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Killjoys15. What is happening?

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emotions are running high, could this be the end of Party? maybe Ghoul meets his maker. Jet might be the one to disappear

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I actually had fun writing this, tad bit of writers block but I'm glad I got this chapter done. remember to R&R so I know your reading and enjoying it .xoxo.

Jet Pov,

They’re gone, all gone. I drop to my knees out of breath. Clenching the sand in my fists, my shoulders shake with sobs that tremble through my aching body. My blue ray gun lays used and smoking beside me. My mind is trying to piece everything together but it’s all just jumbled up flashes of laser beans, masks, headlights and dust cluttering my brain. What the fuck happen?

I rip off my clunky black bike helmet and thrash it across the sandy floor in anger and frustration, it kicks up sand and rocks to a stop a few meters away. Nothing matters any more. I scream out long and hard to the Gods that I’m losing faith in fast with the last of my strength. What Gods would allow this much pain and suffering? Everything is so fucked up and wrong, nothing will ever feel right again, not without my friends.

They took Kobra right out of my grip. I tried to hold on to his hand but there was too many of them, surrounding us in their white clean suits and vampire masks. The sun hadn’t risen yet so the world was just a blue tinged. I awoke to the sound of laser beans and Kobra yelling frantically for me to get up.

I struggle to breathe recalling the event behind my tightly shut eyes trying to hold back the flood of tears. I open them hopelessly and let the salty rivers flow down my flushed cheeks and drip off my chin onto the bone dry sand. I look around our trashed camp. My eyes land on a bundle of our belongings a distance away. I crawl over to discover it’s Party’s jacket and yellow gun. Ghouls vest lays abandon beside, his green ray gun still in its holster untouched. I pick up the vest and cry into the fabric. They never had a chance. I didn’t even see them take Party and Ghoul.

Partys pov.

A violent cold chill courses down my spine painfully slapping me out of my sleep. I sit up with a start, my eyes burn from the harsh sunlight surrounding me. Ghoul cries out in shock as he’s shoved off my chest unintentionally.

“Shit! Baby, I’m sorry.” I pant and help his still half asleep form to sit in my lap. I wrap my arms around his shoulders and hold him tight. Something doesn’t feel right, I have a really bad feeling and I just need Ghoul in my arms. They are after him, they wanna take him away from me but they can’t have him because his mine, Fucking MINE! I grip onto his shirt securely and hide my face in the nook of his neck.

“Party? What…What’s wrong?” He stutters like a little child but holds me back firmly anyway, confused but safe in my embrace. I breathe him in and feel a tad bit better knowing he’s real and touching me. I softly kiss the warm skin of his bruised neck. Ghoul slowly pulls back to look at me. His hair is a black mess that scatters across his face. It’s in need of a good wash and a brush, maybe a trim but I like it long enough to grab fistfuls and feel wrapped around my fingers. His skin is covered in dust and scratches but still soft and smooth. He’s a beautiful wreck. Tragically broken but holding me together. His my light in the dark and my strength to march on.

His eyes are a stunning array of hurt, strength, depression and hope. He’s amazing and confusing. I want him by my side for life. I feel kind of happy in this little bubble I’ve created around us. I tenderly brush away strands of hair with the back of my fingers and run my thumb down his jaw. Ghouls lips are dry and slightly chapped but I never wanted to capture then in a kiss more than at this moment.

“Run away with me?” I whisper quieter then the subtle wind that blows gently against our exposed faces.

“Any time you want.” He murmurs back. This world is after me and after him but we can run away from here. Run into a new tomorrow. I don’t care about the fight with BL/inds anymore I just wanna take Ghoul, Kobra and Jet and just leave, never look back. I don’t wanna have to relay of chemicals like bitter alcohol and sour pills to feel safe. I tense at the thought of been clean sober but I know t’s for the better. It’s going to hurt and I’ve become so dependent on for too long. Ghoul rubs my back sensing my discomfort. Visibly I relax into his soothing touches and sigh.

“I…” I start to speak but lose my conference. Ghoul softly nudges me with his nose like a cat, encouraging me to continue, I smile at his cuteness. Allowing my eye to look down at his lips I lean forward and rest our foreheads together. Ghoul pecks my slightly flushed cheek.

“I love you.” The words feel cheesy and stupid but I mean it with all my heart. Ghoul smiles and connects our lips.

“I love you.” The words just fall off his lips like sweet whispers as we move apart. Those words are the only reply I’ll ever need from him.

We smile at each other and kiss again softly, moving our lips in sync, holding then moving. Ghoul yarns as we break apart then snuggles into my neck, falling back asleep. I smile contently as a warm fuzzy emotion fills me to the top, my chest flutters and I can’t help but smile even wider.

“Come on sugar we should get back to the camp.” I whisper into his untamed hair. Ghoul fidgets in my arms and mummers something I can’t quite understand. After coxing him to wake up with kisses and soft love bits on his tender shoulders we walk back in the direction of our camp. Last night our steps must have been long and fast because it didn’t seem this far away but now that we’re sobering up and the sun shines I realize we wondered quit far away.

“Do you think we’ll be in trouble?” Ghoul slurs, swaying side to side next to me, obviously still intoxicated from last night’s bender.

“Nar baby we’re good.” I reply confidently and snake my arm around his hip pulling him in close to me. Ghoul rests his head on my shoulder as we trot along on the warm sand. His mine, finally mine, is all that swims in my mind. I’m never going to let him go or et any one touch him ever. As we walk I think of the place the four of us can go, maybe the cost. Fuck this battle and the fighting. I’m over it all. No more running. I don’t wanna be a killjoy anymore.

“Jet?” Ghoul freezes in his tracks. Jet? Why would he talk about Jet? Ghoul is FUCKING MINE! But Jet must still have his claws dug in deep into my Ghoul. Not if I can fix it. I’ll teach Ghoul a lesson or two, he’s mine and no one else. I was about to back hand Ghoul when I realize we’re back at camp but something is wrong, everything is thrown around and turned upside down. Ghoul rips away from me and dashes over to the hunched over body in the sand.

“JET!” Ghoul scrams as he closes in on him. I clench my jaw and grind my teeth with jealousy as Ghoul crashes to his knees next to Jet to hold him to his chest tightly.

Ghoul pov.

My head is still fuzzy and my stomach is kicking me for poisoning it last night. My eyes flash with random colors while my head spins like a windmill. But last night was the best night I’ve had in years, granted I can’t remember much but the stuff I do remember is what counts. The stars shining, Party kissing me and holding me tightly in his arms, our giggles filling the night air as we roll around on the sand like teenagers on spring break. I felt free and happy. Then this morning he told me he loved me. My chest dose a flip at the memory, I smile sheepishly to myself as we walk side by side, his arm around my hip. I look up in front of us and all the good feelings are gone.

“Jet?” The word just escapes out and I feel Party tense but I don’t care much about that right now because I see Jet just lying in a ball on the sandy ground, the camp site in a mess. Before I even gather that I’m running I cry out Jets name then crash to my knees next to his body. I wrap my arms around him and feel his shaking shoulders against my chest as I hold him tight and he cries.

“Shhh, Shhh, Shhh” I try to hush Jet to calm down as he buries his face into my shirt and grips onto me like I might runaway or disappear.

“Ghoul? Is it really you?” He sobs as I run my fingers through his hair and rub the back of his neck to sooth him.

“Jet it’s me, shhh, it’s okay.” I softly whisper and look around for Kobra. When I don’t see him anywhere a cold chill claws down my back. Party walks over slowly, carefully watching Jet and I.

“I, I, I thought….I thought you were dead” Jet stutters as he looks up at me. His eyes are drenched and swollen with tears that run down his face.

“Oh Jet, I’m okay” I try to reassure as I pull him back into another hug, resting my head on top of his head.

“Where’s Kobra?” Party asks harshly, not really caring about the state our friend is in. Jet shakes harder against me and I know the answer already. I look down fearing the worst.

“JET!” Party’s getting mad. Jet just hides more into my chest, he’s not ready to talk. Party loses what little patience he had left and storms over, griping the back of Jets jacket and ripping him up. Party turns him around so they’re face to face.

“WHERE IS MY FUCKING BROTHER!” Party spits. Jet can barely hold himself up let along talk. I stand up to defend my puffy hair friend.

“Party stop it!” I yell at the red head as I try to stand between the two men but Party wouldn’t let go, if anything he griped even tighter.

“SPEAK YOU FUCKING PRICK! WHAT DID YOU DO?” Party has gone into hysterics, shaking Jet back and forth like a rag doll.

“STOP IT!” I scream and shove Party hard in the chest, he stumbles back letting go of Jet who fall to his knees behind me with silent tears pouring from his eyes.


A sharp sting ignites my cheek with pain. I hold my cheek and stare at the heavily breathing Party in front of me.

“This is your fault.” He grows deeply, his heartless stare burns right through me and rips my heart open. It hurts more than the slap itself.

“H…How?” I ask on the brink of tears myself. Why am I getting the blame for this?

“You wondered away from the camp last night,” I didn’t want to wake the others. If I knew this was gonna happen I would have stayed put, but I didn’t know, is he really blaming me for this?

“If it wasn’t for you I would have been here to protect my baby brother!” His voice breaks as he clenches his hands into fists of rage. Party launches himself at me, like a tiger onto its pray. Tripping over Jet behind me I hit the ground hard with Party on top of me, the wind knocked out of me. The first punch is the most painful then it all starts to just numb into one painful throb. Lucky for me Jet comes to my rescue after only three hits. He yanks party off me by the shoulders and throws him into the dirt beside us.

“Party this is not Ghouls fault, how dare you blame him! They took him Party! The Draculoids!” He yells with a scratchy broken voice. Party just glares and jumps to his feet.

“FUCK YOU!” he screams.

“FUCK YOU! YOU FUCKING LET THEM TAKE MY BABY BROTHER. YOU FUCKING LET THEM!” Party pulls at his own hair and kicks the sand with building frustration. His brain unable to process what has happen.

“I didn’t just let them! WHERE THE FUCK WAS YOU GUYS???!!!! I TRIED BUT THERE WAS TOO MANY!!!” Jet yells his heart out but Party ears were deaf to his cries. Party started to really skitz out and gets really delusional, I know this has to be a side effect to the pills he’s been popping.

“Jet let them take Kobra, He did it on purpose.” Talking to himself Party thrashed about and gritted his teeth. I grabbed onto Jets arm and gently pulled him away from Party.

“He’s having a meltdown, Jet what do we do?” I ask scared out of my mind. Party turns his attention back to us and if looks could kill we sure as hell would be in trouble right now.

“They will pay! Both of them….they were working together the whole time. I KNOW YOU TWO PLANED THIS!” party looks desperately at me.

“Ghoul, how could you do this to me? I expected this from Jet but I thought you were on my side. DO I MEAN NOTHING TO YOU?!” He scratches at his arms and screams out.

“No Party! I am on your side! You mean the word to me! Please calm down!” I try to plead but he was not having a bar of it.

“SHUT UP!” He snaps. Jet and I both Jump at his harshness. I follow Party’s eyes as he looks down at the sand. I panic as I realize he’s looking at his yellow ray gun. Without thinking I dive for it at the same time as he does. There is a bit of a scuffle but I end up on top of Party with the gun in hand. Jet picks up my green gun and holds onto it along with his own that he has loaded and pointed at Party’s head.

“JET! What are you doing?” the panic was evident in my tone. Party grits his teeth and death stares Jet, since when was Party so scary?

“I’m not taking any chances. That’s not the Party we know!” Jet voice shakes but his hands are steady with a perfect aim at Party’s temple. I look down at Party under me as he thrashes about not caring much about Jet anymore. He looks at his gun in my hands with deranged smirks.

“Go ahead Ghoul, Shoot me.” His tone is smug and confident because he knows I won’t do anything to ever hurt him. I throw the gun to Jet’s feet and hold onto Party’s shoulders.

“no.” I whisper and he just laughs in my face. His laugh changes from harsh to desperate and sad.

“That’s my Ghoul.” He whispers so quietly I barely even hear him. Jet shifts from one foot to the other as he watches Party closely. The red head reaches up and touches my face, his eyes soften and I lean into his hand.

“You wouldn’t betray me,” He whispers but then the anger returns back to his hazel eyes as he turns his attention back to Jet and glares with cold eyes.

“YOU! On the other hand, I don’t trust!” his tone is bitter and unforgiving. Jet takes a step back and re-aims his gun as Party begins to lash about again trying to get to Jet.

“Party no.” I hold him down by his wrist above his head.

“Jet let them take Kobra! He’s out to get me!” Party twists and turns under me.

“No Party that’s not true! Jet’s our friend. He cares about Kobra!” I put all my weight onto Party trying to hold him down.

“YEAH! He cared so much as he watched those asses take him away.” Bitter toned and wide raged filled eyes consume Party.

“PARTY STOP IT I WILL SHOOT!” Jet bites back as he prepares to fire aiming at his shoulder.

“JET NO!” I yell out in panic

“HA GO ON I DARE YOU!” Party encourages.

“GHOUL MOVE BACK!” Jet orders.

“NO!” I hold onto Party tighter, leaning in a little closer to protect him.


“STOP IT PARTY!” Jet yells.


“STOP IT! BOTH OF YOU STOP IT PLEASE JUST CALM DOWN!” I yell as Party starts to overpower me, I know if I let go Jet will shoot, maybe not to kill but still I don’t want anyone to get hurt.

“YOU WANT GHOUL ALL TO YOURSELF, YOU SICK FREAK!” Party gets one of his arms free and claws at the ground.

“YOU’RE THE SICK FREAK! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!” Jet yells back, the fear obvious in his tone.

“I’M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU BITCH!” Party screams as I grab his arm again, scratch marks litter his writs from me holding on so tight.

“NOT IF I KILL YOU FIRST!” I never thought I would hear Jet say something like that to Party ever.

“JET!?” I gasp.


“NO ONE IS DYING TODAY!” I yell closing my eyes, how is this happening?

“Except for that backstabber. YOU LET THEM TAKE MIKEY!” Party Growls at Jet as he thrushes about under me, not caring that he just used Kobras real name.

“Party please calm down.” I beg him with my eyes wide with fear. He’s not listening and the tension is high. Party pulls both his arms out of my hands and tries to sits up. I don’t know what to do…So I kiss him.

I grab his face in both my hands and crash our lips together. Instantly Party kisses back passionately. I feel his hand grip into the back of my hair pulling me in closer making the kiss harder. I open my mouth to him and I let him enter without a fight. He pushes his body against mine and breaths in through his nose. I softly moan into his mouth and tangle my fingers into his bright crimson colored hair.


Ooops, I kinda forgot Jet was here. I go to sit up but Party won’t let go so I just turn my head to look at Jet.

“Ummm” is the only sound I’m capable of making, my cheeks turning a bright shade of pink as I blush with embarrassment. Jet just stares at me with bewilderment. I feel Party smirk against my neck then tenderly bites making me moan. Jet opens his mouth to say something when the sound of an engine breaks the silence. We all tense and turn to the source of the sound. Jet has his ray gun at the ready as a van screeches to a stop and the sliding door opens to revile a devilish looking Show Pony, our fellow killjoy.

“PONY!” we all speak at once.

“Hey beautiful killjoys! How about we go for a ride?” His tone contrast against the mood painfully as he winks at us. He has no clue of what just happen.
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