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Chapter Seven: Meeting Others Like You and Training

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Harry helps Tara get over her parents attitude towards her and with her help Harry continues to explore the galaxy.

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When Harry woke up that morning he made breakfast for his pets, Tara, and himself. The he brought a his and Tara's breakfast in to the bedroom. The smell of which woke Tara up.She looked around sleepily for a minuet til the memories of last night came back to her and she started to cry again. Harry with soothing words got her to eat and then talked to her.

“I can train you Tara to use your abilities to their fullest without putting you in danger from the prejudiced wizards. There is something else I want to show you that I think will help you understand things a bit better.” With soothing words he lead Tara to the bridge of the Lily.

after they got to the bridge Harry directed Tara to the window so the she could take in the sight of her home world as she had never observed it before. She let out a shocked gasp and was understandably shocked. When she had sufficiently recovered Harry started giving her an abbreviated version of the state of affairs in the galaxy.

He even showed her Osiris in his fish tank. Harry explained what the Goauld were and she was understandably horrified. Harry proposed that she help him in his endeavors to defend earth if she was willing. Harry didn’t so much need her to put herself in harms way by going on active sabotage missions. He more wanted companionship and a person to help behind the scenes.

Harry gave the Tara a tour of the Lily and then transported her over to the James where she received a tour of the larger ship. Harry finished out his proposal with all of the details to make her transition to a galactic lifestyle go much easier. Things like him taking care of a pesky thing like finding anyplace she wanted to live at and the mortgage to said place (he had lots of gold he stole from the Goauld after all).

Harry gave the Tara a subspace communicator to contact him when she made her decision. When he asked Tara were she wanted to go she said she wanted to stay with him and accepted his offer. Harry wasn’t surprised when he heard this from her. You’d have to be crazy to not jump at the chance to explore the galaxy in an advanced spaceship.

It only took a day to get Tara’s affairs in order thanks to the help of some subtle telepathy that Harry had practiced over the previous two years. Because most of the bulkier systems were stored in pocket dimensions the inside of both ships was larger than ever. Harry had transfigured new walls for Her living quarters. The PDs (pocket dimensions) also had the added benefit of providing extra protection to critical systems during a battle due to the fact that only the emitters and interfaces were out of the PDs in normal space where they could be hit with weapons fire.

The Tara mostly took up residence on the James but Harry decided it would be a good idea to have a permanent base of operations should something unforeseen happen to both ships. To that end Harry decided to choose someplace within convenient distance of earth. He chose Venus. Harry went to one of the system lords main worlds and stole their stargate by portkeying it into his cargo hold and then high tailed it out of there while still cloaked. It wasn’t like they couldn’t relocate another gate but Harry always loved to cause trouble for the system lords.

Harry then proceeded to use mining spells to dig out a massive underground complex under the surface of mars. He made it quite comfortable through liberal use of transfiguration and conjuration. Harry installed the gate inside the complex and then added wards as a safety precaution.

Harry found that even though he was unusually mature for his age he still enjoyed spending time with Tara. By the time Harry and Tara were thirteen Harry was sufficiently satisfied with Tara’s progress in learning to use her abilities. Harry had to greatly cut back on his raids in order to train Tara because even though she was frighteningly intelligent she wasn’t on the level that Harry was.

Harry had run physiological scans on Tara with her consent. It appeared that Tara utilized about 40 percent of her brain.

During the training time Harry also started studying materials he acquired from the magical world as well. For instance he with the help of Tara started scanning and chemically analyzing all of the various ingredients for potions. He found that most of the ingredients had the energy that wizards used imbued into their structure that allowed them to be natural conductors of that energy.

Harry used some of these materials to modify his sensor technology and the end result was him being able to detect the energy and analyze it. It was definitely a lot higher energy density than electrical energy. Just like the Z.P.M. Harry found when he was looking for tech on Earth which the Q&A of the Puddle Jumper gave him a description of it: A power source used to power cities and outposts. ZPMs extract vacuum energy from a small artificially-created region of subspace based on the concept of zero-point energy. With the correct maintenance this energy could last forever.
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