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Chapter Four

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"My Dad says we're not allowed to go in there. Ever."

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Chapter Four

"Jona!" I caught up to Jona the next day at school; he was sat alone on the grass by the old oak tree, the one the students from 1985-or-so planted, one of them being my Dad. There was a plaque underneath, that read the school's motto. 'Learning to Learn'. I never really got the concept of that, it was cryptic. Oh well, we weren't able to do anything about it. It was there forever, I guess.

"Jona!" I sat down beside him, catching my breath. "Why'd you run off like that, with your face kinda fucked up? Where'd you go? Who fixed you up?"

"I went home." Jona replied. "And, I left because I really hate school nurses. To me, they seem like they more or less want to kill you instead of trying to cure something as simple as a stomach ache. But, that's just my opinion. And, for the record, I did get beat up trying to save both our asses. Oh, and my Dad fixed me up" Jona exclaimed.

"Really?" I ask. "What, is your Dad a doctor or something?"

"He's a lot of things." Jona commented. "He knows how to clean up a mess, and make things seem like they never even happened."

"Yeah, that's what Jackson and those guys can do." I sigh, picking out little bits of grass as I spoke. "They act like Kings and Queens, and we're the peasants who never dare to speak up."

"But, I did."

"Yeah. You spoke up for every kid who's ever been downgraded by those jerks, even me. They should be parading for you now." I laughed.

"Anyway, I told my Dad about you, how I helped you and shit. He said he wants to meet you, so do you wanna come over later?" Jona asked.

"Uh, I guess." I say awkwardly. "But, isn't it a little, y'know, forward? I've barely even known you for a while-"

"Relax, it's not like we're dating." Jona rolled his eyes. "You comin' or not?"

"Sure." I finally agree. "But, I gotta be home in time for dinner. I have to make the dinner, as my Mom isn't really on good terms with the world right now, what with..." I hesitate, swallowing the massive lump developing in the back of my throat. "I don't wanna talk about it." I say, feeling tears develop in my eyes.

"Hey, no worries." Jona said supportively. "My Dad was the same, when my Mom died. He could barely cope with me, with anyone. But, he's finally let go, and your Mom will too."

"Hopefully." I mumble. "I do hope so, my little brother can barely take care of himself."

"We should probably head to class." Jona said after a few minutes of silence. "Ms. Layton would kill us, otherwise."

"You're right." I jump up, as does Jona. "Let's go." We both take off for the Tech Building for our Maths lesson with Ms. Layton.


"So, this is my place" Jona opened his front door of his home on 1432 Carlton Place, a very big house, yet much bigger on the inside. The main hall was a rectangular shape, with three rooms splitting off at the left and right side, and the back, those rooms being the kitchen, dining room and living area. There was also a set of fourteen mahogany stairs, and a door beside the front door left open a crack, and I saw a set of stone stairs, with candles hung either side, flickering a ruby red flame. I turned my attention on it, and Jona stopped me just as I made my way toward the wooden door.

"My Dad says we aren't allowed to go in there." Jona told me. "Ever."

"Why?" I ask.

"Don't know. I only ever see my Dad and his two friends go in there, and there's always a weird stench of toxin coming from that room. Like poison."

"Poison?" I widen my eyes. "Your Dad stores poison in there?!"

"Well, I'm not too sure." Jona trailed off. "Anyway, my Dad should be home soon, he's at work at the minute."

"Alright, you can give me the official tour." I giggle as the 'tour' started. Jona showed me the many different rooms of the house, and I examined all the different rooms with a look of awe on my face. He must be very rich to afford all of this, I wondered. Only movie stars and the like could afford a place on Carlton Place. After a while, we heard the click of a door shut, and Jona knew it was his father. Jona pulled me from the peice I was examining, stopping me in front of a very tall man.

"You must be Amelia." The man acknowledged me with a posh accent, yet still the etnicity of a typical American male. "I'm Dexter, Jona's father." Dexter was tall, around seven foot maybe, and very thin. He had pale blonde hair, it looked bleached to me, and piercing yellow-ish eyes. I noticed his clothing spotted with dabs of blood, and the handle to something, possibly a weapon of some kind, in his coat pocket.

"Hello, Dexter." I greet with a blank expression, focusing more on the blood. "If you don't mind my asking, why is your clothing spotted with blood, and what is that in your pocket?" I point to both the clothes, and the mysterious metal handle in the coat pocket.

"Not at all. All of Jona's friends were curious of what I bring home from work with me." Dexter smiled graciously. "You see, Ari, I'm a surgeon, and I guess I got a little bit of bodial fluid on my clothing. And, this in my pocket my dear is a writing pen, victorian style, as I adore the Tudor and Windsor family history. I actually met The Queen of England, you know."

"Amelia, it's getting a little late, and remember how you had to be home to be the family girl?" Jona reminded me.

"Oh, right." I say, snapping out of the curiosity that was ever-growing with this knowledge and other assumptions to things about Dexter I now know. "It was nice to meet you sir."

"Amelia, perhaps, you'd like to stay for a small dinner, just to get you home?" Dexter suggested. "I can make a nice autumn salad for you."

I think for a while, before politely accepting the invitation.

"Excellent." Dexter flashed a wide grin, kind of reminding me of someone, or something, very evil.

A/N: Ooh, shocker!! PS: Dexter has a meaning you know, which you shall find out about at the end of this fic. A whole lot of secrets shall be revealed about Jona's family, that is all I shall say. Read, Rate and Review, kiddies! Peace and Cookies, XO Sadie!
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