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Break Me Down

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And so it begins.

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Gerard's POV

As I shut the doors to the dungeon I felt the warm tears build up in my eyes.My knees shook beneath me and I had to lean back against the door,slowly sliding down to the floor.Why must I do this?Shouldn't the fact that he's my mate take away the need for breaking?I put my head into my hands.

This is horrible.He will hate me for this.He will never want me like he did a few moments ago.Never.I growled to myself shoved myself off the floor,overflowing with anger.I felt my body shaking and I knew my eyes would be turning black soon enough.I strode through the house,storming past the maids.

"Master Gerard,are you ok?"
I rampaged on,knocking over vases and ripping paintings off the wall and throwing them to the floor.I screamed at the top of my lungs,the anger rippling through me.I can't be here,I cant risk hurting Frank.I ran out of the house,and into the woods.

Frank's POV

I sat there,sobbing and screaming into the darkness.There was nobody to hear,nobody to help,nobody to care.Was there anyone who ever cared?Ha,that's a funny thing to even question.No.Nobody ever cared.I always was nothing.A nobody,and that's exactly what I am now.

Slowly I started mumbling to myself,then the mumbling turned to singing.Pain.Ha,pretty strange how accurate that song is.But you see,the problem is,that I wish I felt nothing.I wish I was numb,and I honestly wish I was dead.What do I even Have to live for?Nothing.All I am now is a god damn food source.

I breathed a heavy sigh and looked around.Almost complete darkness,except for a tiny barred up window above my head.I would have noticed it earlier is it wasn't for the time.It was dark,sadly that's all I knew.It could be ten at night...or maybe three in the morning?Like I would fucking know.

I sighed and wished I had my guitar,not like I could play it but Pansy always gave me a sense of comfort.I shook my head and started staring into the darkness.It's kinda funny.When I was little I hated the dark.I was so afraid that a demon would get me.strange huh,how most kids are afraid of the boogy man,skeletons,vampires,and werewolves.

My mother always told me stories of evil demons that liked to lurk in the dark and steal souls of people so they would have to suffer through the pits of Hell.Then I realized,my demons are all inside me.They already have what they want,I'm already dead inside and i'm no doubt going to hell.

I smiled at the darkness and pictures demons crawling out to get me,drag me away and devour whatever soul I have.I'm forever stuck in this life though,until the day I die.That's what I want.I want death and I know just how to get it.I smiled grimly to myself and closed my eyes.

"This is it Frank..This is finally it." I smiled as the tears ran down my cheeks.The cold shackles around my wrists were metal and jagged,and could easily cut into skin.I started to twist my wrists around,and yelping as the metal cut deep into me.The blood started running down one arm fluently.

Now I need to get the other one to bleed like this,and it's a garunteed death.I smiled and moved my wrist around quicker,jurking and yanking until I felt the blood running down my arm.I started breathing slowly and relaxed.Time to give everyone what they want.The Grand Finale.

Then a thought struck me.Gerard.He's a monster,he's evil,He kidnapped me,he threw me into a dungeon and chained me up.He's also the only person who has shown me any ounce of compassion.OR was it pity?It doesn't matter.He was nice to me,and sadly enough,I like him.

What was it that he said?Say his name and he would come for me.I felt my head go dizzy and vision started to fade.
"ger.." to weak..
"Gerard.."to quiet...
"Ger..rard!!!!" late.
I heard screeching metal and a thump,but what does it matter?The darkness consumed me and I lost consciousness.

sorry it took so long
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