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12: Last of Magic Business and Back in to the wider Galaxy

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Harry and gang finish up the last of their main business in the wizarding world then back to the wider galaxy.

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The next day Harry teleported himself into Minister Bones' office around noon when his sensors told him she was alone.

She appeared startled before quickly composing herself.

“I’m sorry for startling you minister but I felt we should have a little chat after the show I put on last night.”

“Mr. Potter? You don’t look like you did last night. Do you care to explain that?”

“Well Madam the crowd expected to see a spitting image of James Potter except for a lightning bolt shaped scar and killing curse green eyes. I figured that giving them what they expected would make it easier to project my Merlin like image so that I could get changes made at a faster pace.”

“So I’m assuming it was some type of illusion but with your proclamation that you used no magic I’m assuming it wasn’t a glamour charm. I’m relieved that I didn’t misconstrue your likeness to the legends of Merlin.”

“Yes I used no magic in my tasks last night. It would actually be more accurate to say that if you go by the definition of magic I have never performed any magic in my life. You see Madam Minister what we witches and wizards call magic is actually a very powerful form of higher dimensional energy.”

At her shocked look Harry decided to go with the seeing is believing approach to give her further proof.

“If you’ll take my hand Madam I will show you an example of what I’m talking about.”

It looked like she was rather reluctant but she did take Harry’s hand and he promptly teleported her to the bridge of the Lily which was cloaked in a high orbit. After the usual shocked reactions at the sight of earth from space Harry explained to Amelia Bones about the threat of the Goauld.

“Why are you telling me this Harry? The wizarding world is ill equipped to deal with any of this information.”

“I’m telling you for two reasons. The first is because I believe you are well suited to move the wizarding world into the modern age where they will be suited for this information. The second is because if things progress as they are you will soon probably be considered family. My god brother is quite taken with your niece. To continue with that point I feel comfortable with giving you these devices. Neville is giving Susan the same devices as we speak and is also explaining the galactic situation to her.”

Harry gave her all of the devices that were standard issue on the mars base and showed her how to use them after exchanging binding oaths never to betray each other. Harry felt it was now a good idea to exchange such oaths with all of your friends. The oaths were worded in such a way that only a betrayal that would result in the death of your friend would exact its toll. This kept any Pettigrew situations from repeating themselves.

“I suspect you’re going to receive an invitation along with Susan to spend Christmas with my extended family on a planet I’ve set up called the Lily oasis. I should mention that my extended family includes Frank and Alice Longbottom.”

Of course Harry had to explain how and why he faked their deaths.

“The Lily oasis is one of the reasons I look so mature for my chronological age. I have it set up so that 1 week on earth would be 1 year on the oasis planet. You need not worry about physically aging with the philosopher’s ring I just gave you. In fact if you’ll step over here I’ll show you a little surprise.”

Harry led Amelia into a room adjoining the bridge of the Lily that had what looked like a normal set of rings but was actually a larger sized conjurer with some special features. This conjurer was designed to conjure a clone body at any age between birth and the present age of the being, transfer the soul to the new body, and turn the old body into stored energy. It all happened so fast that all the being experienced was a moment of disorientation. Harry activated the device when Amelia was in place.

Amelia Bones went to school with Harry’s parents so was the same age of about 35 or so as Sirius and Remus. Harry decided to knock 15 years off. When the rings settled back into the floor someone who appeared as a more attractive mature version of Susan Bones stood before Harry.

“Harry what did you just do?”

Harry answered by conjuring a full length mirror in front of the physically 20 year old woman.

“I reverted your physical age back to when you were 20 so that you could select what age you wanted to appear. I didn’t know if you wanted to spend the rest of your life in that form but if you want I can change it back at any time.”

Her response was very unlike what would be expected for a minister of magic. She squealed and jumped him in a bone crushing hug while thanking him profusely.

“You can appear in any form you want thanks to the holographic field projector I gave you. So you don’t have to worry about being recognized as minister.”

With that out of the way they went back to discussing the wizarding world.

“My suggestion would be to start with Hogwarts. The muggle studies curriculum needs to be brought up to the current times. It also needs to be expanded to teach the mundane sciences and mathematics. You’ll need to have it made mandatory for all Hogwarts students. I would also suggest having occlumency be instituted as a mandatory subject. I would discard divination except for those who actually test positive for the talent, in which case a 2 year course will suffice instead of a 4 year one.”

“You should find that now that the dark elements have been weeded out of society your way should be a lot easier to pursue these goals. You will also find the support of the Black, Longbottom, and Potter houses in the wizenmagot. All of the rest will follow their lead.”

Harry had already explained the extraterrestrial origins of wizard kind as the gate builder race to Amelia.

“I don’t expect wizard kind to make a galactic appearance as the gate builder race for many years but that doesn’t mean that in the event that I fail to protect earth that they can’t be the last defense. I find it hard to imagine any enemy that could survive against a large number of highly trained wizards and witches that board their ships.”

“I’ll do my best Harry to prepare our world.”

“You certainly won’t be alone Amelia.”
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