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Chapter One: Harry's New Life

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Summary: Harry gets abandoned on a family trip and stumbles upon a lab where he uses it to make a life where he is the one who chooses what happens in it.

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Chapter One: Memory Lane

"Why me?" A Little seven year old Harry Potter said. He didn’t hold out much hope for his continued existence. He had been wandering around some godforsaken jungle in South America for several days. He found himself in this situation because he was apparently an unwanted freak with no good bums for parents. At least that’s the reason Harry’s Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon gave him, right before they knocked him unconscious. When he woke up he was in the middle of the jungle with no sign of civilization in sight. Harry had thought that he might be able to run away while he was in South America with his relatives on “vacation” but those hopes were quickly shot down.

The Dursleys kept a close eye on their unnatural nephew. They obviously didn’t want to give him a chance to escape. Harry had figured out several years ago why they called him freak and unnatural along with an assortment of other terrible names. He had powers. As far as Harry could tell he had some form of telekinesis. Harry discovered his ability when his cousin Dudley decided it would be fun to push Harry out in front of a car on the way home from school.

Harry had closed his eyes and prayed that it wouldn’t hurt. He opened his eyes when he felt himself flung out of the way of the oncoming vehicle by what felt like an invisible force. The driver had kept on going without even slowing down. Dudley never mentioned it to his parents because he was either afraid of punishment (attempted murder was something even Dudley couldn’t get away with if he got caught) or he convinced himself that it never happened.

Ever since that time Harry had practiced using his power to the best of his ability. He knew he couldn’t use his power against the Dursleys because he wasn’t strong enough, yet. Even if he was able to overpower one Dursley there were 2 more ready to pounce on him. Harry kept his ability hidden and took his beatings like he always did. Harry suspected that the two elder Dursleys knew about his ability or some other type of power that Harry might have from the way they treated him.

It didn’t take long for Harry to figure out that he was treated badly compared to his classmates at school. The Dursleys had always called him names and beat him for as long as he could remember. They were careful to keep the beatings in places where it wasn’t readily visible to outside observers but they were beatings none the less. Harry suspected that he might have some type of healing ability with how fast he was able to heal. It wasn’t an instantaneous miracle healing but most injuries tended to disappear within a few days that would have taken somebody else weeks to heal from.

Harry never knew if he had broken bones for sure because the Dursleys would never take him to a doctor of any type but he was pretty sure he had experienced a few in his short life. Broken bones that heal in two days definitely led to the conclusion that he had some form of accelerated healing ability. Because the Dursleys beat him and called him names without ever having observed his powers Harry was led to the conclusion that it was an inherited trait from his parents.

After all, anybody the Dursleys called names (like his parents) probably was a good person. The more the Dursleys hated a person the more powerful or kind hearted they must be was Harry’s logic. Harry figured out pretty quick that if he was to go to the authorities that there was a pretty good chance he would be placed right back with his relatives. If there was any chance of that happening Harry knew the Dursleys would dispose of him right away. So Harry decided that alive but abused was better than dead and he kept his mouth shut.

Harry’s powers did grow with sufficient practice. He figured out that they were connected with his emotions by observing that the power was easiest to control right after beatings. Harry had managed to sneak a meditation book out of the library at school in an effort to learn to control his emotions. The Dursleys would beat him severely if they caught him with a book. Harry learned this the hard way the first time he got higher grades than his cousin Dudley in school. After the beating he received he learned to suppress his intellect. He didn’t dumb himself down. He simply didn’t let anybody else know how intelligent he was.

He snuck books out of the library whenever he could and read them in his cupboard with a flashlight he managed to swipe from the janitor’s closet at school. Batteries weren’t hard to come by in the Dursley household with the amount of electronics Dudley went through all of the time. Using meditation Harry had gotten to the point where he was pretty sure he could kill all three of the Dursleys with his telekinesis but by that point decided against it.

If he did that he would have to go on the run. The meditation helped Harry speed up his healing if he consciously controlled it. It would take an hour to mend broken bones that would have taken days before. Harry was able to learn to block out the pain through the meditation techniques. By the time he was seven he was pretty settled into a routine of studying in secret and taking his beatings.

Then one day his relatives announced a vacation to South America where they would actually take Harry along. He was so excited that he overlooked the fact that it was very suspicious that the Dursleys would take him anywhere. When they got to South America Harry was pretty much confined to the hotel room for the first few hours and then when he wasn’t looking at the Dursleys the unconsciousness came. He woke up in the middle of the jungle and that brings his mind back to his current predicament.
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