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Game On

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While leaving work Reid is attacked by two Unsubs. The team get phone calls and videos of him playing a twisted game and it all relies on how much they know about Reid. Will they save him? Are they...

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This is my first attempt at writing fan fiction.

This Chapter is pretty tamed but I am sure in chapters to come the rating will raise.

Disclaimer: I really wish I did but no. I don't own these characters or the show. I only own the storyline none of the characters...

Reid felt uneasy tonight. His stomach was like a ship on a restless sea, swaying restlessly. His head was pounding and he had just had Morgan prodding into personal life again. Why the hell can't Morgan just leave him alone, he thought. He was probably the main reason for this headache and the upset in his stomach. Reid decided to finish off the endless stream of reports that he had on his desk, the main contributor to his report stack was Morgan, but Reid didn't want to yell at him for that as well so he left.

Once he found himself nearly falling asleep on his desk, Reid decided it might be best to go home. He finished the last of his coffee and got up and moved towards the elevator remembering the time he and Morgan got trapped, Morgan was totally freaking out he thought. Maybe sometimes he can be too harsh on him but he is as relentless as an older brother, which Reid hated but also was happy he had that relationship towards him. Reid began to walk towards his car when he heard a sharp screeching sound. He spun around to find a dark figure scraping a crowbar against a car. Before he could reach his gun, someone wrapped their arm around his neck. He was about to scream for help until the one placed a gun towards his stomach.

Spencer's POV

"SSA Dr Spencer Reid, it's a pleasure to see you again," A cold grin grew on his face. As I stare into his cold eyes.

"I – I'm so – sorry," I stammer out, unable to see the man in the dark hood as the person holding me pushed the gun harder towards my stomach.

"It's a shame you don't remember me, maybe if a tortured you hard enough you'll remember?" The excitement in his voice was sickening.

"What?" My throat crushing the words that have just come out of my mouth.

"Don't worry about that, you have a concussion!" His voice sounded sympathetic if it weren't for the hint of mockery, I would have believed him.

He nodded at the other guy and he reach down, grabbed my gun, tossed it across the ground and released me from the death grip. I sighed with relief but that was sort lived when the crowbar slammed into my stomach and then across my head. Repeatedly I felt the blows until finally the warmth of the blackness welcomed me.

BAU. Next Morning

JJ walked into the bullpen, worried look was smeared across her face as her eyes traced Reid's desk.

"Has anyone seen Reid?" She said, as the eyes of Morgan, Emily and Hotch suddenly share the same worried look, "He's never late,"

"I call him and ask him where he is," Hotch's almost hard voice echoes as he reaches in his pocket and dials Reid's number.

An eerie laughter hummed on the other line causing Hotch to get a sick feeling.

"Tick Tock, Tick Tock," The laughter increased, "Dr Reid's life depends on time, SSA Aaron Hotchner."

"Who is this?!" Hotch demanded to know who was toying with Reid. Hotch quickly gesture to Morgan for a pen and paper and quickly wrote down a set of instructions for Garcia.

"Calm down Aaron, you don't want Dr Reid to be in even more pain," His voice was anything but pleasant, "I promise to give back Dr Reid but only if he survives my little game,"

"Game!" Hotch raises his voice, alerting the others to an even more worried state, "You think this is a game!"

"Ah ah ah Aaron, you know Dr Reid is going to have to pay for that outburst and that will only make his chances of surviving very slim…," His voice haunted that last word, "You have one hour," He stated before leaving Hotch with nothing but an endless beep in his ear.

He moved towards Garcia's office. "Sorry sir I couldn't track it," her voice was wobbly with hatred.

Hotch nodded, his expression didn't change but his unwillingness to answer was enough to say he was on unsteady ground. The two could hear a group of footsteps come barging through the door.

"Hotch what the hell just happened!" Morgan almost shouted, wanting the answer that only Hotch had.

"Someone's taken Reid," Hotch only just managed to say that without his voice breaking.

"I tell ya, Reid is a magnet for trouble," Morgan's voice full of anger and determination to find Reid as soon as possible, "Garcia pull up the security tapes from last night at the B.A.U and the car park, he could have been taken when he was leaving," he leaned over Garcia watching her type rapidly at the keyboard. "There you go," Her voice was toned to a normal tone when she saw Reid leave the B.A.U safely but that soon changed as the car park footage appeared one screen and they could see a dark figure follow Reid. Soon the beating started. Endless blows Reid endured, causing Garcia to give out little sobs. Emily's face slowly turned pale at the site and so did JJ's . Morgan's anger only got worse and soon enough he through a fist down on the desk causing Garcia to jump at the thud.

"Morgan calm down," Hotch's voice was strong and firm. If he wasn't surrounded by profilers then people would of said he had no emotions but they all knew better.

"How can I Hotch, this guy has beaten the shit out of Reid and thinks it's a game!" His voice wasn't raging but with the tone, he was definatly still bottled with rage. "Look the best thing know is to examine the scene and figure out why the unsub has taken Reid," Morgan raised his hands over his head and stormed out og the room with Prentiss and Rossi to examine the the car park.

Morgan's POV

I can't believe it. Reid has gotten himself into trouble again and for what, for this Unsub to play a stupid mind game. I feel a gentle hand touch my shoulders, "We'll find him, we always do," Prentiss voice is soft and reassure but how many times will we be lucky before we run out?

"Hey guys, I have a blo-" Rossi never had time to finish his sentence when his eyes trailed to Reid's car. 'Game On' was smeared in blood across the car doors. I felt sick to the stomach as those words haunted me.
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