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Chapter Eleven

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Dealing with the pain of Aerith's death

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Tragedy Belies The Sacrifice

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Chapter Eleven: Mourning


Cloud stood motionless beside everyone else who had escaped. His eyes were burning, his throat clenching, his heart ached in his chest. Everyone stood there in silence. Cloud dropped to his knees, his entire life he had fought. He had fought for the good things in it...and in one fiery explosion it was all gone. She was...she wasn't there with them. She was gone.

Tifa was sobbing into her hands, she was unable to hold back the tears of the death of Aerith. Garnet was crying as Zidane held her close with Mikoto, everyone was in disbelief. Mateus had called helicopters for them from a private number that only he knew, and soon they were all on their way back home. Cloud was unable to cry, he was unable to say anything but his body shook. A rage was inside of him, a rage unlike any other. He was losing his mind, losing his heart, everything was gone.

Rikku and Paine were looking to Yuna who was holding Tidus closely in her arms as he cried over the death of Jecht and how it had occurred. Once they arrived in America a couple of days later as traveling from Russia took some time, Mateus had a press conference. The President of the United States was dead, and he revealed how corrupt Shinra was, digging up the paperwork with ease about Jenova, Yeul, and everything else. The public was in shock over it, but Mateus put the next in charge of the United States since he was the next in line who wasn't a part of Shinra, who happened to be Laguna Loire.

But none of the next few weeks would make them feel any better. Cloud was a mess, unable to show any emotion besides shock. Tifa was in mourning, they all were actually. Several funerals were held, for Yazoo who was Vincent's son and somehow turned into Sephiroth, for Vivi, for Yeul, even for Rufus which was held for Reno and Rude who had escaped with the other turks. And finally for Aerith.

They all stayed at Snow's place for now, not willing to separate as a group. Calling in sick for their jobs, all except for Laguna who had to keep up public, he also had Mateus and Kuja helping him as well as Seifer. Caius was silent, but he seemed to be grasping what was happening better now. Finally Zidane opened the letter Vivi had wrote.

Dear Everyone,

Yeul and I have seen the future due to the powers we have been given by the chemicals injected into us. We will die soon from them... we know how hard this was, but we had to save you all from Sephiroth. And Aerith...Aerith knew as well. She knew about the future but wanted to believe otherwise, she had a dream that we sent her with our powers. She knew her destiny, even if she didn't want to do it. We're very sorry, but we couldn't allow the plans set in motion by what Shinra did to bring back Sephiroth. Rufus did it because he wanted to start another war, he needed the fire power of Sephiroth. But we both knew what would happen when he brought him back. Aerith was our only hope for things to get better. So that you would all live. Zidane I thank you for the time you gave me in this world, for how you helped us all in the past. You were a true friend, but I'm afraid...I was going to stop soon anyway. I felt it, I knew I was going to die soon. So I had to use my life for good, my life so that yours and your friends would be spared. And Aerith, she understood my wishes, and she understood why Yeul and I wanted to save you all. Please know, we loved you all. We loved you so much that we wouldn't let you all be destroyed. Especially you Cloud, Aerith loved you.


The letter was read, and tears filled everyone's eyes. Which was when Cloud finally broke. He fell to his knees and he sobbed into his hands. Tifa was crying as she hugged him, trying somehow to alleviate the pain. But nothing was going to stop this pain. The pain that filled them all. Everyone knew it then, this was real, she was gone. Aerith was gone.

Cloud couldn't stop crying, remembering how she promised she would return, remembering how much she loved them all. Enough to give her own life to stop their deaths. To stop Sephiroth. To stop everything. She was brave to the very end. She was the light in his life, and that light had been snuffed out. The very darkness that had taken Zack, had taken Aerith away from him. And Cloud, Cloud felt broken.

Never in his life had Cloud felt whole until he'd met her. She was his everything, and she always would be. He knew then, he would never love again. He would never feel the way he had about her about anyone else. Aerith, the most amazing woman he'd ever met...was gone.

"Everyone.." spoke Serah's choked tone.

They looked up at her.

"Snow and I...have an announcement." she said in her choked tone.

"We've decided on the names of our daughters." said Snow through the tears.

"Everyone, meet Aerith and Yeul." said Serah holding her twin girls.

Everyone smiled and nodded walking over and looking at them, tears in their eyes, but the bittersweet smiles on their faces as they looked at the two wonderful twin girls. Both just babies in this world. Cloud felt his heart clench at the mention of this but he smiled down at baby Aerith. He looked at Snow who was crying but rubbing the back of his head. They all knew it then, Vivi, Yeul, and Aerith were in their hearts for what they had done for them in their neediest hour. For the facts that they were still alive was because of those three.

Zidane put Vivi's letter in a glass case and they hung it in Snow's place, all of them looking at it with small bitter smiles on their faces. Cloud closed his eyes, remembering her smile, remembering her laugh. He remembered just how Aerith looked alive, and she must have been smiling down on them in that moment. Smiling as they all remembered her together. It would take time...take a lot of time to feel better. Cloud knew this. But this time, he would try to stay strong for her. He would try to continue living the life she had granted him. He would remember just how much they loved each other. And realized she would be with him in his heart forever. She would never leave him, her light lived within Cloud now.

A few days later Cloud went to her flower shop and began to tend to everything. He put all her things up in it, not willing to get rid of a single thing there. Then he saw it, in her church. The flowers there were still growing, and he knew then, this was where he would stay. He moved all of his things there, quit at the shop but told them why. He told them he would keep her legacy alive, he would run her flower shop. They understood, even were happy for his decision. Tifa offered to help when he couldn't be there, and he accepted it, knowing that she too wanted to help keep Aerith's legacy alive. Though Aerith had never had a proper burial as her body had been destroyed, a grave was made for her in the church, and Tifa and Cloud both put flowers on it for her. Cloud himself tried to learn about the plants, he had to be sure that this place, Aerith's passion, lived on with him.


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