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Chapter Fifteen

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Sephiroth appears again

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Tragedy Belies The Sacrifice

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Chapter Fifteen: Team


"Cloud, Denzel's in trouble." said Tifa.

"I know..." said Cloud.

"So why aren't you doing anything!? He'll die Cloud!" exclaimed Tifa.

"I know that...but there's nothing I can do." said Cloud.

"Cloud...what's this really about?" she asked.

"I reached her Tifa." said Cloud.

"What?" asked Tifa.

"I talked to her. Through a ouija board. Then after I did, Denzel got geostigma, and then after a while of looking for a cure. I got geostigma." said Cloud.

"You didn't talk to Aerith." said Tifa.

"What?" asked Cloud.

"Ouija Boards don't work that way Cloud. It was an illusion." said Tifa.

"What are you talking about?" asked Cloud, suddenly feeling angry.

"Cloud what this is about. Is about you. You never stop dwelling on the past. But you have Denzel now. You have to take care of Denzel now. You can't keep searching for her. Not when you have a family to take care of. I know we're not a real family. But Zack, Aerith, whatever. What if Denzel becomes part of that past? Will you dwell on him too? Or would you rather save him now?" asked Tifa, frustrated with Cloud.

Cloud realized it then, Tifa finally knew him. She knew that he dwelled on everything wrong in his life. He refused to let go. He spent so much time dilly dallying, as Aerith had put it, and Tifa now not so nicely. He had to forgive himself. Cloud nodded an got up. "I don't know what will happen, but I'm going to try." he said to Tifa.

She looked shocked at his words, not expecting him to really listen to her, but he stopped before he left. "She wasn't an illusion. I'm serious Tifa, Aerith...she's with us." he said.

Tifa smiled a little. "I know that Cloud. But I'm saying don't make it more important then your son. I know I was harsh...maybe what you did see was real. But please, don't put it above Denzel." said Tifa.

Cloud nodded and left. He got on his bike, he felt it then, he knew where Denzel was, he felt that hand on his shoulder.

"The church Cloud."

Her voice, he heard her then. Cloud drove to the church, which was when he suddenly felt it. The flowers around him disappeared and there was a large pool of water, it went up into the air around him and splashed all over him, he removed the sleeve of his shirt and his geostigma...was gone. Cloud felt her with him then.

"Let's go, Cloud."

Cloud drove, and drove, somehow he felt like she was pulling him, pulling him to where they were. There they were, at the park. The police had surrounded them. Tifa had called them after all. But Cloud saw the knife at Denzel's throat.

"What do you want?" asked Cloud to Kadaj and the other two.

"We want Jenova." spoke Kadaj.

"There is no Jenova." spoke Cloud.

"Bull shit." said Kadaj.

"I'm serious, she was destroyed." said Cloud.

"Don't bother Cloud." said a voice.

He looked and the others were standing there, Squall, Rinoa, Snow, Serah, their two little girls, Tifa, Zidane, Kuja, Mateus, Laguna, Seifer, Vincent, Lightning, Garnet and little Mikoto, Tidus, Yuna, Rikku, Paine, and Caius.

"They won't let him go." said Squall.

"Not unless we give them what they want." spoke Yuna.

"But what they want is impossible to get." said Cloud.

Kuja grimaced then. "It's not...but if we give it to them, then Sephiroth will return again." said Kuja.

"Last time it took Aerith's DNA to bring Sephiroth back completely." said Cloud.

"Yes but this time they have her DNA already in them." said Lightning.

"How do we know that?" asked Rinoa.

"Because our scanners have that abilitiy." said Vincent pointing to a scanner that Seifer was holding.

"Being part of the new turks is a lot harder then you'd think." said Seifer.

"Well what can we do?" asked Cloud.

Tifa looked at Cloud. "We give them Jenova." she said.

Cloud paled but he sighed gulping. "Where is the last of Jenova?" he asked.

"It's right here." said Lightning holding a container.

"How could you keep any of Jenova!?" screamed Cloud at her.

"It wasn't my choice. If we could have destroyed it, we would have. But the problem is..." said Lightning.

"It's indestructible." said Caius.

"Wait so...we can't kill it?" asked Seifer.

"No and if Sephiroth gets this portion, he'll probably be unstoppable." said Lightning.

Cloud shook his head. "I won't risk getting Denzel killed." said Cloud.

"Hey we can do this." said Snow suddenly.

They all looked to Snow. "We're not gonna let one of our own get killed again. We're all one family here. Yes it's a weird family but we've come together through everything. We're not going to let an innocent young boy get killed because we're too chicken shit to face Sephiroth again. Yeah it's gonna be hard. But wouldn't you rather face this together like we faced things in the past together? We're a team now. We became that way after her death, and even before her death. We just didn't realize it until she was gone. Yes we've all gotten busy and separated a little. But we all know in our hearts, we're together in everything." said Snow.

They all nodded, Snow was right. Cloud took Jenova's head, the last of Jenova and gave it to Kadaj, he grabbed Denzel then and got out of the way, as the maniacal laughter filled the air, as Kadaj and the others were absorbed into becoming Sephiroth.


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