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Chapter Sixteen

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The final part of this fic

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Tragedy Belies The Sacrifice

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Chapter Sixteen: Epilogue


As soon as he was back, they all grabbed their guns, the police shot, but Sephiroth was impervious to everything. Snow jumped in, but was thrown back. Squall jumped in, but was thrown back. Rinoa was pregnant so she was kept back with Tifa who had a broken arm. Serah watched on in horror as Snow was stabbed by Sephiroth's long sword. Cloud jumped in then, but he was stopped, by Kuja.

"You must all run." spoke Kuja.

Mateus nodded. "Indeed, this is not a fight we can win." he said.

Tidus grabbed Snow and Squall. Lightning shot at Sephiroth, but it didn't seem to matter. That was until Kuja jumped in and grabbed Sephiroth.

"Hmph, another experiment much like myself. You believe you can take me down?" said Sephiroth.

"No, but I can take you away." spoke Kuja.

Kuja used what powers he had to try and teleport them, but he was stabbed through, Kuja failed and Mateus grabbed him, holding him in his arms. Mateus glared at Sephiroth, but Sephiroth didn't seem to care. Kuja was saved, luckily an ambulance was there and Snow was being tended to as well. Cloud looked at Sephiroth, he was stronger then he'd ever been before. The experiment in the end...had been a success. That's when suddenly an orb dropped next to Sephiroth. Sephiroth turned, they all looked up, and there...she was.

"Aerith." said Cloud.

She looked to Cloud and threw him another orb. "You have to get this into him." she said.

Sephiroth ran towards her, but Cloud was faster. He ran, he grabbed Sephiroth, with everything in his being, he would not let her die this time. He grabbed Sephiroth and pushed the orb into him, breaking him open, ripping into him and forcing his way. Sephiroth screamed before he fell to the ground. The orb glowed, it was like a holy light. And Sephiroth was sucked into it. Cloud looked up at Aerith.

"The promise land...accepts even him." she said.

Aerith walked over to Cloud, the holy light was engulfing her, her hand reached up to Cloud's cheek.

"Cloud...I love you." she said.

"Aerith...don't go." said Cloud.

"I have to Cloud." she said.

"Please Aerith..." said Cloud's broken tone.

Aerith leaned in and kissed Cloud sweetly.

"One day you'll come to me." she said.

"The promise land?" he asked.

"You'll meet me there, right?" she said.

Tifa walked up next to Cloud. "We all will." she said.

Aerith smiled. "Cloud, you gave me the best times of my life." she said.

Cloud smiled at her, despite the pain in his eyes. "Same here." he said.

"I'm always with you Cloud." said Aerith putting her hand over his heart.

Aerith left after that, Cloud fell to his knees, Tifa knelt by his side and hugged him as he cried. After that they all went home, it was all finally over. Yet Cloud couldn't help the emptiness in his heart. He knew it would never be filled, it didn't need to be. She was with him, he wasn't alone, not anymore. Despite everything, she was there, in his heart, living forever in it.

After that, Denzel and everyone else including Cloud were fine. He made a full recovery, Cloud was of course so glad. Cloud raised him with Tifa, two friends raising a kid together. Cloud's life was filled with friendship, support, and love. But he never moved on. He never fell in love again, Aerith was the only one for him. Tifa herself moved on from Cloud eventually. She married a man, his name was Kain. Cloud helped them out, even when Tifa had her first child. Tifa was happy her friend Cloud was still around. She couldn't believe how silly she'd been at one time, to think he was the one for her.

No now, now she accepted that Cloud never loved her. Of course that didn't stop her from lecturing him every now and then. Eventually they grew old, and Cloud eventually died.

"Hey Cloud…" he heard her voice.

Cloud looked down at himself, he was back to being twenty somehow. And there she was, still as gorgeous and young as ever.

"Aerith…" he said.

Aerith smiled and intertwined their fingers together, the field of flowers around them.

"Welcome home Cloud." she said.

"The promise land…it's so much more beautiful then I ever imagined." he said.

"It is now that you're here with me." said Aerith.

Cloud just smiled at her, and looked around. Everyone else was there, even Sephiroth, Tifa, Vivi, and all of them. They were all reunited, in death.


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