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Slow Down

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First recording. That's fun.

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Leave Lovers Dead in Ditches
Chapter Three:
Slow Down
"Then we'll turn it up and we'll play a little faster."

"Okay Natalie, this is the first song you've ever recorded. Don't be nervous. Pretend like you are on stage, and your just singing regularly. If it's good we'll do another one just in case we loose the good one, and if it's bad we will still do another one because we want it to be good," Patrick said speaking through the microphone into the little recording booth I was sitting in.
I laughed, "Okay Patrick. It's not like it's the end of the world."
"Well, you must be nervous," Joe said pushing Patrick aside so he could talk to me through the microphone.
I heard Brennan in the background, "Out of the two years we've been playing she only got nervous at the very first show we ever played. Now she never gets nervous."
"Thank you Brennan for telling them my whole life story," I said my voice dripping with sarcasm.
I heard him laugh, "And I love you."
I smiled. "Alright Natalie, are you ready?" Patrick asked.
I nodded, and he turned the music on. I could hear Eric's bass play in the background with Brennan's drumbeat.
"Call me misery
Because I'm committing
This crime
That will cause
Tears of blood to spill
Out of the eyes of a
Beautifully strange girl
This secret is of
Sheer destruction
I love you
But I'm not allowed
To love you this much
She's crying and
Broken she trusted
You're the metaphors
I can't create to comprehend
This curse that I call love
And just like my favorite record
You're a little over played
And she says 'Let it bleed.'
This secret is of
Sheer destruction
I love you
But I'm not allowed
To love you this much
She's crying and
Broken she trusted
We paint our sins
On the ceiling
And yes I know I'm
Going to hell for this
The greatest lovers were
Once murders too
This secret is of
Sheer destruction
I love you
But I'm not allowed
To love you this much
She's crying and
Broken she trusted
Love's just the last
Disease of childhood
She's in a trance
All she does is put on
Her prettiest dress and
Pretend she's dancing
With him
I thought you should know
You're not making this
Any easier
This secret is of
Sheer destruction
I love you
But I'm not allowed
To love you this much
She's crying and
Broken she trusted
I don't think
Sorry covers it
This time."
"You did good for your first recording Nat," Eric's voice said through the microphone.
"Thanks," I whispered.
It was the first day of recording for us. We had been in L. A. for two weeks, and all we were doing was rehearsing.
L. A. was a nice place. Well, at least where we were staying, and the recording studio was nice.
I heard Pete's voice through to microphone, "I liked that."
"Liked what?" I asked.
I could see his face smile through the glass, "You are the metaphors I can't create to comprehend this curs that I call love. It's interesting. I'm gonna have to use it sometime. Alright Natalie, what is this song's name?"
I laughed, "Someone should shoot cupid and see how he likes it."
I heard the combined laugh of Pete, Andy, Joe, and Patrick coming from the studio. "Alright come on out Nat."
I came out, and I saw Eric, Zack, and Brennan sitting on the couch, and Pete, Patrick, Joe, and Andy sitting on stools. "Okay so what am I chopped liver. Don't I get a seat?" I asked.
Pete got up, "I'll let you have my stool, but then I would have to sit on your lap."
I laughed. "No thanks. I'm fine."
"So, Natalie why don't you ask Pete the question you were wondering last night?" Zack said.
I felt a blush come upon my cheeks, "Oh, no I don't think I could. That would be selfish."
"Come on sweet heart. You can ask us. Remember Decaydance is a label that will do anything for their artist," Patrick said.
"Alright," I said putting my hands behind my back. "I was wondering if we could work with some other bands on this record?"
"Who did you have in mind?" Pete asked.
"Well, there's you of course."
"Panic! At the Disco."
"And 30 Seconds to Mars."
"And done."
"Really?" I asked in total shock.
Pete smiled, and looked down at the ground, "No problem. You and I will get together tonight, and we'll write a song. You can come over to our apartment, and we'll get started. I'll call Panic! and ask if they would so kindly oblige seeing as I already said yes for them. The same thing with 30 Seconds to Mars."
"Alright what time should I be at your apartment?" I asked.
"How's seven?" he asked back.
I replied with, "It's a date." That made him blush a little, and the guys laughed at him.
It was now seven' o' clock, and I was standing at the door to Fall Out Boy's apartment. I went to knock, and Andy ended up opening the door before I could.
"What's up sweet tart?" he asked.
I laughed, "Where did sweet tart come from?"
"I don't know slip of the tongue maybe," he said letting me into the apartment.
"Wow! This looks like a regular apartment," I said.
Joe was to the right in the kitchen, "By George, I think you've solved it Sherlock." I walked into the kitchen, and hit him in the back of the head. "Ow!"
"That's what you get for making fun of Sherlock Holmes," I said pointing a finger at him.
"Damn straight!" I heard Pete approach behind me. "Come on Natalie. Let's go in my room."
"Wait a minute Natalie. Are you sure you want to do that?" Patrick asked from the living room.
I shrugged, "Yeah, why?"
"That's dangerous territory right there," he said.
I looked at Pete, "Oh really?"
"Yeah it looks like an atomic bomb hit. He hasn't cleaned it since we got here," Patrick answered.
I laughed, "Well, I guess that's Pete."
Pete and I walked into his room, and closed the door.

A/N: Thanks for the constructive criticism. I think Microsoft Word automatically corrected Decaydance when I typed it in. Anyway I'm loving the reviews guys. You are the ones who keep me writing. The song Someone Should Shoot Cupid and See How He Likes It was written by me.

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