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chapter 1: A New Frontier

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The crew of the USS Enterprise-E has had to face many different threats, but this one is unlike any they have ever faced.

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Crossing Over
A New Frontier

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, places, things mentioned in this story. All Stargate SG-1 stuff belongs to SciFi and MGM, while all the Star Trek stuff goes to the greatly missed but never forgotten Gene Roddenberry and also to Paramount.

Summery: While traveling through the Bajoran wormhole, the USS Enterprise-E makes an unexpected detour. Crossover with Star Trek and Stargate SG-1.

Pairings: None

Warnings/Spoilers: Set sometime after Nemesis and sometime during S8 of SG-1.

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USS Enterprise
Captains Log
Stardate 57811.2

After the events in Romulan space, tensions between the Romulans and Federation are starting to return to normal. The Enterprise has been ordered to report immediately to Deep Space Nine on a mission into the Gamma Quadrant.
While it is true the Dominion War is over, the crew is reluctant to venture into Dominion territory. I have no doubts about the capabilities of the crew, however there is some concern shared by all about the nature of the mission. Starfleet has yet to apprise us of the details and we anxiously await what, exactly, we are supposed to be doing.

“Report.” Picard said, walking onto the bridge from his ready room.

“We’re coming up on DS9 now, sir.” Lt. Commander Barrics replied. Barrics was manning helm control and glanced briefly at the Captain as he sat.

“Hail them.” Picard said. They were also reportedly picking up his new command crew. A first and second officer, since his former first officer was now Captain of his own ship and his second officer was on sick leave. A new chief of security was also scheduled to report as well.

“Aye sir.” Barrics replied.

The view screen that spread across the fore wall of the bridge lit up and Captain Picard smiled. “Colonel Nerys. What a pleasant surprise.” Picard said, standing up. “I didn’t realize you were going to be greeting us personally.”

“Well I am the Commanding officer now, Captain Picard. I have three transfers for you as well as a sealed packet from Starfleet.” Kira said, smiling.

“Where shall we dock?” Captain Picard asked. True, they didn’t really need to dock but Picard also didn’t want to hover in the shipping lanes either.

“I’m transmitting docking instructions now. Perhaps you can spare some time for a quick crew visit?” Kira asked.

Picard smiled. “That all depends on that packet. Is Quark really that eager to have my poor crew at his Dabo tables?”

Kira returned Picards smile. “You know the Ferengi. They are always ready to collect latinum.”

“We shall see. Picard out.” Captain Picard said, cutting off the transmission.

To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+

Captain Picard stood in the small, seldom used, docking arm that joined the Enterprise with DS9. As the airlock doors opened, Picard turned to see who his new command staff would be. He was in for a big surprise.

“Permission to come aboard, sir?” Commander Data asked, standing next to Commander Worf.

“Permission granted!” Picard said, reaching out and shaking Data’s hand eagerly. “Data, when did you clear medical?” he asked.

“I was cleared for duty and declared fit only one week ago. I asked to resume the post I was to take before the incident with Shinzon. I am pleased to announce that I am your new first officer.” Data replied, smiling.

“And Mr. Worf. A pleasure.” Picard clasped Worf’s large hand as well.

“Yes sir.” Commander Worf said. “I am reporting to take over as chief of security. Apparently, Starfleet is tired of the Enterprise falling under the influence of hostile forces.”

Picard stared at Worf for a moment before breaking into a grin. “Why Mr. Worf, was that a joke?”

Worf nodded curtly. “Yes sir.”

Picard smiled. “Splendid.”

“I have our orders sir.” Data handed Picard the small PADD.

“I see. Let’s open these up and find out what we’re supposed to be doing in the Gamma Quadrant.” Picard said, pressing his thumb onto the small sensor. “Authorization Picard, Alpha-1.” He spoke to the PADD.

Picard skimmed the PADD and sighed. “Mr. Data, please assemble all senior staff for a briefing in fifteen minutes.” He said, handing Data the PADD. Tapping his communicator, Picard called to the bridge. “Mr. Barrics, set course for the wormhole, impulse power please.”

“Aye sir.” Barrics responded.

Data read the orders and raised an eyebrow. “If this report is accurate, we should wait for our full crew, sir.” He said, reminding Picard that they were still missing their second officer.

“We’re simply going to begin preliminary analysis of the event horizon, Mr. Data. Perhaps launch a probe. We shall wait for our full compliment before we investigate any further than that.” Picard assured his first officer.

“Yes sir.” Data replied and headed off to settle into his quarters before calling the senior staff meeting.

“What exactly are our orders, sir?” Worf asked, walking along with Picard.

“It seems that the wormhole is experiencing several anomalies. We’re to investigate and see if there is a potential danger to travelers.” Picard said.

“What sort of…anomalies?” Worf asked.

“Spatial tears inside the wormhole, structural integrity degradation and chronotron emissions.” Picard said grimly. “Starfleet seems to think that a stable wormhole was just to good to last forever. They want to know what sort of damage its collapse will do to surrounding space.”

Worf nodded. “I see. And why did they choose the Enterprise for this? Wouldn’t a more suitable science vessel be preferred?”

“They chose Enterprise because of the proximity to Dominion space. If there is any trouble, we will be ready. And if the wormhole collapses on the other side, Enterprise is more than capable of surviving the trip home through potentially hostile territory.” Picard said, entering the turbolift. “Bridge.”

The turbolift engaged and a few seconds later, Picard walked onto the bridge. “Hail DS9.” Picard said.

Worf walked over to his station, relieving the ensign that was there. “Channel open.”

“Captain, I take your departure to mean that Quark will have to manage without you?” Colonel Nerys asked.

“I’m afraid so, Colonel. Have you been apprised of the situation?” Picard asked, knowing that Starfleet would send a copy of his orders to Bajor as soon as he received them.

“I have. We will be moving the station a good distance from the wormhole, but we’re hoping that it won’t be a permanent move.” Kira said.

“Neither do I. My second officer is due at the station within the hour. Could you have her shuttled out to us when she arrives?” Picard asked.

“I’ll send her on a runabout. Good luck, Captain. Nerys out.” Kira said. The view screen flashed the Bajor Government seal before shimmering out.

Worf looked at Picard. “Who is the second officer, sir?” he asked.

Picard smiled, staring at the orders. “An old acquaintance of mine.”

“From the Stargazer?” Worf asked.

Picard shook his head. “No. I met her when I was visiting the Academy.”

Worf was about to ask who she was when the communications board beeped. “We are being hailed. It’s the Kearsarge. They are requesting to beam someone directly to the bridge.”

Picard smiled. “Permission granted.”

Worf relayed the message and a few seconds later, a shimmering form materialized on the bridge.

“Lieutenant Andrea Parks, reporting for duty Captain.” The smiling blonde said, handing Picard her orders.

“Welcome aboard, Lieutenant. Why did you have the Kearsarge change coarse to rendezvous with us instead of with DS9?” Picard asked.

“DS9 was in the middle of changing it’s position and we would have had to wait until it was done to dock. So the Captain and I decided to just hop over here and drop me off, saving some time.” Andrea smiled.

“I see. There is a command briefing in five minutes. Mr. Worf will show you to your quarters. Welcome back to the Enterprise, Lieutenant.” Picard smiled.

Andrea was a bright, eager young student at Starfleet Academy when Picard visited while the Enterprise was being repaired after Shinzon’s attack. She immediately impressed him by keeping good company. Boothby had taken another student under his wing. That was enough for Picard. When he saw that she had graduated, Picard requested her immediately. Being the Captain of the flagship had its privileges.

To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+

USS Enterprise
Captains Log
Stardate 58712.5

The Enterprise has received data from the Class IV Stellar Encounter Probe that was launched over three hours ago. While my Chief engineer, Commander LaForge, leads the research team, Enterprise is left with nothing but to wait. Starfleet has been apprised of our status and there are several ships en route to Bajor for emergency evacuation if necessary.

“Status report Mr. LaForge.” Picards voice rang out on the bridge. The computer automatically routing the call to main engineering where LaForge was busy with the work.

“We have determined that there are several micro-fissures inside the wormhole itself, breeching the walls of the corridor. While the structural integrity has weakened, there is no evidence that entering the wormhole will pose a threat.” LaForge reported.

“Very well.” Picard said, standing. “Helm, take us into the wormhole, one quarter impulse. Stand by all sensors. Picard to Dr. Markom.” Picard called out again in the midst of giving orders.

“Dr. Markom here Captain.” A deep voice echoed over the ships intercom. Dr. Markom was one of the Federations foremost authorities on spatial anomalies and was with the initial team that studied the wormhole when it was first discovered.

“You have complete control of the astrometric sensors. Should you require any additional resources, let me know.” Picard said.

“Thank you Captain. This should not take long. Enterprise’s sensors are simply incredible.” Dr. Markom answered before nodding to his team. They were in one of the smaller labs on deck 17, ones fitted for astrophysics and stellar cartography.

“Begin scans for Astronomical phenomena, EM, passive neutrino scanning and toss in one scan for Parametric subspace field stress.” Dr. Markom said.

“You think there may be a cloaked ship?” one of the lab assistants asked.

“I’m not ruling anything out. This is the edge of Dominion space. Maybe they weren’t good losers.” Dr. Markom replied.

The lab came alive as the scientists went about their work and Enterprise’s impressive computer capabilities were put to use.

To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+

USS Enterprise
Science log
Dr. Markom recording

It has been over a day and we haven’t found anything to account for the disruptions in the wormhole. Captain Picard has assured me that Enterprise is at my disposal barring a Federation emergency and I am grateful. Even if we do not find anything to show the cause of the anomalies, we are gathering priceless data on the wormhole. This mission, while it may not bear fruit on the anomalies, is going to keep Federation Astrophysics scientists busy for the next ten years.

“Have you found anything new, Doctor?” Captain Picard asked Dr. Markom as they both headed to the turbolift.

“Not a thing. I’m beginning to think that this is just a natural phenomenon.” Dr. Markom said.

“If the wormhole does collapse, will it pose a threat to Bajor, or the Federation?” Picard asked.

Dr. Markom shook his head. “It’s hard to say. It could explode and wipe out this entire sector or it could just…never open again. Astrological phenomenons are not known to be predictable. That’s what makes them fun.” He smiled.

“I’m sure. Keep me apprised if you find anything new.” Picard said, stepping off of the turbolift and onto the bridge.

“Dr. Weaver to Dr. Markom, come in.” Dr. Weaver’s voice came from the small combadge Markom wore.

Tapping the small, golden accessory, Markom responded. “Markom here. What’s up?”

“You better get down here. Fast.” Weaver replied.

“On my way.” Markom said. “Deck 17.” He said. The turbolift sped down and opened a few seconds later.

Running through the corridor, Markom entered the lab mere minutes after the call.

“What is it?” he asked, looking at the huddled group of scientists.

Weaver answered. Weaver was Markom’s second in command and considered the foremost authorities on astronomical activities. He just wasn’t a leader. “There is another breech happening about 100km off the port bow. We’re recording everything…look at this.” He said, pointing to a small, wavering graph on the console.

Markom stared at the display, double-checking to make sure that he wasn’t seeing things. Tapping his communicator, Markom called the bridge. “Markom to Bridge!”

“Picard here, what’s the problem, Dr. Markom?” Picard asked. He heard the sense of urgency in the doctors voice.

“Captain, we need to get out of the wormhole…now!” Markom nearly shouted.

Picard looked at the helmsman and nodded “Acknowledged.” He cut the transmission. “Take us out. Full impulse.” He said, wishing he could go to Warp. But Warp travel inside a wormhole was not possible.

Enterprise turned gracefully in space and jumped forward as the ships powerful impulse engines were pushed to a staggering .75c power rating, while standard running had the impulse engines running at .25c power rating. They would be traveling at nearly half the speed of light.

“Another fissure has opened!” Weaver yelled, looking at Markom. “We’re heading right for…” he was cut off as the ship was rocked.

Explosions and electrical shorts rocked the ship as Enterprise collided with the forming tear. Power flickered for a moment before secondary systems took over.

“Damage report?” Picard said, looking around the bridge. He was securely strapped into his command chair; a precaution that he felt was long overdue. Whenever a sharp jolt rocked the ship, the security harness would secure over the Captains chest.

“Reports coming in now.” Data calmly, but quickly replied. “Minor injuries reported, primary power should be restored in a matter of moments.”

“LaForge to bridge.” Commander LaForge’s voice called over the comm.

“Go ahead, Geordi.” Data replied.

“That hit charged the hull with some sort of radiation. I can’t get a warp field to form until it bleeds off. Even outside the wormhole” The chief engineer answered.

“Is the crew in any danger?” Dr. Crusher asked from beside Picard.

“No. The levels are low enough and the hull is blocking it out. I just can’t form a warp field for at least an hour.” Geordi responded.

“Understood.” Picard said, looking around. “Are we clear of the wormhole?” he asked the helmsman.

“Not yet sir. We still have impulse power, so we can get out that way, but it is going to take a few seconds.” The ensign replied.

“Make it so.” Picard answered. “Dr. Markom to the bridge.” He said, standing up after releasing the harness. “Mr. Data, Mr. Worf.” He nodded the two senior officers who both moved to follow him. “Lieutenant Parks, you have the bridge.” He said to the new second officer before heading for the briefing room.

“Aye sir.” Parks answered, sitting gingerly in the Captains chair and entering her command codes.

To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+

Dr. Markom stood in front of the table and looked at the gathered group. Captain Picard, Commander LaForge, Dr. Crusher, Commander Worf and Commander Data were the officers that represented the crew of the Enterprise.

Sitting across from them was Dr. Weaver and T’Avar, the Vulcan astrophysist that the Federation sent along to study the wormhole.

“Anytime you are ready, Doctor.” Picard said.

“Right.” Dr. Markom clicked on the small PADD in his hand and an image appeared on the view screen behind him as the lights dimmed slightly. “This is a quantum signature. It resonates on a very specific frequency. It is the same resonance that the particles making up me, Mr. Data, Mr. LaForge’s cybernetic eyes, the Enterprise herself, resonate on. In fact, it’s the same frequency all matter in our universe resonates on.” He said, looking around the table.

Seeing no one had any questions, he tapped the PADD and another slide appeared next to the first one. It was slightly different. “This is the reading we took from the tear just before I told you to get us out of the wormhole.” Dr. Markom said.

“You’re saying that the tear leads to another universe?” Picard asked.

Markom nodded. “That’s right.”

“Is it the mirror universe?” Worf asked, ready to put the ship on full tactical alert.

Markom shook his head. “No. We have that quantum resonance on file and the ships sensors automatically scan all astrometric phenomena for the signature. No, this signature is a new universe…or more accurately, a new dimension.” Tapping the PADD, he sighed as a third slide appeared, identical to the second.

“These…are the readings we have been getting on quantum resonance scans of every piece of space dust, cosmic debris or background radiation that the sensors can read.” Markom finished, setting the PADD on the table.

Picard leaned forward and steepled his hands, visibly composing himself. “Are you saying…we are in a different dimension?” he asked.

Dr. Markom looked over at Dr. Weaver and T’Avar. Both nodded. “That’s exactly what I am saying.”

Picard sat back, sighing. “Mr. Worf, set ship to yellow alert, try raising Starfleet on all frequencies. Mr. LaForge, I want warp drive to be top priority.” His crew all nodded, looking around at each other. “Dismissed.”

Dr. Markom walked over to Captain Picard, nervously wringing his hands. “Captain, is there anything we can do?” he asked.

Picard looked at the scientist and nodded. “Look for a way to get us back to where we belong.” He said before exiting to make the announcement to the rest of the crew.

To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+


Colonel Carter looked over the ridge very carefully, making sure her platinum locks didn’t show against the darkened hilltop. The Jaffa patrol, sixteen in all, that was guarding the gate was still standing there. “Don’t you guys ever take a break?” she muttered softly to herself. Easing back down, she slowly made her way down the hill she was on and back to Daniel and Teal’c.

“The Jaffa still guard the gate, Colonel Carter?” Teal’c asked.

Sam nodded. “Stubborn fellas.” She sighed.

“Indeed.” Teal’c replied.

Daniel walked up, making sure that the five young children that stood huddled together would remain quiet and looked at Sam. “Anything?” he asked.

Sam shook her head. “We may have to fight our way through.” She said.

Daniel shook his head. “We can’t not with these kids here.” He protested softly.

“There’s no other way, Daniel. I wish there was, but there isn’t.” Sam argued, running her hands through her hair. This mission was supposed to be simple. Go through, meet with the villagers and secure a trade agreement and perhaps mining rights. There wasn’t supposed to be a Goa’uld presence and a smoking village or refugees. They had managed to round up several villagers and make a run for the gate before they were forced away from the gate by a Jaffa rush. Now, SG-1 and five children had been hunted for almost two days while the Jaffa awaited the return of the Goa’uld they served.

“What do you suggest?” Daniel asked, realizing that Sam was getting frustrated.

“Teal’c and I can make our way around the ridge to the other side and attack from the hill there. We’ll get them to come after us, dropping a few on the way, and when the coast is clear you make a run for the gate.” Sam said.

“What about you and Teal’c?” Daniel asked, not liking the plan.

“When you get back, the General can send reinforcements. We’ve been evading them for the last couple of days, we should be able to do so for a few more hours.” Sam replied.

“There wasn’t a Goa’uld mothership in orbit the last couple of days, either.” Daniel said.

“Who said there will be in the next few hours? Just hurry.” Sam said.

“I think we’re already to late for that…” Daniel said, staring into the sky above the gate.

It was then that Sam heard the engines droning. “An Tel’tak.” She said. Scrambling, carefully, to the top of the hill, Sam peeked over the lip of the rim and watched the craft land. As she watched, the craft opened the doors, letting a new squad of at least a dozen Jaffa out, including the First Prime.

Touching a device on his arm, the First Prime ordered the remaining Jaffa into a sort of parade detail. The gate activated and the Jaffa all kneeled as a lone figure stepped through the gate. The Goa’uld that had attacked the planet was back.

“Damn.” Sam muttered.

To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+

USS Enterprise
Deck 17

“Dr. Markom…look at this.” Dr. Weaver said, looking at the sensor readings.

Markom walked over and studied the readings and smiled. “Where is this?” he asked.

“Fifth planet from the sun…it’s on the surface.” Weaver said.

“Markom to the Bridge.” Markom said, tapping his communicator.

Picard listened to the eager findings of the doctor and smiled. “Well done.” He said, cutting the channel. The reading was very feint, and on the surface of the planet, but there was a definite wormhole detected. Perhaps that would provide a clue to the whereabouts of a way home. “Set course, warp 2.” He said to the ensign at the helm.

The Enterprise turned as the warp nacelles began to glow. With a burst of light that signified the establishment of a warp field, Enterprise was off.

To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+

Goa’uld Mothership

The Jaffa stood at his station and looked out the small window of the ship. He was reading the Jaffa on the planet, as well as watching the sensors for any sign of approaching vessels. He was very surprised, then, when the sensors flared to life saying that another vessel had just arrived approximately 500,000km away. They just…appeared. The ships did not detect any hyperspace window forming. Touching his communications panel, he alerted his master, as per his orders.

Seconds later, his masters form was displayed on the viewscreen.

“When we are aboard, raise the shields and signal the vessel. They will surrender its strange hyperspace drive to their God or be destroyed.” The Goa’uld decreed.

To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+


Sam and Teal’c watched in amazement as the Goa’uld entered the Tel’tac, along with the First Prime and the dozen other Jaffa, and took off. She was further amazed when the remaining Jaffa dialed the gate and began to walk through, leaving no one behind.

“Perhaps they grow weary of searching for us.” Teal’c said.

“I don’t know whether to be relieved or offended.” Sam smiled. “Daniel…come on, we’re going!”

Daniel nodded and gathered the children, hurrying up the hill. They were going home.

To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+

“We are being hailed.” Worf said.

“On screen.” Picard said, standing and looking at the viewscreen. They had detected a vessel in orbit and found that it matched no vessel in the Federation database. This would be a very unusual first contact mission.

The viewscreen came to life and showed an angry looking man seated on a throne. “I am Khonsu. You will bow before your god and surrender your vessel or be destroyed.” The Goa’uld said, sneering at Picard.

“I am Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Federation starship Enterprise.” Picard said, standing straighter and narrowing his gaze. “We are explorers and we did not come here to fight you.”

Khonsu smiled evilly. “No. You did not. You came here to serve your god. Now surrender your vessel.”

Picard made a slashing motion and Worf muted the transmission. “Tactical analysis.” Picard asked.

“The ship carries several short range attack fighters. The energy shield resembles shields used by the Federation…” Worf paused and shook his head. “Over fifty years ago. The primary weapons systems are made up of pulse firing phase cannons. The output is nowhere near the required power necessary to destroy our shields.” Worf grinned…a scary look on a Klingon. “They are in no way a match for the Enterprise.”

Picard nodded and communications were restored. “I am afraid we are not going to be handing over anything. However, if you leave peacefully, we will let you go.” He said. “As I said, we did not come here for conflict.”

Khonsu shook his head. “You dare defy your god?” he sneered. “Very well. Jaffa!” he gestured with his hand.

“They are firing.” Worf said, immediately preparing a response. The ship shook slightly at the pulse cannon fire impacted the shields and Worf shook his head. “Shields down to 98%. They are recharging.”

Picard turned to the viewscreen. “Target their weapons and fire phasers.”

Worf keyed the command and a brilliant red beam lanced from the fore phaser array. The new Mark XII phasers were the most powerful in Starfleet. The alien ship rocked under the assault, but the shields held. “Their shields are down to 60%.” Worf reported.

“Again.” Picard replied.

Another volley shook the Ha’Tak and Worf checked his readings. “They are reinforcing shield power. It is back to 80%. They are firing.”

The pulse phase blasts peppered the fore shields of the Enterprise. “Shields are holding. Down to 84% and regenerating.” Worf reported.

“Target their weapons and shields.” Picard said.

“Locked.” Worf replied.

“Fire photon torpedoes. Full spread, maximum yield.” Picard ordered.

Worf keyed the command and five muffled blasts were heard as the red torpedoes streaked towards the ship. Three of the torpedoes rocked the ship and totally destroyed the shields while the remaining two slammed into the now defenseless hull, crippling the weapons array and primary shield generator. The battle was over in less than a minute.

Khonsu looked at his First Prime in wonder. The shields were gone, their main weapons array was destroyed, and there were multiple hull breaches where the new vessels weapon punched through the ship. This new vessel was at least as powerful as an Asgard Battle Cruiser! He did the only thing he could do. He ordered a retreat.

“They are breaking away.” Worf said. “Shall we pursue?”

Picard shook his head. “Let them go. We have to investigate whatever happened on the planet.” He said. “Mr. Data. You and Mr. LaForge form an away team and beam down. Mr. Worf, maintain yellow alert in case our friend decides to come back.”

To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+

Sam, Teal’c, Daniel and the five refugee children were nearly to the bottom of the hill and thus the Stargate when five forms shimmered into existence near the DHD.

Raising their weapons, Sam and Teal’c skidded to a halt and placed themselves between the new forms. They were all human.

Data looked around the clearing and saw the eight humanoids at the bottom of the hill. “Geordi.” He said quickly over his shoulder.

Geordi, who was busy staring at the Stargate and trying to analyze what, exactly, his eyes were seeing, turned and saw the humanoids. “Whoa.” He said quickly as the lead two raised their weapons.

“They appear to be human, Colonel Carter.” Teal’c said, however he did not lower his staff weapon.

“Think they’re the reason that Goa’uld took off?” Sam asked.

“Perhaps.” Teal’c said quietly.

“I am Commander Data. First officer of the Federation starship Enterprise.” Data said, putting his tricorder away and raising his hands, stepping forward. “We are explorers and mean you no harm.”

Sam glanced a look at Teal’c and slowly lowered her weapon. “Colonel Samantha Carter.” She said, offering nothing else in greeting.

“These are my companions. Commander Geordi LaForge, Ensigns Rogers, Bates and Langley.” Data said, naming off the away team. “We are here because our sensors detected a stable wormhole on the planets surface.”

Sam narrowed her gaze. “You don’t know about the Stargate?”

Data shook his head. “I do not.”

Sam nodded to the large gate and took a deep breath. “The gate acts as a doorway between this one and another gate like it on another planet. Just dial the coordinates and a stable wormhole opens. You step through the event horizon and are instantly broken down into your base molecular components and transported to your destination, where you are reassembled.” She said, severely simplifying the process.

“I see. What powers the…Stargate?” Data asked.

Sam nodded. “The DHD, or Dial Home Device as we call it.” She pointed to the smaller platform. “The symbols all correspond with the symbols on the gate, kind of like numbers on a phone.” She said. “Just dial the right number and you walk right through.”

Data cocked his head. “A phone?”

Geordi looked at Data. “Ancient Earth communications device. Stopped using them when subspace communicators went into operation.”

Data nodded. “Ahh…I see.”

“Wait a minute…” Sam cut in. “What do you mean ancient Earth device? We still have them.” She said.

Geordi shot a questioning glance at Data. “Uh…oh boy.” He mumbled.

Any further discussion was cut off when the Stargate began a dialing in sequence. Sam and Teal’c both raised their weapons, finding cover while Daniel began to move the children back up the hill.

“Picard to away team. We are picking up another wormhole. Can you locate its exact position?” Picard asked over the comm.

Geordi smiled and tapped the communicator. “Yeah. We see it.” He said, raising his tricorder.

“Find cover! We don’t know who’s coming through!” Sam called to the humans who were just staring in rapt fascination at the gate.

The three security personnel raised their phasers and took aim at the gate, waiting.

“General O’Neill to Carter. Come in.” Sam’s radio squawked.

Sam smiled and answered. “Damn good to hear from you sir.” She said.

“I’m sending SG’s 3 and 5 through. Prepare to head for the gate when the firefight starts.” O’Neill said.

“That won’t be necessary, sir. The gate is clear and we were about to dial home when the gate activated." Sam thought for a moment. “Sir, we found some…friends.” She said.

“And?” O’Neill asked.

“They appear to be very technologically advanced and travelers, like we are.” Sam said.

“Well that’s good news. See if they are interested in having a small get together.” O’Neill replied, sounding enthused.

Sam looked at Data. “Care to join us?” Sam asked.

Data nodded. “I would be most intrigued. However, I must first ask my Captain. We are in orbit now, would you like to come aboard to discuss matters?” He answered.

Sam nodded. “Sir.” She opened the channel on her radio. “They want to know if we can join them on their ship to get permission from their Captain.”

There was a short pause before General O’Neill answered. “Use your best judgment Carter.”

Sam nodded. “Yes sir.” She looked at Data and nodded. “Let us send the refugees through the gate and Daniel, Teal’c and I would be happy to join you.” She said.

Data nodded. “Of course.”

Sam radioed again and spoke. “Sir, I’m sending the remaining refugees through the gate, you might want to have some of the villagers in the Gateroom so they aren’t surrounded by strangers when they exit.”

“And the visit?” O’Neill asked.

“Teal’c, Daniel and I are going to join Commander Data and his crew to discuss things.” Sam replied.

“Roger that. Shutting the gate now.” O’Neill said. A few seconds later the gate shut down.

Sam walked to the DHD and dialed Earth, as Geordi and Data looked on, and pressed the large, red bubble in the center of the DHD. The Stargate flared to life.

Daniel walked the children to the edge of the gate and spoke softly to them, reassuring them that their friends would meet them and they would be safe on the other side. One by one, the children left and the gate shut down.

Sam looked at Data and nodded. “Ready when you are.”

Data tapped his communicator. “Data to Enterprise. Eight to beam up.”

The group dissolved in a swirl of silvery light as the transporter enveloped them. Soon, they were gone.
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