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Chapter 8: Taking a Look in at the Wizarding World

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Harry and Tara take a look at the wizarding would and find out what has been happening in it lately.

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Harry and Tara had been keeping an eye on events in the wizarding world as well. The wizards went wild when they figured out their famous Harry Potter was missing. They went even more wild when they found out that he was abandoned in the middle of an South American jungle. Harry had placed a mind block on the Dursleys to keep his more recent appearance away from any prying Legilimens.

Dumbledore lost a lot of his standing among wizards when it was publicly revealed that he placed Harry at the Dursleys against his parent’s wishes. Harry was relieved that his parents never wanted him to be abused at his relatives. Harry knew there was more to the situation than met the eye. He decided he needed intel on the old man.

To this end Harry teleported to the roof of Hogwarts over the headmaster’s office when he was sure Dumbles would be at dinner. Harry floated himself down outside the office window on a broom while invisible and placed an invisible subspace relay that would transmit the events of what was going on in the office to a recording computer in the Venus facility. Harry was careful to avoid Dumble’s phoenix.

Through the device Harry was able to learn Dumbles was storing the philosopher’s stone, a magical object that turned metal into gold and produced an immortality elixir, at Hogwarts. He was doing this to try to position one Neville Longbottom into fighting a teacher possessed with the shade of Voldemort. Harry was intrigued to know that Voldemort was still alive in one form or another.

Harry had made a point of studying the methods to achieve some form of immortality be they muggle, alien, or magical. There were many ways. The type Voldemort used apparently left some undesirable side effects, like causing his existence to be comparable to that of a wart on the back of somebody’s head.

Harry teleported into Hogwarts where the stone was stored and scanned the artifact with a modified Goauld scanning device. He managed to identify all of the ingredients and the amounts. Harry was confident that given a few years he could figure out the correct procedure to synthesize the stone from the data he collected.

In the end Longbottom was completely overwhelmed by Voldewart and had to be rescued by Dumbledore before he met an untimely demise. Harry thought that wizards were mentally handicapped if they thought a first year wizard could defeat the most powerful dark lord in many years.

In what would have been Harry and Hermione’s second year Harry was interested to see that Dumbles was playing another game with his pawn. He let an artifact that confirmed which path Voldemort chose to immortality possess a young first year girl. Harry decided to spoil Dumbles fun by acquiring the Horcrux (said artifact). The Horcrux was trying to kill muggleborns in the school using a massive snake that measured over 50 meters. Harry managed to dissuade the snake with a well aimed RPG to the head while it’s mouth was open.

During what would have been his third year Sirius Black escaped from the wizarding prison of Azkaban. According to the wizarding papers he was the betrayer of Harry’s parents to Voldemort. Harry snuck into the ministry of magic at night to get a copy of the transcripts for Black’s trial. He discovered Black never had a trial and didn’t even get a chance to defend himself. Harry felt that it was suspicious that Black didn’t get a trial so decided to give him the chance to explain himself if he met up with him.

While Harry was in the ministry he acquired a couple of time turners for further study. He wanted to incorporate the technology into his ships. The time turners could go back only a day or two at most but that ability would still be useful. One of the rituals that Harry and Tara went through was one to increase their senses and strengths to their maximum without some heavy sacrifices that were required in the darker rituals.

They were about five times as strong as their old selves, had enhanced smell, enhanced hearing, the ability to see in the infrared spectrum, night vision, and the ability to see in the x-ray spectrum. Harry was able to enchant several pairs of unbreakable glasses to allow whoever wore them to see the vacuum energy his kind manipulated. It wouldn’t see through invisibility spells unless the spells were shoddily designed (what’s the point of having invisibility spells if they can be bypassed so easily).

On one of his routine intelligence trips to Hogwarts Harry had a run in with Sirius Black. Harry was invisible and wearing his vacuum glasses (that’s what I’ll call the enchanted glasses) over one eye when he saw a dog that was definitely more than it seemed. It was an animagus. Harry cautiously approached the dog and observed it invisibly. Harry routinely silenced himself and employed spells to get rid of his scent while on inspections so the canine couldn’t sense him.

Harry watched the dog for the good part of a day. It was foraging for food and looking around at Hogwarts. Harry noticed the fact that it didn’t want any wizards to know it was an animagi by the way it acted around them. When the dog went into a wizarding place called the shrieking shack to sleep Harry snuck up on it and stunned it, Harry then teleported the animagi and himself to his underground base on Venus.

Harry placed the animagi in a warded room in the base and retrieved one of the wizard’s most useful potions, Veritruserum. Harry cast the spell that transformed the animagi back into a wizard and watched as Sirius Black appeared before him. Harry enervated the wizard and before he could get his bearings he forced several drops of the truth serum down his throat. His eyes immediately got a glassy look in them that was indicative of a mind control substance or spell.

Harry then began his interrogation of the alleged mass murder.

“What is your full name?”

“Sirius Orion Black,” was Sirius reply.

“Did you betray the Potters to Lord Voldemort?”

“No, I did not.”

“Who did betray the Potters?”

“Peter Pettigrew betrayed the Potters.”

“Did you kill Pettigrew and those 12 muggles?”

“No, Pettigrew faked his death and killed those muggles.”

“Do you know where Pettigrew is right now?”

“Yes, he is hiding at Hogwarts posing as the pet rat of the youngest male Weasley in his rat animagus form.”

“What are your intentions towards Harry Potter?”

“He is my godson and I want to look after him and make sure he is ok.”

With all of his questions answered Harry administered the antidote and led a bewildered Sirius out of the interrogation room. Tara had observed from an invisible observation room.

Harry introduced Tara to Sirius and vice versa. Sirius was quite bewildered when Harry gave him an abbreviated version of his life. He also agreed to help Harry battle the Goauld and other threats to earth.

“Harry I suggest that we include your father and I’s other best friend Remus Lupin in on these plans because he was a very talented wizard and all the help we could get would be the better option.”

Harry agreed with Sirius suggestion as long as Sirius trusted Lupin, although their track record wasn’t the best after Pettigrew. Sirius told Harry all about the Marauders and what they got up to while they were at Hogwarts. Sirius and Harry retrieved Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew a few days after Sirius had arrived at the mars base.

Harry obtained a loyalty oath from Remus so that there was no chance of betrayal. Peter Pettigrew was interrogated very thoroughly under Veritruserum. It was discovered that the rat knew more than anybody suspected. He knew the method in which his wraith master achieved his semi immortality. He had listened as a rat on many of the dealings of his master and Dumbles while in the castle.

Apparently Voldemort was born Tom Marvolo Riddle Junior and he created several Horcruxes. These included the diary that Harry was in possession of, Ravenclaw’s diadem, Hufflepuff’s cup, Slytherin’s locket, the Slytherin family ring, his snake Nagini, and one he was going to attempt to make with Harry’s death. At that news Harry paled because if there was a loose soul fragment on the night his parents were killed then the fragment could have been thrown into Harry.

Luckily Harry had been studying up on everything he could learn about soul magic ever since he discovered Riddle’s method for achieving immortality. A simple test reassured him that he was not a Horcrux. Harry and Sirius traveled to the remains of Godric’s hollow and performed the test until they found an ancient looking dagger that probably had once belonged to one of the founders and was now a Horcrux. They put it in a warded room with the diary Horcrux.

Voldemort never told any of his followers about his Horcruxes or where he put them as far as Pettigrew knew but Pettigrew did observe Riddle entrusting a cup to the Lestranges (which he never told them what it was) for safe keeping. Riddle also apparently sent Regulas Black, Sirius’ brother, to a cave in the middle of nowhere for a very important mission. Sirius admitted that his brother was a death eater who was killed by Riddle for displeasing him.

Harry was able to figure out that the wizards and witches all had a unique magical signature. This signature was a frequency that their soul emitted. Harry used the Horcruxes he already had to record the magical signature for Riddle’s soul with a modified Goauld scanner. Harry then proceeded to fly the Lily over any important magical site or any site tied to Riddle’s past.

When Harry flew over Hogwarts he located one of the Horcruxes on one of the upper floors of the school. He teleported down to the coordinates his scanners gave him and discovered he had uncovered Ravenclaw’s diadem. Harry teleported the artifact back to the Lily and continued with his search.

There was no sign of a soul fragment at the coordinates for the cave that Pettigrew gave him. Harry then continued on to London. He first flew over Diagon Alley where he discovered one of the fragments was at Gringotts, probably in the Lestrange vault. Harry wasn’t stupid enough to try to teleport through Goblin wards no matter how confident he was of his ability to bypass them so he left that soul fragment for now.

He continued his sweep through the rest of London and found another fragment in an old wizarding house. He called Sirius on his subspace communicator to ask him if he knew who the house belonged to since Sirius came from a long line of wizards. It turned out the house belonged to Sirius because it was the ancestral black home. After Sirius teleported to the Lily (Harry taught others his special brand of teleportation) they made their way inside to search for Riddle’s soul fragment. It wasn’t too difficult to find the fragment with their modified scanners. It turned out to be Slytherin’s locket which Harry had Sirius take back to mars while he continued his search.

Harry found the next Horcrux at the ancestral home of Riddle’s mother. Harry had to bypass quite a few dark wards but retrieved the object soon after. It was the Slytherin family ring. Harry continued on with his search looking in magical places all over Europe. He finally found the last two soul fragments in Albania where Riddle’s spirit was rumored to be.

It was indeed Riddle himself that he found roaming the forests of Albania with his snake Nagini. Harry observed the two creatures for several days to get an idea of their habits. Riddle was surviving by possessing the wild life throughout the forest. Harry didn’t want to destroy Nagini until he had all of the other Horcruxes dealt with because that would alert the still mobile soul fragment that somebody was onto him.

Harry left back to mars to think up a plan to retrieve the cup Horcrux from the Lestrange vault. Harry didn’t come up with a plan for quite some time but he wasn’t in any hurry as long as Riddle stayed a wondering wraith in the forests of Albania.

Pettigrew was tortured by Sirius, Remus, and occasionally Harry for all of the information he had to give on any subject that was worthwhile and just for the fun of it over the next few months. They were careful to keep his mind sane enough to be useful to the ministry when they turned him over. Harry and company had to use the healing device and medical spells quite often to accomplish their goal. They made sure to remove all memories pertaining to the Horcruxes and the fact that he saw any of the group that was living on the mars base.

Instead of turning him directly over to the ministry which probably wouldn’t do any good thanks to Fudge being an incompetent and corrupt politician they arranged to meet with a reporter in a secure and discreet location. They showed the reporter the bound and very much alive Pettigrew and had him interviewed under Veritruserum. He admitted to all of his crimes as well as being the Potter’s secret keeper.

After they were done with him they teleported him into the Department of Magical Law Enforcement Director’s office, Amelia Bones, all nice and gift wrapped with copies of all relevant memories. They had also removed the memories of any instance where he had transformed into a rat so that he would no longer have that ability. He would remember that he once had that ability but not be able to use it. They also made sure to tell the DMLE director about the animagus ability so he wouldn’t be able to escape should he ever relearn it.

The next while in the wizarding world was rather chaotic. When the news hit that Sirius Black was innocent Fudge and those who sent him to prison without a trial immediately came under investigation. It was actually quite sickening how much more attention the incident received than if Sirius had been a muggleborn or half blood. If a pureblood could be incarcerated for 12 years without a trial then anybody was a potential prisoner.

The person who imprisoned Sirius was Barty Crouch Sr. who upon having his home searched was immediately arrested. His son who was a death eater believed to have died in Azkaban was discovered under an invisibility cloak under the imperius. Apparently Crouch Sr. had cast the unforgiveable himself after his wife died in prison under the effects of Polyjuice to impersonate her son.

Crouch Sr. was given a life sentence for his crimes while his son was swiftly thrown through the veil of death. Apparently it was a completely unforgivable act for a guilty murderer to escape from Azkaban. All of this corruption actually came back to bite Fudge rather severely in the ass. He apparently didn’t cover up the laws he broke well enough because he was soon residing in a cell in Azkaban.

What really got him was the fact that he let murderers who claimed to be under the imperius curse out of Azkaban after they bribed him. A prime example was the pureblood bigot who went by the name of Lucius Malfoy. Sirius and Remus went undercover to collect memories from countless victims and order of the Phoenix members of incidences where he was either the opponent in battle or the one committing countless atrocities against the victims.

These included countless acts where the imperius couldn’t force the behavior shown (like the facial expressions shown). Plus a great deal many of the victims got a good look at Malfoy’s eyes which showed no indications of the telltale glassy eyes that were indicative of the imperius curse. Copies of these memories were distributed to the same reporter that Sirius and Remus had used before as well as the DMLE department.

Countless death eaters that had escaped imprisonment through bribery were being hunted down. Unfortunately Lucius Malfoy had escaped and was currently on the run. Harry and his friends couldn’t devote as much time to the situation in the wizarding world as they would have liked because they were rather busy with matters that were going on in the galaxy.

Harry’s feelings for Tara had changed quite a bit over the last few years as he started to go through puberty. If he wasn’t too much mistaken at the signs the same was going on with Tara. When the adults on the Venus based noticed the changing interactions between the two youngest inhabitants Sirius gave Harry “The Talk” while Hermione had read about it in books (read romance Novels).

Harry was horrified by Sirius Black’s version of the talk but he came out of it with a much better understanding of the female body and some acts he would definitely like to try. Harry who wasn’t much one to beat around the bush since he was for all intents and purposes fighting a war plucked up the courage to talk to Tara about it.

The thirteen year old Harry found the thirteen year old Tara conducting some research in the lab he had built for her years before.

“Tara can I talk to you for a bit,” Harry asked the bushy haired girl.

“Sure Harry, what can I do for you,” she replied.

“Well I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’ve sort of started to notice a difference in our relationship.”

The chocolate eyed girl’s blush answered Harry’s question well enough.

“Yeah I guess I have Harry.”

“Well for me it’s because I think you’re really cute and would like to go out on a date with you if you would want to.”

At Harry’s last statement Tara got a brilliant smile on her face and quickly replied, “I would love to go on a date with you Harry.”

Tara quickly ran forward and crushed Harry in a tight hug. Before either of them knew what was happening they were sharing their first kiss. Neither of them could tell who had first initiated the kiss but they were both thankful to have experienced it. When they broke apart they were both fiercely blushing but quickly went back to the dynamics they shared in their friendship before the onset of puberty.

Over the course of the next few months Harry and Tara started dating on a regular basis. They did eventually decide to consider each other the other’s boyfriend and girlfriend. When the Sirius and Remus had first moved into the Venus base Harry had been quite uncomfortable with physical touch from his years of abuse at the hands of the Dursleys. Eventually Harry was able to condition himself to not flinch violently when Sirius and Remus or even Tara would give him a hug.

After the first few months of hugging and kissing which then developed into full blown snogging with heavy petting Harry eventually was comfortable enough to initiate physical contact.

In early 1994, what would have been the young couple’s fourth year at Hogwarts, Sirius was declared innocent by the ministry after which he promptly sued them for wrongful imprisonment. He ended up winning his suit several million galleons richer. Harry had never had cause to visit Gringotts bank because of the gold he could acquire throughout the galaxy.

Sirius as Harry’s rightful godfather gained custody of Harry even though he wasn’t found yet in the view of the wizarding world. It was discovered that Dumbles had taken possession of Harry’s accounts which was promptly rectified and all moneys stolen from Harry’s trust vault returned from Dumbles accounts. The man got away with it only because he pulled some rather shady legal moves (only because he modified the laws) as the head of Hogwarts and the wizenmagot. The theft wasn’t exactly legal but because of the law modifications he was legally aloud to look after the accounts. Unfortunately Dumbles wouldn’t do time for stealing money because of who he was.

Harry had several million galleons left to him by his parents along with some books and journals that he had access to through Sirius. The journals were a nice compliment to the vast collection of memories that Harry had stored of every incident where Sirius or Remus were with his parents. Harry spent great times viewing the memories in a pensieve variation that he and his girlfriend had created.
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