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Chapter 3: Agreed

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The crew of the USS Enterprise-E has had to face many different threats, but this one is unlike any they have ever faced.

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Thor sat in amazement as Picard related their tale of coming through to their dimension from the interior of a stable wormhole. “Your predicament, while amazing, defies any science the Asgard have developed.” He said.

O’Neill just smiled. “You should check that database you guys downloaded from my noggin.”

“What for, O’Neill?” Thor asked.

“We, actually I, was actually sent to another dimension.” Daniel said. “We found a sort of quantum mirror on P3R-233. It kinda…transported me to a variant dimension where the Goa’uld attacked Earth. They had us on the run, over 1.5 billion were dead.” He shuddered.

Thor nodded. “Our scientists have been searching over the database. The war with the Replicators, however, has had our thoughts trained elsewhere.”

Captain Picard looked at Thor. “Do you believe that this database you have may contain a way to get us home?” he asked.

Thor looked thoughtful for a moment. “I do not know. Perhaps. The Ancients were a great and powerful race. Technologically, they were as far above the Asgard as we are above the Tau’ri.”

Sam raised her eyebrows. “Wow.” She said. “I knew they were advanced, but I didn’t think they were that far ahead.”

Thor looked at Sam. “The Stargate networks were built long after they created hyper-flight. It was used as a convenience when space travel took to long.”

Daniel smiled. “So the Stargate networks were an afterthought?!”

Thor nodded. “They were.”

General O’Neill waved his hands. “Ok. This is all fascinating and all, but to get back on the subject…” he turned to Captain Picard. “What are you guys gonna do until you do find a way home?” he asked.

Picard sighed. “I haven’t really given that much thought. I suppose analyzing the data you have collected on the Stargate network will take some time.” He said.

“I’ll come right out with it. The President of the United States has authorized me to ask for an alliance with you. We realize that we have very little in the way of technology, but we do know the galaxy pretty well.” O’Neill said.

Picard smiled. “I’m afraid I cannot offer an alliance with one government on Earth. Many of my crew can trace their lineage to several different ethnicities on Earth as well as other planets. I can, however, offer an alliance with Earth as a whole.”

O’Neill nodded. “I can live with that.” He said. “And if Earth comes under attack by the Goa’uld?”

“Than Enterprise will meet the threat. After all, The Enterprise is a Federation vessel, and a charter member of the Federation is Earth.” Picard smiled. It was a very loose interpretation of the Starfleet Charter, but if they couldn’t find a way home, they would need a place to call home, even if it wasn’t their Earth.

O’Neill smiled. “Good to hear. Now, if you’ll excuse me. I have to get back before Walter has a heart attack.”

Sam, Teal’c and Daniel stood as well.

Picard smiled and reached out his hand. “I look forward to seeing you again, sir.”

O’Neill shook Captain Picards hand. “Likewise.”

“Mr. Data can escort you to the transporter room.” Picard said. “Of course, you can go along as well, Thor.” He added.

“That will not be necessary.” Thor said. “Goodbye O’Neill.”

“Don’t be a stranger, Thor.” O’Neill said as a golden beam enveloped Thor and he disappeared in a flash of light.

To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+

USS Enterprise
Captain’s Log
Stardate 58813.6

It has been two weeks since our arrival in this new universe. We have not faced the Goa’uld again since our arrival, however we have learned many new things. The information sent to us by the SGC about the Stargate system has had Commander Data as well as Commander LaForge busy since we got it. In exchange for the information, we have agreed to supply the Earth Battle cruiser Prometheus with a small upgrade to their medical facility. Using the industrial replicators in our cargo bay we have fabricated three bio-beds as well as a Starfleet Medical Replicator and supplied them with a copy of the EMH (Emergency Medical Hologram). As well as the alterations to the Prometheus, we have provided other things as well. A food replicator for their base and updated communications systems as well. They no longer need to relay subspace communications through Prometheus. It was a small bit of technology, but they were extremely impressed with it. I only wonder, if we never make it home, will we be violating the Prime Directive by sharing all of our technology with them?

Picard looked out the small window in his ready room and sighed. His communicator chirped softly and he tapped it. “Picard here.” He said.

“Sir, we have a message from the SGC from General O’Neill.” Worf relayed over the channel.

“Put it through.” Picard said.

A few seconds later General O’Neill appeared on Picards screen. “Hey. How’s it going Captain?”

Picard smiled. “Very well, thank you. Have my crew been behaving themselves?” he asked.

Through very little effort, General O’Neill had gotten the President to authorize shore leave for the human crewmembers of the Enterprise. Military personnel would escort them, but it was only to prevent any misunderstandings with the locals. And besides, Enterprise could beam the crew as well as their escorts anywhere on the planet with very little trouble. The escorts would often think of far off and exotic locales that the crewmembers just ‘had to’ see.

“Not a single problem.” O’Neill smiled. “I was actually calling to ask a huge favor.” He winced, afraid he was inconveniencing the Captain.

“Of course. How can we help?” Picard asked, sitting a little straighter.

“Well, we got some intel from some allies about the number one bad guy right now, Goa’uld by the name of Ba’al. Apparently, he decided to take up the reins of power when we beat Anubis. That makes him the head honcho among the System Lords.” O’Neill said.

“I see.” Picard said.

“Well, apparently Ba’al has begun a very strong recruiting campaign. He’s amassing forces and expanding his territory. Our contacts say that he has a strike force of four supped up Ha’Taks as well as a ton of personnel. They’re amassed at these coordinates and their ultimate goal is to destroy Earth.” O’Neill finished.

“That’s hardly a surprise.” Picard shook his head. “You want Enterprise to check it out of you?”

O’Neill nodded. “Normally, we’d send a team through the gate to see what we could find. But, clever little snake that he is, Ba’al is on a planet that we know doesn’t have a gate. We’d send Prometheus but she’s no match for four Ha’Taks, let alone four of the supped up variety. Your ship is.”

Picard nodded. He had read about Anubis’ design variations to the Goa’uld vessels. They were staggering and quite effective. Not even all the system lords combined were able to take him down. It took O’Neill and SG-1 finding and activating the lost outpost of the Ancients on Earth to halt Anubis’ attack last time. Picard also checked the destination. It was another star system. At warp 8 they could be there in two days.

“Of course. We’d be happy to.” Picard said quickly. He had the utmost confidence in his crew and his ship, but if Ba’al did manage to beat Enterprise, he’d rather make sure it wasn’t on Earth’s doorstep.

“Thanks. Want me to send a team along?” O’Neill asked.

Picard smiled. “I assume you mean SG-1?”

O’Neill nodded. “Ever since you guys got here, Carter’s been ‘Enterprise this and Enterprise that’.” He sighed.

“We’d be happy to welcome them aboard whenever their ready.” Picard said.

“We’re ready now sir!” Carter sprang into view behind O’Neill.

O’Neill turned and frowned at his 2IC.

“Sorry.” Sam muttered, stepping back outside the picture.

Picard laughed. “I’ll have them beamed aboard right away then. Picard out.”

To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+

Enterprise dropped out of warp as it entered the system Ba’al’s ships were massing in. After a quick sensor sweep, they found Ba’al’s forces.

“They are massed near the fourth planet, sir.” Data said, looking at the small sensor screen on his panel. “I am reading four Ha’Tak class vessels as well as numerous smaller craft.”

“Tactical?” Picard asked.

Worf looked at his scans. “Their shields are far superior to the vessels we have faced before. And their weapons are nearly ten times stronger.” Worf frowned. “Recommend using Ablative armor as well as Quantum Torpedoes.”

Picard frowned. He wanted to conserve their small supply of torpedoes since Quantum torpedoes were only manufactured in secure locations within the Federation. They had the materials and equipment to make new photon torpedoes in the ships armory, but Quantum torpedoes were still a very new technology that the Federation was guarding quite closely. And the Ablative armor would eventually be vaporized and needed to be reapplied in space dock. Nodding, Picard tapped his communicator. “SG-1 to the bridge.” He said. Turning to Worf, Picard nodded. “Red Alert, Mr. Worf.”

Klaxons blared on the ship as battle stations were manned. The powerful shields slipped over the Enterprise’s hull and tactical sensors came alive at several stations.

SG-1 exited the bridge turbolift and stared at the viewscreen.

“Have they detected us?” Picard asked.

Worf looked at his viewer. “No movement towards us yet.”

Teal’c watched the viewscreen and cocked his head to the side. “Ba’al would have been aware of your presence immediately. He would have at least dispatched Death Gliders to investigate.”

Picard looked at Data. “Scan those ships again.” He said, getting a sinking feeling. They had done a passive scan when they entered the system, concerned more with the weapons the Ha’Taks had rather than the life signs.

Data scanned the ships. “I am reading several Jaffa life signs aboard. I am also reading a massive number of human life signs. The humans outnumber the Jaffa almost ten to one.” He said looking up, clearly puzzled.

“It’s a trap.” Sam muttered.

Picard turned to Carter. “Colonel?”

“Well, Ba’al must have known about you from the other system lord you encountered. He may have tracked Enterprise to Earth so he set this…” she waved her arms at the screen. “…up to lure you away.” She trailed off.

“And it worked beautifully.” Picard cursed. “Contact Earth, priority one!” Picard said.

Worf tapped his communications panel. “Channel open.”

O’Neill’s face appeared on the viewer. “Captain! It was a trick!” he yelled, a firefight in the background could clearly be heard. “Damn snake showed up in one Ha’Tak after you left and took out Prometheus and then ringed down a whole butt load of Jaffa to the entrance of the mountain. They penetrated the first ten levels while we were still scratching our heads!”

“We’re on our way back, General.” Picard said.

“We’ll try to hold them off! Just hurry!” O’Neill yelled, shutting down the comm.

“Set course for Earth, Maximum Warp!” Picard barked.

Enterprise spun around and shot off into the void in a streak towards Earth. They just had to hold out for 23 hours.

To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+

Captain Picard stared at the empty space ahead of him, cursing himself for being a fool. He should have known that it was a trap. After all, why else would Ba’al have stationed himself on a planet without a… “Stargate.” Picard muttered softly.

“Sir?” Lieutenant Parks asked, looking at the Captain.

“Mr. Worf, assemble two full security details complete with hand phasers as well as phaser rifles. Assign two compression phaser rifles as well, one to each team. I also want four emergency force field generators, two to each team.” The Captain said quickly. Tapping on his communicator, Picard headed for the turbolift. “Captain Picard to Colonel Carter. I want you and the rest of your team to meet me in Stellar Cartography.” He said quickly before stepping into the turbolift.

“On our way.” Carter’s reply came before the doors slid shut and Picard was on his way to the lab.

To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+

Carter, Teal’c and Daniel all hurried into Stellar Cartography, Daniel thanking the ensign who escorted them.

“Come in. I have ordered a course change here.” Picard said, pointing to a planet set along the path they were taking.

“Why?” Daniel asked.

“I’m dropping you off with twelve of my best men as well as my Chief of Security.” Picard said. “According to the data you gave us, this planet is the nearest one with a Stargate.” Picard said.

“Worf to Captain Picard.” Worf’s voice chirped over the comm.

“Go ahead, Commander.” Picard answered.

“The security teams are assembled in transporter rooms one and two. I will meet SG-1 in transporter room three.” The Klingon said.

“They’re on their way.” Picard nodded.

“We’ll go through the Stargate and buy the SGC some time before you arrive.” Sam said, realizing the plan as they walked out of the lab.

“That is the plan. Each security team has two portable force field generators. They are only level 4 generators, but they should be more than sufficient to hold of any advances for at least six hours. Used wisely, they hold you until Enterprise can arrive.” The Captain went into the transporter room with SG-1 as he talked. “Mr. Worf has your weapons, but you are more than welcome to use phasers.” He said.

Sam nodded, taking a phaser from Worf, as did Daniel.

“They are set to heavy stun.” Worf said. “Just aim and depress this button.” He pointed out the firing mechanism as they walked onto the pad.

“Good luck.” Picard said. Turning to the transporter engineer he nodded.

Sg-1 and Commander Worf disappeared from the platform and Picard tapped his comm badge. “Are they all away, Mr. Data?” he asked.

“Aye sir. All three transports were successful.” Data replied.

“Then set our course back for Earth, warp 9.5” Picard said as he headed for the bridge.

To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+

Sam looked around and saw that the other two teams were appearing just as they were. Looking at her surroundings, Sam grinned. They had been beamed directly to the gate. “Dial home, Daniel.”

Daniel nodded and headed to the DHD and began the sequence. Looking for the unique symbol that would represent the point of origin, he quickly found it and tapped it, pressing his palm on the large red orb in the center. The Stargate activated with the usual ‘kawoosh’ and Sam keyed in her GDO.

“Sam?!” General O’Neill’s voice came over her radio.

“Yes sir. We’re on…uh…a planet and have some backup on the way.” Sam said, realizing that she didn’t really know what planet they were on.

“Iris is open. Hurry up, though.” General O’Neill said.

Sam nodded and Daniel, Teal’c, Worf and the security teams moved through the gate. Sam followed shortly after.

To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+

General O’Neill looked at the inbound travelers and smiled, grabbing the mic. “Welcome home. Now get your butts up here.” He said.

Sam could hear muted firefights in the levels above them and nodded to the General as they all headed for the doors.

General O’Neill met the teams carrying a P-90 and wearing the new battle armor Area 51 created to disperse energy weapons fire. “Carter. We’re having a fun little party here. Glad you could join us.” He said.

Weapons fire and an explosion sounded above them and five Marines ran into the hallway, two of them carrying a wounded Marine. “Sir. Levels 25 thru 28 are lost.” One of the Marines said, breathing heavily.

O’Neill nodded. “Carter, take one of the Starfleet teams and secure the elevator, Teal’c take the other and try establishing a secure perimeter on this level. They can’t get through, understand?”

Teal’c nodded once and led the security team into the hallways. Sam led her team out the opposite door and headed into the complex.

Worf looked at O’Neill and squared his shoulders. “Do you have a tactical schematic of the complex?”

O’Neill nodded. “Yeah. Come on. What do you have in mind?”

“We have four class 4 shield generators between the two security teams. Strategically placed, they should provide a sufficient deterrent to their advance.” Worf said, following the General into the control booth.

“Sweet.” O’Neill said, bringing up the display. “Here, here, here and…here.” He said. “That leaves only three points they can possibly get down here and they will be bottlenecked badly along the way.”

Worf looked over the schematic and nodded. “I agree.”

“Enterprise on her way back?” O’Neill asked.

“Yes, but they will be several hours yet.” Worf said.

O’Neill cocked his weapon, slid five extra clips into his belt and nodded. Grabbing a zat, he looked at Worf. “Let’s go snake hunting.”

To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+

USS Enterprise
Captains Log
Stardate 58814.1

We are traveling at Warp 9.5 in the hopes that General O’Neill and two of our security teams can hold of the Goa’uld invasion long enough to allow the Enterprise to arrive. At present speed we should be arriving in the Sector 001 any minute. Our Chief of Security, who also happens to be our best tactical officer, is on the away team defending Cheyenne Mountain. I only prey we are not to late.

“Report.” Picard said, glancing up from his log.

“We are in sector 001 now, one minute from Earth.” Data reported.

“Visual.” Picard said. The viewscreen shimmered into place showing Earth and four Goa’uld Ha’Taks. They were massive, much larger than the ones they had previously faced.

“Sir, we’re receiving a distress call.” Lieutenant Parks said. “It’s the Prometheus. They’re in bad shape, sir. Life support is failing.”

“Bridge to Transporter rooms. Emergency transport protocol.” Picard said. “Bridge to Dr. Crusher.”

“Dr. Crusher here.” Her voice piped in over the intercom.

Lieutenant Barns saw the flashing light on his display and turned to Captain Picard. “Sir! Two Ha’Tak class vessels have broken from Earth orbit and are firing on Prometheus!”

“Prepare for emergency trauma, use cargo bay 2 if necessary.” Picard said. “Tactical. Move us in and configure the shields to encompass Prometheus as well!”

Lieutenant Adam Barns nodded. “Aye sir. Configuring now.” He looked over the readings and shook his head. “At this expenditure, the shields won’t last long.”

“Then we should make use of the time we have.” Picard said, sitting in his chair. “Load quantum torpedoes and prepare to fire on my mark.” Picard said. “Bridge to transporter rooms. Do you have the crew of the Prometheus?”

“Receiving them now, sir.” A voice sounded. “We’ll need a few more minutes.”

Picard looked at Barns and nodded. “Fire.”

Five blue-white orbs streaked from the Enterprise, slamming into two of the Ha’Taks, three torpedoes into one and two into the other. They shook violently, explosions rocking their surfaces. One of the two exploded.

“One target destroyed, sir. The second target’s shields have fallen, life support is failing and weapons are gone.” Barns reported.

“Lock weapons on the other two and fire at will.” Picard said, practically snarling.

Three minutes of blazing weapons fire were exchanged, the Enterprise’s shields falling to 2%. But the other two Ha’Taks were destroyed.

“Beam security teams onto the remaining vessel. I want prisoners, Lieutenant.” Picard ordered. “Make sure that each team is aware of possible infestation.”

“Aye sir.” Barns replied, piping the order over the conn. “Away teams have been transported.”

To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+

Worf watched as the last shield fell and trained his pulse phaser rifle on the lead Jaffa. With a sure and precise shot, he dropped one, then two and then three before O’Neill could bring his P-90 to bear.

“Sir!” Carter yelled from the hallway behind them.

“Little busy, Colonel.” O’Neill responded, shooting another Jaffa and ducking a staff blast.

“Sir. Enterprise just radioed they’re going too…” Carter started when the Jaffa facing them began to disappear in shimmering nimbuses of light. “They’re gonna beam the Jaffa away.”

O’Neill nodded. “Sweet.” He said, trying to force some sense of joviality into his voice. He didn’t succeed.

Worf stood and dropped the rifle over his shoulder, tapping his communicator. “Worf to all security personnel. Return to the Stargate and prepare for transport.” He ordered. Turning to O’Neill he smiled. “You fought with honor, and I am proud to have been here.” He said.

“Thanks.” O’Neill said. “You too.”

Worf nodded and headed off towards the Gateroom.

O’Neill watched the Klingon go and sighed.

Carter, picking up on his mood, walked up. “Something troubling you, sir?”

O’Neill shook his head. “Four Ha’Taks, Carter.” O’Neill said. “Four damn Ha’Taks. They didn’t use the gate and they knocked Prometheus on her ass in less than a minute.” He growled. “What happens next time Enterprise isn’t around?” he muttered, walking past Carter. The Colonel followed him. “What happens when we have to defend ourselves?” He said, slamming his office door.

Carter sighed and looked around. The attack appeared with eight squads of Jaffa ringing in from orbit and overwhelming the entrance. They just kept ringing in after that. They could have just as easily bombarded Earth from orbit and they would have been successful. Carter sighed. The General was right. What would happen the next time?

To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+

Captains Log
Stardate 58815.2

It has been almost a week since the attack on Earth. I shudder to think what would have happened if the Enterprise had not made it back in time. After destroying three of the Goa’uld vessels and capturing several of the crew I cannot imagine that this will be the end of hostilities. While our main priority is getting home, I cannot in good conscience leave Earth, any Earth, defenseless.

I have ordered my engineering team, save Commander LaForge and a few of his senior staff, to expedite repairs on the Prometheus. As for Mr. LaForge…I have another idea in mind.

Captain Picard looked at Geordi, Data and Geordi’s engineering staff. “Mr. LaForge. Do we have worker-bees onboard?” he asked.

“Yes sir. Every Sovereign-class vessel has eight on board.” Geordi answered.

Picard nodded. “Can we manufacture any more?” he asked.

Geordi looked at Data and his team. “Uh…well sir…with work, and I mean a lot, we can probably convert the eight type eight shuttlecraft into bee’s. Why sir?”

Picard seemed thoughtful for a moment. “Mr. Data, how complete is our database?”

“Quite complete, sir.” Data said.

“Does it have schematics?” Picard asked.

“Of what variety?” Data asked.

“Everything. Ships, shipyards, space stations…everything.” Picard said.

Data looked at Geordi and then back at Captain Picard. “No sir. The schematics for Drydocks 2,3 and 4, used to manufacture vessels of the Sovereign, Galaxy, Akira, Ambassador, Constellation…”

“Yes, yes…the larger vessels.” Picard brushed off Data’s reply. “What about the smaller craft? Can we build them?”

“The shipyard schematics to construct smaller vessels in our database are out of date, sir. However, we can construct all shuttlecraft including runabouts and work bees.” Data said.

“But no starships?” Picard asked.

Data looked at Geordi again. “Only the smaller ones, sir.”

Picard smiled slightly. “Defiant-class?”

Data nodded. “Yes sir.”

“And the schematics for the craft? Are they also in the computer?” Picard asked.

“All Starfleet vessel schematics are in the Enterprise computer.” Data answered.

“Mr. LaForge, begin the modifications on the type 8 shuttlecraft immediately.” Picard said. Looking around the table, he saw the faces of the crew as they tried to comprehend what their Captain was telling them to do. Every one of them had been through the Academy. Every one of them had had the Prime Directive hammered into their heads from day one, hell, even before they joined the Academy most likely. While the jury was still out as to whether or not this was a breech, it was close enough to cause discomfort.

“Sir, sharing replicator and medical technology is one thing. You’re taking about starship technology…” Geordi began.

“I am aware of that, Mr. LaForge.” Picard said.

“Sir, the Prime Directive clearly states that Starfleet shall not…” Data began.

“I am also well aware of the Prime Directive, thank you Mr. Data.” Picard said, cutting his first officer off. “I am also aware that the Federation exists only on board this vessel. We are alone in this galaxy and Earth is facing an enemy that we have never faced. They are doing so alone and with far less advanced technology.” Picard said. “I am not about to fly off and leave Earth, even if it isn’t my Earth, defenseless.” He said. “If anyone on this ship wishes to object, I shall note the objection in the log.”

No one said anything as Picard looked around.

“Then I suggest we get to work. Earth is a charter member of the Federation in our universe and I do not see any reason why it cannot be so here as well. They have achieved faster than light travel, and they are already exploring the galaxy. They would have been approached several years ago already.” Picard said.

Data looked at Geordi, who was smiling. “I believe we have work to do, Commander.” Data said to LaForge.

“Yes sir.” Geordi said, standing. “Sir, after the conversion of the shuttlecraft, we’re gonna need raw materials. Unless Earth is willing to let us mine…”

“I’ve already thought of that. There are several mining stations around Mars, and they serve well enough to supply Utopia Planetia. I see no reason we they cannot serve a much smaller facility.” Picard said.

Data cocked his head to the side. “Are we to construct the shipyard around Mars, sir?” he asked.

“I think it would be best. The governments on Earth now are still fractured. I don’t want to do anything that will drive a wedge further between them.” Picard answered. “That will be all.”

The crew broke up, Data lingering behind.

“Something on your mind, Mr. Data?” Picard asked.

“Yes sir.” Data said. “Aside from raw construction materials, we will need sources of dilithium, anti-matter, duranium, transparent aluminum, as well as several other resources. I do not believe we will find everything on Mars.”

Picard nodded. “Search the ships computer for the usual locations where these resources are found. We will begin a search for them immediately once you have destinations.” Picard said.

“They might not even exist here sir.” Data said.

Picard only nodded, looking out the observation window at Earth. “You may very well be right. If that is the case, you and Mr. LaForge will need to get…creative.”

Data nodded. “Aye sir.” He said and walked away.

Picard looked out the window and nodded. Walking onto the bridge, he looked at Lieutenant Parks. “I’m going to beam down to the SGC. You have the bridge while I am gone. Commander LaForge and Commander Data are working on a project, do not disturb them.” He said as he walked by and entered the turbolift.

“Aye sir.” Parks said and she followed him. The doors closed and she swallowed, looking around at the bridge crew, who were all staring at her. “You heard him, back to work.” She said.

The crew all turned back to their consoles, acting as if they were busy.

To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+

General O’Neill stood in full dress blues, along with an honor guard, in the Gateroom. When he heard that Captain Picard was going to be coming down, he decided to give him full honors.

A shimmering form on the ramp alerted O’Neill and he snapped to attention.

Picard smiled at the General and walked over. “Permission to enter?”

O’Neill smiled back. “Permission granted.” He said.

Picard looked around. “Expecting company?” he asked.

O’Neill nodded. “You.”

“Ahh.” Picard said. “I see. Well, thank you very much, but I was wondering if I could discuss something with you in private.”

O’Neill nodded. “Sure. Come on, I’ll give you the nickel tour.”

Picard smiled and turned, looking at the Stargate. “It must be amazing.” He said.

“It is. I really miss going Offworld.” O’Neill said. “Lots more fun than paperwork.”

Picard smiled. “I concur. I miss away missions. I fail to see why my first officer gets to have all the fun.”

“Me too!” O’Neill said as they turned and headed through the blast doors. The pair made their way to O’Neill’s office and closed the door. “Have a seat.” O’Neill said, gesturing towards the chair across from his desk.

Picard sat and sighed. Looking over, he grinned. The small replicator on the wall looked out of place, but he walked over anyway. “Tea, Earl Grey, Hot.” He gave the commands and watched as the beverage shimmered into existence.

“I’ll never get tired of that.” O’Neill said. “I can have blue jello anytime I want now.” He sighed dramatically.

“The invention of replicator technology was one of the best things to ever happen to space travel. But after a time, you begin to long for the real thing.” Picard said, sitting back down.

O’Neill shrugged. He sure hadn’t been able to tell the difference. “So…this isn’t just a social call, is it?”

Picard shook his head. “No. I’m afraid not.”

O’Neill nodded. “What’s up?” he asked.

Picard smiled. “I have an idea, and I wanted to ask for your input. Plans are already in motion, but nothing of very much significance has happened yet.”

O’Neill listened. “You guys leaving?”

Picard smiled. “On the contrary, just the opposite.” He set his cup on the desk and leaned forward. “In our universe, the Federation spans over several thousands of light years and has over 150 planets in its membership. The entire Federation has Starfleet to protect it. And Starfleet has many hundreds of starships.”

O’Neill nodded. “Sounds great.”

“It is. Earth has only one ship, and there is only Enterprise.” Picard said. “While the Goa’uld have several hundred separate fleets, as well as foot soldiers spread throughout the galaxy.”

O’Neill narrowed his gaze and leaned forward as well. “Hardly seems fair.”

“I agree.” Picard said.

O’Neill licked his lips carefully as he anticipated where this conversation was heading. “What are we gonna do about that?”

Picard grinned. “Starfleet began with one defense platform orbiting Earth and one Drydock station.”

“And?” O’Neill asked.

“I have those plans, as well as the plans for several starships on the computer on Enterprise.” Picard said.

“What are you trying to say, Captain?” O’Neill asked.

“I’m saying, that there are eight, soon sixteen, shuttle pods capable of creating a Drydock station that can create more shuttle pods to create Starships to defend Earth.” Picard said. “If you’re interested.”

Private Samuels was walking past General O’Neill’s office on his way to the commissary when the General’s shout came through the closed door, making him jump.

“YES! WE GOT OUR SPACE GUNS AND SPACESHIPS!!” O’Neill shouted. The day had defiantly turned out good.
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