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11: Matters of Magic

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Harry and the gang wrap up their affairs in the wizarding world.

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As was expected Dumbles announced the Triwizard tournament soon after the term started at Hogwarts. Neville was supposed to continue acting like he always had if not a little more sullen after his parent’s “deaths” to avoid suspicion. Harry stashed a subspace relay under a cloaking field that used Goauld technology instead of a spell so that no vacuum energy would be detected where it could observe the goblet of fire. Harry expected Dumbles to bewitch the magical object to choose Neville as the Hogwarts champion. That was the specific reason that Dumbles neglected to institute an age limit.

What was slightly unexpected was for Igor Karakof, the Durmstrang headmaster, to bewitch the magical artifact to add Neville as a fourth champion. Harry assumed Karakof was working for Riddle. This meant that the time drew near for Riddle to make a move to regain a body. Harry’s instincts were telling him this meant he didn’t have much time left to get Hufflepuff’s cup out of the Lestrange vault.

Not two days later Harry decided that he would have to go for the cup no matter what. He put on all of his Goauld fighting battle gear and teleported down outside of Gringotts. Harry made his way into the bank using the cloaking device that used no vacuum energy. He was counting on the fact that because he was using no active magic he shouldn’t be detected immediately.

In his effort to not use active magic Harry had to jog along the tracks all the way to the vault. Several times he had to avoid carts coming by at high speeds. He also had to avoid a waterfall that his modified Goauld scanner told him was oozing vacuum energy. When he finally got to the vault he was confronted with a dragon that was chained in front of the older high security vaults. It appeared to be half blind, but it would still be able to hear him and smell him. Harry stood still and far enough away that it would be hard to pick up his scent while he thought up a plan.

Harry really wished he could just nuke the bank and take out the Horcrux that way but he knew Alice would be quite upset with him for taking out the wizarding world’s monetary system even if it would be the biggest prank any of marauder blood had ever performed. Harry wasn’t quite confident that the blast would be contained within the wards either. A normal nuke would most certainly be contained but a naquadah enhanced one probably wouldn’t unless it was specifically shielded against. A normal nuke probably wouldn’t be enough to do the job.

Harry finally settled on a course of action and started to implement it. He took out two of the arm mounted naquadah enhanced variable yield RPGs that he kept a large supply of in PDS (pocket dimensional storage) and aimed at his targets. One of said targets started to move towards Harry in an agitated state at all of the noise he was making all of a sudden which gave away his position. The target or the dragon opened it’s mouth to either breath fire at Harry or roar to alert the goblin guards, Harry never discovered which. Harry let one of the RPGs fly which it promptly did right into the dragon’s open mouth.

The dragon exploded with blood and gore that luckily bounced off of Harry’s personal shield while he let loose the second RPG at the Lestrange vault door. At the same time Harry remotely ordered the Lily to begin firing on the wards of Gringotts. She did so under the effects of the wards of Diagon Alley (which were thankfully all designed to hide and not fight back against attackers because wizards never anticipated an aerial attack) so she was hidden from the mundanes.

Harry had started his little venture right before closing time so it was now late enough that the alley should be empty of observers. If there were any all they would see would be spheres of plasma appearing out of thin air and hitting the Gringotts wards at high velocity. The distraction appeared to be working because Harry had enough time to spot the cup and levitate it out of the vault with his telekinesis. From the sensor readings it would be a very bad idea to touch it because it too was riddled with vacuum energy consistent with the waterfall he had bypassed earlier.

Harry started making his way back to the lobby with extreme haste. Harry couldn’t help but think It was curious he didn’t encounter any guards on his way to the lobby. Harry suspected that this meant the wards were only designed to detect active magic use. It was a fatal flaw to assume a mundane couldn’t use technology to breach Gringotts. Of course no mundane of earth possessed non magic related cloaking technology as far as Harry knew but they did have plenty of explosives.

The lobby of the bank was riddled with goblins firing spheres of light from their hands at the now evading Lily. It appeared they were smart enough to know that something invisible was attacking the wards. Harry was able to slip out behind the distracted guards and teleport to the Lily once he was outside the wards. Harry immediately instructed the ship to head for mars.

When he got back everybody celebrated a successful mission after which they performed the soul transference charm on all of the Horcruxes they had. Even after this was done Slytherin’s family ring contained some serious magic that Harry would probably study later. They transferred all of the fragments to pieces of toilet paper to symbolize what they thought of Riddle. The thoroughly soiled (by Riddle’s dark soul) pieces of toilet paper were then telekinetically levitated in front of the in active stargate upon which it was activated.

The forming vortex of energy disbursed the toilet paper to the vacuum of the universe taking Riddle’s diseased soul fragments with it. Harry now only had to destroy Nagini and Riddle himself. Harry would wait until he had a body back so that he could kill Riddle himself and make it very painful.

It was interesting to note the subtle changes in the facial features of both Dumbles and Karakof when Neville’s name came out of the goblet twice. The group that was watching the events take place back on Venus with several bowls of popcorn thought it was hilarious that the supposed leader of the light and his dark lord counterpart had the same agenda.

It was also rather amusing that Dumbles tried to tell Neville he had to compete in the tournament because it was a magically binding contract. Even wizards weren’t stupid enough to leave a cup that would force somebody to compete in a deadly tournament against their will lying around in a school full of children. Even if Neville’s guardians gave their permission (which they didn’t) for him to compete he wouldn’t be forced to because he didn’t enter his name in. Of course Neville didn’t contradict Dumbles in order to keep up with his weak act.

Of course Augusta had to act outraged and forbid Neville to compete on his behalf after which Dumbles used some compulsion charms and mind altering spells. The spells of course had no effect on Gran Longbottom thanks to her new skills at Occlumency. While Neville was going through extensive training throughout the galaxy his Grandmother was going through her own watered down version where she learned occlumency, galactic affairs, how to use all her new equipment, and anything else that would serve her well for her time in the wizarding world.

The mars group were all well informed on the plans of the two sides of the wizarding bigotry conflict. On the dark side you had Riddle and his minions who vied for power using the pureblood mantra, which was insanely funny considering they were led by a half blood. On the supposed light side you had Dumbles and his merry band of vigilantes who followed his commands without question no matter how asinine they were. Dumbles had no problems with coming any number of unspeakable acts as long as it was for his supposed “greater good.” Dumbles never said who the greater good was for. Everybody living on the mars base was sure it was for the greater good of Albus Dumbledore.

With the placing of a subspace relay at the Riddle house in Little Hangleton, where Riddle and Malfoy were currently holed up, both Dumbles and Riddle’s plans were all transmitted back to mars. The mars group was constantly one step ahead of both factions.

Staying one step ahead was facilitated by one of the newer technologies created thanks to the study of time turners. This technology was a time dilation field generator. The generator allowed for the speeding up or slowing down of time within the field relative to the outside space. Time could be slowed down to a virtual standstill to the point where 10 years on the outside would be 10,000 years on the inside or sped up to ridiculous amounts if you had enough power.

The larger the volume of the space the field encompassed the more power was required. It was after the discovery of the field generator that the real explosion of technology began coming out of the Venus group. Harry decided to see if he could get a complete map of the stargate network in the milky way. He knew there had to be more gates than the Goauld knew about because the Goauld only knew about gates that were along their territory or of a strategic advantage to them.

Their territory was large but left complete sections of the galaxy uncovered. In order to get the map Harry turned to the dialing device that was connected to most gates in the galaxy. He mentally interfaced himself with one after placing his hand on the red dome shaped crystal on top of the device. He began searching for the information he sought.

It was obvious the gate builders didn’t want this information found by those unauthorized. It was quickly apparent what countermeasures they were willing to go to when Harry felt a presence fighting back and some sort of scan passing over his body. After the scan was complete the presence all of a sudden stopped resisting. Harry was very curious what just happened so search for the part of the program that just scanned him.

What he found confirmed one of his long held suspicions. The dialing device was programmed to keep all of its information from being accessed by anybody who wasn’t of the race of it’s creators. The scan Harry just felt was a DNA scan that confirmed for the computer that Harry was of that race. That meant that Harry’s suspicions that the gate builders and wizard kind are the same were true.

Harry copied the entire memory core of the dialing device into portable storage. It didn’t take long for Harry to find a suitable planet that the Goauld didn’t know about that was perfect for his purposes. Harry started construction on a massive house on this planet. The house had over 30 rooms with each room having it’s own bathroom. The house was built along a beach. The section of the planet where the stargate was located was nothing but clear blue skies with a bright yellow sun, beaches, and ocean as far as the eye could see. It was completely uninhabited with a healthy unpolluted atmosphere.

Harry set up a time dilation field generator that would cover the island and the ocean miles around. Harry erected wards around the island that would make it virtually impossible to find including the fidelus. He set the field to speed time up in the field so that a week outside would be a year on the inside whenever somebody was on the island. With this setup in place the automated builders that Harry had constructed had the place known as Lily’s oasis completed in very little time.

This would be a place for anybody who wanted a break to retreat to for however long they wanted. Lily’s oasis was used quite frequently by the inhabitants of the Venus facility. If they were stuck on a project they would spend a week galactic time (time outside the field) at the oasis and come back with their project completely finished.

Harry and Tara spent a great deal of time there with their projects and exploring their growing bond and relationship. One of the most memorable experiences for Harry was when he and Tara took their relationship to the next level at the oasis.

Imagine smut scene here

One of the greatest technologies to come out of the oasis resulted from Harry examining the ring transporter technology that the gate builders left behind. The Goauld didn’t know all of the specifics behind it’s workings which is why they haven’t come up with other methods to use it. They did have a basic understanding of it. While in the oasis Harry completely broke down the component technologies of the transporter and started adapting it to new applications.

Wizards could conjure most of the basic objects they wanted. This was done through energy to matter conversion. The ring transporters performed matter to energy conversion and then energy back to matter conversion. The major differences between the rings and permanent conjuration is that the transporters could convert a much greater range of elements and a much greater range of complex objects.

There is no way the wizard could concentrate enough to conjure the complex thing that is the human body. Harry was able to make an energy to matter converter that could replicate anything that was scanned. He got the converters from the rings and he got the scanners from the rings. It was actually quite simple to create if you could mentally trace the circuit pathways to figure out their purposes. Harry’s ancestors had also included programming to make sure that no other race would be able to decipher the programming necessary to perform the conversions. If the technology was compromised it would explosively self destruct.

The conjurer as Harry labeled his converter could replicate virtually anything. Harry built it into a naquadah encased wand shaped device that contained a PD at the tip to house the device. Like his other technology it was activated by mental command. It could both scan and convert. Following his ancestor’s example he included the blood runes to protect the integrity of the technology from those who shouldn’t have it. If it was used by those who it was not intended for the inward focused reductor would be enough to take off a hand.

Harry discovered that the conjurer could replicate organisms. The organism would be in a state similar to the victim of a dementors kiss. This was because the conjurer did not replicate on a vacuum energy level. The ring transporter transported the soul by only carrying the “connections” with the body without actually storing the soul within the transporter energy buffers. Basically the organism was created without a soul. This solved the cloning problem so that the recently deceased didn’t have to be used as a vessel in case of the destruction of a body. Harry did discover through animal experimentation that the effects of transferring a consciousness through clone body after clone body over a long term period were very bad.

He discovered this by repeatedly transferring the soul of animals in a time dilation field sped up to the point where several thousand years passed within the span of 1 week galactic time. The effects left the clone bodies dying faster and faster until a disease developed that ravaged the animals. The disease was actually contained within their very souls. The best way to describe it was where repeated errors built up over a long period until they mutated into a virus.

Harry finally figured out that this was because the soul grew but the body didn’t. Harry eventually adapted the cloning technology to compensate for the soul growth. The information needed to correct the error was actually all contained within the soul of the organism.

Tara created a truly astounding technology while in the oasis working and relaxing alongside Harry. She created a response to diseases that affected the soul. Lycanthropy was another disease that affected the soul. Her device, which she called the scrubber, reverted the soul back to a state before it was affected by the disease. This meant that everything that was recorded afterwards was erased, including memories, but the memories could be stored somewhere else before the procedure was carried out. The memories could then be cleaned separately and restored at a later time.

Remus was one of the first werewolves to be cured of his affliction. He was forever grateful to Hermione for the cure. Remus’ physical appearance soon changed as a result of the changes in his soul. He now appeared healthier and younger than at any time in his life after he was bitten as a child. As a result of his new youthful feelings a new wave of pranks was unleashed on the inhabitants of mars (Hermione was of course spared).

The first task of the Triwizard ended up being very simple for Neville. He decided to go with the simple plan that Harry thought up. He distracted the dragon with dozens of transfigured bears, something he made appear as if it was very difficult for him since it was a beginning NEWT level transfiguration. While the dragon was distracted he conjured a sheet and banished it at the fake golden egg he was assigned to retrieve. When the sheet was on the egg he cast a permanent sticking charm and summoned the sheet. Naturally the egg came with it.

The whole task was over in a matter of minutes with the crowd stunned at the simplicity of Neville’s approach. He retrieved the egg without ever placing himself in danger. He naturally received the highest score.

For the second task Neville decided to go for another simplistic approach. He cast a charm that allowed him to detect the magical core of his girlfriend Susan Bones so that he would know where he was located at the bottom of the lake. Then Neville transfigured some of the water into an ice slide that stopped right on the surface of the lake over the spot where their captives were. He slid down into the water while casting a bubblehead charm on himself.

When he hit the water he transfigured his pants to stone so he sunk straight to the bottom where he wordlessly cast a cutting charm at the tether that held Susan at the bottom of the lake. He caught Susan and then returned his pants to their normal material. To speed up his ascent Neville conjured a hot air balloon under water and cast a bubblehead charm on the balloon so that it contained an air pocket. He conjured a harness around Susan which he secured to the balloon rope after which he did the same for himself.

He then stuck his wand in the bubble that contained the balloon and cast a powerful heating charm. Neville and his girlfriend soon rose out of the water to see a shocked crowd staring at the wizard and witch floating above the lake tethered to a balloon shaped contraption that wizards never knew existed. Neville then cast a summoning charm on the dock that he started off from. Since it took a lot less force to move Neville and his girlfriend to the dock then the dock to move to him the balloon quickly floated over the dock upon which Neville released the charm.

Neville slowly reversed the temperature in the balloon with a cooling charm until they were safely on the dock. After the crowd cheered at Neville’s victory he was awarded first place in the second task, which placed him first overall in the tournament. With those tasks finished Neville was able to enjoy the Yule ball with Susan before the rival of the third task.

When the third task arrived Neville quickly made his way through the maze thanks to Karakof clearing any substantial obstacles out of his path. When Neville reached the Triwizard cup that he knew was a portkey he grabbed hold with a confidence that was born of the knowledge that everything was going according to plan.

Neville allowed himself to be disarmed and tied to a gravestone by Lucius Malfoy. He watched as Lucius started a ritual to give the demented creature in his arms that was what was left of Riddle back a body. When Lucius sliced off his hand Neville got a sense of satisfaction at the knowledge that a finger would have sufficed but Riddle kept that information because he enjoyed seeing pain and the proof of the devotion of his followers.

When Riddle came to take blood from Neville he wandlessly confounded Malfoy so that he took blood back that was taken from a criminal mundane. Harry and the others thought it was particularly ironic that Riddle would owe his life to a mundane. When Riddle was in his new body and had called all of his followers to him the mars group immediately sprung into action.

Powerful anti-portkey and anti-apparition wards were dropped into place. They were tied into vacuum energy power modules. Each power module could draw the vacuum energy equivalent to Harry’s core before they would start to draw a dangerous level of exotic particles. For this reason Harry had 12 of these modules spread throughout the four ships that powered the wards. There was no conceivable way for Riddle to escape by either portkey or apparition.

Riddle apparently sensed the wards that just went up over his own wards, tearing them to shreds, but by this time it was too late. All twelve of his followers disappeared as a house elf stunned them from their invisible position behind their backs and popped them to separate warded rooms where they wouldn’t be able to do any magic or escape from. Neville wandlessly vanished his bonds before concentrating on Riddle’s familiar that was a Horcrux.

He cast a Fiendyfire curse at the snake, obliterating it into it’s constituent atoms. While Riddle was distracted with the loss of his familiar Neville teleported out while Harry teleported into the graveyard. Riddle looked up with an expression of seething anger upon his face.

“Tom Marvolo Riddle your judgment has arrived,” Harry stated in a voice that sent chills through the spines of his enemies while his killing curse green eyes flashed.

“Who are you supposed to be boy,” Riddle responded with a sneer.

“I go by many names you piece of trash. Your death would be a good description or you could address me as Harry James Potter.”

“Potter,” Riddle sneered.

“Let’s try this again shall we.”

With that statement finished he snapped off another killing curse to try to finish what he attempted all those years ago on Halloween night.

Harry didn’t even flinch. He didn’t even move. He let one of the newer features of his shield that he dreamed up while at the oasis take all of the action for him.

There were two ways to conventionally survive the unforgivables. The first was to move so you weren’t in the path of the curse. The second method was to move something in front of you. The second option usually worked pretty well and in this case the best method was conjuration. The shield now employed the use of higher dimensional sensors that could pass through most matter in the dimension most beings lived in.

The sensors detected whenever something was moving at the object it was shielding and determined the level of threat. If it was an energy attack then the Goauld based energy shield was engaged to full power from the low level it was always on whenever it’s wearer left their designated base of operations. If the energy was too much for that shield (in cases like the killing curse) a conjurer embedded into the shield glove conjured an object into the path of the energy. The conjured object would explode back at the being that targeted the shield wearer while the fragments that headed towards the shield wearer were stopped by the impedimenta field the shield projected.

If it was still too much energy and the shield detected that the wearer would be destroyed it activated a portkey that transported the wearer through the nearest stargate using the remote that overrode the gate dialing device. This remote was made possible by the data Harry copied from said dialing device.

Harry watched as a slab of concrete was conjured in front of him and exploded after the curse hit it. Riddle was blasted off his feet while Harry wasn’t even affected thanks to his shields.

“Tom that wasn’t very nice now was it. You’re going to have to learn better manners if you are ever going to be among polite company. But I’m very certain you’re not going to have to worry about that where you’re going.”

Harry could see fear appear on Riddle’s snake like features for the first time as he realized he was in deep shit.

“What are you talking about Potter? I’m not going anywhere.”

“Ah but that’s where you are wrong Riddle. I’m going to suppress your magic to a level that will only be enough to sustain that magical construct that you consider a body. Then I’m going to transport you to a prison I designed where you will stay for the next five billion years or so. You may be asking yourself how I think you’re going to survive for the next five billion years because I don’t know about your Horcruxes.”

At that statement Riddle’s eyes widened further and the fear increased.

“Well you don’t have to worry about those Horcruxes because I destroyed all of them for you.”

Riddle pissed himself at that last declaration from Harry.

“No Horcruxes are such a dirty means to immortality. You see this prison is a very special prison that I designed myself. It’s actually orbiting a star very like our own sun in an uninhabited star system many light years from earth.”

At Riddle’s unbelieving stare Harry decided to elaborate. He sent a mental command to the four cloaked hovering ships that caused their cloaks to drop. Harry was constantly surprised at how wide Riddle’s eyes could get but they got even wider when he saw the ships hovering above him.

“I’ll let you in on a little secret Tom. There is actually no such thing as magic. It’s all just really advanced science. Wizard kind are descended from an alien species. Those are my space ships that are targeting this place right now waiting for my signal to turn everything in this immediate area into its constituent atoms after I transport out should you make a wrong move.”

Judging by the smell Riddle just shit himself.

“The prison is called tarturas. You will continually be exposed to a steadily increasing amount of sunlight from a close orbit of the star burning your body until it’s ash over and over again until the star turns into a red giant in five billion years or so. Before you’re allowed to pass onto the next life your soul will be transferred to a new body and the process will repeat itself over and over and over for the next five billion years. This is the punishment that I have come up with for the one who killed my parents.”

“Just in case you have any hopes to eventually escape you should know that the automated systems that suppress your powers will immediately plunge the station into the star if you manage to escape. If that doesn’t happen you couldn’t possibly apparate far enough to reach a breathable atmosphere.”

Riddle was apparently so devastated by what he was just told that he didn’t even put up a fight when he was transported into a specially designed PD that would suppress all of his powers. Harry designed the station so that if it didn’t receive a subspace message every so often that confirmed Harry was still alive it would plunge the satellite into the star. Harry couldn’t be sure that he would be alive in five billion years but he didn’t want to take the chance that Riddle was.

Tarturas was a prison that Harry recently designed for the really evil beings of the universe. He was considering sending most of the system Lords there that were of the level of evil of Ba’al, Seth, Sokar, and the like whenever they were brought to justice. Ba’al himself had killed 60 million people just so they didn’t fall into the hands of one of his rival system lords.

The stargate in the system of the system tarturas is located in had its DHD (as the SGC people called it) removed so that if somebody managed to escape they wouldn’t have an easy time of using the stargate. If Harry’s people ever used a gate without a DHD they had the new remote device he created. It carried in its PD a power source that only required the remote to touch the gate. Under circumstances where there was a functioning DHD present the remote used the DHD’s power source and just overrode its command so that the remote’s wielder could mentally control the gate. Whatever dialing protocols the DHD was capable of the remote was now capable of too. It sent a signal to the DHD identifying the wielder of the remote as a gate builder. This method was a lot quicker than having to physically mentally interface with the DHD every time you tried to override the dialing protocols.

With Riddle being transported with heavy magical suppression via portkey and the stargate to tarturas Harry teleported to Hogwarts for the second part of his plan. He arrived right in front of the stands before the maze for the third task much to the surprise of the audience. Harry cast a sonorous charm on himself and began to address the audience.

“Good evening witches and wizards. You may have noticed but I am not Neville Longbottom. My god brother Neville was unfortunately delayed by helping me deal with a pesky dark lord who I believe likes to go by the name of Voldemort.”

Harry had to suppress a smirk at the collective gasp and shiver of the audience at his casual mention of Riddle’s made up name.

“It seems he was like a cockroach and just wouldn’t die. It also seems that he split his soul into seven pieces and tied them into objects of the material world so that his soul wouldn’t move on when he failed to kill me all those years ago.”

There were some screams from those who realized the implications of what Harry was saying. Dumbles looked fit to be tied while a good deal of the light witches and wizards had paled considerably.

“For those of you who haven’t figured out yet my name is Harry James Potter. If you’re wondering why I look considerably older than I should I’ll just say that time runs at different rates depending upon where you’re at.”

Now it was time for Harry to stir up some trouble.

“I with the help of my friends managed to sever all of Voldemort’s ties to this side of the vale and have just condemned him to burn continuously for the next five billion years or so.”

Dumbledore’s face was continuously going a deeper shade of red at the revelation that all of his plans were ruined. Harry was of course specifically playing to the image of his power in an attempt to get some changes through the wizarding world. The anarchy, corruption, and bigotry that wizard kind was showing was definitely not worthy of the gate builder race. It would need to be fixed before they had any hope of making a reappearance in the galaxy.

“The reason I am now here is to challenge the two men who haven’t been dealt with yet but are equally responsible for my parent’s murder to a duel to the death, Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape.”

At the proclamation Harry just made the crowd broke into chaos until Harry fired off a very loud charm designed to capture attention. Harry’s overpowering of the charm served to quiet the crowd down indeed.

“Before we get into the reason these two men are equally responsible I need to take care of one of the marked death eaters that didn’t join his master tonight because he was here at the school helping arrange for my god brother to be transported to his master tonight, Mr. Karakof would you come here please.”

Harry gestured at the slowly retreating death eater while casting a summoning charm. Karakof flew towards Harry screaming Harry fired the plasma bolts at the death eater before he made it half way to him with deadly accuracy. Karakof was dead before he hit the ground. While a summoning charm that called a person would just show slightly above average person if they weren’t actively countering it a summoning charm using wandless magic was unheard of.

The fact that the crowd thought Harry simultaneously cast the plasma bolts while maintaining the summoning charm left the crowd in awe of him. The crowd of course couldn’t tell that the bolts came from the invisible gauntlet on his wrist. There were of course some shrieks from the audience at the fact that Harry had just killed the scum before their eyes.

“Now that I have enabled you all to be able to see thestrals, let’s move on with our next order of business. Dumbledore heard a prophecy made shortly before I was born that spoke of a child born at the end of July that would have the power to defeat Voldemort. Severus Snape also heard part of the prophecy before Dumbledore caught him. Instead of obliviating Snape or worse Dumbledore magically bound Snape to himself through a magical oath of loyalty.”

Harry watched as what he was saying was sinking in. Dumbledore and Snape inexplicably found themselves unable to move during Harry’s tale with only the ability to turn deeper and deeper shades of red thanks to several groups of house elves that were placing them in body bind jinxes.

“What Dumbledore never took into account was that no marked death eater can make a magically binding oath that is against their master’s wishes because the dark mark is a magically binding slave rune combination that is placed by Voldemort on his servant’s souls. Snape undoubtedly saw how insane his master was and sought to escape to the other side but could not because his soul was forfeit the day he became a marked death eater.”

Harry was willing to bet that the information he just revealed would make future generations think twice about binding themselves to a new dark lord.

“Dumbledore found out that the prophecy pointed towards either my god brother, Neville Longbottom, or I. So he manipulated events like he always does to gain control of the child of prophecy. He had Snape deliver part of the prophecy to Voldemort so that he would start the chain of events that would lead to his own destruction. Dumbles put many compulsion charms on my god father to convince my parents to use Peter Pettigrew as their secret keeper without any type of oaths against betrayal. He also used compulsion charms to convince my parents to leave their heavier warded properties for Godric’s Hallow.”

“Naturally events happened until my parents were dead so that I became the child of prophecy and Dumbles was able to use his influence to seal my parent’s will and take guardianship of me after he manipulated events so that my godfather was thrown in Azkaban without a trial.”

The crowd was shocked into absolute silence after Harry finished his little tale but Harry decided to push them a bit further.

“I lived the next seven years of my life without ever knowing that magic existed. I was beat on an almost daily basis and lived in a cupboard under the stairs. I was told that my parents were drunks that died in a car crash and that I was a no good freak. I believed that my name was boy or freak until I started school at the age of five. All of these events were planned by Dumbles until his plans fell apart when I was bludgeoned into unconsciousness and woke up in the middle of the desert in Egypt at age 7.”

Harry was laying it on a bit thick but he had no intention of telling the crowd how smart he really was. It had the desired effect because the crowd looked seriously pissed. Those near Dumbles and Snape were backing away from him.

“For those of you who still remember Dumbles as the light wizard who defeated Grindewald and has a phoenix companion let me clear a few things up for you. Dumbles was Grindewald’s lover and shot him in the back with a muggle gun while they were sleeping together. That is why he took so long to “confront” Grindewald. He simply altered the memories of several onlookers until they believed visions of a glorious battle and spread the word of his deeds. As for the phoenix you’d be amazed what type of magical creature you could bind to your will if you get them young enough.”

“Now let’s get this duel over with.”

Harry signaled the elves to let Dumbles and Snape out of the binds.

“You may have noticed when you just tried to activate your escape portkeys that I’ve erected wards that you will not be able to penetrate. You might as well save me the trouble of two separate duels and make Snape your second.”

The two had a whispered conversation before smirking and agreeing to his suggestion. They probably thought they had age and power on him. While Harry agreed they had age they certainly didn’t have power on him.

“The rules are simple, anything goes.”

Dumbles started off the duel with a silent stunner that he probably thought would drop the younger wizard.

Dumbles was smirking in satisfaction when Harry didn’t even move to block it until it was stopped dead by his shield.

Harry returned fire with a lightning bolt that Dumbles managed to barely shield against.

Dumbles looked like he was ready to take Harry seriously now that Harry was letting his power show.

He responded with a killing curse that proved to the crowd that what Harry told them was true.

Dumbles was again smirking when Harry didn’t move to block the curse that was supposedly unblockable until the conjured block of concrete appeared and exploded into his face, knocking him flat on his ass.

“You know old man for a light wizard you have surprisingly similar tactics to Voldemort. He tried the exact same thing with the exact same results. I think I’m going to refer to you as the Dark Lord Dumbles from now on. Now here is a taste of your own medicine.”

Before he even knew what was happening Dumbles had a bullet in his arm that Harry silently fired from his gauntlet without ever seeing a gun. In the next five seconds he had 3 matching bullets in his other arm and both legs.

“You’re going to have to compare notes with your former lover about how it feels to be shot when you see him on the other side of the vale.”

With that last parting shot Harry put a bullet right through the old meddler’s Adams apple after which he died quickly.

A decidedly green looking Snape was standing by the side waiting for his turn to die.

“I should mention that as a part of the deal with Dumbledore Snape was allowed to ask his master for a favor in return for telling him of the prophecy. He asked Voldemort to spare my mother and bind her to Snape as his sex slave.”

“Also you should know that the soul binding known as the dark mark requires a completely willing person to allow it to be cast. Riddle had a standard initiation ritual where he made each of his prospective death eaters torture, rape, then kill at least ten muggle women and children. So you see that there is no such thing as a redeemed or forced death eater.”

Snape stepped forward to perform his duties of second. He started off the duel with a string of dark curses the least harmful of which was a Secumseptra. Sirius had warned Harry of that curse that Snape had created while in school. Snape seemed to have learned from Dumbles somewhat in that he didn’t cast the killing curse but he certainly tried using the cruciatus curse.

Harry’s shields absorbed or deflected all of the curses cast at him. Finally he had enough and fired the gun nozzle of his gauntlet at Snape’s crotch. There was nothing left of his genitalia but a bloody stain after the three shot burst. Snape was on the ground moaning in pain. Harry waved his hand and made Snape disappear into a PD with a time dilation field generator (TDFG) that would slow time down enough so that Snape wouldn’t even experience any passage of time before he was transported out again. This would allow Sirius and Remus to get their revenge when he gave them Snape later on.

“That concludes tonight’s proceedings. I would just like to say that what you saw me do here tonight used absolutely no magic to do.”

Harry left them no time to ask more questions before he teleported out leaving behind chaos. Sirius and Remus were delighted to acquire a new plaything in the form of Snape.
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