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Chapter 4

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So i really don't know if you guys like this story i really hope you do, if you do i guess i will try and update once a week and if you don't like it i may stop writing it

Chapter 4
Gerard’s Pov

We finish breakfast then place the kids in front of the TV, “Are you going to go to the hospital now, cause I can stay and watch the kids”

He looks down and frowns, “Yeah I’m going to the hospital, I was just kinda hoping you would come with me”

I pat him on the back and say, “Sure Frankie if you want me there I will come we can call Mikey”

He smiles then picks up the phone. We get to the hospital and walk to Jamias room, we find her lying in the bed with multiple needles stuck in her arm and she covered in cuts and bruises. I see Franks hands fly to his mouth and then he slowly walks up to her taking a seat in the chair next to her then slipping his hand in with hers. I take a seat next to Frank although staying silent just watching, after a while I feel my eyes start drifting closed then Franks head rests on my shoulder.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“Gerard I’m starting to think you care more about your boyfriend than you do your own fucking wife and kid”

“Lynz I don’t know what your talking about”

“Don’t lie to me Gerard I know about you and Frank I see the videos of you guys practically making out on stage, don’t go pretending its for the fans, for all I know you guys could go fuck each other every night and Jamia and I would have no clue”

“You think I’m cheating on you with Frank? Lynz that’s ridiculous”

“Is it Gerard? Is it?”

Then she hangs up on me, I punch the outside out the bus, just fuck, “FUCK” what am I fucking doing of course she thinks I’m cheating on her, but its not like that its just kissing that’s all, and yeah sometimes we kiss off stage too but we are both married and have kids, it means nothing, maybe it once did but not anymore. We are just friends, maybe once Frank and I had an intimate relationship that went past kissing, but then he started getting serious with Jamia and I met Lynz, we had both made the silent agreement that, that stuff was over. I love Frank and yeah I wish I could have that relationship with him but we can’t we have families, and we love them very much. I love Lynz so much, she’s the women I love most, but is she the person I love most, no, sadly if frank was an option back then I would have chosen him, but he had Jamia and still has her, and now I’m married to Lynz and we have a kid and I would never risk anything that could make me lose Bandit and I know Frank feels the same about Lily and Cherry. That’s why it’s just kissing that’s all just kissing no harm to Lynz I would never be un faithful or leave her because as much as I love Frank she is my family and she is my wife.

I step back on the bus and see the everyone staring at me I defensively shout, “What?”

Mikey responds, “We heard you shouting, whats wrong?”

I shake my head and say, “Nothing, every thing is fine”

Then I climb into my bunk then I feel a smaller body slide in with me at first I smile then think about my conversation with Lynz, “Gee whats wrong”

I turn my back to him, “Nothing, I’m fine Frank”

“I’m not stupid Gee, I’m your best friend I can tell your upset, so just tell me”

I sigh then turn over to look him in the eyes, “Lynz thinks I’m cheating on her”

His jaw drops and says, “Your not cheating on her, the whole band would know and we would be pissed at you”

He doesn’t get it, “Frank, she thinks I’m cheating on her with you”

His head drops and he says, “But your not, and I’m not, it’s just kissing, and its almost always on stage, just sometime we get carried away but we always stop, because we both have families and we wouldn’t want to ruin that”

I smile and say, “Exactly, I love Lynz and yeah I love you but I would never destroy my family like that I love them both too much”

Frank looks up at me and says, “If the whole kissing thing, is hurting your family and in return you, we can stop if it would be easier”

“No Frank I don’t want that and neither do the fans, we aren’t doing anything wrong, I will just talk to Lynz more a reassure her okay, don’t worry about it”

I give him a soft kiss on his lips then pull him under my arms so we fall asleep together. The next night we go out on stage and play our hearts out then in the middle of the last song I strut over to Frank crushing my lips on his then he wraps his arms around me pulling me deeper into the kiss, I let go and continue the song.

We run off stage and find some abandoned room, I press Frank up against the wall connecting our lips, his hands rest on my waist while one of mine rest on the small of his back and the other tangled in his long black hair. His tongue runs over my lips asking for entrance and I let him in immediately. Our tongues move insinic then his grip on me tightens and he pulls me closer making me moans when my hips grind against him the pleasure of the friction over whelming. This is where we normally part never wanting to take it to far but I can’t think my mind is clouded with passion.

Begging for more friction my hips move forward once again hitting his, he gasps in pleasure and that noise drives me over the edge, I stop thinking and just do. I attach my lips to his once again making the kiss even deeper and he moans into my mouth, his hips twitch forward despite him trying to control them, I break the kiss with a gasp, the friction feels amazing, then his lips are on my neck nibbling lightly making me moan out his name. It’s just like before and I’ve missed it so much, I’ve missed being with Frank like this, before I know what I’m doing I’m pulling his sweaty shirt off and he pulls mine off I hold his bare chest to mine missing the feeling of his skin. Then we are on the ground and I’m straddling him, his hips twitch up making me moan into his mouth. His fingers entwine in my bright red hair then one of his hands leaves my hair and moves slowly from my chest down to my hard length that is confined by my jeans. Then he squeezes lightly making me moan out his name because it feels amazing, then his hand slips under my jeans and his hand grabs my hard length and I moan. Then my mind comes back to me, what am I doing, I’m married, I have a daughter, he’s married, he has two kids, what the fuck am I doing.

I push my self off of Frank breathing deeply, I look at him taking in everything that just happened, I see Frank start to sit up, he’s shirtless, covered in sweat, and his pants slightly undone showing how hard he is. I lean forward running my finger through my hair, “Fuck”

He starts to ask, “What” then it all hits him what just happened, that two married men with kids almost cheated on their wives with each other

“Fuck Frank, what just happened?”

“I I don’t know”

“Fuck Frank we we can’t do this”

“I thought”

“I know Frank I thought so to but we can’t, we almost just, I didn’t want to stop Frank, actually I wanted to everything but stop, I wanted and still want to rip your pants off and help you out with that because fuck, I am so fucking attracted to you and AHHHH FUCK”

“I didn’t want to stop either”

“Well great Frank that doesn’t help”

“I don’t want to stop and I never did”

“What the fuck does that mean?”

“It means that as much as I love Jamia, I love you more”


“Gee I was always kinda with Jamia and I’ve always loved her but I only decided to make it serious when I saw you and Lynz together, I didn’t want to ruin something that could make you happy”

“Fuck Frank”


I turn to look him in the eyes with mine filled with tears, “The only fucking reason I got serious with Lynz is because of you and Jamia, Fuck Frank I love you more than anyone, don’t get me wrong I love Lynz and I love having a family with her, but I would have chosen you if you had made it seem like you were interested in me that way”

“I didn’t know”

“Of course you didn’t fucking now, just fuck”

“Now what?”

“Now we put on shirts back on compose ourselves and never let that happen again, meaning we can’t kiss anymore, I don’t trust myself to stop”

“but gee”

“No Frank we can’t fucking do this anymore, I can’t hurt Lynz and Bandit that way and you sure as hell can’t ruin things with your family, so I’m going to leave this room and you will wait five minuets then leave”

“I’m sorry Gee”

“I’m sorry too Frankie, I’m sorry too, I love you don’t ever forget that” then I leave with tears falling from my eyes, I get back on the bus and Mikey stops me, “Gerard whats wrong”

“I’m fine”

“You are not fine now tell me what’s wrong”

“Fine, you got me, I’m not fucking fine, I don’t want to talk about it okay just leave me alone”

I climb into my bunk then I hear the door to the bus open and hear frank walk back here and into his bunk, I pull my shade open slightly and I see Frank looking at me, he says, “I love you Gee”

“I love you too Frankie” then I close the curtain I can’t look at him anymore knowing I can’t be with him, knowing that I could have been with him, knowing that this whole fucking time he’s loved me the same way.
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