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Chapter Five.

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"Ever heard of the saying curiosity killed the cat?"

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Chapter Five.

"Dinner's served." Dexter layed out the three plates filled with food for dinner. I had the autumn salad, and both Jona and Dexter had ribs, yet they didn't exactly look like pigs ribs or that of the sort. Of course, what did I know? I was a vegitarian, all meat looked the same to me: ill, and a horrific sight as I pictured a thousand cows, laying lifeless in the middle of their pasture. "Dig in."

"This is an amazing dinner, Dad." Jona approved between bites, as I politely ate my salad, not talking as much as I normally would during a family meal, though it pained me to even think of my last one with Dad. "These ribs are just so tender and delicious, where'd you get them?"

"Family secret, son." Dexter winked at his son, and they both laughed, and the gut-wrenching feeling that they were hiding something was back yet again, and I felt sick to my stomach.

"Excuse me, may I use your bathroom?" I ask. "I'm not feeling very well."

"Of course, Amelia." Dexter replied with a smile. "You know where it is, right?"

"Yes, I do." I shift from my chair, walking toward the main entry hall. "I'll be back soon."

Once I was out of view, I quickly walked toward the door, revealing the stairs down to the unknown room. Curiosity getting the better of me, I creep down the stairs, to unveil the most horrific thing I have ever seen in my entire lifetime. Hung on the wall of the stoned room were pictures, all of males, with red X's over them. One of which being my father, that picture being from his wallet. I looked around the room, keeping out of sight, and I saw many bottles of toxins. Poisons, kerosenes, gasoline, all powerful liquids capable of burning evidence. I then saw a pile of at least twenty bodies, and two familiar faces adding to the pile.

"We'd better get paid for this.." I heard Jackson grunt as he threw another body on the pile. "It's doin' my back out."

"We will, the man promised us." Danny calmed him. "All in due time."

"Better be soon.." Jackson muttered, and I heard a chilling voice behind me.

"Ever heard of the saying curiosity killed the cat?" I slowly turned to face Dexter, a cheshire-cat grin spread over his face.

"D-Dexter!" I stutter, before running up the stone stairs and grabbing my jacket from the rack, before shouting a goodbye to Jona.

"I gotta go home, Mom'll be worried." Jona appeared from the dining room.

"Hold on, I'll walk you home." He reached for his own jacket, yet I cut him off before he could utter another word.

"N-No, that'll be fine, I can manage myself." I opened the door, hearing Jona's last word on the occasion.

"Okay, well see you at school tomorrow." I then shut the grand door, retreating down the pathway of Carlton Place, looking back to see Dexter's yellow eyes glowing with both anger and evilness.

A/N: Okay, it's short, but one little part to the plot twisting is revealed. The second part shall be revealed tomorrow in the next chapter, and it shall all start to piece together like a jigsaw puzzle. Rate and Review!! Peace and Cookies, XO Sadie
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