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Chapter Three: Discovery Part Two

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Harry discovers more tech. and Learning New Languages

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When Harry got to the bottom of the stairs a gun metal gray, what Harry could only assume was a ship but built by somebody ells than who built the one upstairs. From how different the insides of both ships are. When Harry looked inside he found 2 rooms, a rear section and a forward section. the rear section had two benches on either side of the wall with a few metal panels off part of the ceiling above the benches. Which had wires coming out of them. Right below them was a box that had the same symbols that the ship upstairs had. The forward section had two chairs that sat in front of a console. In the center of the console were buttons on which were symbols that looked like star constellations.

Harry sat down in one of the chairs and absentmindedly put his hands on palm sized areas on the console and thought. "I wonder were I am?" With that a a image appeared up on the screen/windshield in front of the console showing a map of the area around the pyramid.Wonder if it responds to vocal commands as well? One way to find out. Are there any any more spaceships or crafts like this one in the area?" Nothing changed. so Harry tried again. "Are there any spaceships or crafts on the planet?" Nothing changed still. Harry tried one last time then he was going to head back upstairs. "Are there any records indicating where any ships or craft or technology are at?" The screen changed to show a list of names of technology, or what Harry could only assume was technology. Because it was in different language than even the one inside the ship upstairs, after the names were a few numbers which Harry could read. Harry grinned so wide it could have split his face if he grind any wider. "Hmm I wonder what kind of tech. I am going to find. For that matter I wonder how old the records are. OH well won't know unless I look to see if they are were the records tell me they are. Now how would I get this ship out of this hanger?" Not expecting a response Harry was quite surprised when a image appeared on the screen showing a under water tunnel going down under the hanger and ending in a lake. "So this ship can go under water. That's good to know. Well if I'm going to look for advanced tech. I should get some food stuffs from the other ship and have a chat with that snake alien to see what it knows about this ship." Harry thought to himself.

a few minutes later...
After he got his food stuffs, then had his chat with the snake alien he sat back in the chair and thought. "If that snake alien was telling the truth when I was talking to it (read torturing it) this ship is where the cloak design came from that definitely makes looking around for tech. easier."

Minutes later hovering over the lake...
"Now what to visit first? Lets go start with the closest one." Harry thought to the ship.

A week or so later...
Landing the ship back in the hanger-bay. "That was fun. Now did I forget anything any-wheres?" Harry asks himself as he looks over the tech. he has picked up from different locations around the world. "Hmmm lets see. A machine resembling a gumball machine that dispensed a spherical device about the size of a softball that sends it's data to a handheld remote. It has audio and visual recording abilities. It hovers under its own power. That was interesting unsticking and moving from a, half-sunk in mud and half covered in thick vines, building in South America. That was fun to dig out of that buried building in Egypt.

Next would be the Power Module I found i a buried building in Egypt. From where it was connected to a busted console I'm assuming it is some kind of energy source.

Next Is a small a half sphere device that has a blue button on the top when pressed ounce shows a 3D holographic display of satellite and if pressed twice shows the schematics on how to build one. (At least that's what he thinks from seeing other schematics in books he read at the library.) Pressed a third time and it turns off. Which was in old churches basement just outside Rome. And that was the last thing I found that I could get to or the place the records showed it to be was no longer there. Now all I have to do is get all this stuff up to the other ship.

Few minuets later...
Inside the bridge Harry looked around for some way to pilot the craft. Harry found a red spherical console that he assumed to be the ship’s flight controller and proceeded to cautiously experiment with it. He was able to gradually learn how to fly the ship using the orb as he decided to call it. By the end of that day Harry was able to fly his way back to his country of birth and navigate his way to London. He set the ship to hover a few feet off of the roof of the London public library.

When he was sure that everybody had gone home for the night he opened the airlock on the side of the ship and floated himself down with his powers. Harry stood there for a while on the roof observing where he knew his ship was floating but only saw empty air. Harry could feel the field that extended out from the ship to cloak it.

Harry was able to use his powers to sense how the field worked. It bent the light around itself so it never reached the ship. Harry concentrated on the meditation techniques he learned to find his power and willed it to mimic the cloaking field. Harry felt like it worked so he walked up to a reflective surface that had some light on it which came out a nearby window. He couldn’t see himself so let out a mental cheer at his newfound invisibility.

Harry made his way over to the rooftop door for the library. Harry cast out his mind with his power and detected that the door didn’t have an alarm (why would it when it’s a library and on top of a very high building). He used his telekinesis to depress the latch mechanism and pulled open the door.

Harry made his way down into the library. He didn’t have a flashlight so he had to make due with the bracelet device. He experimented with it earlier and found that if he pushed just a tiny amount of his power into it the device would give off quite a bright golden glow. It worked just fine for his purposes in the dark library.

Harry spent the next several hours pilfering the library of all of the books he thought would be useful on the sciences, Latin, and hieroglyphs.He got books on engineering, physics, astronomy, chemistry, biology, and many other types. On his last trip floating them up to his ship Harry broke off a gold figurine from the wall of the ship. The Goauld apparently used gold as decoration. The chunk of gold would take care of any costs for the books he took.

Harry took the ship up into a high orbit around earth. It was quite breathtaking for Harry to see his planet for the first time from space. Harry set to work reading the books he pilfered. It took him a couple of months but he eventually learned enough of the Goauld language to enter English into the Goauld database so that it would translate for him and had learned enough of Latin to read the schematics for the satellite, which now he knew for sure that's what it was, which said.

Deep space satellite equipped with an energy beam weapon powerful enough to cut a Wraith Hive-Ship in half (Shows a pic of a Hive-Ship). Puddle Jumpers can dock with it ((shows a pic of a Puddle Jumper) "So that's what that ship is called" Harry said aloud.). The satellite can be charged by multiple types of power sources, storing power in its capacitor until it has enough energy to fire. With enough of them you could form a satellite network to help guard a planet.
Harry thought. "That sounds impressive. But I wonder what a Wraith Hive-Ship is let alone what the Wraith are. This hologram only tells me about the satellite I'll just have to look for the info someplace ells."

Harry's learning of the Goauld language was facilitated by two sources. The first was several works written by a genius named Dr. Daniel Jackson. The man didn’t explicitly say it but he hinted to his theories of the pyramids being landing pads for spacecraft. From what Harry could tell from the Goauld that was completely true.

The second source was the Goauld symbiote that he had in stasis. His/her (genderless) name was Osiris. Harry figured this out by interrogation. Not long into his exploration of his new ship Harry discovered another type of hand device that when he channeled his power into it allowed him to heal injuries that would be fatal to a normal human. Harry also figured out that the beam weapon bracelet could be used to torture.

Harry thought back to his first conversation with Osiris from orbit. He opened the stasis jar and floated the Goauld out using his powers. Once again the symbiote was demanding his service so Harry whipped the creature around a little bit until it shut up.

“Listen up Goauld you are completely at my mercy. Whether you live or die is by my will. You will tell me everything you know about the Goauld and the state of affairs in this galaxy.”

After a demonstration of his ability to make the torture device glow the symbiote was remarkably forthcoming. Harry was pleased to see that the being was at least intelligent enough to see who controlled it.

From that time on Harry’s education about the galaxy began. Harry sat up there for the next six months in orbit around earth listening to what Osiris had to say. Harry learned of the Goauld and immediately realized the threat they posed to earth.

Harry managed to acquire a completely new stock of all of his favorite foods, cloths, and anything else that was needed to live comfortably aboard a spaceship. Instead of leaving gold behind at everyplace he “acquired” his supplies from Harry went into a gold exchange in the middle of the night and exchanged the appropriate amount of gold for money. He left the money at the places he acquired his supplies from.

In order to appropriately combat the Goauld Harry would need to upgrade his ship which he decided to call the Lily. His parent’s names were one of the few things he was able to acquire from his relatives. In order to upgrade the Lily he would need to go find designs for the newest ships not to mention the Puddle Jumper he had back on Earth.
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