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10: Training Allies and Exploring

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Harry and gang train their new allies and Harry & Tara explore their relationship.

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They ended up using the time turner technology, which they had adapted to their ships, quite a bit. The training ended up being done aboard the Lily all over the galaxy. The original time turner technology had been only stable enough to travel back 1 day at a time. With the help of the Lily's computers to calculate the higher dimensional math and some extra power Harry was able to jump a ship back a week at a time.

By the time Neville and Harry rejoined the others on mars Neville was unrecognizable from how he was before. Before the training Neville was shy, introverted, and clumsy. Now Neville was tall, muscled, and confident in himself. To protect his mind he and Harry had come up with a hidden PD of sorts within his mind to store his important memories while his non-sensitive memories were visible for all. Harry had entered Neville’s mind over and over until Neville could almost immediately sense the intrusion but not react to it. In this way Neville could push the intruder out and battle them with his mind without letting onto them that he knew they were there. He suppressed his reactions into the PD and pushed out false emotions, surface thoughts, and even memories if he chose to.

The truly wonderful thing about pocket dimensions was that the opening into normal space could be enclosed down to a diameter the size of a needle so that they were very difficult to detect. Neville had gone through an accelerated program for his important Hogwarts classes so that instead of being ready for his fourth year alone he was now ready to ace his NEWTs if he chose to sit them. Neville’s area of concentration was focused on battle magic. Luckily for all concerned on mars Neville was taught how to project a holographic field around himself so that he didn’t appear to have changed at all in front of those who weren’t in the know.

Harry had been monitoring Dumble’s activities through his probe throughout the summer. They knew about the tri wizard tournament that Dumbles was going to make sure that Neville was entered into so that his pawn got attention and was trained up to fight Riddle. Harry thought the man was senile for putting so much faith in a prophecy. Harry had made it a point to study prophecy to see if there was any truth of it.

From what Harry could tell it was closely related to time travel. According to one of the multiverse theories of quantum mechanics there are an infinite number of diverging realities for every possible choice made at every event throughout history. If you made a change to the past you entered one of these diverging realities. That didn’t mean that you overwrote your original timeline because that would create a paradox. It meant that you had traveled into an alternate reality than the one you remembered from the future of the point you traveled back to. You could get back to your original reality if you had the quantum signature of that reality.

This was the reason that time turner users were warned not to make any changes in history because they would disappear. Wizards who had studied it thought it was times way of writing you out of existence to correct the paradox but it in fact just took you to the alternate future. The fact that Harry could get back to his original reality didn’t give him free reign to alter the past in a way that changed history because he would just be traveling into an alternate future without using a quantum signature.

The way it was useful was that it allowed Harry more time to train or deal with a problem as well as bring back those who were thought dead within a week’s time if he could fake their deaths so that it wasn’t noticed. This meant that Harry could go back and save that person if he could switch them with a transfigured corpse before they were killed and bring them to his future. In essence this meant he was snatching the person from one of the many infinite divergent realities where they wouldn’t have existed anyway now that they were meant to travel to his branch of the multiverse. It was mind boggling because they were meant to travel to Harry’s branch so they did.

Harry was constantly working on being able to travel back further and further in time so that he would hopefully be able to travel back to when his parents were murdered. Successive jumps back in time were not recommended because they increased the chance that he would never get back to the correct future. If you were going to go back a good distance in time it was best to do it all at once. Harry’s technology was not sufficiently advanced to the point that he could travel to a parallel reality that was further divergent from the one he knew and find alternates of his parents there. Harry hypothesized that the level of time travel technology required to travel back to his parents time would be equivalent to the level of reality traveling technology needed to find alternates of his parents in a parallel reality.

That would be an alternative field of research should the long distance time travel option prove a dead end. Traveling to a reality that was desired would be more of a guess and check approach. Finding a reality where his parents were either alive or the time stream moved at such a rate that it was still around 1981 in that reality could prove difficult. Even if he could find alternates of his parents there was no guarantee they were anything like his parents. It would basically require research into figuring out what effect changes to the quantum signature had on the differences of the reality.

As far as Harry could tell a seer was a person with the ability to see into these alternate possible futures with their subconscious mind and make prophecies based off of the possible futures. It was like a road map of how to guide your reality to be the one of your choosing only it wasn’t on a conscious level. It couldn’t be controlled or forced but it could be encouraged. Merlin was reported to have the ability to see the future and travel through time. Harry thought there might have been some truth to it.

So a prophecy was not set in stone but one among many options. The prophecy that predicted Harry or Neville would have to battle the dark lord was actually just a vague clue on how to achieve a future where Riddle was dead for good. The way Harry saw it either he or Neville could still currently fight Riddle and win. Riddle had marked both he and Neville. Some wounds were not observed physically. Even if it was through Riddle’s marked minions he had still had a significant impact on Harry’s god brother’s life. Dumbles had just assumed that because Harry had the curse scar that he was the one the prophecy predicted. Even now Dumbles was training Neville as a replacement pawn to hold off Riddle while he searched for Harry, not that he would ever find him.

Some wizards had very strong instincts that allowed them to know what to do in certain situations, especially the dangerous ones. Harry figured this was a seer ability that their subconscious filtered for them so that they knew the correct decision from the future possible realities. It was like another sense that wizards had where certain individuals were stronger than others in their ability to focus the sense. Harry found that his instincts were usually spot on when it came to dangerous situations.

Over the course of the next few months of summer after the training the group made plans on how to deal with the wizarding world as well as their continued efforts against the Goauld while getting to know each other better. Alice was Lily’s roommate and best friend throughout their Hogwarts years and was therefore able to provide many more detailed memories of Harry’s mother than Sirius and Remus. Harry discovered that his god mother was very affectionate. She would constantly give Neville or Harry a hug whenever she came across them in the base something which Harry rather enjoyed. She and Sirius would never be able to replace his parent’s or make up for the lost years at the Dursleys but that sure didn’t stop them from trying which Harry certainly didn’t mind.

Harry was pretty certain he could fuel a pretty powerful patronus off of the memory of when Alice heard Sirius had run off after Pettigrew when he should have been taking care of Harry. She had given him a severe thrashing that left Sirius very scared of Harry’s god mother to this day.

When Neville left to head back to school it was with the knowledge that everybody on mars would be keeping a close eye on him so that they could quickly respond in case he was in danger with the appropriate countermeasure. Harry was saddened to learn from Alice that nuking Hogwarts with a naquadah enhanced bomb during the summer months when only Dumbles and filch were there was not the appropriate response in most situations. She did consider responding in such way to the Dursleys should they be able to contain the blast so it wouldn’t affect the neighbors. Harry was actually considering mentioning to Alice that he was pretty sure he could shift the Dursley’s house into a PD that would hold the blast but decided to save that information for a later time. It amused Harry to no end with how often everybody on the Venus base used the activity of Dursley torture to relax after a hard day.

The healers were getting a strong workout repairing the Dursleys after every visit. Harry was amazed his relatives were still sane but they were never all there to start with. The one time Vernon had pulled a gun on one of them had been enough to convince him that retaliating was a bad option. After the gun was quickly summoned away from him (not that it would have gotten past their shields) Vernon was transported to the Venus base into a warded room and given the torture session that would wake him for the rest of his life in a cold sweat and screaming. Sirius showed everybody that his true marauder spirit was not crushed in Azkaban when he demonstrated the use of a lubricating charm meets gun barrel meets Vernon’s orifice.

Harry and the others had no trouble casting the unforgivables after they studied them. The cruciatus was created to restart hearts that had gone into cardiac arrest or act as the mundane equivalent of electroshock therapy. The killing curse had been created to euthanize terminally ill patients in a humane way as well as to slaughter livestock in a painless way. It was also quite useful against magical creatures that were particularly resilient to other types of spells. One or two killing curses wouldn’t kill a dragon but it sure would piss them off and serve as a distraction. The imperius curse was useful in hostage situations or with suicide risk people.

Like most magics that were labeled dark the unforgivables had been corrupted against their original intent for harmful purposes. Harry had found the killing curse particularly useful during fights he had gotten into with several Goauld ashraks over the years.

The negative effects associated with Dark Magic came as a result of the power the spells channeled through the users body. They degraded the neural and metaphysical conduits throughout the casters body. The effects were an addiction to the power that eventually led to results similar to a drug addict.

As far as the negative effects went those could be dealt with a simple cleansing ritual once every few months. The ministry of course didn’t want to let this fact be common knowledge but they probably hadn’t been aware of the tombs in Harry’s vault or they would have been confiscated long ago. A simple book duplication charm that had been found in the Potter family grimoire had been enough to ensure that the original tombs stayed safe while also ensuring that Harry’s book loving girlfriend was satisfied.

Start smut scene

Thinking back to that summer brought back memories for Harry of how his relationship with his girlfriend had been taken to a new level. They had been having a good snog session with their usual heavy petting when Tara’s hand had slipped between the waste band of his boxers and grasped his erection. Harry was at first surprised but took that as permission to return the favor so he slipped his hand into the front of her jeans underneath her panties.

Harry was pleasantly surprised to find that his girlfriend was clean shaven with a smooth mound. Tara started stroking up and down Harry’s length with her small hand so Harry explored his girlfriends mount with a finger. He slipped his finger inside the moist folds of her snatch and started feeling completely new sensations that he had never known existed.

All of the erotic smells were enhanced by the ritual the couple had undergone years ago. All of a sudden Tara pulled Harry’s hand out of her panties and started sliding away. Harry was thinking that they were done for the night when Tara’s hand reached for his zipper and started undoing his pants and pulling them off. He hastened to help her and his boxers soon followed. Tara’s face got really close to his dick and looked like she was studying it like one of her science experiments.

She dipped her head down and started kissing his penis on the head. Eventually she added some tongue and started licking all over his dick like it was an ice cream cone. Soon Harry felt a warm mouth engulf his head and begin applying an extremely pleasant sucking pressure as Tara’s head began to bob up and down on Harry’s member. Harry felt a wandlessly cast silent charm on his member that Harry assumed was to make it so his member and sperm taste like Tara’s favorite food (probably chocolate). Harry amusedly thought that it looked like he wasn’t the only one to read the books on sex magic.

Tara had apparently been practicing with something (probably a dildo) for this event because Harry soon felt and watched her lips slide down the length of his member until her lips were around the base of his cock with her nose pressed into Harry’s pubes. Harry could see Tara’s throat bulging with part of his length while Tara started swallowing his cock with it in her throat. Her throat muscles were massaging his cock while Tara’s chocolate brown eyes stared directly into Harry’s. She had a pleased emotion in them that said she knew how good she was making Harry feel. Tara initiated a mental connection through their telepathy that allowed Hermione to know exactly what Harry liked in particular.

Harry was really glad he performed the stamina rituals in the sex magic books so that he didn’t blow his load down his girlfriend’s throat too soon. The pleasure got to be too much for Harry so he leaned forward and picked his girlfriend’s lower half up and swung her around so that her legs were straddling his head. He wandlessly performed a switching spell that switched her pants and panties with air molecules so that she was naked. Harry got his first look at Tara’s pussy. He had to admit that he liked what he saw.

He cast the same charm that he assumed Tara cast earlier and was rewarded with the smell of strawberry syrup. Harry quickly went to town licking his girlfriend’s pink pussy lips in the 69 position that they were enjoying. Harry put the techniques that he had picked up from the parseltongue books he had managed to find to good use. He started vibrating his tongue rapidly like he would if speaking really fast in the snake language and was rewarded with his hot girlfriend writhing in pleasure on top of him while struggling to keep sucking his cock.

To return the favor and raise Harry’s pleasure level he felt Tara employing another charm from the sex magic books, the temporary tongue lengthening charm and a concentrated cleaning charm. He felt her now longer tongue sliding down around his balls lathering them in her warm saliva and making them tighten a little more. Soon he felt her tongue sliding down to his anus where she proceeded to lavish her attention while jacking his cock with her small hands. Soon he felt a lubrication charm after which Hermione slipped a finger up his bum which caused Harry to buck in pleasure as she stimulated his prostate while deep throating him.

Harry decided to return the favor by casting the same set of charms she did. His lengthened tongue was soon tonguing his hot girlfriend’s asshole until it was ready for Harry to slip his finger in. Harry could feel the pleasure leaking across the still shared mental connection. They were both feeding off each other’s shared pleasure fingering each other’s assholes while lavishing attention on each other’s genitals with their mouths.

It soon proved too much when they both climaxed into each other’s faces together. Tara exploded her girl cum into Harry’s mouth while Harry continued to finger her asshole through her shaking orgasm while still trying to drink down her strawberry flavored fluids. Harry exploded into Tara’s mouth and could feel her throat muscles contracting around him as she drank his seed directly into her throat and stomach. Their orgasms feed off each other for what felt like an eternity.

Eventually they both came off their highs of pleasure and Tara stopped shaking from her Orgasm. Harry levitated his girlfriend around 180 degrees so that she was lying on top of him. He gave her a tender kiss with lots of tongue. It was strange because they could both taste what their lover had tasted of their fluids through the still shared mental connection that apparently had shifted into a low level telepathic bond throughout the experience. They tasted a mixture of chocolate and strawberry syrup. The young couple soon fell into a sexually exhausted sleep that would become the norm for the foreseeable future.

End smut scene
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