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Chapter One

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The wake was both terrifying and utterly depressing. Teriffying, because I always feared the death of a family member. Depressing, because of the thought of Ben growing up without a father, me grow...

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Trusting - Chapter One

"Amelia." My mother, Lydia, said with a broken voice at my bedroom door, and I turn to see her tear-stained face. She looked afraid; scared to see my father being placed six feet under. I wouldn't blame her, I was scared myself. "Amelia, it's time to go."

"Okay, Mom." I sigh, getting up from my bed and walking towards my bedroom door, following my mom down the fourteen wooden steps to the ground floor, where my five year old brother, Ben, was trying to tie his shoes all on his own, making me smile a little. My dad was going to teach him that, when he got home from work three weeks ago. Of course, he never arrived home. He was murdered, taken away from us by a cruel human with a stone cold heart.

"Come here, Ben. I'll do it." I say, walking over and bending down to tie his lace, yet he turned away from me.

"No!" He protests, in a dominant voice. "I want Daddy to do it!"

Those words nearly made me cry. I couldn't just tell him Dad had died, he was way too young for that, and I couldn't hurt him. I loved Ben, he was the cutest little thing you could ever meet, so innocent and pure. I composed myself, taking a deep breath, and picking Ben up.

"Daddy can't anymore. He's at work." That was all I could bear say.

"Oh, okay." Ben smiled a cute, mini-toothed smile as I carried him to the car and placed him in the booster seat, clicking his seatbelt into the holder, and shutting the car door, then going around to the passenger seat in the front and sliding in, putting my belt on and shutting the door, waiting for Mom to come out and drive us to the funeral. She soon appeared, mascara smeared even more as she climbed in the driver's seat and started the car, soon bursting into tears.

"Mom.." I rub my hand on her back, feeling her choked sobs. "Mom, it's gonna be... it's gonna be okay." I tried so hard not to cry myself, for Ben's sake.

"How d-do you know, Amelia?" Mom questioned me. "How do you know it's gonna be okay? He's dead. Your father, my husband, murdered in cold hard blood." Mom was angered now, and I tried to calm her, but it was no use. We all began to cry, even Ben. Soon enough, however, we all headed for the church for the wake.

"Ah, you're here." Pastor John acknowledged our presence, and we took our seats at the front. "Now, let's begin by me saying my condolences to Lydia, Amelia and Ben. Your father shall be greatly missed."

The wake was both terrifying and greatly depressing. Terrifying, because I'd always feared a member of my family dying, and me having to watch their burial. Depressing, because my father was the best father anyone could ever dream of having, and here he was being put in the ground, because some sick fuck decided to take his life away, not knowing the effect it'd have on those who love him most. Ben's gonna grow up without a father, and I'm gonna grow up without a friend. As I watched Dad's coffin being layed into the dirt, I realised I'd never be able to trust anyone again.

A/N: This is short, I know, but it means there's a lot of secrecy in it. This was kinda loosely inspired by this fic I read last night, the name has slipped my mind, but it was really, really fucking good. Anyway.. Rate and Review, for a part two! Hey, that rhymes. Peace and Cookies, XO Sadie
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