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Chapter Seventy Nine - Reborn

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His heart raced with anger just at the thought of it. They wanted to use his daughter as a killing machine one day.

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A/N Hey guys! So like I said last chapter, I finally have the internet back at my house and updates will go back to every Saturday! This chapter's pretty exciting I think, it'll hopefully entertain you all. Thankies to Chemical_30 and thisbrokencitysky for reviewing the last chapter, you're both awesome :D If you can, please review and leave any comments or theories you have on what you think might happen next. Sorry for any mistakes or typos. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Seventy Nine - Reborn

The Draculoids held Poison down while they took him to his cell. He expected them to carelessly throw him onto the floor like he was nothing, worthless. But instead, they strapped his limbs down to the wall so he was unable to move. He wanted to fight back, to escape, but the drugs made him too weak to. So he accepted the fact he was temporarily stuck until the drugs eventually wore off.
His vision was blurred and unclear, but he could tell a Draculoid pulled out an old fashioned cell phone to contact someone.
"Mr. Oliveson, Dr. Lufrini and Dr. Isoda ordered me to inform you we have the Killjoy Party Poison on Floor 6 in cell 134 . . . You're very welcome, Mr. Oliveson . . . Dr. Isoda said you could have a maximum of two hours . . . We injected him so he would not fight back . . . No, that is all . . . Goodbye." Mr. Oliveson? Mr. Oliveson as in Lexia's father? That Mr. Oliveson? What the hell did he want with Poison? Diane and Karl were both blissfully unaware about who their eldest daughter really was. As far as they were concerned, Lexia still worked for Better Living Industries. It wasn't possible for them to want information on her whereabouts, so what else would her father want him for? He didn't know and almost felt too drowsy to care.
The Draculoids left instantly after they finished talking to Lexia's father, leaving Poison alone to try and figure out what it was exactly Karl wanted with him.
It wasn't until five minutes after the Draculoids left that Karl walked into the room alone. It'd been five years since Poison had last seen Lexia's father and he hadn't changed all that much. He was still tall with short dark hair and the same pale skin as his daughter's. While Lexia mostly looked like her mother, he had seen similarities between Karl and Lexia.
"Party Poison, it has been a very long time. Five, six years?"
"What do you want with me?" His speech was almost slurred.
"I assume you're here to find my youngest daughter, Rosanna," Karl completely ignored his question. "My daughter is currently unavailable and I'm afraid you will not be seeing her again."
"What have you done to her?"
"I am unable to say, that is classified Better Living Industries information."
"Where the fuck is she and what have you done to her?" He snarled, quickly becoming agitated.
Karl smiled. "While I do care for my daughter deeply, it's not her we are here to discuss, Party Poison. I want to talk about something and someone else."
"There's no point. You already know I won't tell you anything."
"We suspected that already, which is why I have some equipment available if you are not co-operating with us."
"Let me guess. Torturing equipment." It wasn't a question, Poison already knew the answer.
"Correct. Moving on, you and I both know you were in a relationship with my eldest daughter for several years. During the relationship, Alexandria gave you a daughter who will be five years old now." He began to think Karl wanted to talk about his daughter. "Obviously, the child you conceived with my daughter is my grandchild and my only grandchild. While she is also partly yours, the blood which runs through her veins is the same as my daughter's. Because of this, my wife and I want possession of the child so she may have a-"
"No!" Poison growled. "If you think for one second I'm letting you get anywhere near my daughter, you're fucking wrong. You can't have her and right now, she's safe and out of your reach."
"You said similar things about Alexandria. Are you forgetting about what happened to her? Are you forgetting about how we turned her into the perfect Better Living worker?"
Had Poison not been held down, he wouldn't have hesitated to beat the life out of Lexia's father. He wouldn't let him get what he wanted. He wouldn't let him have his daughter.
"We do not wish to give the child back to Alexandria. Alexandria doesn't even remember having a child, my wife and I want to raise her as our own to become the same as her mother one day."
His heart raced with anger just at the thought of it. They wanted to use his daughter as a killing machine one day. Just like they wanted to with Lexia and Andy.
"What part of she's my daughter don't you understand?"
"Once she's with us, she will not remember you or her short life in the Zones. My granddaughter will be reborn as a new child after a very simple procedure. The same procedure which was performed on you to forget your past memories in 2019 before you began ruining everything."
"And what if she starts remembering things too?"
"Party Poison, the technology we used has been improved drastically since your procedure. It is now flawless. Not one of our test subjects used for the new technology began remembering anything of their previous life. Now, I would like to begin asking you the questions I need answers to. Draculoids, bring in the equipment."
The equipment was brought in straight away. It was a mixture of electrical devices and different sized knives and blades.
Karl smiled, rolling up the long white sleeves on his shirt, put on gloves and then picked up one of the knives.
"So, let's get started shall we?"

She opened her eyes, feeling dizzy and disorientated. The lights in her eyes were uncomfortable, bright. She didn't like them at all, but managed to adjust to them.
She tried remembering the last time her eyes had felt so uncomfortable, but she couldn't. The memory was blank, maybe taken away from her. The more she thought about it, she couldn't really remember anything at all. There were no memories. No emotions. No nothing. Everything was just one big pile of nothing to her.
Where was she? But more importantly, who was she? What was her name? How old was she? Did she have a family or any friends? Was she alone with no one else. She started feeling panicked.
"Rosanna?" Rosanna? Who was Rosanna? Was she Rosanna? "Rosanna, are you awake?" The voice was warm and soon the voice was accompanied by a face. The woman beside her bed was female and looked like she was in her mid to late forties. Her hair was dark and short, her eyes were an iced green and she noticed some freckles on her nose and cheeks. She was pretty, maybe she was Rosanna.
The woman's smile was beaming and told her that whoever this woman was, she could trust her.
"I'm so glad you're awake."
"Who are you?" Was the first thing she asked. She became more curious about who this woman was rather than who she was herself.
"My name is Diane. Diane Oliveson. I'm your mother, sweetie."
"Who am I?"
"Your name's Rosanna Oliveson, honey. You're twenty years old and you live here in Battery City with me and your father, Karl Oliveson."
Rosanna smiled, innocently. She already trusted the woman with her life. Diane was her mother, why wouldn't she trust her?
"I'm Rosanna . . . Why don't I remember anything?"
"You had an accident," Diane lied. "The doctor said it was possible you could suffer from amnesia."
"What happened, mom?"
"You were knocked out, honey. Hit on the back of the head by people who wanted something from us." The lies had already been planned out perfectly to fit in with Rosanna's first mission.
"What did they want? Was it money?" She guessed, still completely oblivious to what they had done to her.
"Not money, sweetie. They wanted your sister."
"I have a sister?"
Diane smiled. "Yes. You have a beautiful five-year-old sister named Bandit."
"Bandit . . . that's an odd name but it's," She searched her brain for the right word. "cute."
"It is." Diane agreed, still smiling.
"Why did they want her, mom? She's only a child . . . I don't understand why robbers would want my sister."
"Well . . . they weren't exactly robbers, Rosie," She said, using one of her daughter's childhood nicknames. "They were people called Killjoys."
"Yes, Killjoys. You see, all the major cities in the world were planted with bombs in 2012. It was horrific to say the least, many people tragically died however there were some who managed to survive through everything. Some of those people started a company called Better Living Industries. Better Living tried to help people after the horrible events happened. They gave people a place to live, a place to work and a stable life again. Some people chose to accept the life Better Living Industries were giving them, however others wanted to watch people struggle. They called themselves Killjoys and have tried to take down Better Living Industries on a few occasions now.
"Moving on, Better Living have always managed to pull through and continue the incredible work they do for this world. However, they know that you and Bandit are special."
"Special? Special how?"
"You're both going to help this company one day. You're going to be trained in ways you can't even begin to imagine to defeat Killjoys and when Bandit reaches your age, she will too. They don't want you to be trained, Rosanna. They want to see you struggle and so, they tried to kill you and then they kidnapped Bandit." She felt a burning sensation in her stomach. It made her heart race and her mind sizzle with anger. Her brain told her what she felt for Killjoys was hatred.
"I want to get her back, mom."
She smiled. "I knew you would, honey, and we have a theory about the Killjoys which could help us get her back."
"You do?"
"Yes, we do. You see, the Killjoys know they didn't succeed in killing you when they hit you over the back of the head. We think they're coming back for you, Rosanna."
Her eyes widened. "T-they're coming back for me?"
"We think they are, yes."
"You won't let them get me . . . will you?"
"We have an idea. We know they will have taken Bandit back to a place called the Zones where they live. If they take you back there with them, you'll be able to find Bandit and bring her back here."
"Mom, I don't remember anything. I only found out my own name a few minutes ago. I want to help, I really do, but how would I get back?"
"It's simple. We're going to give you this," Diane showed her daughter the small, square device in her hand with a small button on it. "This has a tracking device inside it. Once you found Bandit, all you would have to do is press this button and then a message would be sent to our computers telling us where you are through the tracking device. After that, we'd come and get you and Bandit."
"You really think it'll work?"
"I know so, honey. I know it would work."
Scared, Rosanna nodded. "Okay. I'll do it to find Bandit, mom. I'll do it for her."
Diane wrapped her arms around her daughter, smiling. "Thank you, Rosanna. Thank you."

Acid, Kobra, Ghoul and Jet were all in Kobra's room while they discussed plans to find both Death and Poison in Better Living's Headquarters then bring them home where they belonged.
"They have seperate facilities for keeping Killjoys prisoner and for torturing them. Considering the fact Poison's been on the most wanted list for years, it's more likely they'll be keeping in in their torture rooms than their average cells."
"Is there a difference in what the cells look like?" Ghoul wondered.
"Not really. The only real difference is they have straps and buckles in the room to hold Killjoys down for the torturing."
Kobra cringed at the mental image of his brother being strapped down to a wall, being tortured without any hints of merci. The fact he knew it was probably going on as they planned his escape hurt Kobra even more.
"The facilities, are they on different floors?"
She nodded. "Yeah, they are. The torture chambers are on floor six."
"And what about Death? Do think she'll be on the same floor?""
"It's possible, they're both wanted Killjoys but at the same time I don't think they'd risk having Poison and Death too close together. On the off chance they managed to escape, they'd be able to find eachother easily if they were on the same floor."
"So it's more likely she'll be in the average cells? Which floor are they on?"
"Floor five."
"We'll need to split up. Luckily, we've still got Cherri, Attack, Hurricane and Lie with us, they'll definitely help too so we're travelling in bigger groups. I say Ghoul, Jet, myself and Static find Poison while Lie, Cherri, Hurricane and Attack search for Death on the fifth floor. We'll all meet back at the Trans Am once we've found Death and Poison."
Acid arched an eyebrow. "What about me? What am I doing?"
"You can't come, Ace. They'll find out who are and it was risky enough when you left to find Andy before. We can't risk that again and you know it's true." Kobra pointed out.
"But this is my sister and the father of my child we're talking about here. I can't just sit here on my ass when I know you're out there saving them."
"Well you'll have to, Ace. Besides, you need to stay here with Andy. Can you do that for us?"
She hesitated, but deep down she knew it was for the best. "Fine. Just promise me you'll save them both."
Kobra nodded. "I promise."
The Killjoys began gathering their weapons and quickly set off to find Death and Poison, completely unaware of what Better Living had already planned for them.
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