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Bleeding for you

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Truths are unraveling but are they for the better or worse?

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Light shimmered into my darkness as I slowly begin to open my eyes. Instantly I felt the sharp pain rush through my head and quickly retreat to the the comfort of my closed eyes. "Don't pretend to be sleeping Dr Reid," The cold voice brings a surge of fear through my body as I recall the same familiar voice.

"W-where am I?" I manage to stammer out, only barely. I try to move my hands but feel the sharp sting of wire cutting into my flesh. I look at my surroundings; everything is a blur, all I can see is the faded grey walls and well nothing else except the tall dark figure in front of me.

"Don't ask me questions Dr Reid, you're in no position," His voice so cold as he paces before me. His hand slides into his pocket and reveals an object that makes my heart skip a beat.

"I-I'm sorry," I whimper out, "I won't do it again, I promise," I stare directly at the blade within his hands, hoping and praying the team is on their way to finding out that I am missing.

A harsh blow comes across my face and a churning crack echoes through the room. I look up at him in a daze unable to hold back the little sobs that break from my lips. "You don't talk back to me!" He bellows out, his face cringed with rage and hatred. I nod silently, not daring to say another word.

"I had a nice little chat with Aaron," His mood completely changes from angry to calmness, "He seems on edge but maybe that's because he doesn't like my new game," Does he have personality disorder? What is this game? But I already knew the answer to that one. A sick twisted dick like him, with a serious grudge with my team, had only pain in his mind.

He finally revealed himself from the dark hood that coated his face. His face was drowned with the gashes left from his haunted past. His eyes had nothing in them anymore as though someone had whipped out anything human about them but worst of all was the words carved into his cheeks, 'Lost' on the left and 'Family' on the right. What hell has his face seen?

I can't help but let tears stray from my eyes as I lower my head to the ground unable to contain the burning pain blazing through my body. "Oh don't worry Dr Reid, if, as you say, your team is like family to you then you will not experience as much pain but if they don't answer correctly then you are the one to pay," He slowly lowers himself to a crouch, "Now don't blame this on me, Aaron had a little outburst and as you know actions have consequences. My eyes widen as he brings the knife to my chest and rapidly tears my shirt to reveal my bear chest. My screams would have been deafening as he slowly carved the word 'Consequences'. I slowly calmed down as he finished his work and left me in agony. The warm blood raced down my stomach as he finished his work and took a standing position, "The game will begin shortly," he stated as he almost waltzed out of the room and left me in the petrifying dark. I could not help but sob louder and release all of the tears within my eyes. When will they find me, was the question my lips were afraid to question aloud.

Back out the B.A.U, everyone was operating as though they had been programed to be working without rest or distraction. Garcia, typing franticly, had her eyes glued to the screen as if it was the most amazing images she had ever seen. Morgan looking over the the photos taken from the horrifying site he had seen only 30 minutes ago, his eyes strained from the constant image of Reid being beaten before their eyes. J.J consistently looking through old report files along with Hotch and Rossi, knowing that there has to be a link to one of these to Reid, something that could give a single shred of an idea to where he is right now.

"I have got nothing," JJ sighed, feeling as though she was letting Reid down. She felt a constant need to protect after Tobias and now she had done it again, let him fall into the lion's den alone and afraid.

Hotch scanned JJ's face knowing that she was blaming herself, a piece of him was falling into an endless tunnel when he saw JJ's eyes, those poor eyes were guilt ridden and drowned in the memory of Tobias. "J.J it's not your fault, Reid was taken because this Unsub thinks this is a game, not because you let him down," Hotch seemed to be the only one without a choke in his voice but it was just a show. He had to stay strong when the rest of his team fell confused and afraid but he was dying on the inside, it took tremendous strength for him to bottle up his emotions.

"I know but after last time with Tobias, it was a what-if situation," Her voice crumbling to the words, "What if I had stayed with him at the barn and now what if I had stayed back to see Reid leave safely," Her hand moved to tend her headache that appeared moments after the footage of Reid. Rossi head soon flicked up at the words coming out of JJ's mouth, of course he knew about Reid being kidnapped, but he never thought JJ had blamed herself so harshly for it.

"JJ you could have never predicted this was going to happen and it's not your responsibility to make sure Reid leaves work safely, if it were any of us who had stayed back we would be doing the same to ourselves," His face portrayed a small, forced smile to try and comfort her, "We can't do that to ourselves, we have to stay focused on the case for Reid,"

JJ nodded at his word, letting them sink in and bring new meaning for her to understand. "I need to get something to drink," She placed the Report File and pushed herself away from the table before removing herself from the room.

"I didn't know JJ blamed herself for Reid being kidnapped?" Rossi's face grew a confused look as he rummaged through more reports.

"Yeah, she was there the night he was taken, she always put herself into thinking that she shouldn't have left him and that they should have stay together," Hotch never let his eyes peer from the page.

"Could you blame her though," Rossi stated, knowing that yes, if he was in her position, he too would be blaming himself for the kidnapping of Reid.

Hotch didn't reply but Rossi knew well enough what Hotch was thinking and feeling. He knew that right know Hotch wasn't blaming JJ, Morgan, Emily or him but himself. Hotch was blaming himself for not watching out for Reid and not being there for him especially after Tobias. They had ignored the fact he was still using diludid and the fact that he was struggling but he came out stronger in the end and he was safe, safe from Tobias and the drug, until now they never really thought Reid was going to go through another kidnapping.

Rossi sighed and turned his attention back to the reports. So many had Reid playing a big effect on it, they had no evidence to help narrow it down, at least not until he sends a video, and the thought of that was frightful. The pain Reid will go through for this sick game would break Reid to the point of giving up but Rossi knew the kid was stronger then most although many thought otherwise but many don't know him as well as the team did and hey, Reid didn't know himself as well as the team did either.
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