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Jade,the Grim Reaper of NJ

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okie,ima start making a drawing to go with each chapter from now on :3 .soooo,thats what the link is to. ^_^

Jade's POV

I walked back into my shack,slamming the door closed behind me.I really don't think I could tell you whats 'wrong' though.There isn't anything wrong.I have any and everything I want.I mean,damn,I AM death.I sighed and tucked my hair behind my ear,leaning my scythe in the corner.

I guess you wanna know how I ended up a reaper,huh?Long story,so you might wanna get pretty fucking comfy.I smirked to myself and flopped down on the beat up couch.This is how shit went down pretty much..

/The man falls to his makers feet,begging,pleading,anything but his child.
"No..please,take me instead,just please,let my daughter go.Please!" He begged with tears in his blood shot eyes.

The demon chuckled and held the child in the air by it's arm,eyeing it hungrily.Contrary to popular belief,demons live off of the souls of people,not their fear.The child screamed and cried,reaching for her father.

"I'll make you a deal you filthy scum.I'll take you instead of her,but...she must live the life of a reaper.Forever stuck at the age of,...hmmm....let's say fifteen.She will be immortal,unless pierced through the heart by the blade of her own scythe.If she ever truely dies,her soul is hell bound."

The demon smiled evilly at the man,dangling the child while extending his other hand.
The tears streamed down the mans face.He knew he would be a horrible father for agreeing,but even a hell bound soul was a million times better than having your soul eaten by a demon.He clasped his hand with the demons,and the child fell to the ground,instantly clinging to her father.

"Go inside to mommy sweetie.I love you,and I'm sorry.Go,now." and with that he kissed her head and pushed her towards the door.The teary eyed child ran through the house,screaming for her mother.When she retold what had happened to her mommy,she watched as her mother shrieked and sprinted for the door.

But it was too late.The demon stood over the black,charred,lifeless body of the man,grinning at the child.She started screaming,as a burning pain ripped down her back.The mother scooped her up into her arms and screamed at the demon to stop,leave her child alone.

"Have fun,my sweet little Jade." the demon whispered and crawled back off into the shadows,dragging the burnt body with him./

I snarled at the memory,feeling the pentagram tingle on my back.
"Oh Honey,I'm hoooooome!!!" The sing song voice floated around the room as a portal opened in the wall,and 'Bob' walked into the room.Bob was the name the demon chose for him and his human form.Which wasn't all that bad looking,but that's beside the point.He came around when he had a new assignment for me,or he had ...other needs.What?He made my fucking contract,I can't control that shit.

I glared up at him.His Blonde hair fell loosly around his face,covering one of his striking blue eyes.His ripped jeans and pentagram shirt hugging his body as he grinned at me,playing with his lip ring.

"What do you want now?I just finished an assignment."
He plopped down beside me and propped his arm on the back of the couch.
"Yeah I know,but I thought you would want this one.You need to deliver a notice of departure to a kid named Frank Iero."
"And what made you think I would want the assignment?"
He smiled evilly at me.
"He happens to be Gerard Way's claim.And,da da da daaaa,his MATE!"
My eyes grew wide as I smiled.Finally.A chance to get that fucker back.

I know,what could he possibly do to hurt a reaper?Reapers can fall in love to ya'know.That bastard drank Shane dry.But could I kill him?No,because he wasn't on my damn list.Well now,now I can kill him.I can kill him,just like he killed me.

"Get out,I'm going to pay this kid a visit." Bob frowned at me.
"Why can't I just wait for you here?"
I rolled my eyes and waved him off,grabbing my scythe and cutting a portal into the wall.
"Don't touch my stuff."

And with that I jumped through the portal,and straight into Frank's dream.
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