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Chapter Six

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"I know who your father really is.."

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Chapter Six.

That night, I couldn't sleep. The things I saw, the bodies, the pictures, the chemicals, it all never made sense. Why did Dexter ask me if I'd ever heard that saying, curiosity killed the cat? Was it because he didn't want me to see any of what I'd seen. If so, why? What could he possibly hide? Wait. It then hit me with what he was trying to say. The blood on the clothes, the so-called pen in the pocket, the hidden room, and that same old cheshire cat grin he pulls. I discovered who Dexter really was.

That next morning, I found Jona at school, sat in the familiar seat in English, and I stormed over to him, anger in my eyes.

"Hey!" Jona looked up and smiled at me, but I cut him off.

"Oh, cut the bullshit Jona. I know who your father really is." I spat at him. "He killed my Dad, didn't he?" Jona never answered. "Answer me, you fucking liar!"

"Come with me." Jona got out of his seat and dragged me far from the classroom, out of the school grounds, and up to the graveyard, the same graveyard where my father was buried. Jona stopped before a tree, blackened with ash from the church fire of 1982.

"I guess I shoud come clean, huh?" Jona smiled a weak smile. "It's true, my father was a killer. Jackson and Danny were his helpers."

"Were?" I blinked. "What do you mean, were?"

"My father murdered them." Jona never made eye contact with me. "Burned them along with the house, hiding all the evidence."

"Why?" I ask. "What did they do to him?"

"Because you saw them, my Dad figured you'd most likely tell all of town what they were doing, so he killed them to prove you wrong." Jona confessed all.

"Why did you really move here, Jona? If that is your real name." I was even more angrier than before. How could he lie to me like this? I thought we actually could've been friends, but now I know he lied to me, and now I know I had shared a meal with the guy who murdered my father, I could never look at him the same again.

"That isn't really my name." Jona muttered. "Jona, was all an act. My name is Ansari."

"Ansari?" I asked.

"Yes. It means helper in Arabic, which was what I was. I helped my father... murder. I was his accomplice, back in Jackson County, yet people got suspicious, so my father changed my name to Jona, to make it seem as if I was his normal son."

"Y-You killed back in your town?" I was shocked, bewildered even, with this horrific truth.

"Yes, and in the town before that, Joplin. Amelia, we've killed people in over 30 towns, all since I was five years old; I was able to hold a gun then. I even had to slaughter my own mother, Amelia."

I stood there, gaping, at all the news I had heard. This boy before me, who stood up to the bullies, and who I thought would become a friend, was a killer, he'd lied to me, told me lie after lie, making every hunch I had about him and his family come true.

"So, now you know." Jona breathed a sigh. "Now you know everything, and now it's time to complete my job."

"Job?" I asked. "What job?" Jona pointed behind me, and I looked behind to see a shallow grave, and turned back and was knocked out, flying into the shallow grave, and the last thing I saw was Jona, stood poised with a shovel.

"Goodbye, Amelia." Jona whispered, as I watched him walk away from the grave, leaving the shovel behind, before I blacked out.

A/N: Betcha never saw that comin', huh? AND. I planned out a sequel to this. What'd ya think of that plot twist? Shocked? Knew it all along? Had a hunch but never believed it until that very moment when all was revealed? All of the above? TELL ME. PS: I got the name Ansari from this baby name site called Who's Your Baby. Rate and Review! Peace and Cookies, XO Sadie

Added A/N: Okay, since the news of Ari's.. passing, I have changed the name of the girl protganist to Amelia, naming her after my niece.
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