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Chapter Five: Dicovering Ones Like You

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Harry find out more about himself and explores more of the unknown

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It took Harry another year without attracting unwanted attention on himself but he finally had enough material to construct the upgraded systems for both the Lily and the James. They both were now quite fast and could become invisible. Harry upgraded their shield generators so that they would survive in a fight against a Hatac as well as made a interface like the one he had on the Lily. He had to remove several of the walls from the interior of both ships in between the sleeping quarters in order to fit the larger shield generators. He also had to build larger naquadah reactors. Harry made sure he stole the materials from several different system lords so that they were less likely to notice.

By the time he was nine Harry had concluded that his powers were not anything Goauld science covered. This was probably a good thing since the Goauld would jump at the chance to get an advanced host. Harry decided he should pay a little visit to his relatives to find out more about his abilities. He took the Lily back to earth under cloak. It was quite funny for Harry to hover over his old house on privet drive while invisible.

He had to seriously resist the temptation to fire the plasma cannons or a drone and destroy the house.Harry found that his powers seemed to grow with age and meditation. He had been able to successfully travel through a personal wormhole for short distances (anywhere within the length of an earth sized solar system). He estimated that if he wanted to travel longer distances through his personal teleportation method he would need to be a lot more powerful.

Harry teleported himself down to the front lawn of number 4 privet drive and just stood there for a while observing the houses inhabitants. Harry found that he could sense some type of invisible energy barrier made out of the same power he could use that he hadn’t been able to sense before surrounding the property. This confirmed his theory that there were others like him.

One of Harry’s experiments had included a complete scan of his physiology. Harry’s genome was similar to a human’s but there were a lot of differences too. His brain physiology was remarkable. A normal human uses around five to ten percent of their brain. Harry used over fifty percent and he had a significantly higher synaptic density. That definitely explained to Harry how he was so intelligent at only nine years old.

Harry entered the Dursleys after using his powers to unlock the door. The three Dursleys were just as he remembered them. They actually seemed remarkably the same for getting rid of the person they blamed for all of their woes. Harry was satisfied to see that they still had the same issues even though he wasn’t there.

He released his hold on his invisibility right in front of his aunt Petunia who promptly let out a shriek of fright.

“Hello Aunt Petunia,” Harry calmly greeted the woman.

“But you’re dead,” she managed to stammer out.

By this time Vernon came into the kitchen and paled at the sight of his supposedly dead nephew.

“Not quite my dear aunt Petunia,” Harry replied with an evil smirk on his nine year old face that he shouldn’t have been capable of forming.

“You and I have some issues to discuss.”

At this point Vernon started to advance on his nephew as Harry expected. Harry waved his arm at his uncle, more for show than an actual need for a gesture, and Vernon was thrown against the kitchen wall by a telekinetic blast. Harry’s pinky twitched and Vernon’s right arm snapped with a compound fracture that broke the skin. Vernon started wailing with an almighty cry.

Harry just smirked and casually commented, “Now, now dear uncle there are some new rules for our relationship. Never again will you lay a hand on me. I have the ability to track you down wherever you are in the world and cause you a great deal of pain any time I choose.”

Harry turned to Petunia and said, “Now Petunia tell me everything you know about the powers I just demonstrated and where I got them from.”

What followed was several hours of Petunia telling Harry about the wizarding world. Harry was rather amazed that his kind believed in magic. Harry couldn’t classify the energy that he could wield with his body yet but he knew enough to know that it wasn’t magic. He was also amazed that such a backwards people had managed to stay hidden for so long.

Harry had to pause Petunia’s narration long enough to heal Vernon’s arm with the healing device so that he wouldn’t bleed out on him. Harry had a lot more time to spend with Vernon Dursley before the piece of whale shit was allowed to die. The man apparently didn’t have enough brain cells to realize that you don’t abuse children or your going to get your throat slit in the middle of the night while you’re sleeping at the very least.

Harry started to calculate punishments for the people who had a hand in his parent’s murder while Petunia continued on. When her narration was done Harry looked at Petunia and issued one final statement before he left. “Don’t bother hiding because I will always find you.”

With that last statement that caused the elder male Dursley to piss himself if the stain growing on the floor was any indication Harry teleported back to his ship. He was quite sure they wouldn’t be getting any sleep anytime soon.

Harry used the Lily’s computer to access the internet remotely and find the coordinates for the road the Leaky Cauldron was on. According to his aunt only those who are magical could see the building without the aid of another magical person.

Harry set his ship in a high orbit and then teleported himself down to the coordinates of an empty alley he found. Harry wasn’t worried about being cut off from his ship. One of the first things he had accomplished after his upgrades was a program that allowed him remote control of his ships. Basically it was a link that allowed him to project his mind into the computer systems of his ship. It was similar to the method in which he cast his mind through the Stargates he occasionally traveled through.

When he found the Leaky Cauldron Harry activated one of his new tricks. Goauld technology was sufficiently advanced in the field of holography (holograms) to project most any detailed hologram for Harry’s purposes. He had learned how to manipulate his powers to bend the light over his body to create a holographic field of any image he wanted.

Harry used this talent now to project the image of a 6 foot blond haired blue eyed 20 year old man. Harry followed what he assumed to be a witch into the bar. He continued to follow her as she went out back into an alcove that led into the alley itself. His aunt had only been to the Alley a few times with her sister before she said she couldn’t stomach any more of it.

When he entered the Alley Harry was happy that he could cover his real facial features and reactions using the illusion field he projected. It wouldn’t do to look like a gaping little kid. Harry had read a philosophy that if a culture doesn’t grow it dies from the books he pilfered from the London library. These wizards and witches definitely projected the image that they didn’t want to grow. It looked like he stepped back into the dark ages to Harry.

In his travels of the galaxy Harry had managed to acquire quite a stockpile of gold that he melted down into bars. He had exchanged several of them for cash before coming to the Alley. As it stood now Harry had several hundred thousand pounds sterling for the gold he had exchanged so far and had millions more in gold bars on his ship. Harry made his way to the goblin bank his aunt told him about to exchange the cash for the gold galleons.

After Harry had exchanged enough for his shopping Harry made his way back out to the alley. He started with a luggage shop so that he would have something to carry his purchases in. When he entered the shop and looked inside some of the display models to see expanded inner spatial dimensions than what the outside would allow for he was again thankful for his ability to suppress his reactions.

Harry chose from a list of features that were offered and purchased a trunk. It had a weightless feature the wizards called feather light (which sounded to Harry like inertial dampening without any technology), it came with the ability to expand or shrink itself at a touch of his power, it had several compartments (which included several bathrooms, bedrooms, and various chambers), features that made it very hard to access if you weren’t Harry or destroy, and the ability to expand the inner dimensions at will with the aid of his power.

After purchasing a bottomless backpack and what the wizards called a wizarding tent Harry left the shop several hundred galleons lighter and mentally asking himself what the hell he was going to find out next.

Harry next decided that he would find himself some reading material. He made his way into the bookstore called Flourish and Blotts and started filling a bottomless shopping basket with any book that caught his fancy. He purchased copies of all 7 years of Hogwarts subjects. He bought books on mind defense and offense, offensive and defensive spells, magical theory, wandless magic, and many other subjects.

After paying for those purchases Harry made his way into an Alley called Knockturn Alley that was reputed for selling anything you didn’t want the wizarding government to know you had. He purchased himself a custom made wand along with a backup. He got holsters that sent the wand into your hand at the flick of a wrist while staying invisible and were not able to be summoned (Harry just assumed that was a spell that called objects to the caster). Harry then purchases all manner of books he couldn’t get at the other bookstore. He purchased Dark Arts books, Soul Magic, Blood Magic, Rituals, and so on.

Harry was interested to see what the government classified as dark and light. Harry then made his way back into the main alley and to a potions supply store. He purchased everything he would need to explore the subject of potions. As his last stop in the alley Harry stopped into the local pet store where he felt drawn to a snowy white owl he named Hedwig and a poisonous snake he named Fang, who had a hell of a sense of humor. It could get lonely when you’re waging a personal war in space.

With his shopping done Harry made his way to a dark alley and teleported back to the Lily. Harry spent the next two years in a pattern of studying the wizarding materials he picked up as well as experimenting with various technologies.

The speed that a ship could travel at FTL (faster than light) speeds was directly proportional to the amount of power you could feed to the hyperspace window generator (providing that the hyperspace window generator could take the power). That being said the more power that was required of a power generator the larger it usually got. This was true with a naquadah generator.

By doing a careful test with one of the ships that Harry flew remotely he was able to determine that hyperspace had no effect on the expanded dimensions of his trunk as far as he could tell. The same was true for traveling through the stargate. Using the method of storing the rather large naquadah reactors in an expanded pocket dimension Harry was able to make his ships go extremely fast as well as generate shields that would stand up to the combined fire of several Hatac class vessels.

These generators did take quite a bit of naquadah but not so much that it wasn’t within Harry’s means to steal or mine himself using spells he found throughout his studies. Harry further reduced his power consumption when he discovered a spell that was designed to allow a wizard to shoot lightning bolts out of his wand.

Harry was able to incorporate this spell into both his ships and his battle tactics. By using a variable runic control system that actually allowed for the automated adjustment of a spells output through technology Harry was able to power all of the technology that didn’t require massive amounts of power. Harry discovered that if he drew too much power it created what the wizards referred to as a killing curse.

Harry had come up with several suspicions about what species his people belonged to but the most prominent suspicion was that of the gate builders. Harry felt a sense of familiarity whenever he was around gate builder technology such as the Puddle Jumper and the stargate. What Harry wanted to know was why he was the only one of his kind, as far as he knew, who was out exploring the galaxy and why he seemed to be leaps and bounds more intelligent than the others of his kind.
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