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9: Inventions and Meeting Allies

by ralphmullins

Harry and the gang make new inventions and meet allies.

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9: Inventions and Meeting Allies

The two now fourteen year olds along with Sirius and Remus had for the last several years been developing as many new technologies as they could that mixed vacuum energy and Goauld as well as other culture’s technologies. The pensieve projection disk was one such technology. The bulkier bowl version of the pensieve that the wizards used was compacted into a small silver disk that was about the size of a quarter.

The biggest advantage to making these technologies possible was the spell the wizards used to enlarge the internal dimensions of an object. They could fit the bowl portion that held the memories inside an enlarged artificial pocket dimension inside the disk. It also used holographic technology to project the memories into a variable sized room.

They were developing these technologies so that when earth did face an extra terrestrial threat they could help defend it. As far as portable weapons went Harry had developed something he referred to as the gauntlet. It strapped onto the arm which was the method it was aimed with. The gauntlet had three small nozzles that could be selected to fire from.

The first nozzle was based off of the Goauld zat nicatel, or zat gun for short. The first setting of the nozzle fired a stun shot, the second a kill shot, and the third a disintegrator shot. Unlike the zat gun this nozzle didn’t have to be fired more than once for the second and third setting. If it was set to kill it rapidly fired 2 pulses, one right behind the other. If it was set for disintegrate it fired 3 rapid pulses in sequence.

The second nozzle was based off of the Goauld staff weapon. It compressed the plasma bolts into the size of a bullet so that they would travel at a much higher velocity than the staff weapons and could be fired in a rapid three shot sequence. This plasma weapon was meant for one thing only, destruction and death. While it was possible to survive this nozzle if you were hit with only three shots in a non-vital area it was highly unlikely.

The third nozzle was one that shot bullets much like a handgun did. It couldn’t conjure bullets as fast as an energy shot could fire but it was fast enough to fire single shot or in a triple shot mode much like the plasma bolts. The group had also added a silencing rune so that all three nozzles fired silently.

There were cleaning runes, runes of indestructibility, and blood runes to personalize it to the user. If anybody other than who it was personalized to tried to use it a concentrated reductor was aimed into the device to cause it to disintegrate. The nozzles would be located over the wearer’s wrist with a sensor glove attached to make sure that the weapon only fire when the hand was angled downward. The glove was also made of dragon hide with a naquadah-trinium lining to prevent plasma burns or accidental discharges. Altogether the gauntlet was one deadly weapon.

For the other wrist the group of inventors had managed to create a device called a shield. As the name implied it was an energy shield based off of the newer Goauld hand device. It stopped objects moving at faster speeds. Harry had layered behind that shield one that would concentrate an impedimenta curse field. This should stop any of the slower moving objects.

Instead of running off of the users blood like the Goauld used in most of their handheld technology this device ran off of a naquadah power cell. If the power cell had to be too big to fit comfortably in the device it was partially or completely stored in an artificial pocket dimension (which I will just refer to as a PD from now on). Most of Harry’s devices employed backup power systems stored in PDs just in case.

Harry had employed a similar method in constructing a device he referred to as a cloak. It was based off of the ship cloaking fields all of his ships used. Just because Harry and Tara could become invisible at will didn’t mean it didn’t help to conserve energy. It was also useful for Sirius and Remus or anybody who couldn’t cloak themselves.

It was standard procedure on the Venus base to carry all three of these devices around with you in an armband that contained a PD. The best thing about all of the technology the Venus group came up with is that most of it employed mental interface tech for control. It allowed for the switching between modes to be done flawlessly.

The Venus group also figured out how to alter the Goauld handheld healing device so that it didn’t require external power thanks to a naquadah power cell. They altered it’s appearance so that it looked like a black glove that emitted a blue light out of the palm. The “guts” of the device were shifted into a PD with only the edge of the emitter sticking out of the palm. The shift to blue color was to keep anybody from figuring out that it was related to a Goauld device. This device was referred to as a healer and was also considered standard gear.

The Venus group had also figured out how to synthesize the philosopher’s stone. They embedded one in a PD with a device to extract the elixir of life and regulate the dosage so that it could be injected should injury occur that wasn’t healable by the healer device right away. The PD was embedded into a ring that was worn by all personnel. The dosage could also be regulated so that should the wearer choose they would never have to age. The elixir of life was great because no matter how close to death a drinker was it would keep them alive. This ring was simply referred to as a philosopher’s ring.

There were many experiments constantly being worked on in the mars base by it’s occupants. Sirius and Remus as well as Tara were quite proficient scientists. They being closet scientists so they could make friends at school Remus and Sirius they had told Harry and Tara one day after when they were relaxing from inventing things allowed them to pick up the Goauld science pretty quickly. They now spent their time working on various technologies. Sirius proved to be quite adept at weapons technology while Remus was very good at developing the medical technology.

Tara helped develop enhancements for the growing number of ships that Harry, Sirius, and Remus were acquiring. They had managed to liberate two more Alkesh in the past few years. Tara was in charge of designing and installing any upgrades. Sirius and Remus were helping Harry to raid Goauld outposts and secure strategic Goauld encampments with “bugs.”

The bug was a device that the group developed that recorded all kinds of sensor readings including audio and video of it’s surroundings and transmitted them back to mars to be recorded and later reviewed by a computer for relevant events. The bug was programmed to follow important events while cloaked using a small anti grav engine. The transmissions were using charms similar to those employed in communication mirrors by the wizards of earth. The dimension that the transmission propagated through was in the natural vacuum energy dimension so the Goauld had not discovered how to detect it yet.

They routinely left these bugs on planets they traveled too. During 1994 Harry got a report that a team of people had come through on Abydos where they stayed for a couple of days. They eventually ended up in a confrontation with Ra and killed him with a nuke. Harry was quite surprised to learn they were from earth. There was so much data to sift through that Harry usually didn’t find out about important events until days later. The important thing was that he found out about significant events.

By the time Harry heard about the news and then traveled by ship to Abydos things had significantly calmed down. There were many celebrations about Ra’s death among the Abydonians but that was to be expected. What Harry really found interesting was that Dr. Daniel Jackson had stayed behind on the planet and helped the Abydonians bury the gate. Harry remembered that Dr. Jackson’s books were what helped him learn Goauld in the first place.

From the accounts of the events that Harry could glean from several Abydonian minds using telepathy the earthlings thought Ra was the only one of his kind and that the earth gate only went to Abydos. With the Abydonian gate buried Harry didn’t have to worry about the people of earth going out into the galaxy and drawing attention to earth. Harry was going to have enough trouble keeping the other system lords from finding out what happened to Ra. As the supreme system lord Ra’s death certainly wouldn’t go unnoticed for long. With several surgical strikes at different system lord holdings (using holograms to appear as a rival Goauld’s Jaffa) Harry could keep them fighting over who got what in Ra’s territory instead of how he died.

For the next three years that was what Harry did. Not much else changed for those on Venus except for events in the wizarding world and Harry and Tara’s relationship. The change in their relationship came that they grew increasingly close. While watching pensieve memories of his parents with Tara Harry learned that he had a godmother. He learned his godmother is Alice Longbottom.

“Tara love,” Harry said with a distant stare after the revelation that he had a godmother. Harry’s mind was racing with the implications. Neville Longbottom was his god brother, if there was such a thing, and he was currently in the unfortunate position of being Dumbledore’s pawn. That wouldn’t do at all. No family of his would be the pawn of that creature.

“Yes Harry,” Tara answered back with a questioning look.

“Do you think a concentrated dose of the elixir of life injected into the bloodstream mixed with Phoenix tears would be enough to repair the damage to the neural pathways of the Longbottoms?”

Tara got a concentrated look on her face that Harry found so cute immediately after she processed Harry’s words. Tara was better at medical related issues than her boyfriend who was no slouch himself. Tara had recently come up with a solution to the Horcrux issue and in doing so came up with a whole new field of research.

Instead of destroying the priceless founder’s artifacts to get rid of Riddle’s soul fragments she had used the Lily's supercomputers to process the higher dimensional arithmetical math to create a soul transference charm. It basically allowed the caster to transfer a complete soul or a fragment to another vessel.

Ever since then the mars group had come up with many new ways to use the charm. The two most useful of which involved a new type of Horcrux. The current type of Horcrux involved splitting the soul into fragments to attach it to an object. The flaw in this is that it immediately caused insanity after splitting the soul. The soul fragments were both vibrating at the same “frequency” much like two quantum entangled waves (look it up or read my other story if you don’t get that) and wanted to return to each other. The Horcrux enchantments bound the fragment to the chosen object keeping the fragments apart which causes a steadily degrading state of mental health.

The degrading mental state was caused by the nature of the soul. The soul stores a complete “record” of everything that happens to a being over the life of said being. This includes physical changes (from birth to death), so therefore physical changes have an effect on the soul. Also changes to the soul will manifest themselves physically in the body. The soul is actually a manifestation in the vacuum energy. The size of the soul determines whether you’re a mundane, a squib, or a vacuum user (magic user). A split soul fragment experiences a connection with it’s counterpart fragment. The vacuum energy connection of the split fragment degrades the neural pathways.

With Tara’s new charm the soul never had to be split. With the creation of another small charm Hermione was able to make a viable Horcrux that didn’t cause any insanity or require murder to make. This small charm allowed a delayed soul transference charm to be cast on a person that would only go into effect if the body was too badly damaged to house the soul. The transference charm then directed the complete soul to another vessel (in this case a temporary storage vessel until a new permanent vessel can be found or the original can be repaired).

This type of Horcrux didn’t provide immortality but a type of invulnerability. Of course with the philosopher’s stone rings that all mars base occupants wore the Horcrux didn’t need to provide immortality. After this application of the charm was tested on animals (if you’re an animal rights activist too bad) it was immediately cast upon on all mars base personnel. As far as a permanent vessel should the body be completely destroyed (which was about the only situation it couldn’t be repaired in after the soul was transferred) the group was experimenting with cloning. Should that option prove a dead end there was always the very recently deceased who died in some violent way. That option was less favorable and required a very open mind which was a pre requisite for those who explored other worlds.

The second most useful option for the transference charm was built into a device on the healers. It was basically a feature that automatically triggered the charm should the damage be too much to heal that transferred the patient’s soul into a storage module on the device. This feature was able to be used for those who didn’t have a preset destination for their soul to go to like those on the mars base did.

Harry was brought back out of his musings about recent events by Hermione answering his earlier question.

“Yes I do believe it could work. It certainly won’t harm them anymore so there is no reason not to try.”

Harry hit a button on his wrist communicator that called all of the base personnel together for a meeting. The communicator was a magical version of the subspace communicator that had different levels of priority which all base personnel wore at all times. The particular level that Harry hit was low priority but never the less the elder Grangers and two remaining marauder’s soon joined the young couple.

When they were all seated Harry began his explanations. “I called you all here because I believe we can heal the Longbottoms.”

Harry filled the elder Grangers in on who the Longbottoms were and then continued on to their plan for treatment. They all knew that in addition to the method to synthesize the philosopher’s stone Hermione and her mother had also used chemistry techniques to learn how to synthesize phoenix tears so the treatment materials wouldn’t be hard to find.

“You guys do realize that Dumbles won’t stand for having his pawn taken from him, Harry said to the others. He will most likely find some way to off them should they make a recovery.”

“The thought was beginning to dawn on me Harry, Sirius replied.”

“Then I propose we fake the Longbottom’s deaths and bring them to the base to live in anonymity.”

The others quickly agreed to the proposal and they all started ironing out a plan to rescue the two former aurors. Luckily the group could find some nameless dead corpses and transfigure them to look like the two aurors and no one would be the wiser. Fresh corpses were not too difficult to come by with the Goauld ruling a good part of the galaxy.

Plans were made to extricate the aurors in the summer so that Neville would have time to learn enough mental defenses to keep Dumbles in the dark about what was going on. There were two basic types of mental defenses. The first was the shield type where you could build any type of reinforced protective structure for your memories. The second type was the active mental defense where you battle an intruder with your mind and power. This is the type that is employed after the first type alerts you that you are under attack. This is the basics of the modern discipline of occlumency.

A lot of the older techniques had been lost over the ages. These older techniques contained the exercises to strengthen the mind to the point where Legilimency and Occlumency were more like true telepathy and both mental offense and defense became one. Luckily it seemed Harry’s vaults contained some of the older tombs that described these forgotten exercises. Harry and his friends on the Venus base had incorporated the older techniques in with the new ones. This is what Harry would be teaching Neville.

One evening during the beginning of the summer just after Hogwarts let out found Harry, Tara, Sirius, and Remus teleporting to just outside the gates of Longbottom Manor. It was decided that Sirius and Remus would do the introductions since they were good friends with Frank Longbottom. Whenever Harry went out in the wizarding world he projected a personal ward that projected a strong notice me not field to anybody he didn’t want to know his true name (which was just about everybody). The list of people that knew his true name was equivalent to the list of people living on the mars base. If everything went according to plan that list would increase by 4 tonight.

Sirius walked up and tapped the gate with his wand a few times, which was the equivalent of a doorbell in the wizarding world. Almost immediately a house elf appeared behind the iron bars of the gate.

“Hows can Tibby be helping sirs tonight,” the small creature questioned Sirius and Remus.

“Would you please tell Mrs. Longbottom that Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and company are here on important matters.”

The elf nodded which made it’s ears flop around and then popped away.

It was back in less than a minute and it snapped it’s fingers and the gate swung open. The elf gestured for them to follow him and began walking up the path to the mansion. Harry noticed that the mansion had a thriving green house off to the side that added a lived in feeling to the grandiose abode.

Soon they were being ushered into a sitting parlor where they were being offered tea. Once everybody had a drink and they were all seated introductions were given.

“Mrs. Longbottom I do believe you know my friend Remus Lupin but I would also like to introduce you to Hermione Granger and Harry Potter.”

At that moment Harry let the ward drop for them so that they could see him instead of looking away in disinterest. The soon to be 14 year old Harry had shoulder length dark black hair that was currently tied back in what could be considered a typical pureblood fashion even though Harry didn’t subscribe to their prejudices. Harry’s curse scar had long been gone after it was healed by a healer device. The effects of a proper diet and many potions had corrected the years of torture at the hands of the Dursleys. Harry was now at the maximum height for his age with a muscular frame from all of the training and battles he fought against the Goauld and other enemies. Harry’s facial features were a good mix between his mothers and his fathers. The features didn’t start to mix until the effects of the malnourishment wore off. Harry’s most striking feature (which Tara seemed to love) were his eyes that shone with the light of the killing curse that he was struck with as a child.

It was quite frightening to his enemies but only comforting to those he cared about and protected. It was a trick that Harry had picked up from the Goauld. They made their eyes glow gold so he made his glow green with the aid of his power.

The effects of presenting the thought lost Harry Potter in this way left the two Longbottoms spluttering and speechless so Harry decided to break the silence.

“Hello Mrs. Longbottom, Neville it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I do believe we’re god brothers Neville.”

This seemed to have the desired effect of snapping both Longbottoms out of their astonishment. Augusta Longbottom turned her sharp eyes on Sirius and firmly intoned, “Explain.”

It was quite amusing for Harry and Tara to see the normally flippant Sirius cowed by the matriarch of the Longbottom family. Sirius got the pair’s oath of secrecy on what they were discussing and then explained the basics of the past few years. It took a teleport up to the Lily in orbit for them to believe some parts of the story but after the undeniable proof of seeing the earth from orbit with their own eyes they were quickly convinced.

After those events Sirius made the proposal they had come there tonight to make. After he was finished the small family quickly agreed to try the procedure. Sirius held onto Augusta’s arm while Harry held onto Neville’s arm and the group teleported to the ward where Frank and Alice Longbottom had resided for the last many years in a state of confusion.

It was actually quite a simple procedure. Tara had already mixed up the cocktail of phoenix tears and elixir of life before they left Venus. She simply gave them each an injection and the group sat back to watch. Harry monitored their progress with a neuro scanner and sure enough within a few minutes their scans were returning to normal. Alice was the first to start coming out of it and she focused her eyes on Augusta, Sirius, and Remus.

“Augusta, Sirius, Remus, what’s going on? Sirius, Remus why do you both look like shit?”

Sirius decided to answer, “Twelve years of Azkaban will do that you Alice.”

Her eyes got huge at that statement and she started voicing her question.

“What the hell do you mean twelve years? The last thing I remember is getting put under the cruciatus curse by that bitch Lestrange. Where is my baby Neville?”

Before she could become too hysterical Neville stepped forward with his eyes shining brightly with unshed tears of joy and said, “Mom I’m right here.”

The sight of a grown Neville seemed to confirm the passage of time for Alice Longbottom before she wrapped her son up in a hug. There wasn’t a dry eye in the group at the sight of the reunion. Soon Frank came to awareness of his surroundings and the earlier scene was somewhat repeated.

Before explanations could take place Harry directed the now recovered Longbottoms to vacate their beds after which he pulled out his trunk and levitated two cadavers out of the stasis field he kept them in onto the vacated beds. He transfigured them into exact likenesses of the Longbottoms except they weren’t alive. He whispered the last lines of the ancient spell to make the transfiguration permanent and then removed traces of his magic.

Harry overheard a whispered conversation between Alice and Sirius while he was working.

“Sirius who is that? He is wandlessly doing magic that Dumbledore or Voldemort wouldn’t be able to do without a wand? He looks very familiar.”

“As he should Alice. I would hope you would recognize your own godson,” was Sirius’ reply.

At that proclamation Alice rushed forward and enveloped Harry in a bone crushing hug with an exclamation of “Harry.” It was lucky that she hadn’t rushed him a second earlier because he had just finished with his work at faking their deaths. Harry was overwhelmed with emotions he had never experienced except when he viewed the memories of his mother.

Alice was his godmother. She promised to take care of him should anything happen to his parents. She had been prevented from doing that earlier by a torture curse but now she could do that. Harry had no intention of being babied but he did appreciate that this woman cared for him. Harry returned the hug for a few minutes and then they both slowly let go.

Sirius broke the moment by saying, “Alright then we’d best be off.”

Everybody that knew where to go and could teleport grabbed somebody that couldn’t and they all teleported to the Lily. What followed was a long and detailed explanation of Harry’s life for the last few years. Alice was seated in between Harry and Neville and she kept on giving them both hugs throughout the explanation. Frank and Alice hadn’t known that Harry’s parents were dead because they were attacked that same night soon after it happened.

After the explanation was over everybody was emotionally exhausted and decided to turn in. Before they left the ship which Harry had mentally directed back to the mars base during the meeting Harry gave them all standard equipment including a philosopher’s ring and explained that he would show them how to use everything later. Harry went to sleep that night feeling like he had a mother figure in his life that he could remember.

Over the course of the next few months the inhabitants of the Venus base were quite busy. Frank and Alice were trying to get up to date on 12 years worth of news while accepting the fact that they had to fake their deaths because of Dumbledore. They at first didn’t want to send Neville back to Hogwarts but they eventually did agree that Dumbles would never stop hunting them and they didn’t want Neville to have to live like that. So Harry began Neville’s training.
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