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Chapter Seventy Eight - Operate

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"You're surprisingly underestimating yourself, Rosanna. Your sister holds more power than she understands and soon, so will you. It's in your blood, Rosanna."

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Chapter Seventy Eight - Operate

The sun was burning hot in the sky, the heat was just as unbearable as it usual when Acid pulled up outside the diner with her little brother sleeping peacefully in the back of the Trans Am.
She got out of the car and tried her best not to wake Andy up when she picked him up. He groaned slightly, but he didn't open his icy eyes. Andy stayed quiet and ever so lightly snored.
Acid carefully opened the door to the diner to be greeted by everyone nervously biting their nails. Kobra jumped out of his seat the second Acid entered the diner.
"Where the fuck were you all?! I've been worried sick for hours! You, my brother and Death just left without even leaving a note to let us know you were all okay!" Kobra almost screamed at his brother's ex wife.
"Kobra, shut up!" She whispered angrily. "My brother's been through a lot in the last twenty four hours, he needs to sleep and you screaming at me isn't helping anything!"
"That's your brother?" Ghoul asked. Acid nodded in response.
"I'll explain everything in a minute. Just let me put him in bed first."
Acid walked into Poison's room and gently placed him on the matress on the floor. He groaned gently.
"Acid?" His voice was quiet and relaxed.
"I'm here. You're safe now, Andy," She brushed his dark brown hair out of his eyes and placed a soft kiss on his forehead. "Just go back to sleep. I'll be here if you need anything, okay, Buddy?"
"Okay. I love you."
"I love you too, kid."
Acid left her little brother alone to sleep while she reluctantly walked back to Kobra and the rest of the Killjoys to give them her explanation for their absence.
Kobra had his arms crossed while they all waited for her to start talking.
"Where's my brother?" Kobra demanded to know.
"Would you please relax? You don't know how much shit's happened in the last few hours, I need a minute to breathe."
"You can breathe after you tell me where my brother is." Acid had almost forgotten how demanding both Kobra and Poison became when they thought their sibling was in danger. In any normal situation without any lives at stake, she would've smiled and laughed. Acid seemed to have forgotten how to smile in last few hours too.
"I got a phone call from Andy early in the morning. He was so scared, alone and on the run from Dracs. He'd snapped at my parents and told them he wanted to be a Killjoy, as a result they wanted to put him on the Better Living pills. He knew that, so he ran. Dracs had been chasing him all night and he didn't know what to do, so I said I'd come get him. Death came with me since going alone to Battery City is too dangerous, Poison joined in because he walked in while we were getting all the weapons we needed to defend ourselves in case we got caught. We wore all black so Better Living wouldn't know who we were, so I could keep Isoda's trust and find out anything useful about the company.
"After we got there, we found Andy, but we were ambushed. Death got caught," Her voice cracked, causing the immense pain she felt became clear. "Poison was driving and I begged him to go back for her, but he was thinking of Andy's safety aswell as mine. He drove until we were just into Zone one. He told me he was going back for Death. Since she's my sister, I was the one who wanted to go back, but he knew I was risking Isoda finding out about who I really am. He left to find her and I drove back to the diner with Andy. I don't know what's happened to them since then."
"Poison, you fucking idiot. Why the fuck did you have to go back there." Kobra muttered.
Acid looked at him. "What the fuck is that supposed to mean? Are you saying you'd rather have left my sister there to die?"
"No, that's not what I'm saying. We all care about Death and you know that, Acid. She's family. But having said that, it was stupid of him to go alone. That's not like him to do shit like that, I know he didn't think that through."
"So what do we do now?" Ghoul asked with Violet sitting by his side.
"We could sit on our asses and hope he's okay or we could do something about it and help him." Jet suggested.
"But how do we help him? We don't even know what he's doing right now or where he is in the Better Living headquarters." Static pointed out.
"I stole a cellphone from Better Living and gave him one to use in an emergency," Acid remembered. "I don't know if he has it or if he left it in the Trans Am, but it's worth a shot. I'll call him."

Death would've happily slept for days, but her peaceful little dream land was interrupted when Draculoids stormed in and picked her up of the ground tgen placed her on a hospital bed. Without any words being said, they strapped her arms and legs down.
"What the fuck are you doing to me?" She almost shrieked. "Avenger? Avenger, you fucking bastard, where are you?" She tried to look for him in the small room, but Avenger was no where to be seen. Death still wasn't sure if he was just a hallucination or if he was real, but she was beginning to think it was more likely her mind was playing tricks on her.
They took her down to a special unit she'd never seen before, but it looked like every other floor in the building; it was merely a plain white floor without any kind of painting or plant to decorate the boring halls or to differentiate it from the rest of the building. Death tried tugging on the buckles holding her limbs down several times while she was being transported from one floor to another, but never once did it help. She was well and truly stuck there to deal with whatever Better Living had planned for her.
When the Draculoids moved her in the center of an operating room, she was left there, confused.
Where they torturing her? Or did they plan on killing her? It was highly possible they could do both, it definitely sounded like something they'd want to do her after bringing down their company a few years ago and being close friends with the Fabulous Killjoys.
With the possibilities still spinning around her head of what they could do, she could hear the sound of high heels stomping angrily on the hard, smooth marble floor. The footsteps were getting closer and closer towards her with each passing second before she made eye contact with the owner of the heels.
Dr. Isoda smiled down at Death with her lips covered in dark red lipstick.
"Greetings, Rosanna. It's very pleasant seeing you today." Death didn't reply, she only stared. "While I would like this procedure to be done as quickly and smoothly as possible, your mother and father have requested to see you before-"
"What procedure? What the fuck are you planning on doing with me?"
"You do remember what happened to your sister Alexandria?"
Her eyes widdened. "Y-you're not doing that to me."
"But we are, Rosanna. While I know your mother and father wish to talk to you before the procedure, I must say your parents are extremely proud of you for what you are going to become today. Your sister has done some truly miraculous things for this company. I want to thank you for what you are going to be doing for us in the future, Rosanna."
The anger bubbled in Death's veins. "How much of a fucking difference do you think I'm going to make, huh? You really think mutilating and practically killing one Killjoy out of the thousands in this world is going to make that big of a difference?"
"You're surprisingly underestimating yourself, Rosanna. Your sister holds more power than she understands and soon, so will you. It's in your blood, Rosanna."
She furrowed her eyebrows. "In my blood? What the fuck is that supposed to mean?"
"You'll learn in time, Rosanna. I am very excited to be working with you in the future. Farewell."
Death's heart felt like it was going to explode any second. She could feel it thumping harshly and rapidly against her ribcage, she could hear each individual beat thudding in her ears. She couldn't let this happen to herself. She couldn't let them turn her into a puppet like her sister once was.
Surely her sister, Poison and Andy had gotten back to the diner by then. They'd come back for her, wouldn't they? Death knew they'd want to save her from what was happening, but how could they? The second she'd finished talking to her parents, she was going under to be operated on.
"Rosanna, I want to apologize for how I behaved earlier," Karl apologized to his youngest daughter. "Had I known what you are doing for Better Living Industries, I wouldn't have dared to treat you so poorly. I'm sorry."
"As am I. I'm actually quite proud of you for what you are doing, Rosanna. You see, after your brother's outburst, it was originally him this operation was scheduled for. However since Andrew is no longer in Battery City, we decided it would be best if you were the one who took Andrew's place."
"Please, don't let them do this to me. I'm your daughter for fuck's sake. You're supposed to protect me, not throw me underneath a fucking bus like this."
"It is because you're our daughter we are doing this, Rosanna. We wish for you to accomplish great things for this company. You will be a well respected woman in Battery City for your job, you will receive a generous amount of money, you will be able to meet a wealthy man and get married . . . you will do great things through this, Rosanna."
"I'm your little girl and you're just going to sit back and watch them use me for their own benefit? You're going to watch me hurt innocent people so this fucking stupid company can expand and get rid of Killjoys?"
"This company is not stupid, Rosanna. This company has helped the world get back on it's weak feet ever since the bombs in 2012. This company has created a better life than anyone ever had before. New opportunities never thought possible have been introduced because of this company. This company has cured cancer, for crying out loud!" Karl clearly became agitated.
"Karl, calm down. Soon, our daughter will give the company all the respect it deserves and even serve the company." Diane reminded him.
"I apologize." He didn't mean it. Death knew he didn't. He'd loved the company more than he loved his own children for years now.
"We must leave now, Rosanna. When you wake up, you will be capable of things beyond your imagination. We'll be so proud of you." She tried to lightly caress her daughter's cheek with her hand like she did when Death and Acid were children. Death turned her head, preventing Diane from touching her by centimeters.
"Even if one day you do wake up and become your real selves again, I'll never forgive either of you for this. I'll never forgive what you did to Lexia and Andy and I'll never forgive what you're letting happen to me. When this is all over with, I want nothing to do with either of you," She spat. "I hate you both so fucking much. You've had more than your fair share of chances to save me, Lexia and Andy. And each and every time . . . you've fucked up. You've brought harm onto all three of your children. And that, I can't ever forgive. Not after practically raising Lexia's daughter for the first five years of her life and understanding what it truly means to be a parent. Do you remember her? The little girl whose mother you tore away from her life?"
"We hoped Alexandria's child would be found in the desert so she could be raised properly after being raised by Killjoys, Rosanna. We have not forgotten about her, we even have plans for her."
Death laughed insanely like a madwoman. "You really think Party Poison would let you lay a single fucking hand on his little girl? You'll both die before you even get the chance. You see luckily for my niece, she has a father who loves her more than anything. He'd die for her, Karl, and he'd sure as hell kill for her if it came to it. He wouldn't think twice about putting a bullet in your brain so you wouldn't even come close to her."
Karl shook his head. "We're getting off the topic, Rosanna. You're stalling to delay the procedure. When you wake up, you'll be a new person. You'll be a better person."
An oxygen mask was attached to Death's mouth and nose. She unwillingly began breathing in the chemicals which would soon send her to sleep and began struggling in a last, pathetic attempt to escape.
"Sweet dreams, Angel." Her mother whispered in her ear before everything went black.

After spending several hours trying to find Death's location in the Better Living headquarters, Poison was starting to consider the possibility Death had been tortured and killed. It'd been hours since she was captured and he knew it was likely they'd given up on getting information from her by that point and carelessly killed her.
Poison looked around the floor he was on when his hazel eyes found a phone attached to a wall. He marched over to it and instantly began dialing the phone Acid had in case of an emergency.
She picked up the phone before it could ring twice.
"Poison? Poison, is that you?" Her voice was panicked.
"It's me," He whispered.
"I've been trying to call you for hours on the emergency cell, do you not have it with you?"
He sighed in frustration. "I must've left it in my jacket, I'm sorry."
"Where are you? Have you found Death? Is she okay? Put her on, I want to talk to her."
"I haven't found her, Ace . . . I've been looking for hours, we need to start thinking about other possibilities here."
Acid paused. "What other alternatives are you talking about, Poison? Are you suggesting that my sister might be dead?"
"I know it's hard to talk about, but we both know it's a strong possibility, Ace."
"Where are you in the building? We're coming to look for her too."
"No you're not, you're not putting yourself in danger like that."
"Poison, I-"
"Poison, tell me where the fuck you are right now." Kobra snatched the phone away from Acid and demanded to know where his brother was in the headquarters.
"Better Living headquarters, where else do you think I fucking am, Kobra?"
"I meant where are you in the building, you fucking jerk. Me, Jet and Ghoul are coming to fight with you. Just like the good old days, I guess."
"It's no use, I've looked almost everywhere here. By the time you get here, I'll-" Poison was unexpectedly pulled away from the phone by a strong pair of hands. His Draculoid mask was pulled off his face and his signature red hair was exposed. They knew who he was the second they saw the bright color.
"Draculoud 3542, contact Dr. Lufrini and Dr. Isoda immediately letting them know the leader of the Fabulous Killjoys has been found in the building disguised as a Draculoid." An unknown masked S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W/ ordered.
Two Dracs grabbed Poison by his arms, a third injected him with a syringe and forced a light blue liquid into his veins. Poison quickly started feeling drowsy and struggled to support his body with his legs, causing him to fall to his knees.
"Certainly, Sir. What do you wish for us to do with Party Poison?"
"Leave him to me, I have a cell we can keep him in."
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