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Chapter Two

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"Mom, I'm off to school." She didn't even acknowledge my goodbye.

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Trusting - Chapter Two

I stood before my standing mirror, dressed in an Asking Alexandria t-shirt, denim jeans and white combat boots with black laces. My black shoulder length hair was done up in a high ponytail, my dip-dyed, blood red fringe hanging over my right eye. My eyes were shadowed with thick, jet black eyeliner, my lips covered with blood red lipstick. I looked just like a rockstar, that's what Dad would've said. Dad. I missed him, but I had to stay strong. I grab my phone and headphones, stuffing the phone in my pocket, then grabbed my notebook and biro pen and headed downstairs, to be greeted by a cheeky little smile from Ben.

"Morning, Amelia!" He chimed. I smiled a little at his cute behaviour and ruffled his blonde hair, making him giggle.

"Hey, you. Where's Mommy?" I ask, and he points into the kitchen, where Mom was sat, staring at nothing. Her eyes were glassed with fresh tears, and rimmed with red from all of the crying. I sigh, and walk up to her, wrapping an arm around her shoulders.

"Mom, you gonna be okay?" I ask, and she never looked at me. "Do you want me to stay home?"

"No, Amelia." She said, still staring into space. "I'll be okay."

"But, what about-"

"I said I'll be okay." Mom cut me off, sharply, and shot me a daggered look. She was hurt, I could tell, so I did the one thing I thought was best.

"Mom, I'm off to school." I gathered up my bag, and turn back to look at the broken family I was to leave behind for the day. Mom barely even acknowledged my goodbye. I opened the back door, and left the house, switching on Someone Somewhere and listening to the lyrics sink in as I made my dreary journey towards Carson High.

"Even though I'm on my own, I know I'm not alone. Cuz I know there's someone, somewhere, praying that I'll make it home. So here's one from the heart, my life right from the start. I need a home sweet home, to call my own."


I entered my first period class, English, as quick as I could, to avoid attention. I wasn't really one with people, especially Jackson and his pack of mutts that always picked the seat just in front of me. Jackson was the leader, the Ken-look-a-like, who happened to be the quaterback to our football team, and his pack were the other team players. Jackson's second-in-command was Danny, the tanned beach boy. Next in line was Oz, then Ollie. Jackson's girlfriend, Stacey, she was the worst of them all. Her and her Barbie Dolls, Amy, Chloe and Jas. Those type of people ruled Carson High, whereas I was the geeky little emo girl.

"Hey, Emo." Jackson sniggered as he took his usual seat in front of me. "Feeling Emo today?"

I scowled, knowing if I said a word, I'd get beaten down, so I kept my mouth shut.

"Aw, no talking?" Danny pouted, cracking up as he did so. God, I wanted to punch them so fucking hard. "That's a little mean."

"Shut up." I mutter, hoping they wouldn't hear me, which they didn't, thank God. Then, our English teacher, Ms. Wizen, called the class to attention, and beside her stood the Principal, Dr. Craig, and an unfamiliar kid, probably a newbie.

"Class, we have Dr. Craig here to introduce our newest student here at Carson High." Ms. Wizen stepped aside, and let Dr. Craig and the new boy step up.

"Class, this is Jona. He's transferred here from Jackson County, and I'd like you to treat him with good respect, which I know you can all manage." Dr. Craig gave a little push to Jona, who sported a My Chemical Romance shirt with combat trousers and skate shoes. His black hair was covered with a grey beanie, and the dude had a silver lip-ring, which weren't really allowed, but who was I to judge?

"Right, Jona, you can sit by Amelia today okay?" Ms. Wizer smiled, and I let out a little groan at the mere mention of my name. I watched as Jona took strides towards the back, and Jackson let out little beeps, before laughing.

"Uh oh, my Emo-o-meter is going into overdrive.." He chuckled, making his pack of hound dogs laugh.

"Fuck you." I heard Jona whisper, and Danny snapped his head up at him.

"What'd you say?" Danny spat.

"I said Fuck you, you walking orange." I was impressed with this kid, he had guts. But, guts got you nowhere in this school, except for the toilets of a Swirlie.

"You're in for it later, Emo." Ollie backed Danny up, and Oz nodded in agreement.

"Whatever, no-brains." Jona then took his seat beside me.

"Woah, how'd you do that?" I asked in complete awe.

"Easy. I've been called the same exact name every day in Middle School, and since I was a freshman, so I get a little cheesed off." Jona said, leaning back on the chair and putting his hands on the back of his head.

I guess today wasn't gonna be such a bad day after all.

A/N: Okay! So, there's chapter two. This may sound shit, but I'm planning out the big fucking plot twist that'll be slap-bang in the middle of this. Right now, my brain's like a factory, sorting out all the different mechanisms that's gonna make this fic. It'd be helpful for Rates and Reviews, spots of improvement are welcome, and if you want to become an editor or something, I'll give you my email in the review, and you can go over the original chapter that'll be posted and add to it, take bits away, all that shit. Just say weather you added/took away anything in the email after the edit alright? Okay. Peace and Cookies, my joyful readers! XO Sadie
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