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Fully Alive

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On our way to stardom.

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Leave Lovers Dead in Ditches
Chapter Two:
Fully Alive
"Fully alive, and she knows how to believe in futures."

The first to introduce himself was the brown curly haired, brown eyed Joe. He stepped up smiling, "Hi. My name is Joe Trohman," he said politely sticking out his hand. I took it, and shook it in astonishment.
The next to introduce himself was the long haired, glasses wearing Andy. He pushed some of his bangs back, and stuck out his hand, "Hey. My name's Andy Hurly."
After he stepped away Patrick stepped up, "Hello, my name is Patrick Stump." I smiled and took his hand as he offered.
Last, but certainly not least was Him. "Hello, I'm Peter Wentz, but you can call me Pete," his voice was smooth, and his eyes were calming. They were bright like embers because of the amount of eyeliner he was wearing on his lids. His bangs were covering up the right side of his face. His hand fell victim to calluses because of his guitar. He was perfect to me.
After he stepped back they all looked at me, and the boys, who came to stand beside me. "And we're Fall Out Boy," they said simultaneously.
"I'm sorry if I seem a little star struck," I said apologizing. "But you guys are my favorite band. My name is Natalie. Well, you guys might already know that if you saw the show, but if you didn't then you would need to know our names. God damn it I'm rambling already."
There was a chuckle from all the guys around me. That was when I noticed I was completely surrounded by testosterone, and I started to feel uncomfortable. Of course I was the only girl in our group, but I was one of the guys. Yeah, that's it I'm one of the guys. Oh! God! Who was I kidding? This was Fall Out Boy.
I was flustered at this point. I could feel the heat coming from my cheeks to sign embarrassment. I was so embarrassed that I didn't realize that everyone had sat down.
I looked around, and saw there was no seats left on any of the two couches. So, I walked over, and sat on Eric's lap. He smiled and put his arms around me. I then turned to look at the band before us. I caught Pete's eyes, and just stared.
They were a chocolate brown. Nothing like he said they were. There was no turd brown, or spinach green. There was just loveliness, and pleasure, just calm and collection.
"So, what do we owe such good pleasure?" Zack asked.
Pete was so busy looking at me that Patrick had to shove his elbow into his side to make him pay attention. "Oh! Sorry," he said winking at me. I felt myself flush red hot again, and looked down pretending to become interesting with my black polished nails. "We wanted to tell you that your performance tonight was awesome. We think you guys might have something. Something different then the rest of the bands out there, us included. So, we together as a band have decided to ask you if you would like to sign to our label, Decadence?"
I looked up in surprise. I wasn't even paying any attention to my fingernails. I was listening to his soft smooth voice that I couldn't believe screamed sometimes. "What!" we all for spit out together.
"We want to know," Patrick began.
I laughed, "Oh my fucking God guys!" I looked at the guys. They looked at me. They knew this was my dream, and it was there's too.
"Well, Natalie what do you want to do?" Brennan asked.
I started to bite my nail, "Wow." I turned back to Fall Out Boy. "I don't know what to say. First of all if, and I mean IF, we sign when will we start?"
"Immediately," Pete answered.
"Where would we be recording?"
"Los Angeles."
"Are we going to do a photo shoot for the cover and stuff?"
"If you want to."
"What about a music video?"
"After the recording."
"And touring?"
"You'll be opening for us when we get our new record out, and you'll be doing Warped Tour, and Bamboozle tours like that. After that you can decide if you want to start a new record, and with that one you'll be able to do a world tour."
Finally I had all the questions answered, and I turned toward my band mates. "I think we need to huddle."
We all got up, and went over near the bathroom, and huddled just like in a football game. "Alright. Do you guys want to do this?" I asked.
"Is that all we came into a huddle for? You could have just asked us instead of us getting off the perfectly comfortable couch," Brennan complained.
I smiled, "Just tell me are you guys in or not?"
They all said yes, and we walked over to the couch again. Me now sitting on Zack's lap.
I looked up into Pete's eyes, "Well, do it, but we need a lawyer to explain what we get, and what we don't."
"That can be arranged," he said.
I stood up, and so did Pete. "Well, then you've got us."
He smiled, and stuck out his hand, and I took it, "Welcome Eurydice Fall to Decadence."
I turned around, and the guys stood up. I jumped right into Eric's arms I was so happy.

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