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Chapter Fourteen

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Cloud has geostigma, and avoids everyone, can Tifa break through to him?

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Tragedy Belies The Sacrifice

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Chapter Fourteen: Geostigma


This began Cloud's routine. He would go out during the day, work with Denzel on school work, get him to school, work in the flower shop, go back to get him from school, help him with school work with Tifa, eat dinner, and go home to the ouija board. He'd talk with Aerith for hours, about how she was, was Zack there, and what it was like being dead.

The answers he got were so Aerith. She said Zack was there, that he was watching over Yazoo, Yeul, and Vivi with her. The promise land was where they were, or heaven in other words, well a heaven of sorts. It was a large flower field. She also told Cloud that she really as sorry for leaving, but that she'd led Denzel to him to try and help him. She also said that she was happy that Cloud was continuing her flower shop.

"Aerith..." said Cloud.

"Yes Cloud?"

"I love you." he said.

"I love you too."

"Aerith...can I ask you something? Is there any way...that you could come...back?" asked Cloud.

"I'm dead Cloud."

"I know...but..." said Cloud.

"I'll try."

Cloud smiled a little at the board as it spelled things out, yes he knew she would try. The next day...he got a phone call. It wasn't an easy call to take, Denzel was in the hospital, with a mysterious disease. He of course arrived as quickly as he could. It seemed like Denzel's skin was melting off somehow, Cloud was flabbergasted.

"The doctors are calling it geostigma." said Tifa.

"What is geostigma?" asked Cloud.

"It's a side affect found in soldiers who were affected by Jenova cells." said the doctor, when Cloud saw who the doctor was, he was almost in shock, it was Vincent.

"Vincent?" asked Cloud.

"How did Denzel get it?" asked Tifa.

"You've got me. After what Aerith did, stuffing something into the body of Sephiroth when he came back. We found the orb. It eradicated the illness. How it's here again and a cure for it...I don't know." said Vincent.

Cloud suddenly felt his entire world crashing around him. Denzel was going to die...he had a disease, an infection of some sorts, and there was no cure. Denzel was allowed to go home, after all it wasn't a serious infection and wasn't contagious known to anyone. Tifa tried to nurse Denzel, she did everything she could think to do. Cloud searched for a cure, for anything. He called Lightning, got the paperwork on the disease, researched it, anything to find a cure. The ouija board stopped working...he couldn't reach Aerith anymore, and he wasn't sure why. But Cloud began to slowly lose his mind. He began to ignore Tifa and Denzel, and when he contracted the was too much. He ran, he stopped calling, he stopped caring it seemed. The flower shop went unnoticed. Tifa rescued it, unsure of where Cloud had gone, and what could have possibly made him leave that place.

Cloud had gone to the fields of his old hometown. Looking at the small town he'd come from, he just couldn't believe what was happening to Denzel. Where was Aerith? Why hadn't she reached him again? So many questions, and no answers. Cloud sighed closing his eyes, he suddenly felt something, like a hand on his shoulder.

"Dilly Dally Shilly Shally. Isn't it time you did the forgiving?"

Her voice, her hand, he turned but she wasn't there. He dropped his shoulders, sighing.

"Aerith...I'm not fit to help anyone. I can't find the cure. Denzel's going to...your gift to me is going to..." he said choking on his words.

Suddenly he got a phone call, looking down he saw it was Tifa. He ignored it again, she just kept calling him... he sighed and suddenly he felt another presence.

"Oh hello dear brother." spoke a voice.

He turned, there stood Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo.

"So happy to see you." spoke Kadaj.

Cloud jumped and got onto his bike, the three chased him on their bikes. "How're you alive!?" shouted Cloud.

"You really thought your girlfriend could stop us?" spoke Kadaj.

Cloud rode the bike as fast as he could, they continued to chase him. His phone rang again, he ignored it. Cloud moved as fast as he could, trying to shake them somehow. He drove until he reached the church, driving straight into it, Tifa was there and she looked in shock as the three brothers drove after Cloud. They banged into the wall destroying Aerith's flowers.

"Nowhere to run brother." spoke Kadaj.

Cloud realized it, this was why Aerith disappeared from the ouija board. Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo had escaped from the promise land. They were after him now. Tifa ran over and punched Loz, Loz punched her back. But she wasn't giving up. Cloud tried to fight Kadaj and Yazoo off, which was when Lightning arrived. Lightning shot them, but they were super humans somehow and seemed to shrug it off as they went at Lightning. Lightning fought them, they attacked her and Tifa, and Cloud. The three of them were in for the fight of their lives. Tifa was thrown back, a crack was heard. Cloud moved to protect her, she was best friend basically now. And he realized...he'd been a fool. He'd left her and Denzel, because of his own selfish foolishness. And look where it got him. He was now getting his ass kicked by these three. Denzel...Denzel was going to die. Cloud wasn't going to let anyone else die. Not on his watch. He grabbed Kadaj and threw him into Loz, Loz was thrown back into Yazoo, and Lightning shot them again. They ran then, disappearing. Lightning ran to Tifa's side, her arm was broken.

They went to the hospital, Tifa was given a cast. But she wouldn't look at Cloud, Lightning drove the two awkwrd friends back to Tifa's bar where Denzel was asleep. However when they got there...Denzel wasn't there. Only a note from Kadaj, saying that they had him at time square.

"Cloud you have to go." said Tifa.

Cloud looked away from her. "Cloud!" she exclaimed.

"Tifa..." said Cloud.

She looked at him with curious eyes. "I'm not fit to help anyone, not my family, not my friends, no one." said Cloud.

"Cloud...why have you been avoiding us!?" shouted Tifa grabbing his arm.

Which was when he grimaced, and she knew. She knew it then...he had geostigma.


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