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Chapter Seventy Six - Captured

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Poison was torn on what to do. Did he stop in his tracks where the Draculoids behind them would capture them or did he carry on where the Dracs and Exterminators would do the exact same thing?

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A/N Long story short, I've been having shitty internet problems and I'm currently at a friend's house who is kindly letting me leech off her internet to post this, so big shout out to her :D Moving on this chapter's more exciting I think, I'm just so sorry it took so fuckin' long again :'( Thankies to Chemical_30 for reviewing the last chapter, it really is appreciated! If you can, please review I love seeing what you guys think so far. Sorry for any mistakes or typos. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Seventy Six - Captured

Death's arm and legs were covered in blood as she struggled to stop the red liquid from seeping out of her shoulder. Acid had taken over from her injured sister and took control of shooting the Draculoids behind them.
"A-Acid?" Andy's voice matched the terrified, child-like expression on his face.
"What is it, kid?" Acid asked, still shooting out of the window.
"S-should I start sh-shooting too?" The last thing Andy wanted to do was shoot.
Acid needed the extra help but after seeing how he reacted to shooting just one Drac, she couldn't put him through that again.
"No, I'm doing fine, Andy. Don't worry." Her voice was soothing.
"You're sure?" Andy was secretly relieved, but he knew his sister was probably just telling him they were fine so he didn't have to kill two Draculoids in the same day.
"I'm sure. I know it's hard since we're being chased by Dracs, but try not to freak out too much. Relax as much as possible, Andy," Andy started taking long, deep breaths in an attempt to stay relatively calm. "Death, how you holdin' up?" Acid asked her sister.
"Peachy." Death replied to her, very clearly in pain
"I've got some medical supplies in the trunk of the car, when we get away from Battery City and these Dracs, I'll pull over and see to your wounds." Poison promised, his hazel eyes completely focused on the road in front of him.
"I don't know if I can wait that fucking long, this arm's fucking killing me!" She whined and could feel herself getting closer to the brink of crying in pain.
As Poison approached the gates of Battery City, his eyes widened and he felt his heart sink in his chest. "Oh fuck."
"What is-" Death stopped when she looked in front of her. She momentarily forgot about the extreme pain in her shoulder. "Oh shit."
"What? What is it?" Acid pulled her head in.
"Look." Andy pointed at the gates with a shaky hand.
Acid's eyes locked with the scene in front of them. A mixture of Draculoid and Exterminator cars were blocking one of the only ways out of Battery City. "Oh fuck." Acid joined in.
Poison was torn on what to do. Did he stop in his tracks where the Draculoids behind them would capture them or did he carry on where the Dracs and Exterminators would do the exact same thing? Poison continued to speed forwards.
"Poison, you need to stop the car," Acid spoke. "If you carry on at this speed, you'll crash the fucking car then kill us all! Pull over!" She ordered, thinking about the lives of her brother, sister and Poison.
"It's suicide either way." He almost spat, although he didn't mean it.
"This isn't funny, pull the fuck over!" Acid screamed.
"So we can be captured and tortured by Dracs?"
"You're fucking crazy, they won't listen! The best thing we can do is keep driving and hopefully power through the line of cars!"
Frustrated, Poison suddenly stopped the Trans Am, forcing everyone in the car to jolt forwards. The Draculoids began surrounding the cars, pointing their guns at them.
Acid held her brother closely to her, trying to rid him of any traces of fear in his shaking body. She kissed his forehead.
"I'll get us out of this, try to stay calm." She whispered soothingly, her throat feeling a little sore after roaring at Party Poison.
They got out of the car before the Draculoids could force them out. Poison, Death, Acid and Andy stayed close together. They call grabbed their guns in an attempt to defend them selves. Andy's hands were shaking as he held his gun, his eyes close to crying with terror.
"Drop your weapons and remove your masks." One of the Draculoids ordered.
Acid started to fear the fact her secret may be exposed to Better Living. She wanted Isoda to continue thinking she was still her bitch, if she removed her mask that'd be over. They'd know her real identity and she'd be murdered slowly for betraying them. She kept her mask on and refused to lower her gun, just as the rest of the Killjoys did.
"I said drop your weapons and remove your masks!" It shrieked.
"Drop your fucking weapons, then we'll talk." Poison snarled, trying to shield Acid and her younger siblings.
The small crowd of Draculouds parted like the red sea when an Exterminator walked through them with his head held higher than it should've been.
"This may not have occurred to you, however we do not negotiate with low-life Killjoys such as yourselves." Dr. Lufrini stood before them, staring Poison in the eyes through the mask which hid his face and even his bright hair. Lufrini's lingering gaze shifted from Poison to Andy. "Little Andrew Oliveson... may I ask why you are choosing these Killjoys over the very people who have raised you, clothed you and fed you during your life?"
"I-I d-d-don't have to a-answer to you a-anymore." He trembled.
Lufrini laughed. "Of course you do not. Arrest them all."
"Not so fuckin' fast." Acid tried to alter the pitch of her voice, hoping Lufrini wouldn't recognize it from when they'd met in the past. She held her finger over the trigger of her gun.
"I don't want your filthy paws touching my family. I suggest you let us leave before things get out of hand."
"My dear, what makes you think you have the power to make thins become 'out of hand'?"
"Don't underestimate me, honey. You don't know me so don't you dare assume that I'm powerless right now."
"I do not appreciate you calling me honey."
"Well I don't appreciate you and your Draculoids stopping me and my family from leaving Battery City, but hey we don't always get what we want." Acid unexpectedly grabbed Lufrini by the arm, twisting it so he was forced to drop his gun then continued to wrap an arm around his neck from behind and pressed her own gun into his jaw.
"None of you fuckers move or I shoot." Poison and Death pointed their guns at the Draculoids. "Now I believe we've got a little negotiating to do, Lufrini. Do you understand me?"
He nodded. "I understand perfectly." His voice was surprisingly calm.
"Good," Acid noticed none of the Draculoids had dropped their weapons. "Tell them to drop their guns."
"I command you all to drop your weapons."
They obeyed and did as he said by dropping their guns on the floor. "Tell them to move their cars from blocking the gates or I shoot."
"Remove your vehicles from the gate."
A few of them climbed into their cars and cleared a path for them to get to the gates.
Death wrapped an arm around her little brother. She could practically feel the fear radiating from his body.
"We'll be okay. Our sister's got this."
"How's your arm?"
"Hurts, but it's not the most important thing right now. The arm can wait, kid. Try to stay calm, the annoying little fuckers over their get their kicks out of scaring people." She stroked locks of his dark brown hair. "Take deep breaths and stay close us, okay?"
He nodded, taking deep breaths. "Okay. I will."
Acid glanced at his belt, her eyes searched for his gun or any other weapons he might have on him. He yanked the gun on his bet out and threw it over to Poison.
"Make sure this stays out of his reach." She ordered. Poison nodded and put the gun inside the Trans Am, safely out of Lufrini and the Draculoid's reach.
"Andy, get in the car. We've got duct tape in the back, I need one of you to get it for me."
Poison helped his ex-wife's terrified eleven-year-old brother get into the car while Death handed her older sister the duct tape she'd wanted from the trunk of the car. Acid swiftly taped his hands together tightly behind his back.
"I want all of you to take ten steps back." None of them moved. "Move I shoot his fucking brains out right here, right now!" The anger burned furiously inside her.
They each took ten steps back.
She put her lips to Lufrini's ear, remembering Grace. "The only fucking reason we didn't kill you today is because we're out numbered and I care about those people in that car too much for them to get hurt by you and your Dracs. But if you wanna continue living the disgusting and pathetic life you have, you'll never come near us again and you'll sure as hell stay away from Grace Jeanette."
His eyes grew wide. "How do you know Grace?"
She didn't reply to him, she just threw him on the floor and started running towards the Trans Am. "Get in the car!" She screamed at her sister.
"Draculoids, after them!" He ordered.
Acid managed to climb into the car and shut the door behind her before one of them got their filthy hands on her. But Death was a different story.
Death grabbed the handle to the car door when she felt a pair of hands grab her by her shoulders and pull her back. They pinned her arms down and she instantly started kicking and ignored the sharp, throbbing stab wound on her leg from the Dead Flies.
She tried screaming but before any words came out, she was gagged and silenced by them.
Poison desperately wanted to go back for her, but his instinct told him to drive forwards and so that's what he did.
"Death! Stop the car, we need to save her!" She begged.
"If we go back, we'll all be dead and you know it."
"She's my fucking sister! I'm not leaving her behind!" Her eyes filled with tears until the salted water spill over her cheeks.
"We'll go back for her, right now I need to keep you two safe!"
By this point, Acid was sobbing uncontrollably. "Poison, please," She begged. "This is Death we're talking about."
"We'll get her when I know you and Andy are safe. For now, just calm down and try not to worry. She'll be okay." He promised, even though he had no idea if they'd keep Death alive. He cared about Death a lot and promised to go back for her, but his main concern was protecting the mother of his child and her brother. He needed to know she was safe.

Ghoul woke up the next morning with his arms wrapped around Violet. He smiled, remembering she'd temporarily returned to check on how everyone was after their encounter with the Dead Flies. He snuggled in closer to her, trying to ignore the bright sunshine seeping in from the world outside the diner.
Violet felt him snuggle closer to her. She gently kissed his forehead with her soft, rounded lips.
"Morning." She said.
"No. Not morning. We need to stay here forever and sleep." Ghoul closed his eyes tightly with an arm wrapped around his girlfriend.
Violet laughed. "While I fucking love that idea, I have to leave at some point, Ghoul. Storm really seems to think we're close to finding Silk, we found her father in the Zones."
"Didn't the he abandon Silk when he found out she was having a relationship with Storm?"
"Yeah, but Storm seems to think he still cares about Silk and wants to find her . . . or at least find out what happened to her so we know if she's even still alive."
He nodded. "At least spend the rest of the day with me. I've missed you so fuckin' much, Vi. I need you here."
She smiled softly. "I want to stay here, but I can't." Violet started playing with the long dark locks on his head, twisting and turning the locks between her fingers carefully, trying not to tangle them.
"When are you coming back?" His voice was desperate.
"When we find Silk."
"I wanna come with you. I would if I didn't have Jeremy."
"I understand. I don't expect you to leave your home and family for me, Ghoul. I wouldn't ask you to do that. I love you."
He couldn't help but smirk."I love you more."
"Oh really?" She giggled. "I think I'm the one who loves you more."
"You wanna bet?"
"Yeah, I do actually."
He pressed his lips to hers, the kiss was hungry and clearly craved more. Their tongues were tangled together in a matter of seconds, their hunger started to be satisfied but it still wasn't quite enough. One of Ghoul's hands cupped her cheeks and caressed her soft skin while the other pulled her waist closer towards him. Violet wrapped her arms around his neck and overlapped his legs with one of hers.
"I love you." She whispered, almost breathless from their lip-lock.
"I love you too."
Their lips attacked each others again. Ghoul shifted so he was lying on top of Violet. Her legs were wrapped around his and her breathing was ragged, uneven. She pulled Ghoul close to her, never wanting to let go of him.
Ghoul's lips never left Violet's while his hands ran from her cheeks down her legs and traced every delicate curve, memorizing her body with his fingertips. Violet was happy to let him do this, she'd craved his touch for so long, there wasn't any chance in heaven or hell she was about to stop him from doing what she'd want him to for so long. She moaned quietly and softly under the hypnotizing trance of his lips.
He slowly slid a hand under her shirt. His hands were surprisingly cold, but she still didn't stop him. She wanted this.
Ghoul found himself groaning, he was just as hypnotized in their trance as Violet was.
"Hey Ghoul, I was wondering if you knew were Poison was. No one's seen him all mor- Holy shit, I'm sorry! You're fucking Violet and I walked in." Lo covered her eyes before she saw anymore of her ex boyfriend with his current girlfriend.
Violet and Ghoul instantly pulled apart the second Lo walked in the room. Violet blushed madly while Ghoul just found himself staring at Lo.
"Have you ever heard of knocking?" He asked, close to laughing.
"I didn't think you and Violet'd be in here about to have sex!"
"What do you want, Lo?"
"It can wait. I was gonna talk to Poison about the kids, but he's not hear so I figured you'd probably know where he is."
Ghoul furrowed his brows. "I don't know where he is. I didn't even know he left."
"Okay. I'll just go. I'm sorry." Lo left the room as quickly as she could, leaving Ghoul and Violet in an awkward silence before Ghoul started giggling.
"How is this fucking funny?" Violet laughed at her boyfriend's child-like giggles.
"It just is. I'm sorry."
She continued to laugh with him. "It's okay. It wasn't like I hated what we were doing."
"C'mon, you and I both know you enjoyed it."
"Oh really?"
"We'd better get out there and help find out what happened to Poison, right?"
He nodded. "Right. I love you." He repeated again.
"I love you too."
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