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Chapter Twelve

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Denzel comes into the story, to a grieving Cloud

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Tragedy Belies the Sacrifice

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Chapter Twelve: Frustration


It had been a year now and everyone was doing a little better. Cloud ran the flower shop, kept Aerith's church clean and the flowers growing. Tifa ran her bar still and tried to help Cloud through the pain of Aerith's death by helping him at the flower shop. Snow and Serah were raising two very happy and healthy girls, Serah working as a teacher, and Snow still running the bike shop. Kuja and Mateus had actually been publicly married now, and Mateus was running several countries at once, while Laguna made an excellent president of the united states. Squall and Rinoa were married, she was expecting their first child, and Squall was of course still working with Snow while Rinoa's first fashion design had made it big. Lightning had become the new leader of Shinra and was leading the company into a better future away from their past. Vincent was working with Seifer and Caius, the three of them were making sure no other company dared to have the same type of regulations as Shinra used to, they were known as the new turks. The old turks were now working for Lightning to eradicate the damage that had been done by Shinra. Garnet still ran her baby shop, while Zidane was working for Snow now. Tidus was traveling the world as a world famous soccer player, Yuna his wife of course was traveling with him, with Rikku and Paine as well to make sure even in foreign countries that no Shinra ever happened again.

Cloud seemed stuck, he was unable to feel happiness again. His mind had become numb after the loss of Aerith. He cried over her death daily, at night of course as he fell asleep. He would smell her old night gown and cry into it, the pain of her loss filling his heart every day.

This frustrated Tifa who was only trying to help Cloud. He was unable to move on, unable to be happy after her death. He just kept searching for her. Whenever they would be out with the group, Cloud remained silent, in the corner. He was inconsolable. He was unable to even smile, even once. Cloud of course closed himself off more and more. He missed her so much, it was almost unbearable. Every day he would get up, run her shop, put flowers on her grave, make sure her church was taken care of, and then go ahead to sleep. Tifa knew then, that Cloud was so very lost in a memory, he was unable to live his own life. His life had somehow become entirely dedicated to her memory.

Tifa sighed and went to Aerith's grave, looking at it.

"I'm sorry..." she said.

Tifa closed her eyes allowing the tears to fall. "I'm sorry that you died. I know you didn't want to die at all. I know that you wouldn't want this for Cloud. You would want him to live his life smiling and being happy. You were a wonderful and amazing person Aerith. And you didn't deserve to die." she said looking at the grave.

Tifa's hands clenched as she cried, shaking her head. "But please Aerith, I know you're still with us. Please help Cloud." Tifa said to the grave.

Tifa got up and walked out of the church, seeing Cloud sitting there at the desk of the flower shop. He was watering a plant, trying to help it. Tifa's heart hurt, this was too much. The pain that had been dealt to Cloud, she only wished she could somehow help him. During the past year, she had tried to help Cloud. She had done everything she could, but the more she pushed, the more he retreated away from her. It seemed that...she was doomed to being unable to help Cloud. She was truly at a loss for what to do. Maybe it was time...she finally would really have to give up on him. No matter how much she didn't want to. Tifa walked back to her car and went to her bar, crying along the way, she knew this was it. Cloud was lost to her, and he had been for a while, but now he was lost to the world.

Cloud meanwhile was tending to the plant when suddenly he felt a wind rush by him. He looked up to see Vincent in the doorway.

"Hello Vincent, how can I help you?" asked Cloud.

"You can help me by allowing me to speak while you listen." spoke Vincent.

Cloud nodded moving to pay attention while Vincent spoke. "Cloud...I have never moved on from Lucrecia in my heart. But I didn't try to make her come back." said Vincent.

"I'm not..." said Cloud.

"You are. You're doing her life, not your own Cloud. You're trying to act as though she's still alive." said Vincent.

Cloud looked down. "Cloud...I understand your love for her was something that can never leave you. But you must not live for her." said Vincent.

"I'm not just living for her..." said Cloud.

Vincent looked alert. "I'm living for Zack, for her, and for myself. I want to do this Vincent. I want their legacy's to live on." said Cloud.

"But what about your life Cloud?" asked Vincent.

Cloud sighed. "I am happy even if it's just for a minute Vincent, the minute that I remember them, that I remember the happiness I had. I know it's a lot to ask, but please just let me have this." spoke Cloud.

"Are you certain?" asked Vincent.

"I know...I know I can't bring them back. I can't bring HER back. But I want to be with her. I feel her here somehow, I feel her here with me. In her shop, in the church, at night. I feel her within me Vincent. And I will never leave her." said Cloud.

Vincent nodded. "It's interesting...when Tifa told me about this, she said it seemed unhealthy. But now I see. Your devotion to her, is the same as the devotion I had with Lucrecia, and still have with Lucrecia. Cloud, don't ever forget who you are, and what you feel." spoke Vincent before leaving.

Cloud looked away from Vincent as he left and sighed. He then looked up as he felt an odd presence, there standing in the window was a young orphan boy, he looked so hungry, so lost as he looked at Cloud, he was holding something...something in his hands when he fainted suddenly. Cloud ran out and grabbed him as he fainted. In his hands was a Ouija Board. Cloud's blue eyes looked at the boy, and he knew...Aerith had sent him there.


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