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Bleeding to Forget

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The team is asked a question no one ever thought they would have to answer and new methods of torment are brought in that Reid must face.

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For what felt like hours, Reid finally came to. The cuts and bruises had numbed and he honestly couldn't feel a thing which was a good thing but also not something to be happy about. He heard banging and crashing from outside the door which set fear throughout his body. He couldn't help but think about the team. JJ with her long shimmering, blonde hair and wonderful smile. Emily, although she was still new to the team it felt like he had known her his whole life and was like a sister to him. Morgan, the annoying older brother but he had s a strong heart that almost inspired Reid. Garcia, the funky tech girl who Reid would trust with his life and who else could Reid talk to who wouldn't try to profile him. Hotch, the father Reid had never had, he was the man who Reid looked for guidance and support after Gideon left. Rossi, famous and possible the best profiler Reid knew. This unsub didn't want to hurt Reid, he wanted to hurt his family. That's why he contacted Hotch, he wanted Hotch to know he's got Reid and hurt him. This coming to realization for Reid, he knew he couldn't let his family get hurt, not every. With those word soaking into his head he knew he had to put up a fight at whatever cost to make sure his family was safe. He began to pull at his restraints, ignoring the burning sensation rising up through his arms, when suddenly the door flew open to reveal both the unsubs this time.

"Honestly, what good is struggling?" He grinned, "Your hands will fall off before you're ever able to break free," Reid didn't even listen to him, he continued until they broke off the restrains for him and grabbed him by the shoulders. Reid felt the surge of pain wash through him as he was pushed into another room but didn't dare to give them anymore satisfaction from him.

This room could have been the scene from a horror movie, rusted chains, and scythes hung from the ceiling and a welter fire roared in the corner making him feel like he was in the middle of a desert. An assortment of tools that he didn't want to know were for, laid on a table right next to a chair which he guessed was his for the time being.

He was shoved so harshly that it caused his head to spin rapidly around until he was forced into the chair. They secured him tightly before setting up the object he wished he was just imaging but no the red started to blink at him, letting him know it was show time. Before he could even come back from his thoughts the man, who was obliviously the alpha male, started talking while the one he knew before as the man who had the gun against his stomach was awaiting orders from him. He knew he couldn't let the team see him be in pain, it would kill them, he had to try, try and go with the pain long enough for them to find him and release him from this fresh hell.



JJ was still going through the reports before she heard Garcia yell from her tech lab. She knew with Garcia's shrill voice that it was a about Reid and it wasn't good. When she reached the Tech Lab, she almost fell to the ground. 'No, not again' she thought as she stared at the screen to find Reid sitting in a chair almost identical to the electric chair and that was sent her to grab onto Emily for support.

"Well it's good to see you all have accepted my invitation to our fun game," The smile on his face, made JJ almost hurl but she held it back as best as she could before straightening up and standing with her own support.

"You think we accepted this as a invitation!?" Morgan thundered, letting his eyes turn to fire. JJ felt no need to stop him. This Unsub deserves what is coming to him when Morgan finds him. But Hotch knew better and quietly told Morgan to calm down.

"Someone's in a temper," He talked down to Morgan as if he was still just a little child who had misbaved, "I let that when slide, I doubt that Reid wants more words carved into him," Morgan almost burst with his rage. Even Rossi and Emily were within a bubble of rage but they weren't letting it be noticeable to the Unsub but you could see it in their eyes, as their eyes spoke the words that were rimming the surface of their mouth's .

"Now let's begin," He paced the in front of the camera, "What happened to Dr Reid when he was four years old and here's a little hint that should jog a little of your memories, Riley Jenkins. You have 30 seconds to answer until I cut of one of Dr Reid's fingers, fail to answer a second time and another one goes and I will repeat it and then maybe will move onto his toes?" He paused his pace, "The time begins now, tick tock," He let his hand glide back into his pocket and he stare directly at the screen. His eyes are amused with his game unfolding before his cruel little eyes, as he watched the agents ramble between each other about what the answer could be but he knew they would never get it, that was the twist of his game.

Reid felt himself drowning in his pain. They would never get it. He never even told Morgan what he found out the day and now it was coming back at him. Morgan would have understood him and would have helped him through his discover but he could never let the words come out of his mouth, he couldn't bring himself to say what had happened to him that night and now he was regretting bottling it up inside him.

"Wait, we know this," Hotch said, a sort of glee streaked his voice as he pointed to Rossi, "Remember the case with Williem Reid, when you and Morgan helped him with the case about the death of Riley Jenkins,"

"Yes, so this is about Riley," Rossi said waiting for Hotch to supply and confirm the answer.

"20 seconds," The deathly voice echoed.

"When Reid was four a boy named Riley Jenkins was molested and killed, Reid was on the same team as Riley," Hotch answered after looking at the team for any other possible answer.

"Well that part is true but wrong," He giggled in excitement and them as he knew he would be able to see the faces of them horrified.

"No, we got it right you fucking bastard!" Morgan shouted at him, knowing from his memory that it was correct.

"Oh, I'm glad Dr Reid didn't tell you this part," He quickly looked over the torture equipment before letting his eyes laid on Dr Reid. His face, that shocked little face knew the dirty little secret that was about to be spilled, "You see, even though Dr Reid's mother said that man never touched him, he still felt uneasy on the subject, so he went back to figure out what other suppressed memories slept within his head and soon found out that a night when his mother was having an episode and his Father left them two to get some space, he went outside. He was then approach by the man and how do you put this, was molested or is it raped? Same, same."

Their eyes filled with horror at what had just come out of that bastard's mouth. "That's not true," Morgan almost whispered to himself, remembering what happened to him as a kid now he finds out that his best friend, little bro had been through something no kid or human should ever experience in their lives.

"Oh but it is, isn't that right Dr Reid?" He turned to Reid to confirm the answer. When none slipped from his beaten mouth he punched him across the face, "ISN'T IT!" demanding the proof for his team but more of making humiliation for Reid.

"Yes!" Reid almost screamed back at him, in rage with the topic that is now as clear as day to him.

"For a claimed to be family you sure as hell know shit about it each other, you're a pathetic excuse for a family!" Still in rage he moves towards the table and seems to have a hard time deciding which to use for first. Finally selecting one he moves towards Reid.

When Reid laid eyes on the object within his hands, he could practically hear the little voices on the screen yelling and screaming but their effects would be wasted and Reid knew he had to be strong for them because he knew this man was going to slowly eat away at them until they were but crumbs on the plate. He took a deep breath in, preparing himself for the torture that was slithering his way.

"Now Dr Reid, have you ever used an electrical collar before?" Reid looked directly at the man, biting his lips, not daring to let the little whimpers escape his lips, "Because you're about to get very acquainted with one very soon."
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