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Chapter Six Part 1: Meeting Others Like You and Exploring the Galaxy

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Harry meets Tara Maclay and they find kindred spirits in each-other. The they explore the galaxy together.

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To get a good comparison Harry decided this muggleborn would need to be around his same age. This inherently caused the problem of them being potentially immature and not able to handle the things Harry would reveal to them. So Harry also decided that he would look for the most intelligent mature muggleborn around his age.

In order to achieve his goal Harry had to employ some of his newly acquired wizarding skills to obtain a copy of the mailing list from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The wizarding version of teleportation which they labeled apparition was actually slightly different than what Harry did. Their type of travel traveled through the dimension that was traveled through for hyperspace while Harry traveled through a slightly higher (and therefore harder to reach) dimension.

This had the benefit of Harry being able to pass through anti apparition wards much like a house elf. So it wasn’t with too much trouble that Harry obtained his copy of the Hogwarts’ muggleborn mailing list. Having the Lily obtain copies of all of the muggleborns grade reports off of the internet most school systems were hooked up to wasn’t too much trouble either.

Looking over all the grade reports one very promising candidate shown through. One Tara Maclay of Bristol looked very promising indeed.

So it was the recently eleven year old Harry Potter found his ship invisibly hovering over a suburban home in Bristol monitoring the Maclay family to ensure they met his criteria. In a few months the Maclays would get the shock of Tara’s acceptance letter to Hogwarts. What they probably wouldn’t figure out until much later if at all is that by sending Tara to Hogwarts they were essentially giving up many of their parental rights to the current headmaster.

Harry had quickly discovered the prejudiced laws of the wizarding world in regards to muggles. If he chose to reveal his version of history to the Maclay family he could spare them much of that grief. Of course this would come at the cost of their feeling of safety at the thought that they weren’t going to be attacked by an evil alien race such as the Goauld.

From what he observed they were quite a loving family. Both the parents were pedestrianization and ran their own practice in Bristol. Tara currently had brown hair and what she thought was a slight overbite. Harry could tell this because of the way she carried herself. It was obvious that she lacked self confidence, probably because of her intelligence and the teasing of her peers. Harry had gotten quite good at reading people over the years of minor gorilla warfare against the Goauld.

Harry could tell that in a few years Tara would turn into a quite attractive female and grow out of the cute look she had going now. After a few days of these observations Harry decided this family would do nicely for his purposes.

A few nights after he had started his observation Harry waited until the Maclays finished their dinner and then he teleported to their front door and rang the doorbell. Mr. Maclay answered the door with a curious look at seeing a young boy that looked to be about the same age as his daughter.

Hello Mr. Maclay I was wondering if I could have a few minutes of your time to discuss a very important issue with you and your wife and daughter.”

Steve Maclay gave Harry a more penetrating stare before replying, “Sure come on in.”

Harry went inside and sat on the sofa as directed by Steve while he called his family in.

Tara looked extremely curious at seeing the boy her age, a look that was mirrored by her mother.

When everybody was situated Harry decided to begin.

“Tara have you ever made something strange and unexplainable happen, like say for example a book you really wanted from a high shelf float down to you?”

At the Maclay families shocked look Harry knew he had pegged one of Tara’s bouts of accidental “magic” accurately.

“How did you know about that,” tara asked Harry.

Harry simply smiled at her and replied, “You didn’t think you were the only one did you?”

With that question Harry raised his hand and caused the couch they were sitting on to float a foot in the air. The Maclays were amazed at Harry’s display of his abilities and frightened all but Tara of coerce. Harry then gave the Maclays an explanation about the wizarding world and what they could expect in a few months time. Harry also told the Maclays about the laws and the prejudice.

Tara's parents were obviously frightened about what Harry and Tara could do. As they now looked at their daughter with terror in their eyes. Now knowing that she was freak that should should be feared and shunned. Steve and his wife scooted as far away as they could from their daughter. Steve turned to his daughter and shouted in a terror filled voice while pointing his finger at his daughter. "Get out out you freak! You are no longer welcome here we dont want freaks in our house! So get out both of you!" Steve shouted the last part at Harry.

Tara to shocked and frightened to move at her fathers shouted commands. Harry had to help her out of the house and up to his ship. When they got up to the ship Tara had come out of her shock and was crying in to Harry's shirt. By time Harry had got the ship back in orbit and teleported over to the Lily Tara was asleep in in his arms having cried herself to sleep. Harry layed Tara down on his bed and layed on the floor using some of his spar clothes as a blanket and a pillow and went to sleep.
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