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Chapter Four: Upgrades and Exploring

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Harry upgrades his ship and Explores the wider galaxy at the same time.

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To achieve this goal Harry took the ship back down to where he new the lake was that the other ship came out of and landed. Went back in and flue Puddle Jumper out and sat it next to the Lilly and got to work.

A few months later the upgrades had finally been completed and with a sigh Harry sat down in the main chair of the bridge that is at the back of the bridge and can control all the systems of the ship through a interface which Harry got the designs from the Puddle Jumper. Harry relaxing for the first time in months was looking around the bridge of the former Goauld ship he had painstakingly changed in to a hybrid between it's own original systems and the Puddle Jumper's systems. Thinking about what he had added to the ships systems and doing final checks before he left Earth. "Lets see Weapons system: Drones:

(Harry found out about those when he was questioning the Puddle Jumper Computer. It described them a a powerful projectile weapon, shaped like a meter-long squid, capable of autonomously targeting and destroying its target, even if it is moving extremely fast.Drones are partially intelligent weapons that are capable of seeking, tracking, and engaging targets on their own accord. They appear to be guided by a central control system using various available sensors, and can be controlled either by continuous operator control or in a fire-and-forget manner. A single drone can seriously damage a Wraith cruiser. Drones have the ability to shield itself from impact with matter to a certain degree, allowing them to literally tunnel through larger enemies such as ships before returning to detonate. Drones have also been observed passing through ships, with unused ones heading back to their launch site, and can be used under water.) operational and on standby,

Staff Cannons: Fully functional and on online.

Ships Censers: 100% Fully functional and on online.

Life Support: 100% Fully functional and on online.

Cloak System: 100% Fully functional and on online.

Ships Power: 100% Fully functional.

Now that I know that all the systems are online I can head to the closest planet with a Chap’ai, or as he thought sounded better a Stargate."

The planet was called Abydos. The journey would take several months at the speeds that the Lily was capable of so Harry set to learning Goauld science from Osiris. Harry had managed to acquire a sealed reinforced fish tank for the symbiote because their natural environment was water. Osiris was quite cooperative after the occasional bit of torture to remind him who was boss. Harry thought it was quite funny that he had a pet Goauld when this creature used to portray a god in ages past.

Harry celebrated his 8th birthday on the Lily on his way to Abydos. It was by far the happiest he had experienced yet that he could remember. He didn’t receive his usual birthday beating. Harry was quite certain the Dursleys would be getting a visit from him in the future.

When Harry got to Abydos he was very careful to make sure his ship was cloaked as soon as he exited hyperspace. The ship itself didn’t have the power to cloak while in hyperspace but Harry found that he could extend his power around the ship to cloak it just before it left hyperspace until the ship itself could do it. This planet was part of Ra’s territory assuming the supreme system lord was still around. He wouldn’t take too kindly to a human flying a Goauld vessel with his pet Goauld encroaching on his territory. Luckily Harry’s scans showed no sign of Ra.

Harry flew into the atmosphere (again boosting the ship’s cloak with his powers to work even while reentering an atmosphere) and set the Lily down not far from the main pyramid on the planet where the stargate was housed. Once he was sure the Lily was cloaked and he had everything he needed he set off for the stargate.

Harry had managed to acquire a backpack which he filled with food, the healing device, the spare beam hand device, and anything else he thought might be useful. Harry carried his main beam hand device on his hand. He also had a handgun with a silencer he managed to acquire strapped to his leg. He figured that between the beam weapon, his telekinesis, and his handgun he was covered for protection.

He had decided to leave the RPGs (rocket propelled grenades) that he had managed to liberate from an army supply depot back in the Lily. He did carry several fragmentation as well as stun grenades in his backpack.

The first place Harry decided to raid for designs, information, and supplies was a minor Goauld named Moloc. Harry wasn’t about to try to hit a system lord on his first strike against his enemy. Harry dialed the stargate to the planet that Osiris’ database had said was Moloc’s 2000 years ago. Harry cast his senses through the gate to see what was on the other side. He wasn’t sure if it would work but was pleased to find he wouldn’t have to step through the gate unawares.

Once Harry was on the other side and the gate shut down he took a few minutes to get his bearings. Harry was contemplating the possibility of mimicking the method the stargate used to travel. The Goauld weren’t able to replicate the technology to travel through wormholes but they at least knew the generalities of how it worked.

The best they were able to do was copy the ring transporters from a race they referred to as the ancients or gate builders. Harry had so far been successful with copying the energy he detected in various technologies with his powers. He would have to see what he could do about generating a personal wormhole when he got back to Abydos.

With those thoughts put aside the invisible eight year old set off for Moloc’s outpost. Sure enough when he arrived it seemed Moloc was still in charge of this planet. Evading various Jaffa patrols Harry was able to make his way into one of Moloc’s small ship yards. What he found made him extremely happy.

Moloc’s forces consisted of about two Hatac class vessels, a lot of Alkesh, and a good number of death gliders. He was minor in every sense of the word. Harry was happy because one of the Alkesh was preparing to take off in about two hours on a mission. It would only be manned by two Jaffa, a number that Harry should easily be able to deal with.

Harry snuck onto the bridge and invisibly waited until take off. When the ship was a sufficient distance from the planet traveling through hyperspace Harry delivered a telekinetic blow to the back of the two Jaffa’s necks. Harry levitated them into a spare room and locked them in. He then went to the bridge and dropped out of hyperspace. The next thirty minutes were spent disabling any security features he found which included a recall device.

Harry then searched through the significantly updated database for an uninhabited planet with a stargate. It actually wasn’t too difficult to find such a planet nearby. Harry set a course and then set about checking over his new ship, which he decided to call James. This ship was just as fast as the Lily with her upgrades from the puddle jumper but apparently didn’t have a cloaking device or the drones. Which Harry guessed Osiris never showed anybody ells

When Harry arrived at his destination he set James down and set about scanning through the database for a planet he could hit with the supplies for the various upgrades he would need for the Lily and James. The Lily would need a good sized overhaul of most of her systems even with the upgraded systems while the James would need the upgrades the Lily had. It seems the cloaking generator had been completely new when Osiris was imprisoned and he never figured out anymore about the Puddle Jumper than the cloak. Nor did he tell anybody else about it.
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