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This is going to be a story about 5 very rich, popular and powerful teenage girls and their boyfriends.

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Okay let me give you a little background. There are five girls all living on the coast of California, Laguna Beach area is what I have planned out. They live lives of of high power, extreme wealth, and power because of their last names. Their lives seems pretty much perfect to outsiders but don't be fooled, with this much popularity and money comes lots of drama and secrets.

So what I'm gonna need from you guys....

Age (the girls are in high school):
House (you can describe it or find a pic):
Bedroom (same as the house thing):
Designer they wear most:
Signature charm:
Favorite color:
Boyfriend (his name and what he looks like again you can give me a picture or a description):
Anything else:

Go all out with this. This is gonna be a fun story so don't hold back.
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