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wonderland( ain't so wonderful)

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Frank's POV

As my eyes slowly blinked and adjusted to the light,I started to freak out a little.Where the fuck am I?The grass of the field was purple with swirls of green and seemed to go on and on.All the trees were blossoming with beautiful flowers-yes I just said beautiful,macho as hell right?-that I had never even seen,they almost seemed to change colors if you looked away.

The bark of the trees though was deep black color,with holes that looked like they could swallow me.At the same time though,they were gorgeous.Little designs ran over them and made them look somewhat like a fancy wedding invite.The sky was bright,and the sun was shining,It was so warm.

I ran my hands up and down my arms and noticed the absence of sleeves.What?Looking down I noticed something,I was in a damn dress.A DRESS.I stared down at it with a look of wonder,Wasn't this the dress Alice wore in 'Wonderland' ?No,It was same design,but it was black and white,a red ribbon tied around the front.

Ok,you sick minded fuckers,let's get one thing straight.I AM NOT A CROSS DRESSER.But this dress does look fabulous on me.Just saying.But I am not enjoying this.Ok,maybe a little,this thing is so light and airy.But I'm still manly as fuck,ok?

The sky started twisting,eating itself and spitting back out black tar it seemed as the sky turned pitch black.The grass beneath my feet started to wither and dye,and it only spread more,attacking the whole field.The flowers on the trees all started to die.I watched in horror as my wonderland withered,and died.

I fell to my knees,wishing for the beauty to come back to me.My heart felt like it was breaking,I don't know why this made me so sad but it did.Staring down at the grass,I ran my fingers over it.

"Frank Iero." I heard a voice,it rand out my name,echoing all around me.

"Frank Iero,look at me." I slowly lifted my head and saw a girl.Her long black hair faded to red,her eyes were entirely black,but apart from her eyes she looked normal.Very pretty actually.

"Who are you?" I continued to look her over.Her clothes were actually pretty cool.Ripped up jeans and a Green Day t-shirt,oh,and did I mention the FUCKING SCYTHE THROWN OH SO FUCKING CASUALLY OVER HER SHOULDER?!

"Jade,the grim reaper of New Jersey.And you,Frank Iero," She pointed her finger at me and smiled crookedly "are scheduled to die soon."

I stared at her,gaping slightly.Me?Die?Why?

"What do you mean?!"

She smirked and walked slowly over to me,kneeling down to me.
"Your gunna die real soon Frankie boy.Now,listen close.I don't want to kill you,but sadly enough I have to.Part of the job,heh.Now since I'm a nice girl I'll give you as much time as that fucker up there will allow,and make it as quick and painless as possible.As for your little immortal friend,you don't have to say a word.Haha,just tell'em Jade says hi.I'm ready for another good fight."

She smirked at me again and patted my head,stood up and started to walk away.
" the way," she stopped and turned back to me "Yes,this is a dream,but sorry to tell you,this shit is real.Sorry sugar.You might wanna wake up soon."

She started walking again and snapped her fingers.

Gerard's POV

I jumped at the sound of Frank screaming,instantly pulling me from my slumber.I grabbed him and pulled him into me,rubbing his hair as his heavy breathing turned to heavy sobbing.He cried for a pretty long time really,but when he finally managed to catch his breath he pulled back and looked at me all teary eyed.

"What is it Frank?A nightmare?"I held him at arms length,searching his face worriedly.

"J-Jade says h-hi..." and he burst into hysterics again.No.MOTHERFUCKING NO.She can't have him.I won't let her,I'll never let them hurt him.
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