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save me from myself

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okie well I've noticed something,someone actually.CyanideCola,would you like to be put into the story?Youve reviewed every chapter I have put up and I would love to put you into this ;3

Gerard's POV

I had ran for about half an hour,only to find myself seated by the small window overlooking Frank.
Suddenly I heard a soft mumbling.Then something that almost sounded like my name.

"Ger..rard!!" an agonizing and broken scream came from the dungeon.I didn't think,I just let my body do as I knew I should.I ripped the bars off the window and dropped down into the cell.I felt lurched forward at the smell of blood,my instincts begging to take over.I would have let them too.

If it wasn't for the fact of Frank bleeding out on the floor.I quickly undid the shackles and stared at his slashed bloodied wrists.I screamed out for Diana and started licking his wounds.I can at least make the bleeding stop.His cuts started to heal themselves but he had already lost so much blood....

Diana finally rushed into the room and gasped at the sight,throwing a hand up to cover her mouth.
She rushed out of the room and I held Franks seemingly lifeless body close to mine.I stared down at his face.It was cold and pale,and I could almost see the life draining out of him.I saw drops of water fall to his face and realized I was crying.

"Wake up..I know you can hear me..." I lightly shook his body as I whispered.He didn't move an inch,just lied there.Suddenly the doctor rushed in,towing a bag in his hand.
"Back up." I followed his command and laid Franks body on the floor.

He started pulling out needles and bags of blood.He poked the needle into Franks Arm,holding the bag of blood up so it would move down into him,squeezing a little every couple seconds.He repeated this five times,but when Frank didn't have a heart beat anymore he shook his head at me.

"No...don't give up..please!" I stared at him begging him and grasping Frank's hand.
"There's nothing more I can do,I'm sorry son." He slowly got up and with his head bowed,walked from the room.
"God,you vulture,bring him back or take me with him!!!!" I screamed out,the tears choking me

I bowed my head and gripped his hand tighter,throwing my head onto his chest,sobbing into his shirt.
"He's mine...You stay away from him,it's not his time.." I whispered into his chest.

I felt a slight thumping under my head though.I really wish It would go away,I'm in no good mood right now...HOLYFUCKINGSHIT.I jerked up and stared at his as his nose scrunched up and his eyes fluttered open.

"Frank.." I sighed out in amazement,cupping his cheek.
"You came.."
I held him to my chest,softly running my fingers through his hair as the doctor and my father watched awestruck from the door way.Diana smiled at me and walked back to the main of the mansion I suppose.

Frank's POV
I stared up at his as he watched me open my eyes,his own big as saucers.
"Frank.." He sighed and put his hand gently on my cheek.
"You came.." I felt the tears hitch in my throat as the prickles of happieness ran over my body.He pulled me close into his chest and started running his hand through my hair.

I was right.It is over.Not my life,that continues on.Being unwanted and uncared about.Gerard cares.I don't know why,nor how,but he does.He saved me.
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