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Killjoys14. You make me happy, no matter what you believe in

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Ghoul forgets his name. Party and He get a little steamy together before it's lights out all too soon. R&R if you want me to continue.

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What’s my name, what’s my name, what’s my name, what’s my name, what’s my name, what’s my name, what’s my name, what’s my name?

I breathe in the crisp dry air as I repeat the question in my head over and over. What’s my name? How can one forget their own name? Man, I feel so fucking stupid right now. My parents gave me that name and now I have lost it. They would be so disappointed in me, fuck, I’m disappointed in me. I sigh hollowly and play with the sand in my hands between my fingers. Every grain rubs against my skin and shifts around the groves of my prints before falling back down to its home due to gravity’s pull.

My body feels warm like I’m next to the fire but I know I’m at least a few feet away from the flames and the others, well I was. Even without my vest, which I had ditched a while back along with Party’s blue jacket and our ray guns and bandanas, I feel quite comfortable in the cool night. I can feel every pump of the heated crimson river flowing through my body then return back to my heart to repeat the process all over again, where do I find the energy to do this over and over repeatedly day in day out?

Currently I’m lying on my back looking up at the white glitter like stars that won’t keep still, maybe they know my name but the dam fuckers probably wouldn’t tell me anyway because they like watching me suffer. I perform a tragic performance for the shining fuckers towering above me like royalty. They laugh and mock the plain I suffer. Frowning I raise my arm to flip off the night sky above. After I’m satisfied that they got the message I flop my arm back down on my chest with a soft thud. I feel the sandy dirt against the small of my back where my shirt has ridden up, it feels cool and almost massages my skin every time I shift a little. I wanna take off my shirt and just roll around but that would involve effort so instead I lay here till a zap of random energy decides to grace my being.

Party and I have gone through a bottle and half of vodka and finished off the pills but it’s ok coz he apparently has another few bottles stashed in his bag, no wonder he was protective of his bag lately. Seemingly he found the booze and drugs a few weeks back and kept it a secret in fear of been judged or been forced to throw it all away. I’m sure he told me more about it but I kind of kept spacing out and ended up getting distracted or just plain forgot, like I forgot my name.

I’m pretty sure Party is next to me within arm’s reach but then again I’m not really sure of anything. If it wasn’t for the contact of the sand on my skin I wouldn’t even be sure If I was still on earth…I’ve found myself repeatedly asking the same stupid question over and over. ‘What’s my name?’ it’s has been plaguing my mind for the past fair few hours. But it’s not an easy question to answer you see...I mean I thought I knew my name but then why are they calling me Fun Ghoul? I remember a time when I was called something else, but I can’t remember what and that is frustrating me to no end. I’m driving myself, more, insane trying to remember so I try and think of something, anything, else. That’s easy to do with this poison running through my system and a companion just as intoxicated as I am by my side.

“Party…” I whisper with a shit eating grin when I realize that I’m not alone on the waterless ground. Party’s only reply is snorting laughter, at least I know he is next to me and not on the other side of the desert eating ice-cream... Why he’s eating ice-cream I don’t know but I kind of want some right now. Hmm choc chip mint for sure.

“Party are you hot?” I asking wondering if the alcohol is keeping him warm like it is for me, I don’t want him getting sick. Party erupts in a fit of giggles.

“Baby I’m hotter than the sun.” he speaks then explodes in giggles again. He’s been calling me pet names all night, like baby, sugar, sweetheart, honey etc., and I find it kind of adorable, it makes me feel all giddy and buzzy on the inside. I giggle too as I turn my head away from the spinning White specks people call stars to find the red head in the dark. All I can make out is a shadowy outline silhouette of mass lying beside me. I intent to roll onto my side so I prop myself up on one arm but end up rolling too far and land straight into Party instead. Oh well, I’m not complaining.

“Ghouly! You found me!” Party shrieks with the joy evident in his voice similar to a sugar hyped up five year old at a birthday party. It’s kind of cute but what’s with the nick name ‘Ghouly’? That has to go. I raise my hand aiming for his forehead to check his temp but my depth perception is off and I end up just feeling his face with my open palm. Party must think that’s an invitation to taste me coz I suddenly feel his warm wet tongue slid over my palm.

I wanna move my hand away but I feel like my body wont shift so I stay and let Party lick my hand all over like I was made of the sweetest toffee. I watch curiously in the nights light as he sucks on two of my fingers hungrily. The muscle in his mouth circles my digits one by one and his lips make a perfect seal as he hollows his cheeks and moves his mouth up and down my fingers sloppily but almost expertly. He closes his eyes and emits a moan from his throat and sucks a little harder as he moves his hand to hold my wrist to keep my hand in place. His actions cause me to become a little turned on and feel tighter in the jeans as I watch him bob his head back and forth. It’s all pretty erotic but I’m not sure if he meant it to be. We’re both pretty high right now or maybe we’re drunk…I don’t know and I don’t give a fuck because, shit, this feels good and I can’t help but blush at my own thoughts as I let my mind wonder what it would feel like to have him suck somewhere else on my body.

I sit up as I pull my fingers from his hot moist mouth, creating a ‘pop’ sound as the seal breaks. A string of saliva connects my fingers to his bottom lip before it falls apart. I lick my own lips when I see dribble glistening in the moon beams around Party’s mouth. He opens his eyes and looks up at me. His expression is calm and content like a blooming flower in a garden bursting into life, it’s refreshing and sweet. The cool air brushes my flushed cheeks and picks up strands of my blacken hair to dance gently around the frame of my face as I look down. I get the urge to circle my tongue around his lips and taste the left over vodka and bitter pills. Party goes to sit up too but I push him back down softly with my hand on his chest. I leave it there as I shift on the sand that covers this quiet California desert. Next to him I stare tenderly into his hazel eyes that burn bright in the night.

“No, wait don’t move,” I whisper as I breath deep and contemplate my next move.

“I just wanna…” I mumble as I cup his jaw lightly and lean down to catch his lips in a tender kiss I had not planned. I feel the slight stubble growing on his chin as it rubs against my hand while he moves is lips to caress mine. I timidly lick his lips with the tip of my tongue and grip tightly to his shit with my other hand that’s not on his face. Party goes to pokes his tongue out timidly as he attempts to explore but I keep my lips sealed, like I had a delicious secret. Always leave them wanting more…Isn’t that what they say? With this thought in mind I push on his chest and jump up onto my feet then stagger away in my wobbly boots smiling like a chestier cat that got the cream. I hear party groan lustfully and sigh as he tries to follow. I giggle to myself and wonder away further from the camp. I don’t wanna wake the others or more like I don’t want the other to wake and seem us high off our faces like we just ate a whole hash cake. I giggle to the night air at myself as I remember the last time I had hash cake, fuck it was good, some crazy shit happen that night let me tell you.

I stumble on the uneven sand as the ground seems to keep on coming so close to me that I can touch it then it bounce away again like it was a basketball been dribbled on a court. I stagger on ward despite the grounds refusal to stay still beneath my boots. When I look up from my toes I notice I have made my way to the edge of a small hill. In front of me is a slight drop then the awaiting horizon that stretched out to another land. I never really noticed how beautiful this earth could be, I guess you don’t have time to take in the beauty of things when you’re always running and fighting to survive. I feel like I should be having a sudden realization but unfortunately I’m too high to commit to the thought process for that kind of shit so I just sway on the spot enjoying the view instead. I suddenly feel to strong warm arms envelope me in into a secure hug from behind. It’s Party, I can tell.

“Where you going babe? Don’t ya’ wanna hang out with me anymore?” His voice sounds sad as I hold onto his arms that are wrapped around my waist. He moves his hands slowly over my chest and down my waist as he breaths softly on the back of my neck. I shiver and melt into his touches. In my current state it feels like five pairs of hands are tracing my body. I lean back into Party and stretch my neck up as I let my own hands roam my body too. I feel his heart beating on my back and I lean into him even more causing us to sway a little more before he regains a steady stance.

“ah Party.” I pant as one of his hands travel down south past my belt. I continue to touch myself and close my eyes loving the feeling of been felt as it helps me feel not so disconnected. I run one of my own hands up under my shirt as another runs up over my neck and into my hair. I fist my hand and pull my hair a little moaning at the sensation. Party’s lips feather touch my open neck and glide down to my shoulder. His hand snakes under my shirt and reaches up to my chest to teases one of my nipples. An implosion of sparking electricity currents through my chest leaving me moaning for more contact.

“Oh God” I whisper as he touches me in ways I haven’t been in years. I know my semi hard-on must be obvious by now but I just couldn’t give a fuck about it. I can feel Party’s poking me gently in the back of my hip as he holds me tighter and we grind together. I lick my lips and roll my head back wanting Party to take advantage of me. To easily touch me where ever he wants. I want to surrender myself to him.

“I thought you didn’t believe in God?” Party pants in my ear before he licks the shell and moves a hand back down past my belt. He pinches my now harden nipple softly then runs his fingers over my ribs and continues rubbing his hand down over my flat stomach causing my muscles to ripple in response.

“I don’t.” I pant back as I half open my eyes and look back over the moonlight desert view ahead. The way the shadows created by dead trees and dying bushes make shapes that dance across the sandy floor in front of us looks like an artwork that needs to be seen at least once. I wish I still had my camera.

“Why do you mention this nonexistent God you do not believe in?” Party questions quietly as he rests his head on my shoulder and looks out at the view. His hand rubs the inside of my thigh close to my crouch. The muscles around my stomach tighten and feel light with excitement as I rub up back against Party’s front.

“I don’t know. I guess I use to just agree with it to keep people that believed happy. ” I sigh and lean my cheek onto his.

“You make me happy, no matter what you believe in.” Party whispers as he kisses my cheek. I sway on my feet as a wave of intoxication hits me. My eyes feel heavy for a moment but then open with a spark of life. I try to step forward out of Party’s embrace as I think maybe I shouldn’t do anything in case it all come crashing down in the morning. After all he is only interested in me because he’s drunk and I don’t want to deal with the awkwardness of regret later on. Party tightens his arms around me like he’s scared and holds me in place. A spike of panic rises in my throat but then sooths back down as I try to tell myself that I’m safe here in his arms, but am I really?

“Party please let me go.” I slur my words as I gently try to pull his grip off me. To tell the truth I’m not really trying that hard because I want to be here, in his arms all night.

“Why do you hate me Frank?” He whispers tragically as he buries his face in-between my shoulders behind me as he holds onto my hips. His hot breathe seeping through the thin material sends an erotic shiver down my spine and my stomach flips in the good way. My chest feels like it’s just been open and I can breathe a little easier than before.

‘Frank’ the name that leaves his chapped lips is mine. That’s the name I had forgotten but he didn’t, there something in that. He must care for me right? I mean he remembered my name. He knows me, and I know him. I turn in his arms so we’re chest to chest and face to face. Standing on my tiptoes I lean into Party’s ear.

“Oh Gerard you remembered my name.” I whisper just as quietly as the night air. I softly nibble on his lobe and kiss down his neck over his jugular. Party’s breathing becomes rigged and he holds me tighter with open palms on the small of my back. That’s his way of letting me know it feels good and to keep going. The tighter he holds me the better everything feels, Gravity and reality disappear to the back of my mind as I let myself absorb into his warmth. I press my body against his and let our crouches rub against one another.

“ahh Party, I’ve wanted to do some bad things to you.” I pant as he moves his hands lower to grope my ass and pull me closer to create more friction.

“I’ve been thinking of some pretty dirty things you could do with that pretty little mouth of yours Ghoul.” He breaths heavily into the sensitive flesh of my neck. I hum and pull at his shirt as he bits my already bruised and recovering neck. I use my hands to pull him away from my skin than crash out mouths together in a heated steamy kiss of lust and passion. Teeth clink and tongues roll around each other as we move our lips in sync. I tangle the tips of my fingers into his red fiery hair and held my hands at the base of his neck at the back while he cups my ass and squeezes hungrily. I moan and he returns one of his own back to me as we fall to our knees harshly. I straddle Party’s thighs and push him gently back till he was lying flat in the dirt. I look down at him lustfully as he stretches lazily. My hair falls down around my face and the moon shined bright behind my head as I leaned back down to continue the kiss.

Things start to get a little blurry and sketchy after some time of viscously making out on the ground but we still continue on anyway, I know it’s just most likely the side effects of the drugs and vodka I had taken earlier tonight. Party breaths heavily and moans as I slowly grind down on him. I smile wickedly as parts of ideas form in my mind of what I could do to him. I lean down to his ear as I continue to thrust and grind onto his harden dick. I moan to watch his response as I try to ignore the fatigue creeping up on me like a shadow.

“What dirty things did you have in mind for my ‘pretty little mouth’ party” I purr sexually as he groans and writhes beneath me like a whore, his arousal very evident as it strains against the fabric of his tighter jeans into my thigh.

“Ghoul…” He sighs tiredly as his eyes fall shut. I smile but then my vision fads to black before it returns. My fingers and legs feel numb as my eye lids fall heavily. If I was thinking straight I would say I might soon pass out but I don’t want to, not yet. I breathe deep and lean back down onto Party’s chest thinking I just need to relax a little then I can carry on.

“Party…I, I’m a…” I slur and stutter as I try to tell him I’m a goner and will soon pass out. I sigh deeply and turn my head to the view over the hill as I rest my cheek onto his clothed chest and snuggle into his warmth. Drifting in and out of consciousness I try to focus on the dark horizon but my eyes refuse to work with me and burr the images out of focus. Party’s hands gently wrap around my back and hold me close like he never wants to let go. As I listen to his heat beating like a bass drum I realize he’s also falling under the spell of the drugs and alcohol. Fuck.

“Shhhh, sleep.” Are the last slurred words I hear before the darkness nearly completely takes a hold of my mind and body no matter how hard I fight back. The last thing I see be for the shut are two bright stars running across the dusty ground in the far away distance. If only I was sane enough to realize that the lights weren’t stars at all but head lights. It’s all a little too late to realize the possible oncoming danger as there is nothing I can do due to my mind shutting down and my eyes locked shut. No matter what my body system won’t let me wake up, even if it might save our lives.

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