presence next to me more than could see them. I turned to look at Gerard who was already looking towards me.

“What now?” I asked after a second.

Gerard barely got his mouth open when Mikey sad, “ What do you mean ‘what now?’ We have to go back to get Ray”.

“Mikey” Gerard said, “We can’t go back. That place will be crawling with Center guards”.

“So we're just going to give up on him like that? He’s risked himself for us just so we could get away and we're just going to leave him stranded?”

“Mikey they’ll kill us…” I said.

“No. They’ll kill you two. They don’t care about me. I can go.”

“Mikey I don’t want you to be put in danger”. Gerard said.

“Gerard", Mikey said, “In a matter of a few days I’ve traveled miles away from my home, broken you out of a cop car, been hit on by a rather creepy HMO, got my hand cut after running from a pair of tradders, risked being beat by two rather scary men three times my size, spent a lovely twelve hours sitting in a panic afraid that I had lost not only a friend, but my only brother, and then got chased by more guards having to abandon another friend all while trusting and following the orders of my rogue brother that I get to see once a year, if I’m lucky.

Gerard tried to butt in when Mikey took a breath only to get cut off, “So as far as being danger I think I’ve already crossed that line and I realize that you and Frank can’t go back. I can, though, he is my friend, Frank he’s your best friend. All I’m asking Gerard, is for you to trust me now, and let me go back”.

Gerard stuttered for a second. I think he was honestly just in shock. So, I spoke up first, “Of course Mikey. You’re right Ray is my best friend, but so are you. And you know what? We’re in this together, which is why we’re all going.” I paused, “Right Gee?”

“Yeah, yeah right.” Gerard nodded, “ Frank’s right kid. We’ve got the dark to hide us and we out ran them once, why not again?”

“No,” Mikey argued,” No, you guys need to stay here, just in case. I can do this on my own”.

“Are you sure kiddo?” Gerard asked.

“Yeah man.” I told him, “We want to help”.

“Seriously, I’ll be fine”. Mikey assured us.

“Alright, get going then”. Gerard said.

I couldn’t see for sure, but I could imagine the bright smile on Mikey’s face.

“Okay, see you all soon” Mikey said walking off, “Oh, and for God’s sake get some fucking food while I’m gone. “

Gerard laughed, “No sweat”.

“So…” I asked stretching the word out, “What’s for dinny?”

“Cute” Gerard said. I was glad it was too dark foor him to see my face flush red,“I don’t know. I‘m not sure where we are exactly”.

“Where would you normally get dinner?” I asked.

“Anywhere with people. The suburbs usually”.

“I saw some apartments a ways that way.” I pointed to them out, “Should we go?”

“Um no, I’ll go by myself”. Gerard responded, “You need to stay here in case Mikey comes back before I do.”

“Sure?” I asked.

“Yeah, plus you’re too pretty. I don’t want you getting jumped if there are any other HMO around or something.”

“Oh please if they were going for pretty ones they would have gotten you already”. I smirked.

He didn’t respond for a long moment. I was almost afraid I had said something to offend him when he took a hold of my wrist and pulled me towards him. I gasped in surprise only to be cut off by him pressing his lips against mine. I stood on my tip-toes to be able to lean into the kiss better. He slowly pulled away before it could go further.

“Um, wow”. I said, “What was that for?”

“Uhh”, he thought for a moment, “Good luck, I suppose. Now, I better get going. I don’t think Mikey will be very forgiving if I don’t come back with food.”


I took the trek to the apartments rather quickly. Mikey wasn’t the only hungry one. There was a small cluster of girls behind one of the first buildings. They were roughly all the same height, but one of the three was taller by a few inches. They were all huddled and whispering about something.

“Who’s there?” The tallest of the group asked upon hearing me approach, “Are you a hetie?”

“No, no. Name’s Gerard”, I answered, “I’m safe. Do you need to see my shoulder?”

“You’re fine. Not that I could see one in this light, or lack of for that matter. I’m Jo” She stuck out her hand. I shook hers and her friends accordingly as they were introduced, “This is Aimee and her sister Bay”.

Bay said, “Don’t you know where you are?”

“Should I?” I asked, “I was just looking for some food for my friends and me. This place any good?”

The posse laughed slightly, “You could say that”. Jo said, “These apartments have been abandoned for years.”

“Well, I lucked out”. I muttered, “Thanks anyway”.

“No wait, Gerard” Jo stifled another laughed, “I mean this place was abandoned, but we’ve made it into a sort of hotel. You know, for wandering HMO. I guess I was just surprised. Most people who come around here have been looking for us”.

“Seriously? That’s great. Can my friends and I stay here? There are four of us”

“I think we’ve got room”. Jo told me, “Can you two go check room B18 and 16?”

“On it” Either Bay or Aimee said. I had honestly already forgotten. Jo followed me back to were Frank was waiting pacing in circles.

“Are you making friends Gee?” he asked as I got closer.

I rolled my eyes, “You think you’re so clever don’t you?”

“Yes, a little.”

“Frank this is Jo, Jo this is Frank.” I turned to Jo,” We’re still waiting on two of or friends is that okay?”

“Sure. Not a problem, I’m just going to ring Aimee so she knows we’re waiting down here.”

Jo fished a cell phone out of her pocket and stepped off to the side.

“Who’s Aimee? What’s going on?” Frank asked me.

“It’s okay Frank. Jo runs a sort of hotel for HMO at the apartment buildings. She’s getting us some rooms”.

“Really? That’s perfect, and they have food right? Mikey might die if they don’t”.

I snorted, “Yeah, they should.”

Jo turned back towards them, “Okay we’ve got only got one two bed-room open, that okay?”
“Sounds brilliant!” I said, “You all are life savers”

“You’re friends getting here soon?” Jo asked, “It’ been fifteen minutes.”

“I hope so” I said more panicked than I meant to. Frank took a hold of my hand and squeezed lightly. I smiled weakly at him. I was beyond worried that I had gotten Mikey killed. I never should have let him go on his own. It really shouldn’t have taken this long to get back even if they were both walking. In the distance a figure started walking towards us. I held my breath even though the person was coming from the wrong direction.

“Aimee what’s up?” Jo said as she got closer. I let out a disappointed sigh.

“We were worried because you hadn’t come back yet.” Aimee said, “and it’s starting to rain”.
Sure enough I started to feel the small droplets fall down on my head and arms.

“I’ve got your all’s key though “She said handing it to me, “Are your friends expected anytime soon? We’ve got to get back at some point.”

“Why don’t you both head up and we’ll just let ourselves in once they get here?” Frank suggested.

“Are you all sure?” Jo asked.

“Of course, it’s starting to rain harder now, go ahead and head up. They shouldn’t be much longer”. I assured them and myself.

“Alright” Jo agreed hesitantly before she and Aimee headed off. The rain pounded down on top of us as we stood looking into the distance. Every second felt like ages and I began to feel Frank start to shiver from the cold.

“We should go find them”. I said finally. Frank nodded his head in agreement, so we started walking forwards. We hadn’t gotten very far when I saw Mikey approaching us. I got excited for less than a second, because immediately I noticed something wrong.

“Where’s Ray?” Frank asked echoing my thoughts exactly. Our question was answered all to quickly as Mikey got closer and we could see him struggling to half carry, half drag Ray towards us. We didn’t hesitate to race towards them. As soon as we did we helped Mikey lay Ray down flat onto the ground. My breath caught in my throat looking at him. Practically all his visible skin was covered in bruises. He had really gruesome cut running down his cheek to his chin. His left eye was black and his lip split. His arms had a few cuts and his ankle had to be broken just by looking.

“Oh my God Mikey” I was the first to speak, “What happened?”

“I don’t know” Mikey’s voice cracked. He was crying, “I found him like that. The guar-rds had cleared out when I… He-he tried to tell me what, what happened, but then he passed out. I didn’t know what to do” He locked himself around my waist and started hiccuping.

“Shh, Mikes. You did fine.” I rubbed his back. Frank had fallen to his knees by Ray’s side. He was mumbling incoherently.

“Guys,” he choked out, “He’s hardly breathing.”

“What do we do Gerard?” Mikey asked me.
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