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Chapter Three

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"Don't you wanna go to the nurse?" But, Jona just left the school grounds, with a bloodied head, as if he was okay.

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Trusting - Chapter Three.

"So, Jackson County, huh?" I question Jona as we walk towards the cafeteria at lunch. "Was it nice there?"

"I guess." He shrugged. "But, I didn't really prefer it."

"Why'd you move here to North Dakota, then?" I ask.

"My Dad, he got a job here." Jona took up one of the lunch trays, putting a single apple on the tray and a bottle of Mountain Dew. "I didn't really wanna move, but my Dad can be pretty persuasive."

I looked down at Jona's tray, noticing the lack of food.

"That's all you're gonna eat?" I ask, pointing to the tray.

"I don't eat much." Jona said. "You gonna eat anything?"

"Right." I looked over the condements of food and picked up a tuna salad, along with a can of Pepsi Max. "Better?" I look up at him, and he laughs.

"Yeah." We then looked about for a place to sit, and I told him about the seating charts of the lunch hall.

"Right, so around here, we sit in cliques." I point to the far end table, where Jackson and the other populars sat. "Over there, is the Kens and Barbies. I'd stay away from them if you want a deathwish."

I then point to another table, where the geeks sat. All 10 of them, each with calculators and science books, all working on some equation or formulae or whatever those geeks do. "Over there you got the Geeks. They're the brains, but they also get beaten to a pulp by the Jocks, who sit with the Kens and Barbies. You also have the Tree-Huggers, Drama People, Singers, and the like."

"Well, where do we sit?" Jona asked.

"The Emo Table." Jackson snuck up behind us, towering over us. "Over by the toilets." We looked over at the empty table by the toilets, and I groaned a little, as we both made our way over to the table.

"Why is this called 'The Emo Table'?" Jona asked, taking a bite of his apple.

"Because, everyone thinks we're emo because we listen to 'bands who cut.'" I inform him on the 411 of the way this school works. "While everyone else listens to people who say swag and yolo."

"So, basically people here are brain-dead and tone-deaf." Jona sums it up, and I nod. "Well, I ain't gonna stand for it." He then got up and made his way toward Jackson and the Horrid Hyenas he calls friends.

"Look, Jackson." Jona tried to reason with him, calmly. "Me and Amelia do not like where you put us, and we're not gonna listen to you, or anyone in this school."

Jackson and the Dolls began to laugh.

"Oh, look. This little emo thinks he can just sit where ever he and his little gothic nobody wants to. Listen, kid. I own this school, you play by our rules, or you're gonna get smashed to bits. Got it?" Jackson spat.

"Then hit me. Hit me with your best shot, you walking cheese-it." Jackson then threw a punch right at Jona's temple, and Jona swerved out of the way, smirking. Jackson then tried again, and failed again, before finally hitting Jona square in the stomach, making him double-over, and Jackson landed another hard-hitting blow in Jona's head, making it bleed.

"Now, you listen here." Jackson grabbed Jona by the hair, pulling him up to eye-level. "This school is owned by me and the dogs. You step one foot out of line, and I swear to God, I'll end you right there and then, you understand, chump? You'd better." Jackson then let Jona fall to the floor in a bloodied heap, before leaving with his posse, and the cafeteria was in a stunned silence, before it slowly went back to rambling chatter.

"Jona!" I ran up to him, supporting him up and examining the damage. "I'm gonna get you to the nurse."

"No." He got out of my grasp quickly, and staggered weakly toward the exit of the school.

"Don't you wanna go to the nurse?" I call after him.

"I said no!" He then left the grounds, with a bloodied head, as if he was okay and nothing had happened.
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