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4: Stargatefleet

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The crew of the USS Enterprise-E has had to face many different threats, but this one is unlike any they have ever faced.

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Captain Picard couldn’t help but smile. General O’Neill looked equal parts enthused, relieved and skeptical. But the shouts of joy were still being issued, so he figured that the General was happy.

“Thank you!” O’Neill said.

“My pleasure. However…” Picard said.

O’Neill’s face fell a little. Here were the conditions. “Look…we have a really tight budget, but we can make some sort of payment plan, trade for gate technology…”

Picard shook his head. “It’s not monetary matters, General.” Picard said, smiling. “However, manpower, natural resources, governmental issues and time are all factors.” Picard said.

“So you need manpower.” O’Neill said.

“Among other things, yes.” Picard said. “In our universe, there is a Drydock station in orbit around Mars called Utopia Planitia. There is, again in our universe, adequate natural resources that we mine from Mars to supply the Drydock. However, there are other things.” He said, handing O’Neill a PADD. “Dilithium, anti-matter, transparent aluminum, Bio-Neural Gel Pack Computer technology and any number of other things we take for granted in the 24th century.” He said. “We will be constructing all of that from scratch.”

O’Neill nodded. “What if we could help?”

Picard raised an eyebrow. “How so?”

“Well, we have the Stargate. It makes sense to send geological teams through looking for some of the resources you mentioned. And according to this…” O’Neill held up the PADD. “You have an idea of where to start looking. We’ll cross these places with our computers and see if any match up with gate addresses and send teams through.” O’Neill then grinned. “And as for the technology. We happen to be very good allies, heck good friends, with one of the most technologically advanced races in the universe.”

Picard’s eyes widened. “The Asgard.” He muttered. “I had forgotten.” He said.

“I can have a message sent asking for their help.” O’Neill said. “They owe us a favor…actually, considering how much they save us we might actually owe them…” he trailed off.

“Perhaps we have something to offer.” Picard suggested.

“Maybe. Anyway, as far as manpower goes, we have plenty of people to draw from here. I assume you have enough crew to train any recruits?” O’Neill asked.

“Yes, as well as facilities to train in.” Picard said. “Now for the part where your government is concerned. If we are going to be working on this Drydock, and then ships, that will make your threat to the Goa’uld even greater.”

“And that means they will want to come here even more.” O’Neill nodded. “I’ve thought of that too.”

“We have the schematics for a weapons platform that we can construct in orbit, but I don’t like the idea of doing so without your governments knowledge.” Picard said. “Actually, I would rather the entire planet agree, but I don’t think that is a possibility given your planets current political situation.”

O’Neill thought for a moment. “Well actually, we divulged the Stargate to the UN Security Council a few years ago. They make up the major powers of the planet. We could ask them.”

Picard nodded. “That would ease my mind.”

“I’ll ask the President and we’ll go from there.” O’Neill said.

“Then I had better get back and make sure that we can actually do this.” Picard smiled.

“If everything falls into place, how long before a ship rolls off the line.” O’Neill asked.

“If the Asgard agree to assist, we can have a ship ready for shakedown in eight months. That will allow us time to train a crew to use Starfleet technology.” Picard said.

“Sounds good.” O’Neill said. “I’ll get in touch with Thor and see what they can do.”

Picard nodded and stood up. “Good luck, General.” He said, extending his hand.

“Same to you, Captain.” O’Neill stood as well and shook Picards hand. “And thank you.”

“My pleasure.” Picard said, tapping his communicator. “Picard to Enterprise. One to beam up.” He said.

A few seconds later, General O’Neill was standing alone in his office with a large smile on his face. Reaching down, he picked up the red phone on his desk. “Get me the President.”

To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+

Goa’uld Throne Room

“What is it?” Ba’al asked, looking at his First Prime kneeling before him. The Goa’uld’s eyes flashed in annoyance, his echoing voice adding to the sense of dread the Jaffa was feeling.

“My lord. I have news of the attack on the Tau’ri.” The Jaffa said.

“Report.” Ba’al said, almost bored. He had sent four Ha’Taks, complete with the upgrades harvested from Anubis’ fleet, to destroy the SGC and enslave the planet, adding it to his already vast empire.

“All Ha’Taks have been destroyed, and over two hundred Jaffa captured.” The kneeling First Prime replied.

Ba’al snarled. “How?!”

“The Federation ship arrived to assist the Tau’ri as our Jaffa were overrunning the base.” The Jaffa said.

“Was your vessel detected?” Ba’al asked, barely containing his rage.

“No, my lord.” The Jaffa answered.

“Do you have the data crystal?” Ba’al asked.

“Here, my lord.” The First Prime held out the red crystal.

Ba’al stood and walked over to the kneeling Jaffa, his long black and gold robes trailing behind him. Taking the crystal, Ba’al looked down at the Jaffa. “You assured me that your force would wipe out the Tau’ri, and that the Federation vessel would be occupied elsewhere.” Ba’al said, raising his hand. “You have failed me.” He opened his hand and the small gemstone flared, pouring energy into the Jaffa’s forehead.

The First Prime of Ba’al felt agony like he had never experienced as the beam seemed to bore a hole through his head. Convulsing on the floor as Ba’al willed the beam to a higher intensity, the Jaffa felt blood seeping from his nose, mouth and ears before blackness consumed him and he stopped feeling anything.

Ba’al closed his fist and looked over to two guards. “Jaffa! Dispose of this.” He said, kicking the dead First Prime. “I am not to be disturbed.” He said as the two Jaffa dragged their former leader’s lifeless husk away, closing the doors behind them. Ba’al sat on his throne and inserted the crystal into a small hole on the throne. Three holographic screens flared to life in front of Ba’al as he read the tactical readings from the battle. If there was a weakness, he would find one. And the Federation would fall before his might, adding its technology to his own.

To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+

Captain Picard looked out of the cargo bay’s main doors with a sense of wonder. He was in full dress uniform, along with his first and second officers Commander Data and Lieutenant Parks. Dr. Crusher and Commander Worf were also present. A security team was on parade duty and awaiting the Captains orders to come to full attention. There were also ten U.N. soldiers positioned around the room, trying not to look overwhelmed. Picards communicator chirped, causing the Captain to come out of his reverie. Tapping the communicator, Picard spoke. “Picard here.”

“Sir, we have a message from the SGC. They’re ready to beam up.” Picards Chief Engineer’s voice came over the communicator. Normally Geordi, as a member of the senior staff, would be here as well, but he was needed elsewhere.

“Beam them directly to cargo bay two.” Picard said.

“Aye sir.” Geordi replied.

It had been almost three months since Picards plan was set into motion. The Enterprise had received unanimous approval from the UN Security council to place a weapons platform in orbit around Earth to help defend against the Goa’uld. In that time, Geordi, Data and their sixteen Worker Bee’s had done what Picard thought to be impossible. They had finished the platform. It truly amazed him, sometimes, what his Engineer was capable of doing. It was no wonder that Starfleet Engineers had a reputation of being miracle workers.

Eight forms shimmered into view in front of Picard, who nodded to the Security team. The team snapped to attention as the eight forms materialized.

“Wow! That was great. I gotta get one of these installed in the White House.” President Hayes said, turning and grinning at Jack.

“Yes sir.” Jack said, smiling. He really liked the President. “Sir, may I present Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Captain of the Enterprise.”

Picard smiled warmly. “Welcome aboard, Mr. President.” Picard said, extending his hand.

“Thanks for having me.” Hayes returned Picards smile as he shook the Captains hand. “Nice ship.” He said, looking around.

“That she is, sir.” Picard said. “Commander LaForge, my Chief Engineer, tells me we are almost ready to bring the platform online.” Picard said, gesturing behind the eight guests. Those guests were General O’Neill, President Hayes, Major General Hammond, and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, from the United States, United Kingdom, Russia, China and France.

The eight turned and Picard smiled as they took in the sight.

The platform was not very well termed, because it gave an image of a flat platform mounted with guns. This was nothing of the sort. It was a scaled down Starbase. And by scaled down, Picard meant only slightly. Prometheus was docked at one of the two pylons. There were two pylons, one above and one below the main body, which looked like a bubble. General O’Neill, when he saw the schematics, commented on the fact that it looked like someone had tried to suck and orange through a straw.

“How big is that thing?” O’Neill asked, while the others just stared.

“It measure slightly over 450 meters from pylon to pylon.” Picard said. “It has living quarters for a permanent crew of one hundred, but has an operating crew of over two hundred which rotate in and out on shifts. It can dock with Earth, Federation and Asgard ships. The computer core has a listing of all known Goa’uld vessels and…this platform has teeth.” He smiled, turning to Data.

The android stepped up and began to speak. “The main weapons array consists of four type 10 phaser arrays, running around the central structure. It also has six rapid-fire torpedo launchers capable of firing pattern bursts. That is a first in Federation designs. The shield generator is Federation design, Regenerative shield technology. Since the station does not use as much power as a Starship, the shields can withstand direct attack for a far longer amount of time.”

“And you are just giving this to us?” the Chinese Ambassador asked, skeptical.

“United Nations personnel have already been trained and are onboard right now.” Picard said. He was not hiding anything from them; he wanted to help defend Earth.

“I see.” The Ambassador said, turning back towards the station.

“Where did you get the materials for all of this?” President Hayes asked.

Picard smiled. “An excellent question, Mr. President.” Picard said. “Helm. Set course for Utopia Planitia-A. Full impulse.” Picard said. The group watched as the ship moved further away from the battle platform and gasped when, in a few seconds passed the moon.

After gesturing towards the replicator, from which O’Neill happily ordered his usual blue jello, the Captain took questions from the gathered group.

“How long can they remain onboard the station?” the Russian Ambassador asked.

“Indefinitely.” Picard said. “The station has replicators, a self-sustaining life support system and plenty of living space. And they are not cut off from Earth, either. The station has sub-space radios, a transporter capable of transporting to anywhere on the Earth with four pads, and a little addition.” Picard smiled enigmatically.

“What addition would that be?” the British Ambassador asked.

“That would ruin the surprise, Ambassador.” Picard smiled.

“Bridge to Captain Picard.” The Captains communicator chirped.

“Go ahead.” The Captain answered.

“Approaching Utopia Planitia-A now, sir.” The helmsman said.

“Viewing orbit, Ensign.” The Captain said, gesturing towards the open bay doors.

Slowly, the scene shifted, the view rotating as the Enterprise rotated to allow the visitors to look out the window. A large, red planet came into view.

“Good lord. Is that Mars?!” the British Ambassador asked.

“Indeed it is.” Picard smiled. “We initially hoped that this universe’s Mars had the same resources as our own. We found out that it did not.” Picard said. “It had much more plentiful supplies.”

“You mean…?” O’Neill started to ask.

“Utopia Planitia-A is complete. The Asgard helped with the construction and mining. Expect the first Starship to be ready in two months.” Picard smiled. The Drydock came into view and the group all watched as a small swarm, that was the only way they could describe them, of shuttles moved around a ship in the main bay. They were assembling the hull right before their eyes.

“It has already completed forty-six vessels. Thirty Work Bees, fifteen Sphinx work pods and one Danube-Class shuttle.” Picard said.

“A what now?” O’Neill asked.

“The Danube-Class shuttle is not really a shuttle. It’s larger than a shuttle, but smaller than a Starship. It is Warp capable and usually assigned to stations.” Picard said.

“That’s the surprise. That’s what else the station has.” President Hayes said.

“Correct.” Picard smiled.

“How fast can it go?” O’Neill asked.

“The Danube-Class runabout has a maximum warp of 4.5, which it can sustain for twelve hours.” Data supplied.

“How fast is that, exactly?” President Hayes asked.

“At Warp 4.5, the runabout can travel at over 109 billion kilometers per second.” Data answered.

“That is incredible.” The French Ambassador said, shaking his head.

“How fast can Enterprise go?” Hayes asked, grinning.

“At Warp 9.6, Enterprise travels at 2.05 trillion kilometers per second, or 1,909 time the speed of light.” Data said.

“And the ships you’re building now?” the Russian Ambassador asked.

“Actually, we aren’t building them.” Picard said, smiling. “You are.”

President Hayes looked back out the window. “You mean those are our people out there?”

“That’s right.” Picard said. “The only personnel Enterprise has outside of this ship is a small engineering team on the station making final adjustments to computer systems.”

O’Neill was grinning. “How fast will the ships go?” he asked Data.

“The Defiant-Class Starships will be able to travel at Warp 9.982 for up to 12 hours. That is nearly 3.27 trillion kilometers per second and over 3,000 times the speed of light.” Data said.

“Is that what is being built now?” the Russian Ambassador asked.

“Yes sir.” Data answered.

“Why is it faster than this vessel?” the Ambassador asked.

“It is significantly less mass than Enterprise and that makes it much easier on the engines. It also has significantly less power requirements than Enterprise.” Data supplied.

“What about weapons systems and shields?” O’Neill asked.

“Many of the weapons systems on the Defiant project were incorporated in the Sovereign project. The ships will have pulse-phaser canons as well as photon torpedo launchers. The shield system will be the same as Enterprise’s.” Picard said.

“Will the…phasers…be able to stand up to a Goa’uld vessel?” The French Ambassador asked.

“Each phaser canon is able to produce a blast greater than a type 10 phaser emitter. They also fire much more rapidly.” Data said. “Each canon holds it’s charge for 1.7 to 2.1 nanoseconds between bursts giving the blast its power. A constant barrage, usually between four and six shots, can weaken a shield and allow most of the phasers energy to get through without collapsing the shield grid.”

“This is absolutely remarkable.” President Hayes said. “And who will crew the new ship?”

“Again, Mr. President, it will be your own people. We have a crew of one hundred training right now. They are actually out right now on shuttles learning how to operate Federation technology.” Picard said.

“And you want nothing in return?” The British Ambassador asked again.

“Only to be able to study your Stargate in the hopes of finding a way home.” Picard said.

“You could easily do that from any planet with a Stargate on it.” The Russian Ambassador said. “Why help us like this?”

Picard smiled. “In my universe, Earth is the center of a great organization. The United Federation of Planets. It spans several hundred light years and has over one hundred and fifty worlds. Earth is my home, Ambassador. Even if it isn’t my Earth.”

O’Neill nodded. “Yeah. Let’s stop pestering the nice man with all the advanced technology before he gets annoyed and takes it from us.”

Picard shook his head. “Rest assured, General, I will not do any such thing.” He said. “The Goa’uld outnumber the Enterprise by to much. I’ll take all the allies I can get.” He said.

“Well, I think it’s safe to say that you have an alley in Earth, Captain.” President Hayes said.

“Thank you, Mr. President.” Picard said. “Now, how would you like a tour?”

To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+

Captains Log
Stardate 58822.3

With the new Earth Space Station in full operation, and Utopia Planetia-A in full operation I feel confident that I can now turn my attention to getting my crew home. Morale has been good, given the situation, but I can tell that the crew wishes to return to our own universe. While they have all been stalwart and steadfast in the face of our predicament, I do not wish to push our luck. General O’Neill has informed me of several planets they have visited that hold ruins that once belonged to The Ancients, the builders of the Stargate network. While I am sure they made every effort to explore the planets, I feel that Enterprise is much better suited to explore in greater depth.

Captain Picard walked from his ready room and nodded to Worf, who stood at the tactical station.

“Channel open.” Worf said. The image of General O’Neill shimmered into existence on the viewscreen.

“Going to go and do a little sightseeing, Captain?” O’Neill asked.

“Well, since we’re here and all, I figured it might be beneficial.” Picard said, smiling. “With the station in orbit and two starships under construction, I figure Earth will be quite safe from attack.”

“Ahh…it’s not snakes attacking that bothers me.” O’Neill said. “It’s you guys I’m worried about. You can’t be Ba’al’s favorite person right now.”

“I agree. However I think we shall be able to handle ourselves.” Picard said. “We’ll only be a call away should you need us.”

“Same here.” O’Neill said. “Be careful, and good luck, Captain.”

“Thank you General.” Picard said. “Enterprise out.”

The image went off and Picard sat in his command chair. “Helm, have you got our first destination from the computer yet?” he asked.

“Aye sir.” The helmsman replied.

“Lay in a course and engage, warp 5” Picard said.

“Sir, at warp 5 we will reach our destination in approximately nine days.” Data said.

“Very well. In the meantime, let’s see what’s out here.” Picard said.

To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+

Ba’al looked out of the viewing window overlooking the construction yard he had set up specifically to create his new Ha’Taks. Below, he saw thousands of workers scurrying around and loading the raw materials into the automated building mechanism. While it still took several months to build the ships, the fact was that he could build several ships at once and they would go non-stop until the job was finished. This facility originally belonged to Ra, but Apophis took it when Ra was killed. Cronos took it over after Apophis’ death and Anubis took it after his. Now with Anubis defeated, Ba’al had come into possession of it. He smiled. He would not be so easy to defeat as his master.

While it was true that all Goa’uld were basically parasites, they were not stupid. They took technology and learned its secrets. The learned from watching their enemies fall. With the falls of Ra, Apophis, Cronos, and Anubis, Ba’al had learned much indeed.

“Jaffa!” Ba’al called to his First Prime. “How goes the construction?” he asked.

“My lord. The construction is ahead of schedule. The new weapons systems and shield generators are installed and we are ready to test them.” His First Prime said, kneeling behind his master as Ba’al looked out the window.

“Good. Proceed.” Ba’al said, waving him away.

“Yes, my lord.” The Jaffa said, standing and going to issue the orders.

Ba’al watched as the crews stopped and stared at the massive forms of the three Ha’Taks as their power came online. A sudden flare of light around the ships showed the new shields come on. Ba’al smiled.

“Commencing weapons test.” Ba’als First Prime said.

Ba’al watched as two weapons placements on the first ship swiveled, in unison due to slaving them, and fixed on a target in orbit. A bright yellow, and solid, beam lanced out of the guns. Ba’al looked at his First Prime, eager to hear the word.

“The Ha’Tak in orbit was destroyed.” His First Prime smiled.

Ba’al was well pleased. The Ha’Tak was one of the three left from Anubis’ super-fleet. They carried similar shields and weapons to the Asgard, but they still took a beating from the Federation ship. But now, with Ba’als new ships they would be obsolete.

“Excellent.” Ba’al smiled. Suddenly, alarms sounded. “What is happening?” Ba’al demanded.

The First Prime checked his panel and scanned the readings. “The energy core of the test ship. It is overloading!” he said. “The weapons fire and shield generator was to much of a strain. The computer cannot compensate. It is going to explode!”

Ba’al turned and looked out of his window. The Ha’Tak that had fired the shot was now showing small explosions rippling over the surface of the ship. The pieces began collapsing and soon, there was nothing but a burning pile of rubble and fire. Ba’al lifted his chin and squared himself. His face was a barely controlled mask of rage.

“My lord. Our scientists say they know what the problem was. They can fix it, but they need to design a new power system, one capable of handling the output needed in the new designs.” Ba’als First Prime said.

Ba’al closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “Do it.” He said, eerily calm. “Take the other ships offline and remove their power systems.”

The First Prime nodded once and turned to leave. “Shall I have the scientists brought before you, my lord?” he asked.

Ba’al thought for a moment. In order to keep control, the Goa’uld had to instill fear in the hearts, into the very souls, of his subjects. “No.” he said quietly. “Stress the importance of their work.” He said. “However, a lesson must be given. Have their families brought to me. They shall stay here until their work is completed.”

The First Prime shuddered slightly. “As you wish, my lord.” He said, turning and heading out to begin his task.

Ba’al sat on his throne and leaned back, breathing deeply. In all truth, he was pleased. The work was ahead of schedule, so there was no real loss. The materials could be replaced, as could the chattel that had died. Ba’al smiled. Soon, he would be in command of the most powerful ships ever conceived of by the Goa’uld. And after the Federation vessel was taken, in pieces of whole, he would turn to his fellow system lords. Then, finally, to the Tau’ri. Ba’al sat and smiled. He could wait. He had patience. He had learned much from his former masters.

To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+ To Boldly Go ~+~+~+

Captains Log
Stardate 58823.5

It has been almost a month since we left Earth. The exploration of the areas that the race simply known as The Ancients once inhabited has been fascinating. The away teams have taken many trip through several ruins and found that the builders of the Stargate were indeed very advanced. While not as advanced as Ikonian technology, they were certainly well beyond where the Federation was. Aside from the cultural aspects, the many devices we have found we have also found that there are other Galaxies we could explore as well. I truly wish we could meet with the Ancients, if only for a short time. In the meanwhile, Commander Data and Commander LaForge have come to me with a rather…ambitious plan. While I had thought of something like it, I did not want to overburden my crew. After all, they are merely a handful of ship’s personnel, not a Starfleet Engineering Team.

Picard stared at his First Officer and his Chief Engineer and raised an eyebrow. “Are you serious?”

Geordi nodded eagerly. “Yes sir. All we would need is on here.” He said, handing Captain Picard a PADD.

Data looked at Geordi and nodded. “We would also require assistance from the Asgard.”

Picard nodded. “How many personnel from Enterprise would you require?” he asked.

Geordi turned to Data and then back to Picard. “Less than a dozen.” He said.

Picard looked up suddenly. “How is that possible?” he asked. He looked at the list again and shook his head. “Even with the Earth personnel that’s less than one hundred. This list says that you need seven hundred more work bees and three hundred more sphinx pods.” He said.

Data nodded. “We will also need to create an AC-16 Bio-Neural Super-series computer core.”

Picard looked up. “Like the ones on Enterprise?” he asked.

Geordi nodded. “Yes sir. We have to have a computer that powerful if we want to pull this off.”

Picard scanned the list again and the more he read the more he understood why most Starfleet personnel believed their Chief Engineers to be miracle workers. “Dear lord. Are you sure this can work?” he asked.

Data nodded. “There should be very little problem. The computer core should be able to handle the workload and as mentioned, the Engineering team would be needed just in case something went wrong.”

Picard shook his head. “This truly is amazing.” He said. “And the resources?”

“Utopia Planitia-A has barely scratched the surface of the raw materials on Mars.” Geordi said.

Picard nodded his head. “Well, when we get back to Earth, I will meet with General O’Neill and the President of the United States. In the meantime, what have we found out about the latest planet?” he asked.

Geordi and Data went about giving their reports, smiling inwardly. This universe was about to get a whole new set of rules.
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