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Chapter Seventy Seven - Protect

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Poison watched her cry and felt his heart shatter in his chest. He was the one who made her do that. He'd caused her this pain she was feeling and now they were both suffering.

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Chapter Seventy Seven - Protect

The second Poison pulled over and got out of the Trans Am to get some fresh air, Acid pounced out of the car and slapped him straight across the face. His cheek started throbbing painfully.
"How dare you." She spat.
"How dare I? I was doing was what was best for you and Andy, I was fucking protecting you!" He growled back.
"You protected me and the expense of my sister's safety! You had no fucking right to make that decision. She's (/my/) sister, (/my/) family and you might have just signed her fucking death warrant, Poison! My baby sister could be dead by now!" Her gorgeous green eyes were still filled with tears. She slapped him for a second time before falling to her knees in a fit of wild sobs.
Poison watched her cry and felt his heart shatter in his chest. He was the one who made her do that. He'd caused her this pain she was feeling and now they were both suffering.
He knelt down on the sandy floor with her and tried to put a comforting hand on her shoulder. She shoved his hand away, making the shattered pieces of his heart ache even more.
"Ace, it's okay."
"Like fuck it is."
"We only left a half hour ago. She'll still be alive, they might not've even started torturing her yet."
She almost laughed. "And what part of that it meant to make me feel better?"
"The part where I say I've got a plan to get her back," Acid waited for him to explain the plan. "You're gonna take Andy back to the diner so you're both safe, and then-"
"No, she's my sister, Poison. If anyone's going back for her, it's me."
"Ace, they didn't know who you were because of the mask you were wearing. You go back, they'll know who you are and-"
"You think I give a flying fuck about that right now? Poison, all I care about at this point is getting my sister back safely! I don't give a shit if they find out I'm really a Killjoy anymore!"
"First of all, you need to take deep breaths and calm down. Second, you could find out something useful about Better Living or we could need meds to help someone which you can get easily at the diner. It's important they don't know."
She took a deep breath. "Then what the fuck are you gonna do? Go in there, out in the open? That won't save my sister, all it'll do is get you killed."
"I have an idea, Ace. I just need you to trust me. Is trusting me that hard?"
She paused, eying Poison and his body language. "Promise me you won't get yourself or Death killed in there."
He nodded. "I promise."
Acid whipped her eyes, ridding her face of tears. Poison stood up and offered Acid his hand. She took it without hesitation then wrapped her arms around his shoulders.
Poison closed his eyes and held her tight for a couple of minutes. He didn't want to let go of her, but deep down he knew he had to.
"As much as I wanna stay here, I need to go get Death."
She pulled away immediately. "If we're taking the Trans Am, how're you getting to Battery City?"
"We're only half an hour away from the city, I'll walk."
She groaned. "I swear if you get yourself killed, Poison."
"I can't and I won't. Imagine how pissed Bandit'd be if I died? She'd bring me back to life just to yell at me for leaving in the first place."
Through her tears, she giggled. "She'd be heartbroken, Poison. If not for yourself, get out of there alive for her."
"I already promised you I would, didn't I?" Poison glanced at the Trans Am, remembering Andy was inside. "You'd better go and make sure Andy's safe back at the diner."
She nodded, completely agreeing. "Okay." She unexpectedly kissed his cheek, her lips lingering on his skin for a while before pulling away. "Good luck, Poison."
He smirked, still feeling the touch of her lips on his skin even after she'd pulled away. "I don't believe in luck."
She rolled her eyes. "I was trying to be nice. Stay safe for Bandit's sake."
"I will. Will you stay safe for mine and Bandit's sake?"
Acid nodded. "I will. Take care of yourself."
"You too."
She walked back to the car, finding it hard to leave Poison but needing to for her brother's sake. As Acid drove, she saw Poison getting smaller in the rear view mirror until he wasn't there anymore. He was off to Battery City where she begged he'd be safe. She even prayed for it.

The pain in Death's arms and legs was close unbearable. She hoped someone would have the decency to knock her out unconscious so she didn't have to deal with the sharp, throbbing pain any longer than she needed to to.
Death was waiting in an empty room without any pieces of furniture or decoration in sight. She simply sat on the floor against a wall and waited for someone to come for her. She'd tried escaping several times, but the pain in her body wouldn't let her. Death wasn't moving anywhere unless her wounds were seen to. She'd been poked and prodded by a couple of S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W/S but she'd not been given any medical attention. Just an injection which made her feel dizzy and lightheaded.
She glared at the camera in the corner of the room. The camera was small but it was big enough for her to see the Better Living logo on it's side. Anger slowly started flowing through her veins.
"Come on, I'm waiting for you bastards. I know you can fucking hear me," She shouted at the camera. "Or is this apart of your fucking plan? Leaving me to wallow in my own fucking pain while you laugh at the computer screen I know you're watching?" When no one entered the room, she laughed. "You're all fucking cowards." She growled.
After several minutes of more blood leaking out of her wounds, the door opened and two familiar faces walked in, causing Death to sit there speechless. Why had they sent them in? Out of all the Better Living Industries employees, were they the ones chosen to torture her?
"Hello, Rosanna. It's been a long time. Almost six years, I believe?" Her father was the first one to speak.
"What the fuck are you two doing here?"
"We want answers, Rosanna. We want to know why you took our son." Her mother said.
"I took my brother because he wanted to leave. He wasn't happy with you and he didn't want the life you were forcing him to have. He wanted the life I could give him and the only way to do that was to take him to the Zones."
"How did you even know Andrew existed? Never once did we mention him to you when we were reunited."
She shrugged. "His name's been in the papers a couple times. It caught my eye and it said you two assholes were his parents. You already took Lexia away from me. I'm just giving Andy the life my sister would've wanted him to have." Death pretended to be clueless about her sister. They couldn't know Acid was a Killjoy again and so, she pretended to be in the dark about the whole situation. It was best for everyone that way.
"You're not aware of what your sister would have wanted," Karl spat. "You had no right to take him away from us. He is our only child left who was not been corrupted by Killjoys!"
Death smirked. "Now all three of your kids have been corrupted by Killjoys. By now, he'll be on his way to our home. He'll be one of us now."
Karl grabbed a fistful of his daughter's hair, and pulled it harshly. Death winced. "You will give us Andrew's location, Rosanna."
"No, I fucking won't. He's gonna be happy. I'm not taking that away from him so you can force him to be the insane idea of perfect you fucking lunatics have." He let go of her hair and pulled his youngest daughter towards him.
"You are a disappointment, Rosanna. You blacken our family's great name with your lifestyle. We planned on ending your life so wouldn't bring anymore shame to us than you already have. However, we're feeling generous. Tell us exactly where our son is and we'll let your filthy little heart beat longer than it should."
"I won't tell either of you a single thing and that's a promise."
"Would you tell someone else who worked here instead us?" Diane wondered.
Death snorted. "Tell someone else? It doesn't matter who I tell. Either way, you'd track him down like an animal."
"Draculoid, please make our daughter unconscious for a little while. There is something we must do." Diane spoke into her phone causing Draculoids to enter the room, a syringe ready in their hands.
Her eyes widened as they held her down. They forced the needle into her neck, she tried not to shriek in pain and succeeded. She just wished she could try and fight them off.
They left her on the floor to pass out and the room quickly started to fade to black. It was a sensation Death was a little too familiar with for her liking. The darkness overpowered her and consumed her. She saw no point in fighting it, it was coming whether she wanted it too or not. Death tried to take advantage of the darkness where there was no pain in her limbs. She just hoped she'd actually wake up alive.

Poison arrived at the gates, wearing a Draculoid uniform he'd kept in case of an emergency. He mentally thanked himself for saving it instead of throwing it away like his brother had originally wanted to.
He walked up the gates and showed the S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W/ guard his identification badge. It was quickly scanned then he was given permission to enter the city freely. Poison searched the outskirts of the city for cars or bikes he could take to the headquarters. All he found was a rusted bike which looked like it'd been in it's prime ten years ago. He couldn't afford to be picky and took it regardless. After finally getting the bike to roar to life, he drove to the headquarters as quickly as the bike would allow him to. He just hoped he'd get there in time for Death.

Death knew she'd not been out for very long when she felt herself coming around. She didn't know if she should be grateful for the fact she was waking up or disappointing. She rubbed her eyes and her ears were ringing uncomfortably, but it didn't prevent her from hearing a soft chuckle from the corner of the room.
"I've seen you wake up like this so many fucking times. It's still cute when you rub your eyes like that. I didn't realize how much I've missed it." Her heart momentarily stopped beating. She turned around to face the boy who'd died trying to protect her. Avenger smiled at her, his face hadn't aged one bit. He was still exactly the same as she remembered him.
"It's me, Death."
Her eyes filled with tears. "Don't you dare fuck around with me right now. Is that really you are am I being toyed with?"
"It's really me, Death. I'm not fucking around with you."
"B-but how? You died in my arms, I cried like a fucking baby when you stopped breathing. This isn't possible . . . I'm hallucinating. I have to be."
"Are you forgetting your parents died too once upon a time and now they're walking the earth as strong and healthy as ever?"
"Why are you here?"
"Because mommy and daddy dearest want you talk to me. They think you'll confide in me about your brother or some shit like that." He continued smiling at her.
"I don't know if you're real or a figment of my imagination right now, I'm not telling you anything."
"I don't expect you to and I never did expect you to. I loved you for a long time, I still know you, Death. You don't just forget things like that easily. I hear you're with someone else now." Venger changed the subject to Death's current boyfriend, Bleeding Stereo.
"Yeah. I-I am."
"Is better in the sac than I am?" He smirked.
Death couldn't help but laugh. "I've not seen you for five years and that's what you ask me?"
"What? If you're gonna be with someone else, I at least wanna know if he's better in bed than I am. So tell me, who wins the sex round in our imaginary battle? Me or him?"
"If I say you, will you drop the subject?"
"Then you win."
"I wanna hear you say it. Say Avenger's better in bed than Stereo."
She rolled her eyes. "Avenger's better in bed than Stereo. Have I boosted your confidence and low self esteem now?"
"A little. There's one more thing I wanna know though."
"Go on."
"Who do you love more?" His expression was suddenly more serious. Death's smile dropped from her lips and turned into a frown.
"That's not fair."
"How so?"
"It's different with Stereo than it was with you. With you it was sudden. The first night we met we had sex in the back of my car, a week later you came to the diner telling me you wanted a relationship, a few days after that we had sex again then got matching tattoos . . . " She trailed off. "But with Stereo, the pace is slower. We preserve the momenta and nothing's rushed. We knew each other six months before we even discussed a relationship, it's just different to what I had with you. It's hard to compare."
"You carried my baby in your stomach, Death. Doesn't that count for anything?"
The emotional pain became stronger than the physical pain she was feeling at the mention of the son they'd lost five years ago. Avenger clearly struck a nerve.
"Don't talk about him like that, Avenger. You don't have the right to talk about my kid that way."
"Talk about him like what?"
"Like he's points for a fucking game so you can beat Stereo at this fucking contest you've come up with in your head! He was a person. You didn't have to go through losing him, I felt him die inside me. So please, don't you dare talk about my kid like that." Death's anger started showing again while Venger remained fairly calm.
"Just because I wasn't the one who miscarried him, doesn't mean I wasn't hurting too when he died. Besides, from what I remember, you didn't even want him."
"I didn't want him to be brought up in this world full of hate and destruction, that doesn't mean I wanted him to fucking die. Had the world been the way it used to be, I would've given him to parents who weren't stupid, immature teenagers who were too stupid to not use condoms or birth control."
"This isn't the point, Death. The point is, I don't understand how you can just pretend we never happened and be happy with this guy."
"I don't pretend we never happened. I think about you all the time, Venger. Like you said before, I loved you and it's not easy to forget about you easily. Stereo helped me move on and I love him. I love him a lot. Fuck, why am I even talking to you? You're probably just a hallucination. Grace said they did this to her when she was captured and she was hallucinating her mom was in the same room as her."
"Or am I really a hallucination?"
"Why are you being so cryptic? Why not just answer the question when I ask you if you're real?"
"Why don't you just answer the question when I ask who love more?"
"Because I don't know. What's your excuse?"
"I miss you, Death."
"That's not an answer."
"It's the truth though. I miss you. I miss you a lot."
She paused and sighed. "I miss you too."
"You look tired. Why don't you sleep?"
"Because I'm in pain, asshole."
"Will try and sleep?"
"No. It's not worth it."
"Will you try and get some sleep for me?"
She paused again, but eventually nodded. "Fine."
Death lay her head down on the cold floor, getting into the fetal position while Avenger walked over to her and sat down next to her while she closed her eyes.
"Just relax, Death. Relax and sleep."
She found herself doing what he said and relaxed. She let go of the pain and fell asleep next to Avenger. She didn't know if he was real or not. She just liked to think he was watching over, protecting her from harm as she slept. If he was real, she knew no harm would come to her. He wouldn't have let it if he wasn't a figment of her imagination.

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