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Chapter Two: Discovery Part One

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Harry discovers a place he can begin a new start with.

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He was pretty sure that his healing abilities were the only reason he was still alive. He just kept walking and walking through the dry and humid heat. Harry caught sight of something that actually gave him a little bit of hope for survival. Up ahead covered by plants and dirt there was a partially exposed pyramid. Harry quickly made his way to the pyramid to look for an entrance. As far as Harry was concerned a several thousand year old pyramid was a better place to be than walking in the hot sun.

Harry quickly realized that the entrance was buried further down deep beneath the jungle floor. It would take a long time to dig down to that level with conventional means. Luckily digging was one of the things Harry did to practice control on his telekinesis. He started to scoop large portions of the moist earth and fling them several hundred meters away using his powers. Employing this method and taking several breaks he was able to dig his way down to the entrance after several hours. It was covered by a large rock slab that Harry had to lift open with his powers. Luckily Harry was able to use his powers to feel a catch that held the slab open once it was lifted into place.

Harry cautiously made his way into the pyramid so that he would be prepared in case of booby traps that were left for grave robbers. It didn’t appear there were any traps but Harry did find all sorts of ancient South American artifacts lying all over. Harry was looking through the artifacts for some type of liquid that he could drink when he came upon a jar that Harry could feel held some sort of power.

Harry had long ago figured out that his powers weren’t compatible with electricity when he kept on making powered up electronics explode when he practiced around them. Whatever power source this jar held was a lot more powerful than electricity from a wall outlet but Harry sensed it still wasn’t the same as his power. There were two jars that were almost identical. One felt like the power source was depleted while the other still held power.

Harry focused on the one that still held power. Harry used his mind to trace the pathways that the power ran. Because all of the other technology that he had come across burnt out whenever he got near it with his powers this was the first time Harry could do this. Whatever this technology was made up of could handle Harry’s powers. Harry was confident he could turn off the power source in the jar. Long experience of being cautious led Harry to put up a wall of telekinetic force in front of himself with his powers before he did anything further.

Once the wall was up Harry turned off the power source and opened the lid of the container using his mind. A few seconds after the lid was open something small leapt out of the jar at Harry. He took a step back and caught the projectile before it fell to the floor in a telekinetic grip. What he saw made his eyes open wide. It looked like some sort of snake but it had a sharp 4 pronged beak of some sort with crystalline eyes that sort of glowed with a wing like structure behind the beak.

Harry was even more shocked when the struggling creature started yelling at him in a high shrill voice.

I demand you let me go. I am your god. Bow before me or you will die.

Harry quickly got over his shock enough to reply. “What are you?”

The creature appeared shocked that Harry understood it. When it got the look that it had recovered from its shock enough it replied.

I am a Goauld, your god. Now release me or your soul shall suffer eternally.

The creature resumed it’s struggling so Harry forced it back into the jar with his powers and placed the lid back on. Harry now figured that the jar had the creature in some type of stasis. The creature had obviously been in here for a long time because the tomb probably hadn’t been opened in millennia. Whatever the creature was Harry wanted to keep it for further study later.

Harry used his powers to switch the power source back on to put the Goauld, as it called itself, into stasis. Harry quickly opened the second jar and found a dead version of the creature that had just spoken to him a few minutes earlier. Using his mind to examine this power source compared to the other one he discovered a minor difference that was what probably had caused the power to fail. Harry was able to manipulate the device to correct the flaw, after which the device turned back on.

The dead creature may not have been as useful as it would have been alive but Harry figured a dead Goauld was worth more than no Goauld if you were studying the creatures. Using his powers to float the jars along behind him Harry continued to explore the chamber he was in.

He eventually came to a place in the wall of the chamber where he could feel more energy running. Harry found what appeared to be an opening with a small stone door in front of it similar to the entrance of the tomb. He forced the door up with his powers. What he found appeared to be a stair case going down but it seemed it was constructed with a kind of metal and not stone like the rest of the chamber.

"I'll come back and check on you later" Harry thought out loud. The he went back to looking around the chamber.

He eventually came to another place in the wall of the chamber where he could feel more energy running. Harry found what appeared to be an opening with a small stone door in front of it similar to the entrance of the tomb. He forced the door up with his powers. What he found appeared to be more displays of advanced technology. There were two bracelet type devices that were made out of some gold or bronze colored metal with a jewel on the back of each.

Harry’s powers told him that the device was similar in it’s composition to the jars. He slipped one of the bracelets on and activated it. He felt it draw a small amount of his own power. It emitted a wave of the power in a destructive force that destroyed several of the objects in its path. Interesting was Harry’s first thought. Harry could sense that the device wasn’t meant to draw as much power as he was capable of putting through it or it would be destroyed like normal electronics he had come across.

Harry floated the other device along beside him with the jars as he continued exploring. When he came to the center of the chamber he could feel more of the technology embedded into a set of rings embedded into the ceiling. Harry sat down to rest and to try to figure out what this technology did. He set the jars and second bracelet down beside him to rest his powers. While he was contemplating this newest device he was absentmindedly toying with the bracelet he still wore. His hand brushed against the jewel on the back.

He was surprised when he felt the jewel depress and send out an energy signal to the ring device. All of a sudden the rings shot up out of the floor and he was engulfed in a white light. He could feel himself being transported up through the sealing and being reassembled from what the device did. Harry had read several science books in an effort to understand how his powers came about. From what he could tell he was just disassembled on at least a molecular level and then transported a distance in a matter stream after which he was put back together.

All of this advanced technology and then the Goauld led Harry to two possibilities. The people of earth had technologically regressed to the point of not even remembering their own past scientific level or there were aliens and he had just met one. Given the room that he now found himself in he was leaning towards option two.

The room was very clean with walls covered in golden hieroglyphics. Harry saw several chairs built into the floor over by a console with a window in front of it. He set his jars and bracelet down outside the transporter and walked over to the console. What he saw made him gasp again. He was looking out at the jungle surrounding the pyramid, which was directly below him. Harry came to the conclusion that he was in some sort of space ship that was invisible, because he sure as hell hadn’t noticed a floating spaceship on his way into the pyramid.

Harry sat down for a few minutes to calm himself down and think his new situation over. The first thing he needed to do was to search for food and water. After that he could figure out future plans. After finishing a search of the ship food and water turned out to be not much of a problem for Harry. He found some sort of stasis chamber that apparently was able to preserve perishable food items for what Harry assumed was millennia. The food wasn’t macaroni and cheese but it would do and there was enough to feed him for the next year if he was careful.

The ship was actually rather large. It had five bedrooms, each with their own bathroom (think somewhere between an Alkesh and a modern day cargo ship). Harry got himself cleaned up and then made his way back out into the room he decided to call the bridge. After eating some food Harry sat down to plan his future. He wanted to know what was down the star case he saw and more about the situation beyond earth before he could explore it. Harry decided that he did want to explore but he wanted to check out the what was don the stair firs but with a very cautious approach.

One of the things Harry prized the most was information and knowledge. There was obviously a very large amount of knowledge contained within the technology on this ship and some unknown knowledge down the odd metal stairs. The language that the controls were written in appeared to be identical to that written on the tomb walls within the pyramid.

Harry figured there were two ways he could go about learning that language. Look in a library or get the information from the Goauld in stasis. Judging by the hostility of the Goauld while it was awake that would be rather difficult to accomplish. Harry assumed that due to the fact that the ship wasn’t detected by any of the governments on earth before that it was safe to fly it around while it was cloaked.

"Well now that I have figured out what I want to do and have a supply of food and water at least for a time any ways. I'll finish up exploring the inside of the pyramid then 'Ill try and figure out how to fly this thing to get to a library. If I keep talking to myself I'm going to go nuts. Oh well. Most accomplished people are a little nuts anyways." Harry said to himself.

So Harry went back to the rings that got him into the ship and depressed the jewel on the bracelet he still wore he. Just like before it sent out an energy signal to the ring device.
The rings shot up out of the floor and he was engulfed in a white light. He was back down in the pyramid. He walked over to the strange metal staircase and walked down.
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