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Chapter Thirteen

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Cloud takes in Denzel, and Aerith speaks to Cloud from beyond the grave.

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Tragedy Belies The Sacrifice

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Chapter Thirteen: Denzel


"Cloud? You never call." said Tifa surprised by a phone call.

", there's a boy and he's here, and he fainted." said Cloud into the phone.

Tifa looked at the phone and nodded. "I'm on my way." she said.

She drove as quickly as she could to Cloud, Denzel was on a bed, dirty and clearly underfed. Tifa looked at Denzel with concern kneeling at his side.

"He seems to be breathing and alright. Do you want me to call someone?" asked Tifa.

"No." said Cloud.

Tifa looked at Cloud with concern. "Cloud you can't take care of a child." she said.

"Please Tifa...he needs a home. He's obviously been abandoned." said Cloud.

Tifa sighed. "Let me call the police first to see if he has anywhere he's supposed to be." she said.

Tifa called the cops, which was when she began to learn about Denzel. His family had died in a recent explosion caused by Shinra. He had been put into the foster care system, but nothing was working. His last home had up and moved without him, and though the foster parents had been arrested, the cops had been searching for Denzel for weeks and couldn't find him. Tifa was really concerned now. How could they let a little boy be out on the streets for weeks!? No matter even if it was New York. She decided then, she and Cloud would adopt Denzel, as friends, they would be a family of friends. She looked to Cloud once the phone call was over, the adoption papers were being sent in the mail to her bar.

"Cloud...we're going to take care of him." said Tifa.

Cloud looked at her and then back down at Denzel, which was when Tifa saw Cloud smile for the first time in so long. He was smiling at Denzel, Tifa was shocked but smiled as well. "We;ll be a family of friends, ok Cloud?" she said.

Cloud nodded. For the next few days they filled out paperwork, while feeding Denzel. Denzel immediately took to Cloud, and he of course loved Tifa. Tifa had Denzel helping out at the bar, while Cloud had him help with flower deliveries. Cloud put the ouija board away for a while, making sure that Denzel was ok, how he was doing in his new school, new clothes, and in their lives now. Tifa found herself really enjoying the time they spent together. Yes they were now friends, she and Cloud were actually friends again. She felt that being a mother was her calling, even to Cloud a little. She loved her boys, they were both so great in her life. She was so happy raising Denzel, and she realized it then. This was how she and Cloud were supposed to be. Best friends finally, but not more then that. A mother and father of sorts to this kid, but not more in the bedroom. And Tifa knew it then, she liked this life with Cloud and Denzel. She liked how things were now.

But Cloud, Cloud was happy because he felt like Denzel was part of the answer in life, the answer he'd been searching for to help him. Aerith was gone, but he had found a new purpose in helping raise Denzel as well as helping at the flower shop and church. Cloud felt his life was somewhat whole again, less empty then it had previously been. Of course all of their friends found out, everyone came to meet Denzel. All of them loving this new kid in their lives. Denzel even had fun playing with Aerith and Yeul, the twins of Serah and Snow.

Cloud was doing better, everyone could tell that he was doing better. It was one night, a couple of months after Denzel had come into his life that he got home a little late. Denzel had gotten an A on a test so they'd taken him over to Snow and Serah's place for some ice cream with their two girls. That day Denzel had been told about Aerith and why the little girl was named after her. Denzel of course had seemed impressed that Cloud had once had someone to be with romantic with, especially since it was made clear that Tifa and Cloud weren't a couple, especially around Snow and Serah who were very much not afraid to share a kiss and hold hands every once and a while in front of the kids. Denzel had brought up why Tifa and Cloud hadn't been a couple, he had asked.

The simple answer had been to tell Denzel about Aerith, and that Cloud would always love her. It hadn't been easy for Cloud to talk about Aerith in the past tense like that, to explain how he'd lost the love of his life, but he knew he owed it to his new son.

But on this night, something happened that changed everything. Cloud walked in and ouija board was on the floor, he went to pick it up, but that's when it began to move, with no hand on it, with nothing moving it.

"I never blamed you, not once, you came for me, that's all that matters."

Cloud looked at the words being spelled out, he was in absolute shock. His blue eyes filled with emotion, his body had given out as he sat in front of the board staring at it.

"A...Aerith?" he asked.

"Hello Cloud."

It was spelled out in front of him. Aerith was...she was speaking to him, from beyond the grave.


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