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My gun fires seven different shades of shit,so whats your favorite color punk?

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ok guys.ficwad glitched out on me.I had a long chapter written up and it decided it wasn't going to put it all.I usually go back and check my chapters to makre sure it doesnt do this but I didn't this time.Im so so sorry.But heres the chapter,and the picture (not mine,all credit goes to its rightful owner)

Gerard's POV

We laid there for hours,me just holding Frank,letting him cry into my chest.For every sob that passed threw his lips,a chord to my heart got tugged on.I was angry,Jade has taken so much from me,and yet she's going to try and take Frankie from me to?It was torture,this whole situation.

I had been trying and trying to calm down Frank,whispering reassuring words,stroking his hair,promising to keep him safe,but nothing had worked.He had only cried straight through my words and continued to sob into my chest.I sighed and hugged him to me tighter,glaring at the wall behind Frank.

Jade.Just the thought of her even touching my Frankie made me want to explode.HE is mine,and she WILL NOT hurt him.I slowly pried Frankie off of me and looked down at him,but he just kept his head down.
His voice came out weak,and broken.
"I'll never let them hurt you,I promise."
He shook his head and looked up at me teary eyed,and I almost broke at the sight.
"But Gerard,will you mean it when the end comes reeling?"

I gently cupped his cheek in my hand and stared down into his eyes.I don't know how to explain all the feelings exploding inside of me,it was like a fucking firework show.I leaned my face down to his and rested my forehead against his and watched his eyes close and his face relax.

"I mean it,I promise Frankie" I softly pushes my lips against his,and damn,the explosion of sparks behind my eyes was amazing.

You see,vampires are born with their own special set of powers.One of mine is that I can feel another persons emotions if I'm in contact with them.I could feel Frankie's emotions leaking into my mind:sorrow,fear,but then there was a switch,and his whole being just melted into serenity.

This is what he needed.This simple gesture that I'm here and I will protect him.That I care,this is exactly what he needed,and exactly what I needed to.To feel like someone cares about a monster like me.I ran my fingers through his hair and tightened my arm around his back,pulling him closer to me.

His arms came to ring around my neck,and there we stayed,enjoying the feeling of the other being there.Frankie is mine.Not just my claim,but my mate.I didn't plan on this but I'm happy it was him.He's perfect.His thin soft lips,his crooked grin,his shaggy hair and soft eyes.

Suddenly Frank slowly pulled away from me and stared at me wide eyed,and gently laid his hand over my chest.What did I do?Did I screw up?Did I overstep some invisible line?!I stared at him worriedly,searching his face for some sign of what I did wrong.

He cut me off,"Your heart Gerard,''s beating.."
He reached up and grabbed my hand and pressed it to my chest,and sure enough,there was a soft,feeble thumping coming from under my skin.Frank and I sat there,staring at my chest,and feeling the beating until it slowly vanished.

Sorry for the screw up guys,I'll keep a better eye on it.Rate,and Review !!
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