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Chapter 2: Making Nice

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The crew of the USS Enterprise-E has had to face many different threats, but this one is unlike any they have ever faced.

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Making Nice
Captain Picard stood in the transporter room and watched as the figures of his away team and their guests began to appear.

An alarm sounded lightly from the transporter chiefs’ station and the Captain raised a questioning eyebrow. The figures were frozen in an in between state of reassembly.

“Weapons detected. Four energy based and three primitive projectile.” The operator reported. “I am disabling the energy weapons now.” He replied, finishing the transport.

Picard smiled and extended his hand. “Welcome to the Enterprise.” He said. “I am Captain Jean-Luc Picard.”

Sam reached out her hand and took the Captains. “Colonel Samantha Carter, this is Dr. Daniel Jackson and Teal’c.” she introduced herself and her team.

“I am sorry, but I must insist that you surrender your weapons before we proceed. Your energy weapons have been disabled by our transporter, but we also detected projectile weapons.” Picard said, looking at Sam’s P-90.

Sam glanced at Teal’c and nodded almost imperceptibly. “We’re taking a lot on faith here, Captain.” She said, wondering now if this was a bad idea. She unclipped her P-90, ejected the top-loading magazine and set the safety. She also took her 9mm sidearm and ejected the magazine and set the safety on that one.

She saw Daniel doing the same with his P-90 and sidearm as well. A security officer took the weapons, including their disabled zats and Teal’c staff weapon.

“I assure you, you will not need them.” Picard said. “Come, I will escort you to the conference room.”

Sam followed the Captain, along with the rest of her team, and was flanked by Data and Geordi.

Entering the room, Sam saw that there were already people seated there.

“This is my second officer, Lieutenant Commander Parks. My Chief of security, Commander Worf and my Chief Medical officer Dr. Crusher.” Picard introduced the rest of his senior staff. He was a little shocked when no one reacted to Mr. Worf.

“Let’s get down to business, shall we?” Picard said as SG-1 and his away team sat around the table.

Data patched his tricorder directly into the ships computer and began the briefing. “This appears to be the source of the activity we detected.” He started. “According to Colonel Carter, it is called a ‘Stargate’. It creates a stable wormhole within the confines of the ring, the other end opening on another world with a similar ring. The world depends on the coordinates entered on this…” Data tapped the panel in front of him and showed a digital schematic of the DHD. “I believe it was referred to as a ‘Dial Home Device’.”

Picard nodded. “And there are no problems with this method of transportation?” he asked Sam.

“There have never been any detrimental effects during the seven years we have been doing it. It’s perfectly safe.” Sam answered.

“Fascinating.” Picard said. “Devices such as these could revolutionize transportation in the Federation.” He said. “How far can these Stargate’s go?” he asked.

Sam grinned. “With sufficient power, we have sent a team to another galaxy.”

Data’s eyes got wider. “How long was the journey?”

Sam looked at Data. “As far as I know, it was instantaneous. I wasn’t with the team.” She said. “But I can say that traveling within the network in our own galaxy is like…walking from one room to another.”

Picard sat back, his eyes wide. “This is absolutely incredible.” He said.

Geordi leaned forward and folded his hands together. “It sounds like Ikonian technology.”

Data shook his head. “No. This technology is not as advanced.” He said.

It was Sam’s turn to be shocked. The race that built the gate network, The Ancients was the most advanced race she had ever heard of.

“Can we utilize the technology to return home?” Picard asked.

“I do not see how, Captain. I have had only a few minutes to study the device.” Data said.

Picard nodded. “Well then. I suppose this is where we get to the negotiation part of the briefing.” He smiled at Sam.

Sam grinned back. “I have to be honest up front. If you are looking for someone that built the gate, you’re about ten thousand years to late.” She said.

“All we wish is a chance to study the Stargate. From what I understand, you have been doing that for nearly eight years.” Picard assured her. “If you would permit us, we would like a chance to analyze that data.”

Daniel coughed lightly and raised his hand.

Picard smiled. “Yes, Doctor Jackson?”

“What would we get in return?” Daniel asked.

It was Picard’s turn to sigh. “Well…we cannot offer you technology. It is against Starfleet policy to give advanced technology to a, and please pardon the phrasing, primitive culture. In fact, normally we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. We don’t usually make contact with cultures until after they have discovered warp technology.” He said. “Faster than light travel.” He added, seeing the looks on Daniel and Teal’cs faces.

Sam grinned. “Well, we already have that.” She said. “As well as energy shields, energy weapons and a working, space going battleship. We also have one more being constructed and three more on the drawing board.”

Picard raised an eyebrow. “Really?”

Data also raised an eyebrow. “Warp drive was not discovered and utilized on Earth until April 5, 2064.”

Sam shrugged. “Well, we discovered it in 2004.” She said. “We are FTL capable 60 years before you.”

Picard nodded. “We would very much like to visit…your Earth.” He said, having trouble remembering that this was not, in fact, his Earth.

“I’m sure that could be arranged.” Sam said. “But since we are about 2 light years from Earth, we’ll have to use the Stargate.”

Picard smiled. “We can be there in…” Picard looked at Data.

Data did not seem to pause, but in reality his mind was working trillions of computations in the spilt second that Picard paused. “At Warp 9 we can be there in approximately fifteen hours.”

Sam’s jaw dropped, and Teal’c raised an eyebrow. “That’s…pretty fast.” She stammered. While not as fast as hyperspace travel, she was none the less amazed.

“Set course for Earth, Warp 9.” Picard said.

“I should contact Earth, to let them know we’re coming. I wouldn’t want Prometheus to…” she looked around the Enterprise and appraised the technology level. “Well, to annoy you when you got there.” She said.

Picard smiled. “Commander Data will show you our subspace communicator.” He said.

The meeting broke up and Sam sat, still stunned, at the table along with Teal’c and Daniel. She really, really hoped that she was doing the right thing. As she was getting ready to accompany Data, the ship shook slightly, then again. Klaxons blared and the computer voice called out a red alert. Teal’c, Sam and Daniel all bolted for the door.

They exited onto the bridge and saw on the viewscreen four Ha’Taks. They were all firing on the Enterprise.

“Status?” Picard asked calmly.

“Shields are down to 78%. They are regenerating.” Worf answered.

“Hail them.” Picard stood. “I am going to end this nonsense.”

Worf tapped his console then frowned, shaking his head. “No reply.” He said. “They are firing again.”

The ship shook again and Picard shook his head. “Target the lead vessel. One Quantum Torpedo.” He said.

Worf nodded. “Target locked.”

“Open a channel.” Picard said.

Worf nodded and a quick beep could be heard. “Channel open.”

“Alien vessel. I have you’re lead ship locked and will open fire if you do not desist this attack immediately.” He called out.

Worf checked his console again and shook his head. “No response.”

The ship shook as the four Ha’Taks again attacked with all of their weapons.

“Shields down to 50%. Regenerating.” Worf said.

Picard frowned. “Fire torpedo.” He said softly.

A muffled shot was heard and Sam saw a light blue ball of light on the viewscreen head for the lead Ha’Tak. The torpedo impacted the shielded Goa’uld mothership and exploded. The Ha’Tak was blown apart. The remaining three vessels all broke off the engagement and entered hyperspace.

Sam and Daniel stood there amazed. Teal’c simply raised an eyebrow.

“Impressive.” The Jaffa said softly.

“Are all of these…Goa’uld like this?” Picard asked.

“Indeed they are, Captain Picard.” Teal’c said. “They will want your vessel in order to mimic its technology and gain a distinct advantage over the other System Lords.”

Captain Picard shook his head. “And they will keep throwing ships, and lives, away in this effort?” he asked.

Teal’c nodded once. “The lives of the Jaffa are nothing to the Goa’uld.” He almost spat. “It is for this reason I, along with my son and my former mentor, have began a Jaffa uprising. It is to expose the Goa’uld for what they truly are; False gods.”

Picard nodded his head as he sat. “Helm, is the coarse for Earth set?”

The helmsman checked the readings on his computer. “Aye sir.”

“Engage at Warp 9.” Picard ordered.

Data looked at Sam. “Our subspace communicator is right here.” He said, showing her the bridge panel. “You can set the frequency to match your own.”

“Thanks.” Sam said, keying the commands on the LCARS display. It was amazingly user friendly for an advanced vessel.

To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+


“Incoming transmission sir.” Sgt. Walter Harriman said. “It’s being bounced from Prometheus.”

General O’Neill raised an eyebrow. “Let’s hear it.” He said.

Sgt. Harriman keyed the radio and spoke. “Prometheus, I have General O’Neill on the line.”

“Prometheus acknowledges. Stand by for decrypted subspace signal.” The comm Officer on Prometheus said.

“General?” Sam’s voice cut over the line.

“I’m here Sam, what’s up?” O’Neill asked.

“Sir, we are currently on board the vessel we were talking about and headed for Earth.” The Colonel said.

“Trouble?” O’Neill asked.

“No sir. In fact, I believe it’s just the opposite. I am relaying the coordinates to of our arrival to Prometheus so there are no surprises. Our ETA is…” Sam paused before going on. “…eight hours, sir.”

Jack whistled. “Nice” he said.

“Yes sir." she smiled. "And sir. The vessel is from Earth.” Sam said.

“What?!” Jack yelled. O'Neill pinched the bridge of his nose. “I’m gonna have to do paperwork on this, aren’t I?” he moaned.

Sam’s chuckle came over the line. “Quite possibly sir. I have to go. See you in eight hours.”

Jack sighed. “Alright, Carter. I’ll inform Prometheus not to start blasting when you show up. SGC out.”

To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+

Colonel William Ronson sat on the bridge of the Prometheus and watched the front screens for any sign of the USS Enterprise that was carrying SG-1. He had been told to escort the ship into Earth orbit and not to attack it. He smiled at that. From what he heard about Enterprise, Colonel Ronson doubted that Prometheus would even scratch the paint.

“Contact sir.” Major Gant said, checking her computer. “I am receiving both Enterprise’s transponder as well as SG-1’s IDC code.” She said, turning to her CO.

“Radio them and inform them we are their escort.” Colonel Ronson said.

Major Gant nodded. “Yes sir. Message sent and received.”

Colonel Ronson looked at the computer display linked to external cameras and whistled. “Dear god…that thing is huge.” He said softly.

Major Gant glanced at the screen and nodded. “Yes sir. Is it true that she took out four Ha’Taks with one shot?”

Colonel Ronson chuckled, shaking his head. “I’m sure that’s just a rumor, Major.”

“Yes sir.” Major Gant replied, still looking at the screen. While the ship didn’t look like a battle cruiser, her sensors told her otherwise. Enterprise was loaded to the hilt.

To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+

General O’Neill sat at his desk, looking over mission reports and signing off on various forms when a soft hum interrupted his thoughts. Looking up, he saw the form of SG-1 shimmer into existence in front of his desk. “Guys.” He said, trying not to sound surprised.

“Hello sir.” Colonel Carter said, not bothering to hide the near glee on her face.

“Nice ride?” O’Neill asked.

“Sir, I could spend years on that ship and not even scratch the surface of the technology they are using.” Colonel Carter started.

“Their library is incredible!” Daniel added, sounding as excited as Carter.

“As are their training simulators.” Teal’c added. His voice, as usual, betrayed little emotion to those who hadn’t known him for eight years. He was nearly ecstatic.

“Well this I gotta see.” O’Neill said.

Carter tapped a small, golden pin on her vest. “Carter to Enterprise.” She said.

O’Neill raised a questioning eyebrow to Daniel who just waved him off.

“Enterprise here.” A voice said, crystal clear, from seemingly nowhere.

“Four to transport.” Carter said.

Four shimmering glows flared and quickly faded from O’Neill’s office.

Jack found himself looking at SG-1 one second and at four strangers the next. “Cool.” He said.

Captain Picard smiled and extended his hand. “Welcome aboard the Enterprise.” He said. “You must be General O’Neill.”

Jack smiled and shook Picards hand. “I must be.” He said.

“This is my first officer, Commander Data and my Chief of Security, Commander Worf.” Picard said, introducing the two people right next to him.

Jack waved his hand at the two. “Hi.”

“Shall we adjourn to a conference room?” Picard asked.

Jack shrugged. “Sure. I gotta tell you though, this is…” he shook his finger at the transporter. “That’s just really neat.”

Picard smiled. “We like it.”

The group was making their way through the corridors of the Starfleet vessel when the intercom sounded. “Captain Picard to the bridge!” a very nervous voice sounded.

Picard tapped his comm badge. “Picard here. What’s the problem, Lieutenant Parks?”

“A vessel just dropped out of…warp…and is hailing us. They want to know who we are and why we are in Earth orbit.” Came the reply.

“Is it the Goa’uld again?” Picard asked, even as the group was headed to the bridge.

“No sir. It doesn’t match any configuration we know of.” Commander Parks said.

“We’re on our way. Picard out.” Picard said, stepping onto the turbolift.

Seconds later, the turbolift doors opened onto the bridge and the assembled group walked in. Picard and the other officers took their assigned stations.

“Report.” Picard said.

“Ship is sitting directly ahead of us, sir. Their shields and weapons are powered up.” Parks said.

“On screen.” Picard said.

The viewscreen shimmered to life, showing the massive vessel in front of the Enterprise.

“Oh crap.” O’Neill said softly.

Picard turned to O’Neill and raised an eyebrow. “Anyone you know?”

“Yeah. Sorry. Can you call them?” General O’Neill asked.

Picard turned to Worf and nodded.

“Channel open.” Worf said as the viewscreen switched to show the occupants of the other vessel.

“Thor…buddy.” O’Neill said, putting on his best diplomat smile.

“O’Neill. This vessel is not of any Tau’ri design I am aware of. And it’s technology is greatly superior to your own.” The small, Roswell-like Supreme Commander of the Asgard Fleet said.

“Yeah. We made some new friends.” O’Neill shrugged.

“I see. Can I assume, then, that their actions are not hostile?” Thor asked.

“Yeah. They’re good guys.” O’Neill said, waving it off.

Picard stood and walked forward. “I am Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Federation Starship Enterprise.” He said.

“I am Thor. Supreme Commander of the Asgard Fleet. This is our flagship vessel, the Daniel Jackson.” Thor responded. “I am unaware of any group called…the Federation.”

Picard smiled. “Well, we don’t exactly come from around here.” He said. “I was about to have a meeting with General O’Neill and his officers, would you like to join us?”

Thor nodded. “I would like that very much.”

“Shall we transport you…” Picard began when there was a bright, golden flash in front of him.

Worf and two security personnel jumped at the sudden flash, bringing their phasers up.

SG-1 reacted instantly, surrounding Thor.

“Whoa! Let’s not do anything crazy!” O’Neill said.

Captain Picard nodded to the security personnel. “It’s alright.” He said. He wasn’t going to reprimand his crew for their reactions, especially when they were just doing exactly what they were supposed to be doing.

Turning to Thor, Picard smiled. “I’m sorry for that. We were just surprised.” He said.

O’Neill calmed down and nodded when he saw the weapons lowered. “Yeah. Thor does that a lot.” He shrugged.

“Shall we begin?” Thor said, looking around the room.

“Right this way.” Picard said, sweeping his arm to the side and directing the group to the conference room. The group all went ahead and Picard smiled to Lieutenant Parks. “Care to join us, Lieutenant?”

Parks nodded and stood.

“You have the bridge, Mr. Worf. Data, Parks, you’re with me.” Picard said, walking after the guests.

Worf took the command seat and frowned. He would bring it up later with the Captain, but something bothered him. This…Thor…had beamed onto the bridge. That in itself wasn’t a huge deal, but the thing that got Worf upset was that he had the shields up at the time. These Asgard could beam through shields.
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